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How To Find Wine Distributors

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How To Find The Wines You Want

Sooner or later, every wine devotee from newbie to geek becomes enamored with a specific bottle. Whether trying to recreate a memorable restaurant experience, rediscover a bottle that has personal significance or finally sample a wine that won a rave review, there are plenty of reasons to obsess over a particular wine. And that obsession only grows when the object of your attention is nowhere to be found. How do you track down that special bottle? What are the skills of a good wine detective?

The first is the ability to orient yourself in a maze: Wine distribution in the U.S. operates with a crazy-quilt of Federal, state and local regulations and players, so often there will be no simple answer. Another is the ability to weigh your priorities, in terms of time and money: Highly prized, highly rated bottles are always in short supply, requiring more digging. As Martin Sinkoff, director of marketing for the well-known importer Frederick Wildman and Sons, notes, Finding a fine wine is like a truffle hunt.

At some point, you may need to think about whether you want only the specific wine that caught your fancy, or if a similar wine might be close enough. And always be preparedsome wines will prove to be entirely elusive.

Securing Distribution Means Understanding Your Potential Partner’s Market And Prepping Your Brands To Succeed Learn From The Expert That Meets Almost One New Distributor A Day On How To Find Beer Spirits Or Wine Distributor Partner

As you are planning your next meeting with your distributors, be sure to go over your checklist and do a thorough review of your accounts. Every meeting counts and making the most of them means knowing what they are looking for. Do everything you can to make your beverage as desirable as possible and project confidence in your product’s ability to succeed in your target markets. Here are a few ‘must-know’ tips to help get your products into the portfolios that matter most:

1. Use referrals

When contacting distributors for the first time–if you can’t get a referral, use a success story – distributors love to bet on “winners!”

2. Good strategic fit/explore niches

While the brand owner may think you have the greatest opportunity for success, the distributor may not see the strategic fit. Try to find a niche that is not covered by the distributor’s current portfolio.

3. Brands need to “be wanted”

Distributors will work harder and do a better job if they “want you,” rather than you “wanting them.”

4. Try to be “first in”

If you are the 3rd Argentine Wine or the 4th Vodka, your chance of success in that house is far less than being first.

5. Build your brand within a Network

Selecting a beer house for new wine & spirits and/or selecting a wine & spirits house for new craft beers can lead to better results due to FOCUS, time, energy and share-of-mind.

6. Self-distribution is an option

If you can’t find a distributor who will work your brand, then consider doing it yourself.

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Think About Where You Want Your Wine To Be

To know how to pick the right distributor for your wine, you need to decide where you want your wine to be.

Do you want your wine to be at every mom&pop joint including gas stations, convenience stores, fine restaurants, etc. Or are you just looking to be in your local area? So if youre looking for your wine to be distributed everywhere and make a mark, then it would be better for you to work with a distributor who has a larger footprint such as Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits or Republic National.

However, remember that working with large distributors comes with a very high cost where those distributors will simply order a palate and theyll want you to do the sales. So be ready to find yourself openly communicating with them to find out what youll need to sell a thousand cases.

For example, one of the requirements would be to work the market constantly with them. The good thing here is that the larger distributors have a good relationship with the accounts so you can use their introduction as leverage to have the upper-hand while selling.

Want to know how to get your wine into major restaurant chains? for insights.

Looking to grow distribution in Restaurants? Click here to know how to boost your wine distribution in Restaurants.

Make Sure You And Your Distributor Both Make Money

Wine Better Vintage Metal Sign, 12 By 12 (Item number ...

When picking a distributor for your wine, make sure you find someone who is willing to smack a deal at a point where everyone in the chain will end up making money. So for example, if your wine is $8.99, a good strategy would be to price it up a dollar so that everyone makes money, and its an all-rounded profit. This will keep you happy, your distributor happy, the retailer happy – which will help boost your sales from the side of the distributor and retailer, versus a brand that is just looking to make money for themselves and offers the distributor and retailer a very minuscule margin.

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How Do You Start A Career In Distributor Sales

There are many first jobs available, but your path is most likely to be influenced by your previous experience, and your level of knowledge. Before I came to be;Director of Business Development – USA;for WSET, I worked for a distributor for seven years. I had spent several years working in restaurants, with my last position in hospitality being general manager of a restaurant. While there, I utilised my network to learn of a position for a spirits specialist manager with the top distributor in my state.

