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How To Customize Wine Glasses

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What Else Can You Put In A Wine Rack

How to Make Glitter Wine Glasses

The great thing about building a rack for all of your wine is that it can double as storage for other things. While you never want to be low on vino, if you find yourself with some extra space, here are a few other things you can store in your wine rack:

  • rolled up towels
  • craft pens, markers, and crayons
  • beer bottles

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

  • Buy 1 for$1.71each
  • Buy 2 or more for$3.11each
  • Buy 13 or more for$2.58each
  • Buy 29 or more for$2.22each
  • Buy 72 or more for$2.05each
  • Buy 888 or more for$1.71each

It’s clear that these personalized stemless wine glasses are a great way to inspire a truly memorable toast on your special daySilkscreened Glassware Collection

Vinyl On Wine Glasses

Instead of using vinyl as a stencil, you can also apply a vinyl decal directly to your wine glass.

This way you dont have to do any etching. However, most types of vinyl on glass wont be dishwasher safe , so you will have to wash these glasses by hand.

Of course, you can buy vinyl decals online if they have exactly what you want. But lets see how to make vinyl wine glasses at home from scratch.

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Reclaimed Pallet Wood Shelf

Keep your kitchen well-organized and free of mess with a reclaimed pallet shelf. To make it, reuse or repurpose cast-off wooden pallets. Keep this pallet classic to reach out to all kitchen accessories without any trouble with the help of reclaimed pallet shelves. Attach all the pallets and screw them in the wall. hgtv

Country Inspired Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Aged to Perfection Personalized Wine Glasses Set of 4

Did we actually catch your attention the most when we started talking about the idea of making your very own wine glasses, rather than just customizing basic pre-made ones, but youre just not sure that the teacup idea you saw earlier was the style youd like to aim for? Well, if youve ever been a mason jar enthusiast like half the world is right now, then wed;definitely encourage you to take a look at how;DIY Joy used mason jars and candlestick bases to make these country inspired wine glasses.

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How To Make Glitter Wine Glasses

DIY glitter wine glasses are easy to make and add a unique, decorative look to parties, special events and holidays. You can coordinate glitter in colors that match your special event, wedding, anniversary or birthday party. They also add sparkle to any holiday! Once youve learned the basic techniques, you can easily use them to create more complex and detailed designs. First, youll need to gather your supplies.


To begin, you will need a few supplies including:

The Basics

Ready to learn how to make glitter wine glasses? Lets get started! First, youll want to wash and dry your wine glasses. Then youll need to decide on your color scheme and pattern. Some designs are easier than others, so well start out with the basics and then you can easily apply the techniques to more complex patterns.

Tip: Things can get messy real quick! I recommend using a shoebox, paper plate or something similar to catch the glitter so that you can reuse it throughout the project. Place a sheet of notebook paper between the glass and the container so that you can easily funnel the glitter back into the container after each use. Youll also want to have a separate sheet of paper when you add the glue so that it catches the drips and doesnt get mixed in with the glitter.

Quickly add a light layer of glue to the base of the glass.

You can add a bit of painters tape to keep a straight edge if youre having trouble eyeballing it.

Glitter Stem Wine Glasses

Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of customizing your wine glasses with glitter but youve never really been one for adding lettering to things? Then perhaps youd prefer this idea from;See Vanessa Craft that shows you how to glitter your wine glass stems for a look thats somehow eye catching;and a little more minimalist than sparkling quotes! They even show you how to seal them so they dont shed glitter all over your dining table.

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How To Make Awesome Personalized Wine Glass Charms

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By: Author Evelyn

This post may contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase we might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.;

Are you entertaining over the Holidays and when I say Holidays I mean from Thanksgiving through New Year?

Its the time of the year for get-to-gathers and for celebrating with food and drink and we are all looking for something special and different for our parties, right?

Have you seen all those little wine glass charms out there? ; My friends and I totally love them.

We always have our favorite wine glass charm but then we get confused about which glass is whose.;;Because we forget which wine charm we choose this time vs last time. ; I know, it comes with age or should I say it goes with age.

Anyway, I saw these little alphabet beads on Amazon and some wine charm rings. ; What a great idea, wine charms with all my friends names, so when the girls come over, we can have our names on our glasses, love it!

Sometimes I do surprise myself with clever ideas, ahh not! ; I do good to remember where I set my glass down.

But seriously these personalized wine charms would make the cutest place cards for your holiday entertaining.; Everyone could have their names on the wine glasses at their places at the table and at the end of the evening, everyone would be able to take their wine glass charms home as a guest gift.

Single Wine And Glass Pallet Rack

How To Make DIY Personalized Wine Glasses With Cricut and Vinyl

This has got to be one of the oddest wineracks of all! Well, it is not actually arack that can hold a lot of bottles but a single pallet piece rack that holdstwo wine glasses instead. Share this bottle of wine with someone you love andsee the sparks fly.

