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How To Open A Wine Bottle Without An Opener

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Al Fresco Use Mother Nature / A Tree

How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

If you find yourself bare-footed in a forest without a shoe, screwdriver or Sharpie to use dont worry! Mother nature will always be your friend.

Wrap a cloth or t-shirt around the bottle to give you a bit of grip then as per the shoe method tap it gently against the trunk of a steady tree until the cork pops right out.

Once again, be prepared to lose your bottle of wine if you dont do this one properly.

The One With A Wall And Someones Shoe

This is always a showstopper at parties . Find a shoe thats fairly flat and firm, place your wine bottle in the shoe, base first. With the shoe in place, whack the base of the wine and shoe against a hard wall and the cork will slowly ease its way out. Keep an eye on that before you give yourself an accidental wine shower.

How To Open A Wine Bottle: 5 Different Ways

Opening a wine bottle is somewhere between opening a gift and a time capsule. Itâs part celebration and part transmission.

Thatâs why, in the grand scheme of opening bottles, opening wine bottles is a touch more involved. Itâs also really hard to do if you donât have the right tool on hand.

In this post, weâll go over how to open a wine bottle properly. Normally. Sensibly. But after that, all bets are off. Because weâll be covering how to open wine bottles without a corkscrew. Maybe keep a wine stain remover nearby just in case.

And, thankfully, your ability to hit a standard wine pour or provide the right glassware to aerate your wine doesnât hinge on whether or not you opened the bottle with a shoe. Though you may find one of these top wine aerators handy.

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Open Wine With A Lighter Or Kitchen Torch:

One method is to use a lighter or kitchen torch. The theory is that the heat will expand the air below the cork, building up pressure and pushing it out.

However, this method isnt without its risks. Ortiz, who holds a degree in biochemistry, warns that wine bottles dont like heat. It can affect the flavor of the wine, and theres also a strong chance of burning yourself or breaking the glass.

If youre determined to use heat to open your wine, be sure to take precautions and use caution. Otherwise, there are other methods you can try.

Use A Spoon To Open A Bottle

Pin on Bar None

Get a big spoon from your kitchen and then use it as a pry bar when your bottle opener isnt accessible. Insert the spoon underneath the cap while keeping the spoons face upward. Then put a little pressure on the tip of the spoon to push it up.

This will help in removing the cap of your bottle in the best possible way. Ultimately, you have gotten a new and amazing way to open a bottle without any bottle opener.

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Screw Screwdriver And Hammer

For this method you have to screw a medium-sized screw into the wine bottle cork with a screwdriver, leaving a little bit of room between the top of the cork and the screw head. Then pull the screw and cork out using the claw of a hammer.

You can also do this with pliers instead of a hammer, though we felt you can get more purchase on the screw using a hammer.

In theory, this sounded as though it could be the safest and easiest way to remove a cork. However, in practice we found the screw split the cork and often the hammer would pull the screw out, leaving the cork in the bottle.

The cork came out of the bottle a bit, just not enough for us to pull the cork the rest of the way ourselves.

Use Your Car Keys To Uncork Your Wine

One of the easiest ways to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener is to use your car keys. While it may seem like a strange idea, you can use your keys to open the door of a wine bottle because they have a clip that allows you to close the door while the key is inside of the bottle. This can be very convenient when traveling and you dont want to carry around a bottle opener. Just clip your keys in the bottle opener compartment and youre ready to go.

Its best not to use your car keys to uncork your wine unless youre really sure that the bottle is closed. You can do this by either physically opening the bottle and poking the lever to let the wine flow out, or you can unscrew the cap on the bottle and manually crank the uncorking handle until the wine flows freely. However, if youre not sure whether or not the bottle is completely uncorked, you can always go to a wine store and get someone who can do it for you. Many stores have certified employees who are trained to handle uncorking bottles of wine.

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Using The Bike Pump Method

It would be best if you cleaned the pump needle before you even began. You dont want to risk contamination from the needle into the wine.

Carefully insert the pump needle into the cork. You need to puncture through the cork itself to get down into the air pocket between the liquid and the seal.

Once youve broken through the cork, you should go pump by pump and push air into the chamber. Like all of the other methods on this list, you should not force the cork fully out. Instead, please remove it from the cork yourself once it has emerged enough to get a good grip.

The Hit It Hard On Its Bottom Method

How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew or Bottle Opener – Fast & Easy!

This one is similar to the wall method, only without the wall.

