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What To Do With Wine Bottles

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Cheap And Creative Bird Feeder From Wine Bottle

What To Do With Empty Wine Bottles

Make a bird feeder for your feathered friends. This wine bottle crafts project doesnt even require cutting the bottle. Build a little birdhouse style holder for the wine bottle to sit in. Clamp the wine bottle in the back. When you fill the bottle, simply remove it from the back of the feeder.

Happy Reusing And Revamping

Dealing with glassware and carpentry can get pretty tiring, so dont forget to take a break every now and then. Dont forget to exercise caution and look out for your own safety too.

We hope that somewhere along this long list of wine bottle craft suggestions, youve found something to your specific liking. By upcycling your wine bottles, youre doing your bit to pretty up your home and also to pretty up our planet. So good job!

Think Outside The Box Bird Feeder

Birds of a feather will flock together over to this incredibly unique repurposed wine bottle bird feeder. What an ingenious way to design a beautiful bird feeder to give our feathered friends a wonderful winter cafe. Turned upside down, this glass bottle makes the ideal place to hold all of the birdseed and utilizes gravity to keep the trough filled. It serves its purpose while looking great in your back yard garden.

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Diy Wine Bottle Backyard Centerpiece

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Are you looking for a craft that will anchor interest in your backyard? This bottle centerpiece will surely do.

During the day the sunlight will pass through the glass, reflecting beautiful shades. During the night, the lamps illumination will go through the glass, making the illumination smoother.

Build Your Own Eco Shelf

27 Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

Reuse not only used bottles but also used wood, with this environmentally-friendly DIY project.

This shelfs layers are made from planks of wood supported by wine bottles and tightened up with turnbuckles. Its easy to assemble its mostly drilling and you just need a little carpentry knowledge. Plus, you can stack it up as high as it needs to be.

Want more ideas for reusing wood? Check out our short sample of wood pallet DIY projects.

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Not Included: A Green Thumb

Make these adorable wine bottle crafts planters by cutting wine bottles in half. Use the thermal shock method to cut the bottles in half. Simply turn the cut half over the base and plant your seeds in the soil. The planter is self-watering, so you should have an easy time creating green space in your kitchen.

Trendy Bottle And Jar Home Decor

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To get the initial imprint on each glass surface, stick a vinyl letter. Paint the glass all over and let it dry.

Then peel off the letter. If you prefer, you can use only wine bottles for this craft.

In this case, the usage of the Mason jar is to make a certain meaningful emphasis with the cute heart.

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This glamorous decor is an easy project. The metallic surface is achieved with spray paint.

The stands for the numbers are ready. The numbers can be taken from a craft store or you can make them yourself by cutting them from glitter paper.

Attach them to wire or wooden skewers. Then just insert them in the cork.

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Like Indoor Sunshine On A Rainy Day

This simple wine bottle crafts project only needs two colors of spray paint, rubber bands, and twine for the necks. Clean the bottles well. Spray the bottles with the lighter color. Let them dry, then add rubber bands at artistic angles. Spray the darker color over the top. When the paint is dry, remove the rubber bands.

Diy Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

How to Clean Wine Bottles

Wouldnt it be nice if you could repurpose your wine bottles into tiki torches?; Flex your creative muscle and you will be able to do exactly that, turning wine glass bottles that would have otherwise been recycled into artful tiki torches that illuminate the area around your home.; Here is a quick look at how to make your own wine bottle tiki torch.

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch
    • Materials:
  • Plumbers Teflon tape
  • Instructions:
  • 1. Fill the empty wine bottle one-third of the way with gravel or marbles to enhance its stability.
  • 2. Use the funnel to help guide the tiki fuel down into the wine bottle.
  • 3. Wrap the Teflon tape around the outside of the copper coupling, ensuring it has a sung fit within the bottles opening.
  • 4. Move the wick into the coupling so it reaches the interior of the bottle.
  • 5. Give the wick a minimum of 24 hours to soak up the oil prior to lighting it.
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    Tiki Torch Trio Of Repurposed Wine Bottles

    Ignite the backyard and bring it to life with these repurposed wine bottles. Decorate them in any style of your choice from nautical to tropical to blend into your existing backyard oasis design. And while they are looking great, they are working overtime as they also double as functional tiki torches. They are a great addition to any al fresco dining event.