This wine and glass wood stand seems to bein a state of perfect balance as the bottle carries the weight of both glasses.The wood is just a small piece of the palletand was simply cut using a hole cutter and a jigsaw to make the holes for theglass and bottle.

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Wine Glass Painting Technique From Carolyn Stitch

Creating hand painted wine glasses is so much fun and surprisingly easy to do. Since the;birthday party;I painted a few more on my own which I put in a basket for a fundraiser my sister-in-law was organizing for a friend with breast cancer. Carolyn Stich kindly said I could share the technique we used at the party here on Kenarry using the hand painted wine glasses I made for the fundraiser as an example.

As with any craft, the hardest part is figuring out what your design should be and what kind of paint to use on glass. I found the cutest polka dot napkins to;use as my design inspiration for these wine glass designs. I wanted the hand painted wine glasses to be fun and whimsical to make them a little more light-hearted for the friends breast cancer fundraising event.

Directions To Make The Wine Rack

Use a hand saw to cut off the bottom two sections of the pallet.;

Remove the top board.

Cut through the middle two boards and remove.

Use a jig saw to cut a decorative edge.

Sand smooth with a belt sander.

Screw the top board removed at the beginning of the process to the bottom of the rack.

Remove another board from the pallet to make a holder for the glasses.; We routed slots 3 1/4 wide for each glass.;

Screw the routed piece to the bottom of the wine rack.

I love the detail of the routed wine slots!

The glasses shown above were my Great-Great Aunt Fannies and Im sure she never dreamed that they would be displayed hanging from a pallet.;

Granny, from whom I inherited these glasses, probably would be surprised, too.; I use these glasses as wine glasses but technically they are water goblets.

Im very happy with this project and plan to make two more with the remaining section of pallet.

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Diy Snowflake Wine Glasses

Were you actually;very interested indeed in the idea of making snowflake and holiday themed wine glasses specifically but youre the kind of crafty researcher who always likes to see more than one tutorial along the lines of what youre thinking, just to make sure you choose to follow the one thats best for you? Then heres a snowflake wine glass tutorial from;Krafting Kreations for your consideration!

Diy Wine Glasses Decorating Projects To Make This Year


by Courtney Constable

Have you ever found yourself looking at something in your home that you use quite often and thinking about how you cant help wondering whether you couldnt make that thing look more cheerful or suited to the decor scheme or occasion of you took your DIY skills to it and did a little customizing?

Were actually finding more and more that we want to get crafty and personalize just about everything around us. Theres nothing wrong with adding a bit of creativity to things, right? We were hosting a dinner party with friends recently and we just couldnt get over how tempting the thought of making over our plain old wine glasses was.

Now were on a mission to choose a look and fancy them up before the next time we have guests!

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How Do You Store Wine Glass Charms

We tend to reuse our charms here because they get used by the same people over and over again. We keep them in a kitchen drawer with other liquor or alcohol related things like the bottle opener, beer cozies and wine bottle stoppers.;

Of course, if youre truly concerned about germs, you could simply toss or recycle the DIY wine charms below, as they are extremely low cost and fairly recyclable.;

Pallet Shelf And Bathroom Hamper

Make this beautiful and multi-functional bathroom pallet and laundry hamper with thrift store supplies. It will benefit you not only by storing dirty clothes but providing space to place other bathroom stuff. So, you dont need to make a separate pallet for holding soap dished, toothbrushed and other items while having this pallet with a hamper. lehmanlane

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Diy Wine Bottle Glasses

I rarely buy drinking glasses for our home. Most of the ones that we have are almost ancient and whenever I want to have new ones, I look for a DIY project that can help me out. If you remember a post that we did before on how to make beer bottle glasses, Im sure wine drinkers like myself would love this craft project on how to make wine bottle glasses. So if you have a stash of empty wine bottles sitting around just waiting to be recycled or upcycled, try this your skills in cutting wine bottles.

Diy Wine Glass Holder From White Oak

How to Make Glitter Wine Glasses | Dishwasher Safe Glitter Glasses DIY | Ali Coultas

Heres another wine glass holder that is ideal for outdoor use. You can also use it indoors. Made from white oak, this wine glass holder can hold up to 5 glasses. As you can see, it rests on a bottle of wine. This type of glass holder is great when you have four friends coming over. What a great way to dedicate 5 glasses to a bottle of wine.

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Reclaimed Wood Wine Holder

This conversation starting piece is great for holding your wine as well as being the main decor in a corner space.

While this wine rack is a larger piece, it is really easy to make and will be a piece that you wont regret having.

