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Affordable Champagne For Mimosas

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My Favorite Champagne Flutes For Mimosas

Mimosas 3 Ways | How To Make The Best Mimosas | Brunch Recipes

You may wonder why the need of a special glass for champagne. Yes! Because its all about the bubbles, baby! The narrow top of a champagne flute provides less surface area to keep the wines bubbles going strong and the carbonation bubbling. The narrow top also brings the drinks aroma closer to the nose. And I must say, Ive never smelled a champagne I didnt like.

From stemmed to stemless, I have quite the collection of champagne flutes. Most flutes youll find come in 8 to 9 ounce sizes, with plenty of space for bubbles to rise, and fall, and sip, including:

TIP: If you have leftover champagne, science says to keep it cold and the fizz will last for days with or without a stopper.

Mot & Chandon Grand Vintage 2012

General Info

  • Alcohol by Volume : 12.5%
  • Country: France, Epernay
  • Grape: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier


Moët & Chandon have been one of the most famous champagne houses in the world since they opened in 1743. For over 270 years this renowned French winemaker has been the gateway to prestige champagne for people all over the world. They have added sparkle to weddings, birthdays, and special events which range from the marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte to the Oscars.

Every Grand Vintage is unique and complex because they only make them in the very best years. The 2012 Grand Vintage is a soft and supple champagne which has an initial sweetness that gives way to a drier acidity. As a result, the 2012 Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage is perfect for making sophisticated and balanced mimosas.

What Is Italian Sparkling Wine Called

Loosely speaking, Italian sparkling wine is referred to as spumante. More specifically, there are five types of Italian wine Franciacorta, Lambrusco, spumante dAsti, metodo classico and, of course, prosecco all of which are stylistically distinct and produced in different areas of the country.

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Perfect Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

My best friend Kim is the queen of mimosas. Whether its going out for a weekends bottomless mimosas brunch, a lazy summer bring-your-own-mimosa-to-the-beach day, or just the ticket for getting though a long flight on an airplane, her recipe for a good time always starts and ends with mimosas.

Bubbly and fizzy, light and bright, mimosas are the perfect champagne cocktail for adding a festive flair to any occasion thats fit for bubbly. Or basically, Tuesday :).

Mimosas are an essential for bridal or wedding showers, baby showers, Mothers Day, Easter, Groundhogs Dayjust about any holiday you can make an excuse to celebrate. Lest we forget New Years Day, where they are the best easy eye-opening hair-of-the-dog-sipper that wont take your breath away.

In my humble opinion, theres no better way to set up a cheers than with a little bubbly spiked with a little something sweet. Thats why today Im sharing the perfect recipe for the best mimosas, made with bubbly sparkling wine instead of expensive champagne, making the cha-ching of dollars dropping into your hand just one more reason to toast cheers to all the celebrating were about to begin.

My little family and I recently visited where legend has it the mimosa was created, at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, so naturally I imbibed. I also took notes on how to make the perfect mimosa, so here we go.

How Much Juice And Champagne For A Mimosa Bar

The Best Champagne for Mimosas

For a mimosa bar, you will need 1 part champagne to 2 parts orange juice.

They are not intended to be overly sweet. A perfect mimosa should have approximately 3 parts sparkling wine and 2 parts orange juice. Six to eight shots of sparkling wine can be used to make six to eight shots of mimosas. If you want to impress and flaunt your friends, a brut Champagne is the way to go. Cold, fresh orange juice is required for making a mimosa. If you buy a bottle of sparkling wine, you can expect to consume six to eight mimosas per bottle. Citrus fruits, such as navel oranges, blood oranges, clementines, and even grapefruits, can be used to make musimi.

How much Champagne and orange juice do you need for a delicious mimosa? Check out this drink calculator to get an idea of how much a bottle of wine can cost per person. A bar setting with around five guests is an excellent way to make your party even better.

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Best Champagne For Your Tasty Mimosas

Whether you want your mimosas to be sweeter or drier, you can control it via your choice of champagne. The list below compiles the most popular choices you can utilize to enhance your typical brunch cocktail!

If you crave wickedly superb champagne but dont want to spend a fortune on it, look no further than Californian Mumm Napa Brut Prestige. This cheap champagne for mimosas has an identical production method to that of a typical French bubbly bottle!

One sip of it will fill your mouth with the delectable aroma of white blossoms, melon, citrus, and other spices. These flavors pair exceptionally well with orange juice to make up a wonderful mimosa for your brunch and awaken all your senses!

Use Mumm Napa Brut Prestige to craft your brunch alcoholic drink and enjoy sipping it alongside crab cakes or salads!

Since 1864, Gratien And Meyer has been a reputable crémant producer in the Loire Valley region. Crémant shares a similar production technique to that of champagne yet is more affordable. Thus, it makes a brilliant champagne-like option for your mimosas.

This delicious crémant brut rosé is an excellent rendition of Gratien And Meyer, requiring an aging process of up to three years. This duration is three times the regulation for a typical crémant wine .