    Wine Bottle Pantry Storage

    The pantry is an oft-neglected part of kitchen decorjust rows and rows of shelves, with sauces in the cans they came in, and grains in the bags they were sold in. And sure, that sort of pantry has its own charms, but if you want to add a unique personal touch to your pantry, consider this upcycled bottle craft.

    I recommend that you use clear, uncolored wine bottles so that you can easily recognize whats inside. These bottles also look much nicer than the plastic packs which beans or lentils usually come in.

    Leave the cork on your pantry items will do fine, and the corks add a nice rustic touch.

    Stick on some waterproof labels on too. They pretty up your storage space further and make sorting your pantry easier.

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    Things To Do With Used Corks

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    Do you like to enjoy the odd bottle of wine? If so, then what do you do with the cork? Sure, you can toss it in the recycling bin along with the bottle, but what if they could be reused ingeniously? Following are a few ways you can recycle your corks so they can be put to good use.

    Where Can I Take My Corks For Recycling

    23 Amazing Things You Can Do With Empty Wine Bottles ...

    Yemm & Hart Ltd is one of the better known cork recyclers,;accepting donations of cork by mail to make adhesive cork tiles for flooring or other household applications. And, if you can collect and send at least 10 pounds of pure cork, they’ll even pay you for it! What a great way to make a few extra dollarsthe Wise Bread way.

    Korks 4 Kids is another program that recycles corks into flooring and construction materials. All of their profits go to charity, and as a charity themselves, your cost of shipping the corks is tax deductible.

    Terracycle, a company that recycles any number of items including yoghurt cups and energy bar wrappers, also has a cork program. If you collect 200 or more corks, they’ll pay for your shipping costs too. This is a great company to become involved with, because in some cases depending on what you are collecting, they’ll make a donation on your behalf to a non-profit organization of your choice.

    And for other places around the country to drop off your corks for recycling, check out ReCork America for a list.

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    Stenciled Wine Bottle Glitter Vase

    Oh, how I love stencils! When your hands are a little shaky or when youre not feeling particularly creative or artsy, a great stencil can save the day by doing all the hard work for you. I absolutely love the patterns that were used in this blog by Real Coake. They turned out really pretty! Im adding this to my list of things to do this spring!

    A Light In The Darkness

    This project depends on cutting the wine bottle with string using thermal shock. This is one of the trickier wine bottle crafts. Once the bottom is separated from the bottle, place polka dot stickers on the glass. Paint over the polka dots and then carefully remove them using a drill. Keep the seal between the top and bottom from being perfect so that the candle will have enough air to burn.

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    House Made Of Wine Bottles

    As wine bottles come in different pleasing hues, you can use them to build a home, just like Tom Kellys botle house. His bottle house in Rhyolite, Nevada features walls made from wine bottles. Promoting eco-friendly lifestyle, the wine bottle house is a functional artwork.

    You can also get inspired by Tom Kellys work and make one for yourself, provided you are a pro DIYer.

    String Up A Picturesque Bird

    How to Paint Wine Bottles

    Bird-feeders are a surefire way to spruce up your backyard, and enhance your bird-watching experience.

    Build these beautiful bird-feeders with just a few ingredients. Fill your bottle with feed, and drill two holes near the bottom, for birds to access the feed. Epoxy a saucer to the bottom, and hang the bottle from the branch with copper wire.

    Buy Diamond Drill Bit Here

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    Shiny And Silvered Ornaments

    These shiny, faux-silvered bottles are great as understated ornaments, especially for moody or mystical home decor. Whats more, theres no need to shell out for $50 version off the shelf you can always make it yourself.

    For that mirrored look, you need to apply multiple coats of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint to the inside of the bottle. Lightly apply silver spray paint if it gets too translucent.

    Lightly apply Looking Glass to the exterior of the bottle, and distress with a sponge for a used, vintage look.

    More Wine Bottle Crafts

    But that’s not all:;If you liked our top 10 ideas for wine bottle crafts, you’ll love these bonus projects. It can be difficult to figure out what to do with empty wine bottles, but that’s where these eco-friendly and inexpensive wine bottle decorations handmade;come in. Check out these easy tutorials and make some crafts for home, garden, parties, and more.

    Change the look of your space with an upcycled glass bottle. It’s never been easier to go green – simply create a Decoupaged Mosaic Wine Bottle using scrapbook paper and an empty glass bottle. As you’ll see from this project, glass bottle craft ideas are anything but trashy.

