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What To Get Someone Who Loves Wine

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Ten Grapes To Know Bycatherine Fallis

Getting to Know Grenache: Old Vines, New Wines | Chel Loves Wine

Written with the authority and experience of a seasoned Master Sommelier, but entirely down-to-earth, conversational, and a real joy to read, Ten Grapes to Know is a must-have for lovers of wine. Catherine Fallis MS is affectionately known through her online writings, and by the wine community, as the one and only grape goddess, and your journey through her book will be fun, exuberant, and leave you with the tools to make confident wine buying decisions whether standing in the supermarket aisle or staring down a detailed restaurant wine list.

To buy: Ten Grapes to Know by Catherine Fallis,;$25 at

For The Reader Who’s Partial To The Public Library: A Thematic Mug

Whether theyre a tea or coffee drinker , any local library devotee will enjoy sipping their beverages out of this mug. It features a vintage library card print filled out with stamped-in due dates and comes in two sizes and with a white or black handle. Most libraries;dont use this kind of stamp system anymorebut drinking out of the mug while reading a library book may remind your giftee of their looming due dates.

Get the Library Card Mug from Etsy starting at $15.95

Rustic And Unique Gifts For Wine Lovers

Youve found a couple of small gifts for the wine drinker in your life, but youre not sure which one to choose. Well, you dont have to! Get them all and create your own personally curated gift set! Is your wine lover really into DIY crafts, rustic decor, and unique wine glasses? This gift set is perfect for them. They will love using the gravity-defying wine bottle holder to display their next bottle of wine in the kitchen or bar area. When its time to open it, theyll want to use the beautiful bamboo tool set! Then, theyll pour the wine into not regular old wine glasses, but these fun rolling ones that teeter and totter on the table without spilling a drop. Now that they cork is free, they can use it with their DIY wine cork trivet that they assembled with their own unique pattern. Seriously, can a gift for a wine lover get any more perfect than this?

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This Graphite Pitcher Thats Both Beautiful And Functional

This graphite pitcher comes in a variety of colors, ideal for entertainers of all tastes.

This highly rated pitcher from The Home Depot is a classy addition to any entertainers kitchen. It comes in 11 different colors, so you can pick the shade that best matches your giftee and their kitchen. My mother has an assortment of black and white servingware that sits on top of her counters, so this black pitcher is perfect for her home. Its made from graphite, which makes for a gorgeous finish, but must be treated properly to avoid scratchesdont wash it in the dishwasher or allow it to scrape against stainless steel utensils.

A Piece Of My Heart Is In Heaven Sympathy Gift Keychain

18 Gift Ideas For People Who Fucking Love Wine

Sympathy gifts dont have to be large to be meaningful. Sometimes a small token like this sympathy keychain is the perfect thing. The recipient will be able to take it with them wherever they go. The small charm has a custom initial on it, while the larger heart shape says, A piece of my heart is in heaven.Available here.

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For The Minimalist Book Collector: Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf

Traditional bookcases are lovely, but their footprints can be too big for small-sized living spaces. These minimalist floating bookshelves, on the other hand, are a fun and flexible way to organize a;book collection.

With books in place,;the L-shaped shelves disappear, creating the illusion of a floating stack of books. This;set of three bookshelves comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, too.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine is delicious on its own. But what makes it even better? The fruity notes of wine can further be enhanced when you use an aerator.;

The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake system which uses the Bernoulli Effect. Plus, it is equipped with a rubber stopper that will prevent a leak-free seal.;

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No Aerator Or Decanter Needed

You wont need an aerator or decanter to enjoy wine again thanks to these self-aerating wine glasses! The delicate curves of each unique glass pushes the wine around your glass as you swirl and sip, unlocking the flavors and smoothing the tannins. You can use them for red or white wines, and you wont want to use regular old round glasses again after trying them out. The set of four is perfect for wine tastings on your own or with friends, and anyone who sees these works of art will be jealous! Thanks to these aerating glasses, youre well on your way to being a true sommelier. These glasses are great wine gifts for a housewarming or Christmas.

For The Reader Who Wants To Spice Up Their Decor: Literary Insults Poster

Women Who Love Wine

Know someone who worships the acerbic wit of authors like Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Elizabeth von Arnim? Theyll be giddy when they get a look at this poster, which features a flowchart of some of the best jabs and one-liners ever committed to print, neatly organized by type and style. This gives your giftee some inspiration to work on some barbs of their ownand;provides a good conversation piece for guests.