  • Take a seat.
  • Hold the bottle of wine upturned between your knees and with a flat-soled shoe, rhythmically slap the bottom of the bottle of wine until pressure forces the cork out.
  • Stop slapping when the cork is partway out or you could find yourself in a wine-covered mess.
  • Remove the rest of the cork by hand.

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How To Open A Bottle With A Belt Buckle

Depending on the type of buckle, a belt can be used to open a bottle when you dont have a bottle opener handy. Use the buckle as a traditional bottle opener to unleash the refreshing hops. If you cant figure out the physics, retailers have started offering belts with bottle openers built in.

Save even more time by adding these kitchen shortcuts to your cooking arsenal.

How To Use A Wing Corkscrew To Open A Bottle Of Wine

  • As before, remove the foil that covers the cork of the wine bottle.
  • Place the corkscrew in the centre of the cork and push it down slightly, pressing the sharp screw into the cork.
  • Rotate the corkscrew clockwise, asserting pressure, forcing the corkscrew to turn into the cork until the last coil of the corkscrew is buried into the cork.
  • Whilst you are twisting the corkscrew, the wings of the corkscrew will rise automatically as the corkscrew embeds itself in the cork of the wine bottle.
  • Place your wine bottle on a flat surface and using both hands, press down equally on the wings of the corkscrew at the same time. As you draw the wings into the neck of the bottle, the pressure of this action will cause the cork to lift out of the bottle.
  • If the cork is not fully removed by the wing corkscrew, simply pull it the rest of the way out gently by hand.

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Why Is It Used To Close Wine Bottles

The cork is an important part of the wine-making process, and has been used to close wine bottles for centuries. There are a few reasons why cork is such an effective material for this purpose.

First, cork is an excellent sealant. It is able to create a tight seal that prevents oxygen from getting into the bottle and spoiling the wine. This is important because oxygen can cause wine to deteriorate and lose its flavor.

Second, cork is a very strong material. It is able to withstand the pressure of the wine inside the bottle, as well as any bumps or jostles that may occur during storage or transportation. This ensures that the wine stays fresh and unspoiled until it is ready to be enjoyed.

Finally, cork is a natural material that is biodegradable and recyclable. This makes it a more sustainable option than synthetic materials, such as plastic or metal.

Overall, cork is an ideal material for closing wine bottles. It provides an effective seal, is strong and durable, and is environmentally friendly. This makes it the perfect choice for wine producers who want to ensure that their products are of the highest quality.

How To Open Champagne Or Sparkling Wine

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew Youtube : Victorinox Tips ...

When it comes to opening sparkling wine or Champagne, its essential to keep the cork pointing away from your face at all times. Theres a lot of pressure in a bottle of sparkling wine, so its not worth risking any black eyes .

With the top of the bottle facing away from you and anyone else in the vicinity remove the foil covering the cork. Next, keeping your thumb over the cork, twist off the metal cage, and discard it.

Hold the bottles base steady against your body and place your palm over the cork firmly. Start to slowly twist the base of the bottle. Keep hold of the cork and gently pull as it loosens. Hold on tightly to make sure it doesnt pop out of your hand.

Popping a bottle of bubbly can be difficult and even a little scary. But with practice, patience, and a strong grip, youll soon be sipping those lovely bubbles.

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Push The Cork Into The Bottle

One of the safest and simplest methods. Simply take the handle of a wooden spoon or a similarly-shaped blunt instrument and push the cork down into the wine, keeping a firm grip on the bottle. Of course, the downside to this is that theres no way to retrieve the cork, so youre basically committed to drinking the whole bottle, which certainly isnt a problem if youre sharing it with friends. If the cork is old, or made of actual cork rather than rubber, you might want to strain the wine before drinking.

No Hanger To Spare Use Paper Clips

If destroying a perfectly good hanger is out of the question, you can use paper clips instead. Its the same concept as with the hanger, but this one requires more precision.

a.) Partially straighten two paper clips, but just the middle part. Dont straighten the U shapes on both ends.

b.) Slide one down between the cork and side of the bottle, then do the same on the opposite side of the cork. Push down until the U-shape is below the cork.

c.) Rotate the clip to position the U-shapes beneath the cork.

d.) Join the two other U-shapes outside the bottle. You can insert a pencil under the hooks or tie them together in a tight knot.

e.) Slowly pull the clips up, making sure the cork is going as well. Give it a few twists while pulling up.