Additionally, Faire La Fête Brut is a budget-friendly option you can select for your delectable mimosa cocktail. What a superb choice, isnt it?

Ruinart Blanc De Blancs

Ruinart Blanc De Blancs, produced from 100 percent Chardonnay, offers robust citrus scents and a refined texture to your fancy mimosas.

Although this champagne is a bit more expensive, its still the finest option if you want to boost your drinking habit with extra pleasure. Its citrus undertones and honeyed undertones complement freshly squeezed orange juice very well.

As a result, if you enjoy a little class in your mimosa cocktails, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is worth a try!

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The Best Of Both Worlds: Ohza

If you are looking for a hassle-free and budget-friendly option that feels just as fancy as a pricey Champagne, Ohza is the right choice for you. We use a delicious sparkling wine that was specially chosen to complement the sweet flavor of orange juice. Here at Ohza, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product by using the best sparkling wines and natural fruit juices to give you a ready-to-enjoy mimosa for any occasion.

If you dont want to jump through all the hoops to find an expensive Champagne or even the headache that sometimes comes with creating your own from scratch, just order a pack of Ohza and let the party begin.

Ohza has all the flavors of mimosa you could want without the hefty price tag or hassle of a regular mimosa. Plus, with little to no clean-up afterward, the party can go on as long as you want. Theres nothing wrong with a splurge now and then, but a great everyday celebration option is no doubt Ohza.

How To Make The Best Mimosa

Mimosa – Champagne Cocktail for brunch!
  • Start with cold ingredients, and keep them chilled. Warm mimosas are not nearly as refreshing.
  • Serve mimosas in Champagne flutes. Their tall design helps retain bubbles. If you dont have those, use wine glasses.
  • Pour in the sparkling wine first. Otherwise, the wine/orange juice mixture might overflow and make a mess.
  • When pouring the wine, hold your glass at a slight tilt to preserve carbonation.
  • Dont stir your mimosas! The pouring action alone will mix your drink, and stirring them will release more bubbles.
  • To garnish or not to garnish? I like my mimosas as simple as possible, so I dont garnish my drinks. You could, however, dress up the rims of your glasses with an orange twist or a cute little orange wedge, like Ali does here.

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The Best Sparkling Wine For A Mimosa

Angels and Demons Mimosa: Made with prosecco, pomegranate juice, and a splash of orange bitters, this delicious mimosa recipe is perfect for brunch or a special occasion. Mimosas are one of the most classic drinks and they are perfect for any occasion. But what is the best sparkling wine to use for a mimosa? There are many different types of champagne and sparkling wines out there, so it can be hard to choose just one. However, we have rounded up the best champagnes and sparkling wines for mimosas to help make your decision easier. Prosecco is always a good choice for a mimosa because it is light and refreshing. It pairs well with citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, which makes it ideal for a mimosa. Pomegranate juice is also a great option for adding some sweetness and depth of flavor to your drink. And if you want something truly unique, try using orange bitters instead of simple syrup or grenadine.

The Best Champagne For Your Mimosas Might Not Even Be Champagne

Theres more to mimosas than just the ingredients listed above. If the standard recipe doesnt sing to you, or if youd just like to try something different, here are 6 strange ideas that just might catch your fancy.

Sparkling Hard Cider

The rich, fruity, apple flavor and alcoholic punch of a nice hard cider just might be the perfect complement to your orange juice.

It will mellow out the citric tang that some people like least about mimosas. It is also likely to be more affordable than the average champagne, but not always.

Spiked Seltzer

A good seltzer water can be very refreshing.

Some people even argue that it has medical benefits. Its bound to make your mimosa less sweet, which might be what youre aiming for. It will also make it more refreshing in the more general sense.

Sparkling Sake

Sake is an alternative to western beers that is well known for being more sparkly.

Its so sparkly, in fact, that it makes a fine alternative to champagne. It will add substance to your mimosa and is a good choice if you like a fuller beverage.

Miller High Life

This exceedingly popular beer is popular because its light and easy to drink.

That makes it a nice alternative to champagne. It will have a similar effect on the cocktail as sparkling sake, but with a more mellow result.

Colt 45

Quite similar to Miller High Life, Colt 45 is heavier, more alcoholic, and sweeter.

It will make the thickest addition to your mimosa of the last three options, and its cheap.

Four Luko

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How Many Bottles Of Champagne Do I Need For 50 People Mimosas

Every 25 guests, five bottles will be available for them. A minimum of ten bottles of wine will be required for 50 guests. Each of the guests is served 20 bottles of wine.

You can make six to eight mimosas with every 750 mL bottle of sparkling wine. For a wedding ceremony, there should be at least ten bottles of wine on hand for 50 guests. Please make certain that each guest receives a small serving of Champagne or Prosecco as a courtesy to avoid guests at the last-minute toasting at empty tables. If you want to serve 100 people over four hours, youll need 400 drinks. There will be 160 beers, 144 glasses of wine , and 96 cocktails served . A wedding reception typically serves 100 guests, with five 5 oz. bottles of wine in 750ml bottles and 400 glasses of wine.

