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Where To Get Wine Crates

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Restaurants And Coffee Shops

D.I.Y. You can build these cool wooden wine crates. Make money selling this real wood craft project.

A yummy meal is prepared using a variety of ingredients. Restaurants and coffee shops receive these ingredients from different places. And how are these ingredients delivered to these shops? In wooden crates.

For instance, for Starbucks to meet their coffee demands, they have to ensure that they get a steady supply of ingredients like coffee grounds and flavorings. They receive frequent shipments of all the required ingredients in wooden crates.

Therefore, ask local restaurants and coffee shops if they have a few wooden crates to spare.

Restaurants and coffee shops are also a great place where to get free newspapers for packing so be sure to ask for that as well.

Why Wine Crates Aren’t Free

First the challenge….The reasons:FactThings wine store owners say when asked for free wine crates:

  • Wineries stopped making wooden crates and boxes. Everythings in cardboard now
  • We use the crates for display
  • Let me check in the back.Sorry, we dont have any
  • We dont. Check back in a few months
  • 40% are unusable and need to be re-purposed altogether
  • 40% are in decent condition but need a lot of repair
  • 15% are in good shape but need some repair
  • 5% are in excellent condition and need little repair

Case in pointThe solution:

Wooden Wine Crates For Free


High quality bamboo single bottle wood wine box Product Overviews The deluxe bamboo wood wine gift box is the perfect gift for a wine lover, wedding party, Birthday Party, Housewarming. Suitable for any accasion It use for carry your wine with protected, pack and storage you wine, also a gift box with wine to your friends and family. This bamboo wood wine box set with 4pcs wine tools like wine opener, wine pourer, wine stopper and wine foil cutter, conveniently a gift set for your life.

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Social Media Community Groups

Community groups on social media like Facebook community groups are amazing places to connect with people and get things done. Join local communities and ask them where you can get free wooden crates near you. You can also search for specific community groups created for swapping things.

Another option is to open Facebook Marketplace and search if wooden crates are available under the Free Listings option. Both of these are great options where to get free wooden crates near you.

Places To Get Wooden Crates For Free

Assorted French WINE Crates

by Lauren Bennett – Verified & Updated February 25, 2022

Wooden crates, juts like wooden pallets, can be used for storage, DIY projects, home décor and much more.

But can you get wooden crates for free?

Short answer: Yes, just like you can get those plastic milk crates for free, you can get free wooden crates from many places near you including local grocery stores, liquor stores, garden centers, hardware stores and other small businesses, as well as at places like construction sites and recycling centers. And all you have to do is ask. Free crates can also be found listed on sites like Craigslist and Freecycle.

  • Final Thoughts on Getting Free Wooden Crates
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    Where Can I Get Wooden Crates For Free

    Before searching for free wooden crates near me, its important to remember that wooden crates serve various purposes and come in different quality levels.

    Wooden storage crates are typically made from pine or other softwoods and are not as sturdy as shipping crates, making them popular for home storage. The crates are refurbished and commonly used to store items ranging from tools and kitchen supplies to clothes and toys.

    Wooden shipping crates are also designed to be durable and protect the items inside during transport. Typically, they are made of plywood or lumber and have reinforced corners and edges. Shipping crates come in many sizes and are suitable for moving items from small boxes to large furniture or hauling large appliances.

    Here are places you can get wooden crates for free:

    List Of Possible Sources Of Cheap Wood Crates & Wine Crates

    • Craigslist :
    • be prepared to pounce as free crates & pallets go quickly
    • Sellers wont typically hold free items
  • Phone community sales apps may have free stuff:
  • Offerup
  • Varage sale
  • Liquor stores but think smaller, mom & pop places first
  • Wineries & Vineyards -dont be afraid to ask for damaged ones, you can piece them together
  • Gift shops
  • Grocery stores, especially those with a liquor department
  • Construction sites
  • Hardware stores & home improvement stores, dont forget smaller, mom & pop places first!
  • Motorcycle dealerships
  • Glass companies
  • Garden stores & nurseries
  • Pet supply stores
  • Look at all those small shops around you that receive in a lot of breakables. Some shipped in crates
  • Costco & Sams Club both receive a substantial amount of wine and high-end liquors
  • This shipping crate is listed for free on a southern California craigslist search. It holds helicopter parts, but look at the cool stamps and labels that could be incorporated into a bitchin man cave!

    This oversized wooden crate is for sale on a southern California Offerup search. It sells for 10 dollars. That is a coffee table or bookshelf in the making!

    If you have a favorite adult beverage, chances are youll find a corresponding shipping crate on Etsy.