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Use Any Available Edge To Open A Bottle

Place one edge of your bottles cap on the edge of a table or a countertop. Make sure to hold the bottles neck tight. Also, use your hand properly to slam down on your glass bottle. To open up a bottle with this trick may take a few taps.

However, if you are a pro in this trick then your cap can pop off the cap of the bottle in one try with ease.

Use A Screw A Screwdriver And A Hammer

LIFE HACKS — 7 ways to open a Wine bottle without a corkscrew!

This is probably one of the safest methods on this list, but it does require some resilience and strength, as it can fatigue you easily. You simply take a screw and screw it into the cork with a screwdriver until there is about an inch or so left showing. Then, you take the backside of the hammer, lock it under the screw, and pull the cork out. You may also need a towel to wipe the sweat off your forehead once the mission is complete.

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Yank It Out With String

If you don’t like the idea of having a cork inside the bottle, then there’s a way to get it out after you’ve pushed it in. Tie a figure-8 knot into a piece of string and lower it into the neck of the bottle, knot first. Tilt the bottle to create some leeway on one side, to allow your knotted string to slip past the cork and underneath it.

Lastly, pull up on your string as hard as you canthe knot will wedge against the neck of the bottle on the bottom of the cork and force your cork up and out!

Images by Saul/Instructables

Opening A Wine Bottle Without Any Extra Tools

These methods will tell you how to open that corked wine bottle without any extra tools required. This means, all you need is the wine bottle itself and a little force. They may not be the best methods, or the most recommended ways to open your wine bottle, but if youre in a pinch with no other options, these can do the trick.

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Five Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Bottle Opener

Posted in:Wine Market News

The advent of screw-top wine bottles has certainly assuaged the bottle opener anxiety that frequently accompanies dinner parties, picnics and weekends away just twist and pour. But those whove ever been unprepared while in possession of a corked bottle will well-understand the frustration and helplessness that accompanies the realisation that youve no means to open it. Fortunately, there are countless hacks for getting around this. Here are the ones that work the best.

Clever Hacks On How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

Learn Eight Ways to Open a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew

Your favorite stemware is ready. You bring out that bottle of wine that youve been thinking of for days, then you realize that you cant find the corkscrew. You end up asking yourself, how to open wine bottle without opener?

There are many ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. You can use household items, such as a wire hanger, a key, scissors, or even a wooden spoon to push the cork down.

Before you start wasting that vino out of frustration, take comfort in knowing that you can safely perform these tried and tested hacks at the comfort of your home.

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Opening Beer Bottles On The Go

  • 1Loosen the cap with your keys until it falls off. Hold the top of the bottle cap securely with the thumb on your non-dominant hand. Use the end of a key, either for your home or your car, and slide it under the edge of the cap. Pull the back of the key up to lift the edges and loosen the cap from the bottle.XResearch source
  • You may need to lift the edges of the bottle cap in multiple places for it to come off. Work your way around the cap until its removed.
  • 2Position a lighter underneath the cap until it pops off. Hold the bottle with your non-dominant hand so theres 1 in of space between it and the bottle cap. Hold the bottom edge of a lighter underneath the edge of the cap, and slide your hand up along the bottle neck to hold it in place. Push the lighter down over your hand so it pushes up against the cap and pries it off.XResearch source
  • 3Use the edge of a belt buckle to simulate a bottle opener. This works best if you have a belt with a metal buckle or clasp. Undo your belt and remove it so you can easily use it. Place the metal U-shape of the belt buckle and place it under the bottle cap. Pull the buckle backward to bend the cap and open the bottle.XResearch source
  • Some belt buckles have built-in bottle openers. Check the buckle to see if it has an opener on it.
  • If your ring starts to dig into your finger before it removes the cap, then stop so you dont hurt yourself.
  • Screw And Hammer Technique

    The very first on the list will certainly be the screw and hammer technique. It is the most ancient and popular way of opening wine bottle without corkscrew. Now, how to do it?

    #1: Drive the screw into the cork until you can only half an inch on the top.

    #2: Using a hammer, try to remove the screw slowly. You will see the cork coming out of the bottle with it.

    And within a minute or so, you will have the cork out of the bottle and wine ready to pour in the glass or your mouth!

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    How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

    Now, if you dont have a corkscrew, dont panic, all is not lost.

    There are numerous ingenious ways people have come up with to gain entry into a bottle of wine, without spilling a drop. So if you find yourself in a wine emergency you have in your possession a beautiful bottle of wine, but no corkscrew, here are 5 ways on how to open a wine bottle without a bottle opener.

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