How much champagne do you need to serve 15 people? If you have 20 people at the party, each will be given two bottles of beer at the start of the party and one bottle or serving at the end. Each six-glass champagne flute can be filled with a 750-ml bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Each drink in a cup will be served with 15 glasses. How many glasses in a bottle of champagne? Bottle capacity is determined by the type of bottle. This glassbottle has 750ml5-6 jars, 1.5l12 Jeroboam3l24 jars, and 4.5l36 rehoboam jars.

For The Best Mimosa Use Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

The Best

If you can swing it, use freshly squeezed orange juice. It seems over the top, but when you consider half the drink is juice, you want the best.

Freshly squeezed orange juice tastes fresher, lighter, a bit tart, and more delicate than anything you can find in the store. With that said, when were in a pinch, well use the Simply brand of orange juice.

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Best For Brunch: Raventos I Blanc Blanc De Blancs Brut

Image Source /

  • ABV: 13.5%
  • Tasting Notes: Apple Blossom, Acacia, Buttered Toast

Looking for Champagne quality without the hefty price tag? Enter Frances budget-friendly solution, crémants. Produced in the same method used to make Champagne, these delicious bubbles are crafted all over France from a selection of grape varieties. In this instance, Clotilde Davenne creates her méthode traditionelle bottling from a 60/40 blend of pinot noir and chardonnay, respectively, and spends an impressive 18 months on the lees. Notes of apple blossoms, acacia flowers, buttered toast, and yeast jump from the wines thirst-quenching palate. Definitely save a pour of this to enjoy solo.

Should Champagne Be Chilled For Mimosas

When making any cocktailparticularly one thats not served over icechilled ingredients are most ideal in that the colder the collective initial temperature of the drink, the longer it takes to dwindle down to room temperature. Nobody likes a room-temperature mimosa . If both your orange juice and bubbly are chilled, youll be good to go.

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History Of The Cocktail

  • In 1921 at the Bucks Club in London, the Bucks Fizz cocktail was created. It varied a little from the mimosa recipe we know today, featuring as much champagne to orange juice.

  • In 1925 in Paris, France at the Ritz Hotel, Frank Meier created a slightly more even ratio version like the recipe we know today. It can be found in his book, The Artistry of Mixing Drinks.

  • In the 1940s, some claim the renowned movie director Alfred Hitchcock created this infamous cocktail. While it is unlikely Hitchcock is the true originator, his fame helped to popularize the drink in the U.S. and make it the brunch staple we love today.

  • No one is sure who created the first mimosa cocktail, but there are three popular origin stories.

    Whats The Best Champagne For Mimosas

    What Is the Best Champagne For Mimosas? | Episode #023

    What kind of champagne to use in mimosas. Choose a dry or semi-dry sparkling wine from California, Oregon or Washington. A Spanish Cava or Italian Prosecco are fine choices too. Try them all! Because at about $12-15 a bottle, its less expensive to do.

    The dryer wine balances out the sweetness of the juices making mimosas more drinkable. If you really want to flaunt and impress with champagne, choose a dry Brut.

    So, how many glasses of mimosas can you get per bottle? For every 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine, plan on getting 6-8 mimosas. Mimosas are best served without ice so youll want to be sure your champagne is kept cold.

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    The Best American Sparkling Wine For A Mimosa

    There are numerous American sparkling wines that would make an excellent mimosa, but the best one might be a Blanc de Blancs. A Blanc de Blancs is a sparkling wine made exclusively from white grapes, and it tends to have a light, delicate flavor that pairs well with orange juice. Champagne is the most famous type of Blanc de Blancs, but there are many other delicious options from California, Washington State, and New York. When choosing a sparkling wine for your mimosa, you should also consider its price tag. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on champagne for a mimosa – in fact, any good quality sparking wine will do just fine. However, if you want to treat yourself , then splurging on a pricier bottle may be worth it. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s chilled before adding the orange juice – otherwise your drink will be warm and flat instead of refreshing and bubbly.

    Cantina Montelliana Prosecco Extra Dry

    With its vibrant, fruity and floral profile, Cantina Montellianas extra dry prosecco is made for mimosas. Extra dry means this peachy, melony prosecco is a little sweeter than other styles, but Cantina Montelliana is beautifully balanced and over-delivers at this price point. Make sure to pour it in the right champagne glass.

    Why it made our list: If you like your mimosas on the sweeter side, extra dry prosecco is the way to go. It has more residual sugar than other styles of bubbly.

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    The Art Of Making Mimosas

    Everyone has their own way of making the perfect mimosa, but everyone agrees that you need to get the right champagne. Once you have chosen the right champagne for you, you should experiment a little.

    A simple way to really wow your guests, however, is to either blend orange juice and ice before adding your champagne and a little bit of mint. Alternatively, adding a touch of gin to your mimosa mix will give you an extra tang. These days there are few limits on experimentation you are really only restricted by your taste and imagination.

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