All you need to create this project yourself is some reclaimed wood and dowel pegs. Measure and mark the dowel holes by placing them in a 3/2 pattern all the way down.

After cutting the holes, liberally glue the dowels before you insert them. Allow the holder to fully dry before you put any wine on it.

Take a look here:;

Phase 9: Finalizing And Hanging

Now that your;wine rack is complete, you have to hang it up somewhere. We use two 2.5 inch screws and sunk;them into studs, to account for the potential weight of;the wine bottles.

Depending on where youre hanging the rack,;and the studs location, you may put them in one stud, skip one, and put them in the next, leaving 32 inches between screws. Make absolutely sure youre using a level;when;putting in the second screw!

These directions come courtesy of BlackBarnWoodworks, and we encourage you to check out their Etsy page, where this wine rack;is available;for sale.

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Types Of Promotional Wine Glasses

We’re creating this information to empower you to buy the best promotional wine glasses for weddings, corporate events, and giveaways for your business. Read on and learn about the various types of promotional wine glasses we offer and what the unique features and benefits are for each.

Personalized Stemmed Wine Glasses

Our promotional stemmed wine glasses are elegant pieces of personalized drinkware that possess timeless class and style. Consisting of a foot, stem, bowl, and lip/rim, our promotional stemmed wine glasses are designed such that they’re perfect for swirling wines and getting the optimum flavor and aroma out of each individual type of wine. The bowl of a stemmed wine glass makes up the portion above the stem where the wine is held. The glass is specifically shaped to be conducive to making every wine taste as good and as rich as possible.

Our personalized stemmed wine glasses are ideal for formal events such as weddings, important meetings, elegant dinner parties, formal dances, and official company events. They’re a popular choice for white wines, as white wine is normally intended to be served chilled. When users hold onto the stem instead of the bowl, it helps to prevent white wines from warming up and losing their best flavor features. Consequently, our stemmed wine glasses are popular as promotional wine glasses for bars, restaurants, and vineyards.

Promotional Champagne Flutes

Custom Imprinted Shatterproof Wine Glasses

Wholesale Whole Bottle Glasses

Diy Personalized Glitter Wine Glasses 5 Steps

Personalized Wine Glasses

Posted on Last updated:

These personalized glitter wine glasses make fancy favors or gifts for someone special. And the outside is sealed, so no shedding mess!

Glitter dipped wine glasses are all the rage right now. But they are everywhere and I figured its time to expand our horizons! I asked myself, What other ways are there to use glitter and vinyl to personalize a wine glass?

This is what I came up with. A fancy wine glass design that will look a bit more upscale at your event or wedding reception. And heres how you can make it yourself!


  • More DIY Wedding Decoration Tutorials
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    How To Make Personalized Wine Glasses For Gifts

    Looking for a quick and easy gift idea or a festive addition to your holiday table? Make your own personalized wine glasses with just a sharpie and stemless wine glasses!;

    So, its the time of year where Im torn between planning for Christmas or living in the moment and just enjoying Thansgiving .; I want to be the person whos already finished her Christmas shopping but really, Im the person whos thinking alot about it and will leave my ever-growing list of gifts for friends and family until the last minute, while I focus on thawing out the bird and whipping up some stuffing. Lucky for me, this project allows me to do both!

    Personalized wine glasses make thoughtful gifts for your friends and family and a beautiful addition to your holiday table, but you dont have to buy them. Heres how to DIY monogrammed wine and drinking glasses on the cheap!

    Diy Galaxy Wine Glasses

    If youre the same kind of trend lover we are, keeping careful track of the kind of patterns and prints that are popular in fashion, design, and the general world of pop culture right now, then wed be willing to bet that youve been loving purple and speckled galaxy print themed pieces lately just as much as we have! Wed also be willing to bet that youll really appreciate the way;Crafted Love made these stunning hand painted and spattered galaxy wine glasses and the mapped the process out for you to follow along with so you can make your own.

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    Cure The Paint On The Hand Painted Wine Glasses

    The final step in the process is to cure or harden the paint on the hand painted wine glasses. There are two methods for doing this:

    • Method 1: Air Dry.;Let the hand painted wine glasses air dry for 21 days.
    • Method 2: Bake in the Oven. Put the hand painted wine glasses on a cookie sheet and place on a low rack in the oven.;Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake the hand painted wine glasses for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off and allow them to cool naturally with the oven before removing them.;IMPORTANT: YOU MUST PUT THE HAND PAINTED WINE GLASSES IN THE OVEN BEFORE YOU TURN IT ON TO PREVENT THE GLASSES;FROM BREAKING.

    Once the paint has cured on your wine glass designs, they are top-rack dishwasher safe.

    You can now relax, chill and enjoy your new hand painted wine glasses!

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