    Find vintage vineyard crates on Etsy.

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    What To Store In Free Wooden Crates While Moving

    There are many reasons why you might need wooden crates. One example is for moving back in with parents so you can move your possessions quickly. Although you can store literally anything in wooden crates, it is better to pack certain items in bags or cardboard boxes. For instance, objects of weird shapes will not fit in wooden crates. Even if they fit in, they will take up a lot of space. Bags, bubble wrap, or cardboard boxes work best for unusual-shaped objects like lamps. You can also put free stickers on some of the bags an cardboard boxes to help remember the contents inside.

    Richmond Hill Gifts For Men

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    And remember, you can Order Online 24/7 & 365 Days a Year!

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    Where Can I Get Wine Crates

    4.7/5If you can’t find free wood crates & wine crates, you can buy them for a few dollars each

    • Hobby Lobby has a variety of wooden crates beginning at $8.
    • Home Depot has a variety of wood crates ranging from $9.
    • Lowe’s has several wood crates, and the price starts at $13.
    • Michael’s has several wood crates beginning at $6.

    Also to know is, where can I get free crates?

    Short Answer: You can find free wooden crates and pallets at many local grocery stores, hardware stores, garden centers, and other small businesses if you simply ask. Some businesses may charge a small fee for used crates and pallets for example, one Ace Hardware store we spoke with charged $1 per pallet.

    Beside above, what are wine crates made of? They’re generally made of solid pine, but a handful are made with ply. The average wood thickness is 1/2″, but some may be slightly thinner or thicker. We inspect and prepare them all to a nice smooth-to-the-touch texture. The first coat of any style finish is ready out of the box .

    Additionally, does Home Depot sell wooden crates?

    Wooden Crates – $10 – $20 – The Home Depot. To see what’s in stock near you, please enter you zip code or local store number.

    How big is a wine crate?

    Product information

    Free Wooden Wine Boxes From Costco

    Categories Features

    OK, heres a tip I wanted to share with everyone. Costco lets customers take their empty wooden wine boxes just like you can take empty boxes, like they ones they typically have piled high by the check outs.

    Sometimes you will find them among the empty boxes, but most of the time you will have to look in the aisles for wines that are shipped and stocked in the wooden boxes.

    And then hope you get lucky enough to find an empty one .

    To be clear, I am talking about the aisles of stacked wine like you see above, not the diagonal display boxes where they have all the fancy wines.

    Im also not sure if every Costco does this. Theres no way of knowing, but Ive asked the staff at two Costcos near me, and they said when the boxes are empty theyre up for grabs.

    The brand I see the most available is Montes . And Montes is good stuff, so throw a bottle or two in as well.


    Linda Bramlett

    Thursday 16th of July 2015

    I am not a drinker at all but would like to try a little red wine in the evening. I need a fruity almost grape juice flavor. Does Costco have a nice smooth one i should try?

    Sandy Hemphill

    Sunday 2nd of August 2015

    Look for a ruby port, Linda. The alcohol content of fortified wines is higher than regular wine so your Costco store may sell fortified wines in its liquor store, depending on your local state liquor laws.

    Port is either ruby or tawny. I think you’ll prefer the ruby it’s the sweeter of the two.


    Thursday 16th of July 2015


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    Wooden Wine Boxes & Wine Crates

    We are all about wine crates!From the original wine crates to the personalized wooden wine boxes we will share our knowledge of wine crates with you. The variety of topics we will discuss: wine-themed interior decorating ideas, unique wine accents for the home, wine storage options, wine paneling for wine cellars, enhancing your corporate brand with personalized wine boxes and much more!

    Pack All The Essentials In One Box

    5 pack of Traditional FRENCH WOODEN WINE Boxes / Crates / Storage unit

    Make a list of all the essential things that you need until the time of moving. Pack them in a separate box. For example, you would need toiletries, bath towels, utensils, or dish soap until the day of moving. Label the box as Essentials so that you can open it as soon as you move to your new place.

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    Wine Crates Assorted French Wine Boxes




    French, Italian and California labeled boxes. Most common sizes are noted below. Our wine crate inventory is ever changing and sizes may vary therefore we do not guarantee sizes. Orders may receive a slightly different size than noted below.

    Approximate Sizes: size A : 13 Length x 20 Width x 4 Height size B : 13 Length x 20 Width x 7 Height size C : 13 Length x 11 Width x 7 Height

    Customers may select from sizes noted above. At checkout please notate A,B and or C. We encourage the hand pick experience for locals to visit our store and select exactly what you want.