Trish Lorimers path began in a similar place, the on-premises trade of bars and restaurants, where her interest was sparked leading to a WSET course. This was my way in to my first junior industry role with an agency/distributor. I learnt a lot commercially and from exposure to multiple retail accounts which gave me the skills to move to a trainee wine buyer role with Morrisons. I was promoted to buyer in this role before being recruited by Coles Liquor and moving to Australia as a wine sourcing manager. Every step along the way, Trish was building on skills and knowledge, which has culminated in her current role as National Accounts Manager for Negociants UK, who specialise in Australian wines.

David Cartwright DipWSET, Director of Seckford Agencies;

Straight To The Winery

Youd think the simplest way to get your hands on a domestic wine would be to call the winery and have them ship you a bottle. Well, maybe.

Direct-to-consumer shipping laws vary widely by state: Some are free and easy, some have complex permitting systems and some make wine shipments a felony. Wineries that sell over the phone or online usually start by asking for your ZIP code, to filter out impossible requests. If the winery cannot ship you the wine you want, ask them to give you the name and contact information for a distributor in your area. Some wineries are making it easier to figure this out yourself. Terlato Wines International, for example, which owns or distributes more than 50 domestic and international wine brands, has a WineFinder on its Web site that lets you locate nearby retail and restaurant outlets for any of its wines. At New Mexicos Gruet Winery, producers of a broad range of highly regarded sparkling wines, Shannyn Harrison says they get calls regularly, especially from older folks who dont use the Internet, and are happy to provide local contact information in all 50 states. Please dont ask your favorite winery to risk felony charges by shipping wine outside the law.

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Picking Your Beer Distributor

There are two large beer distributors in the United States that are responsible for almost all the distribution.

Sid Patel, CEO of;Beverage Trade Network;and Founder of;Sommeliers Choice Awards.

Sid has been in the wine and spirits industry for over 16 years. His first brand Friday Monkey was sourced from the Riverina region of New South Wales. Having sold his brands in the USA to both independent retailers and national chains, small distributors to the nations largest distributors, he brings immense experience in building a brand from the ground-up.

When I started pitching a wine in the state of Illinois, there was a guy called Kevin Burke, who was the owner of Burke Distributing.

Kevin is someone who is well respected in the MillerCoors community. So once you get the most powerful person, the one who has been in the business for over 50 years, you personally tell them about your vision, and you tell them all you need is their support and tell them that youll prove it by helping them sell your wine.

So that gentleman put together about 30 of his friends in one room who cover every inch of Illinois. Now youre talking about 50 million dollar people over here, all sitting in one room where I had to pitch. The simple question they asked is why shall we buy your wine?

Tip From Sid : Try to get access to such a meeting, because once you get the whole gang in the room, and its a yes, then youve made it very easy for yourself and your brand is bound to be successful.

Top 10 Us Wine Distributors

How to find wine industry information for international markets with Passport

by Wines Vines Analytics

Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits remains the largest wine distributor in the United States and retained its No. 1 position on the list of the Top 10 U.S. Wine Distributors in 2019. No. 2 Republic National Distributing Co. formed a partnership with No. 4 Youngs Market Co as the largest companies strengthened their hold on the wholesale wine market.

The September issue of the Wine Analytics Report features the third annual Top 10 U.S. Wine Distributors list, which is based on proprietary data from the Wines Vines Analytics Distributor Market Service. The rankings are based wholly on distributors wine business and not their entire beverage alcohol portfolios. The list first appeared in the pages of Wines & Vines magazine.

The biggest story in the world of wine wholesaling this past year was the megadeal that didnt happen. Republic National Distributing Co. and No. 3 Breakthru Beverage Group had announced plans to merge and form what would have been a national giant with the reach and portfolio depth to compete directly with Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits, but the deal was quashed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The companies cited a protracted review process in withdrawing their merger plans for review, while the feds cited concerns over higher prices and worse service for consumers and suppliers.

2019 Top 10 Wine Distributors1. Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits2. RNDC/Youngs Market Co.3. Breakthru Beverage Group

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Regulations On Shipping Wine Internationally By Courier

For businesses

Depending on the countries of collection and delivery, different rules may apply. Generally, freight shipments of wine bottles delivered by licensed transport companies are perfectly legal and are even covered by CMR insurance. Authorised businesses can also send single wine bottles via courier services when selling to their customers, which is usually done under special agreements with the transporter.