Get the Literary Insults Chart from Uncommon Goods for $25

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For The Reader Who’s Always Lending Their Books: A Customized Library Stamp

Generous readers know that part of the joy of a good book comes from sharing it with;friends and family. But actually getting the book back? Thats more of a toss-up. Help someone make their lending process a little more official with a customized library stamp. When they let a friend borrow their copy of “Normal People,” theyll know it has a better chance of making its way back to themor, at the very least, the “borrower” will always remember where the book came from. The stamp comes in three sizes and four styles, so you can pick one that best suits the giftee;you have in mind. Some stamp styles are self-inking, but if the one you get isn’t, don’t forget to also include some ink.

Wine Cooler And Aerator

Not only is Corkcicle Air a perfect gift for wine lovers, but also a wonderful tool for your arsenal. The innovative device keeps the wine chilled and aerated, and comes with an intelligent pour-through feature for easy serving. Simply freeze the Corkcicle Air and place it in the bottle. The wine makes its way through the open cork, unpacking its flavors as it flows into your glass.

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Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses

Beauty and elegance. These two words sum up what these Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses are. Made of refined and luxurious Italian crafted glass, it will surely turn heads in every party you will host.;

But more than its aesthetics, its stout bulb shape enables a comfortable grip while at the same time enhancing the flavors and releasing the aromas of the wine.;

Starting A Wine Collection

Wine Gifts! Best gift ideas for wine lovers. Get the top ...

Looking for next-level gifts for wine lovers? When it comes to wine coolers, save your money for something that can hold more than 100 bottles. Trust me on this. Also, you dont need a dual-temperature system, that reduces capacity and increases risk of potential failures. Instead, shoot for a pragmatic system with a history of being reliable.

Weve been using the Artevino III, a 200-bottle cellar, by Eurocave and it holds up to its glowing reviews.

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Echeveria Succulent Living Memorial Wreath

Another wonderful succulent gift idea, this wreath is grown and crafted by hand in Oregon. Perfect for decoration on a table or hanging on a wall, door, or fireplace mantle. Succulents last for a very long time and take hardly any effort to keep, so this is a long-lasting living memorial sympathy gift for someone you love. Find it here.

Best Gift For The Wine Lover Who Has Everything: The Coravin


The Coravin is an absolutely genius invention. Id never heard of this until a recent trip to Portugals wine country where I ordered a 75-year-old Tawny Port by the glass and they brought out the sealed bottle and used the Coravin to extract the wine. The Coravin allows you to drink from a bottle of wine without opening it. If that sounds crazy its because it is.

There is a tiny needle on the Coravin which you feed through the wine bottles cork, small enough to extract wine but not large enough to let in air. It uses gas cartridges to pull the wine out of the bottle while pouring it into your glass and then it replaces the air in the bottle with gas to keep the wine fresh. Because the wine in the bottle never comes in contact with oxygen its as if it is never opened. So, if you have a really nice bottle of wine you only want to taste to see if its ready to open then you can use the Coravin. Or, if youve got an old bottle of Port you can pull individual glasses of wine without opening the bottle. It truly is a brilliant invention and its a perfect gift for the wine lover who has everything. Theres an entry-level model and more expensive models to choose from, the choice is yours.

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For The Reader Who Likes To Keep Track Of Their Reads: A Book Journal

Sure, theres always Goodreads or the good ole;Notes app on a smartphone. But if you know someone who wants to keep track of the books they read and prefers an analog approach, theyll love the Book Riot Read Harder Reading Log, a notebook designed for hardcore readers to keep a record of everything they consume. Reviewers rave;that it has dedicated spaces to write down important details about the book, including the start and finish date, a brief review and notable quotes. It also includes 12 reading challenges, which prompt users to read different kinds of books than they might normally pick up, like ones originally published in a different language or from;an independent press.

Erhiry Wine Bottle Stopper

How to get FREE WINE!!

A wine stopper as a gift is always a great choice since it comes in various styles and designs that can suit the personality of the person you are going to give it to.;

Take this Erhiry Wine Stopper, for example. It is made of 304 stainless steel material, giving it a nice sleek metallic look. It also has a lever attached to it to seal the bottle quickly.;

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For The Book Lover In Search Of Some Solitude: Noise

There’s nothing worse than settling in for a good book and finding yourself consumed by the noisy distractions of the world around you. If the bookworm in your life has been searching for some peace and quiet, these Sony headphones are a perfect investment for longterm tranquility. Of all the noise-canceling headphones we’ve tested, the Sony WH-1000XM3 over-ears impressed us the most, thanks to their comfortable fit, posh design;and superb noise-canceling performance. Did we also mention that they’re perfect for audiobooks?