    These boxes are in used condition therefore might have minor nicks & scratches. They are comprised of light colored blond wood. Easy to stain, if you prefer darker colors.

    Some crates have labels on all sides some only one side. Online requests for specific crates is a time consuming process for us. Depending on the request we may charge a request fee.

    Online orders will receive a random choice from current available stock. When buying multiples you may receive all the same or different sizes along with different brands.

    You will not receive the exact crates in the photo!

    Final Thoughts On Getting Free Wooden Crates

    You can get free wooden crates from small retailers, like local grocery stores, and clothing stores. Other places to get them include construction sites, schools, and recycling centers.

    And as always, internet is also a great source for finding freebies, so make sure you look for free wooden crates on websites like Craigslist and Freecycle.

    Also, please leave a comment below if you know of any other place or way to get wooden crates for free.

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    Of The Best Ways To Repurpose Old Wooden Crates

    I love old wooden crates, whether its an old apple crate or a wine crate. They are a cheap and easy way to create some unique rustic looking storage for your home. Lucky for me, I have a ready supply of old wooden crates from my Aunt. She passes on to me, all her old wine crates.

    If you dont happen to have a wine-loving Aunt, wooden crates can easily be bought. From local thrift and junk shops, or even on eBay or Ikea. These crates can be stained for that vintage look.

    Old wooden crates on their own are handy storage, but they can easily be taken to another level with some simple tweaking. This can be as simple as a lick of paint and clever use of stencils.

    Ive used stencils many times before to transfer plain storage into something fun, like with my denim storage boxes.

    Take your upcycled crates even further by adding castors to the base. This enables the storage to be easily moved from room to room.

    Height can be added to the crates by adding legs. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add hairpin legs. Hairpin legs are great as they come in a variety of colors and sizes. From coffee table to console table height.

    Many of these wooden wine boxes and crates can be combined to create bookcases, shelving systems, and desks.

    Wooden Crates Work Best For:

    Make A Coffee Table From Wine Crates
    • Fragile items, like glass and mirrors
    • Heavy items like TV and large electronics
    • Items with sharp edges
    • Heavy books

    In short, any item that is difficult to pack in bags or cardboard boxes can be packed in wooden crates. Try to minimize the number of wooden crates by not leaving out too much space after packing. Also, if you are hiring professional movers, more crates will mean more money, as movers will also consider the size of the move.

    You can also use free wooden crates for businesses such as a pet waste removal business to store equipment in. This will make moving equipment simple.

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    If You Cant Find Free Wood Crates & Wine Crates You Can Buy Them For A Few Dollars Each

    Cant find free wood crates or wine crates? Watch for bargains and check sites frequently, you could find some cheap wood crates on those sites. If you want ornate crates or panels, youll pay a premium. Used and upcycling stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. Were you aware that Goodwill has an online bidding site?

    Swap meets flea markets & garage/yard sales. Ikea has wooden fruit & wine baskets starting at $10.

    Hobby Lobby has a variety of wooden crates beginning at $8.

    • has a broad array of containers
    • has a vast assortment of crates in many styles/colors/sizes for your home
    • Offerup search for items you want on the go.
    • Letgo search for items you want on the go.

    If you have other sources for free wood crates or wine crates, please let us know! Are you searching for raw wood pallets for your next DIY project? Do not hesitate to check our classified ads section where you can find some free pallets in your area! More tips on where to find pallets for sale?

    Ways To Diy With Wine Crates

    I am a reluctant DIYer. There are stacks of empty jars and patterned paper and rustic wood sitting around my house just waiting for the perfect project to turn them into something new and fun. And the wine crates. Those wooden pieces can take up quite a bit of storage space, however they can be the easiest to transform into a piece you love. Lets make a pact. Ill take my wine crates and you take yours and together, well choose one of these 15 DIYs that will make our crates into something useful and beautiful. Deal?

    Inserting a few slices of wood into your crate to form smaller squares can make a lovely organizing piece for your crafting space out of something you craft with. Irony?

    Let your child choose the paper and all you have to do is attach the legs. Suddenly you have a side table so affordable and stylist, youll want one for every bedroom in your home.

    A planter out of a wine crate? Now why didnt I think of that? Just be sure you cover up any holes so your dirt doesnt leak out. This will be the perfect piece to sit on your tiny porch or your patio table.

    Shoe storage can be a real beast, if you know what I mean. Put an extra shelf in your crate and youll have space to stow away several pairs of soles. Bonus points if you craft the cushion to make this a bench.

    You gardeners know best how seed packets can take over your life. Collect all yours in this pretty wine crate box that you made yourself.

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