For individuals

Having wine delivered by mail or courier from online stores is perfectly legal. However, when it comes to individuals wanting to ship wine among themselves, most courier companies include alcoholic drinks on the list of restricted items to ship. Still, many people decide to ship properly packaged wine bottles internationally, at their own risk.


Beer Distributors Touch Every Store

Beer distributors are known to distribute to every store possible. Whether its a gas station store, restaurant, big retail chains, convenience stores, and every other place they can touch. This is a huge advantage for your wine brand as you will be able to hit the stores that a wine distributor might not be able to help you with. Especially if your wine is on the cheaper side, and you want to get it into gas stations and convenience stores, then beer distributors are the best way to go.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Mistake

Your first wholesale supplier may not be a vendor that you work with long term. Creating your perfect supply chain is an evolution involving a lot of trial and error.

Remember that all you need from your first supplier is a product that you can ship at a profit. It may not be the best wholesale price for you, but you can make changes as your business and professional network expand.

Your first goal is to ship a product. Then you can improve your bottom line by trying other wholesale suppliers as you continue to build and grow your business.

Tips To Work Successfully With Wine Distributors

Small Wine Shops and Distributors Score Huge Win Against ...

by Wayne Degen and Liz Thach, MW

With more than 90,000 wine brands in the US market, wineries need to be very sophisticated in their strategic marketing if they want to be represented in top retail establishments. However this generally requires finding and developing a positive working relationship with distributors who can assist them in placing their wines. But what steps should wineries take to work effectively with distributors?

Following is a list of seven tips to work successfully with wine distributors. These are based on years of experience in working with thousands of domestic and international wine brands. Wineries who utilize these tactics generally achieve their placement and sales goals via relationship marketing with distributors.

1.Communicate Priorities It is very important for wineries to develop a plan in advance regarding their goal priorities when communicating with distributors. This means stating brand goals in priority order, some of the best wineries assign priority goals by channel. Priorities should also include suggested retail pricing as well as any promotions by market. When calculating pricing, the winery should identify the suggested shelf price, by-the-glass price and wine list price.

About the Authors: Wayne Degen is the VP of Off-Premise Sales for Republic National Distributing Company and is based in Maryland. Dr. Liz Thach, MW is the Distinguished Professor of Wine Business at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California.;

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How Do You Get Started If You Want To Own Your Own Private Label

The first step, say industry insiders, is to figure out the types of wines that your customers enjoy drinking and what the average price of the bottles they are ordering is. From there, you need to make a few projections about the growth projections of your business. You dont want to be ordering thousands of cases of wine, and then be stuck with dead inventory.

Also, since every label must denote the place of origin of the wine, the wines you select should be a natural fit for the restaurant in terms of region and style of wine. From there, its time to reach out to wineries that might potentially be interested in a deal. Some wineries are able to accommodate a wide range of order sizes – everything from 5 cases to 1000 cases – while other wineries prefer only to work on smaller or larger order sizes. Once youve narrowed down your choices, the vintner will work with you on every aspect of creating your own wine – down to the creation of the label and even the type of cork. There are also independent design companies specializing in designing wine labels, cases, and other promotional material.

They will design a label that meets the specifications of the country you want to sell it and the tier you want to sell the wine in. From there, all you have to do is place the order and youll soon have your private wine label, all without the time and expense of actually operating your own winery.

Pinpointing A Startup Number

While entrepreneurs in some industries seem to be able to raise money with a snap of their fingers, most have to take a more detailed approach to the process. Perhaps the best starting point is to figure out just how much you need.

In the wholesale distribution sector, startup numbers vary widely, depending on what type of company you’re starting, how much inventory will be necessary and what type of delivery systems you’ll be using. For example, Keith Schwartz, who got his start selling belts and ties from his basement in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, started On Target Promotions with $700, while Don Mikovch, president of the wine distributor Borvin Beverage in Alexandria, Virginia, required $1.5 million. While Schwartz worked from a desk and only needed a small area in which to store his goods, Mikovch required a large amount of specialized storage space for his wines-and a safe method of transporting the bottles to his retailers.

The basic equipment needed for your wholesale distributorship will be highly dependent on what you choose to sell. If you plan to stock heavy items, then you should invest in a forklift to save yourself some strain. Pallets are useful for stocking and pallet racking is used to store the pallets and keep them in order for inventory purposes.

Inventory Matters
Stocking Up.Or Not?

To sum up the tricks to stocking a wholesale distributorship:

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