For The Reader Who Needs A Closer Look At Their Book: Stylish Glasses

After many years of reading, the words on the page may not seem as focused as they once did.;Peepers by Peeperspecsstylish, chunky-framed reading glasses you may have spotted on Oprahs “Favorite Things” listcould be the solution for the reader on your list. They come in;six different magnification strengths;from 0 x to 3 x, and;13 patterns and colors, like cherry red, clear and tortoise. Reviewers say they help magnify text on pages without causing irritation or feeling fussy.

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Zumatico Funny Wine Coasters & Holder

At least you got humor. This classic saying never gets old and relatable. If you are not that informed about the complicated history and facts about wine but still want to impress your guests, humor will always save you.;

You can start your conversation with these funny wine coasters and work your way from there. These drink coasters arent just adorable, but they also keep your precious table cloths from wine stains.;

Also, while they are specifically designed with wine in mind, the coasters can be used with any type of beverage.

Womens Infinity Scarf With Zip Pocket

Unique Wine Lover Gifts 2018

Not only is this scarf really pretty and soft, it also has a secret zipper pocket for you to store your valuables. Its really the best travel scarf because it folds up really small to fit in your suitcase and then can be used as a place for your passport and money when you are walking around a busy city.Price: $11.95

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Lilys Home Wine Holder

The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is one of the most eye-catching vino accessories weve ever seen! Magic forces collude with this nickel-plated iron chain to create a quite astounding illusion because your bottle appears to be floating in the twisted chains vice-like grip. An ideal gift for wine aficionados, lovers of unusual ornaments and refined heavy metal fans , the Chain Wine Bottle Holder is destined to become one of the most talked about items in your home.

The Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is crafted from chromed iron metal and then covered with the rope however, unlike the chain version, this one has a dangly bit of rope that hangs off the end to make it even more magic. Suitable for all standard wine bottles, the Floating Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is guaranteed to cause a stir at any dinner party and will be a huge talking point. It makes the perfect gift for the fun-loving vino connoisseur and looks cool in any kitchen or dining room.

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Memorial Photo Frame

Here is an elegant photo frame sympathy gift for the bird watcher and nature lover. The 8×10 frame holds a 4×6 photograph, and includes a name and dates personalized along with the picture of the cardinal and quote, Cardinals appear when angels are near.Available here.

A very rustic yet colorful sympathy gift, this planter box comes filled with twelve lovely succulents. These plants survive with minimal care, and will last much longer than the traditional funeral flowers sympathy gift. Grown in the USA, selected by hand and assembled to order. A truly heartwarming gift available here.

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Outdoor Italian Party Plates With Stemware Holder By Mepra


Move over, milk jug challenge. The biggest feat weve never been able to master is holding a wine glass and a plate of food at the same time WHILE eating and drinking. Its nearly impossible, until now. Enter the Outdoor Italian Party Plates With Stemware Holder by Mepra, which act as a mini-table for your wine and a plate for food. We never want to have to choose between food and our wine again.

Outdoor Italian Party Plates With Stemware Holder by Mepra


Wine Jobs: An Overview Of Careers In Wine

Decanting – What you need to know to get the best out of your WINE!

There are a few different industry sectors within the wine business. Besides the primary jobs that are listed below, there are also numerous supporting roles within each of the following sectors:

  • Winery
  • all

    Whos ideal for this job? Winery jobs are ideal for people looking for longterm stable employment and community.

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    How To Make A Wine Smoothie

    Add red wine to your blender or individual-sized smoothie cup. I love my Ninja blender for getting the frozen fruit pureed really well. Plus its great if you want to make just one or a bunch!;

    Add your frozen mixed berries. Berry flavor blends really nicely with red wine.;

    Add a little Greek yogurtIm learning to love it

    Its usually too tangy for me to eat straight. I prefer to eat it as a Chocolate Yogurt Dip with fruit or as a Yogurt Dip for apples. But in this recipe, it gives it a really creamy feel and cuts the acidity of the wine.;

    Just a wee bit of honey is all you need. I dont like sweet drinks so if you need more, just add it.;

    Blend that red wine smoothie aaaalllllllll the way up.

    Pour into your favorite on-the-go smoothie cup. Your friends will NEVER know about your delicious little secret ingredient.

    This red wine smoothie is so easy to make. Its full of healthy fruit and protein-filled greek yogurt. And yes, a little wine. Im not a huge red wine fan but I love the flavor!

    Gorgeous Wine Barrel Sign

    You might not have an actual winery or wine cellar, but you can still decorate your home bar to be a wine bar! This rustic wine barrel sign is a lovely work of art that will add a touch of class and sophistication to your home bar. The beautiful design is elegant and totally customizable so that you can make it truly your own. None of your fellow wine lovers will have decor like it! Made of sturdy American birch wood, the sign is built to last for years to come. This sign would be the perfect gift for a wine lover, especially for a stock the bar party!

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