    You can transform a broken piece of glass into an amazing pendant in a few easy steps.; Perfect for using with wine bottles or beer bottles, this lovely and thrifty pendant necklace is a budget-friendly way to jazz up your accessory collection.

    Recycling is so important, which is why wine bottle crafts are always wonderful things to create. These Old Textured Beach Bottles are a great way to get crafty while helping the environment. Without a doubt, crafts with wine bottles are some of the best craft ideas around.;

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    Diy Wine Bottle Decor: 9 Ways To Upcycle Empty Bottles

    Instead of tossing that empty wine bottle, upcycle it! Weve put together a list 9 fun DIY wine bottle decor ideas for the crafting wine enthusiast.

    January is a fairly slow month as far as activities go since were all coming off the holiday hustle and bustle. Therefore, its a perfect month to get crafty and tackle some of those Pinterest pins youve saved over the past 12 months. And while you may have resolved to cut back on the rich foods and booze this year , that probably doesnt mean you have zero empty wine bottles lying around . Empties can actually transform into some pretty cool DIYs! With just a bit of patience, practice, and in some cases where youll need a bottle cutter,;a few spare bottles in case of cracking, youll be on track to become an upcycle wine bottle whiz.

    Enjoy this collection of DIY Wine Bottle Decor ideas and let us know how they turn out for you in the comments.

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    Shabby Chic Floral Decor

    Transform your old wine bottles into decorative ornaments using a little decoupage.

    Youll need a glass primer for decoupage bottle crafts. Paint and varnish the bottle, then wrap a printed paper napkin around the bottle and attach it using mod podge.

    Border the napkin with lace strips for a vintage look, and wrap some twine around the mouth of the bottle, to add a touch of rusticity.

    Diy Wine Bottle Crafts

    Wine bottle crafts are a fun way to upcycle a perfectly functional glass container we would otherwise throw away. Some of these upcycled wine bottles can completely change their shape depending on your level of comfort with cutting glass and using flame.

    Like any craft that involves glass, care should be taken. If you don’t want to risk injury or don’t own a kiln, stick to the more simple ideas that will teach you how to paint a wine bottle in a variety of ways. Some of these wine bottle projects can be given for a gift and some are nice enough where you could sell them for a profit.;

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    Wind Chime From Old Wine Bottle

    If you love soft and twinkling sounds of wind chimes, its time to get one for your patio area. Instead of buying, you can make one yourself using old wine bottles. Wine bottles of different shapes, sizes, and colors make beautiful wind chimes. To DIY a wine bottle wine chime, youll need to cut the bottom of a wine bottle with a slight angle.

    Next interweave four-five threads with some colorful gems and glass pieces as sails. Now, insert a metal coil in the chopped bottle, tie chimes to the coil and align in a circle, and your wine bottle wind chime is ready to swing across your window or patio.

    Image: Etsy

    Image: I Love to Create

    Wonderful Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

    7 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Old Wine Bottles

    Keep the cork and bottle after you top it off so you can create this magnificent wine bottle bird feeder. Its the perfect size to hold enough bird feed to meet your needs and keep your feathered friends flocking to your home this winter. With a hold drilled near the bottom, all you need to do is add a base for the birds to perch and a wire to hang it from to make this feeder ready to go!

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    Turn Wine Bottles Into Tumblers

    Those familiar with the technique of glass cutting;can turn old wine bottles into tumblers that will look cool sitting on your dining table. Dont waste your time and money looking for some classy glasses. Instead, create a set using leftover wine bottles.

    Wine bottles are available in different hues, therefore, are perfect to create your own set of colorful DIY glasses. You just need to;cut a wine bottle into two halves horizontally and smoothen up edges for safety.

    Image: Laurence Brabant

    Homemade Bottled Cocktail Mixer

    A bottle of red wine is the classic go-to moms gift. And while good bottled wine can never go wrong, try adding a fresh twist this time round, by gifting cocktail mixers in upcycled wine bottles.

    Whip up your own mixer, or get one off the shelf. I recommend this citrusy margarita mixer its bang for your buck, and sugar-free too.

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    Filled with lots of wine bottle craft ideas, 25 Cool Things to Do with Wine Bottles is a great go-to guide for using up all those empty glass bottles and unused corks. From creative garden accessories to fun ways to help you organize and decorate your home, these wine bottle crafts are great for anyone whos looking for ways to craft their way through the recycle bin!

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