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What Is The Best French Red Wine

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Domain De Chevalier Pessac

The Best Red Wine for Beginners: French Malbec

The Pessac-Leognan appellation was created out of the Graves appellation in 1987. This is one of the 23 Cru Classé, de Graves, 10 whites and 10 reds, from 16 chateaux, which were selected in the 1959 Graves Classification as the top producers in the region. The Domain de Chevalier is a blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 10% Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. This is a powerful, deeply hued, purple wine with aromas of dark fruit, especially blackberry and plums, along with notes of tobacco and cedar, with a core of the minerality that Graves wines are known for.

The French Wines To Drink In 2020 Along The Waterways

As any wine connoisseur knows, the main wine producing areas in France produce consistently excellent wine and as such, you cant really go wrong with any French wines to drink in 2020. But as with all markets, trends have emerged this year that will bring certain types of wine and regions to the forefront.

The French wine market faces several challenges in 2020. The new year started with 25% US tariffs on select French wines, making them considerably more expensive for the all-important American market. Brexit uncertainty clouded the British market slightly and then Covid-19 made an appearance.

But against this background, one thing is for sure fine wine remains a highly coveted item and France produces some of the best in the world. And in these uncertain times, a good bouteille de vin will be more welcome than ever. As the Chairman of Sothebys Wines, Jamie Ritchie said, At the end of the day, wine is an enjoyable thing shared with friends. We need that now more than ever. So with this in mind, which French wines should be in your glass in 2020?

Camille Giroud Chambertin Grand Cru 2005

The 2005 Chambertin has a unique and pleasant aroma. When you taste the wine, it is shockingly satisfying without being too heavy on your tongue. The flavors are fruity with hints of black licorice, wild mushrooms, and wet stones that linger pleasantly in your mouth for some time after each sip.

The wine is so complex with a beautiful mix of flavors. You can taste the minerality and sweetness in this red wine, making it savory but not superficial!

The finish has just enough heat to give you that extra kick to remind you how good your palate is at picking up on subtle nuances. This delicious combination makes this vintage worth checking out if you’re ever looking through France’s most famous wines list.

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Best Splurge : Domaine Jean

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Region: Rhône Valley, France | ABV: 14% | Tasting Notes: Dark fruit, Violets, Cracked black pepper

In the realm of syrah, Jean-Louis Chave is undeniably the authority. Like Roulot, Chaves prestigious higher-end cuvées can cost multiple hundreds of dollars, though this absolutely stunning wine from Saint-Joseph goes for quite a bit less. Earth-driven flavors of dark fruits, leather, violets, and cracked black pepper ooze from the wines well-balanced palate. If your budget calls for it, wed recommend grabbing twoone for now, one for the cellar. Youll thank us later.

Volpaia Chianti Classico Riserva 2017

20 great

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Sangiovese grapes are everything that weve described above. Even more so, when there is the tendency to go a bit overboard with turkey and serve up lots of sides of potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and sauces . A wine with enlivening acidity is more crucial than ever. A good Chianti Classico is just that.

Even better when its a Reserve like this 2017 Volpaia. It has everything that youre looking for, and more a tantalizing bouquet, rich fruit, and is well-structured with both smooth medium tannins, and of course the required acidity, for a lovely long finish.


  • Bottle Size: 750 ml

What We Like About Volpaia Chianti Classico Riserva 2017

This is rich with berries and cherries of ripe organically grown grapes, but nicely supported by lemon and fresh herb tones,and just enough earthy notes. As well as the necessary medium-to-full body, fine tannins, and lively acidity.

Volpaia Chianti Classico Riserva 2017 also has great versatility. Buy more than one bottle and its brilliantly suited with so many foods. Not just other meats like chicken and lamb, but also of course many of the Italian classics like pizza, pasta, and risotto.

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What We Dont Like About Volpaia Chianti Classico Riserva 2017

Perhaps its not quite what you expect from a Riserva and would probably benefit from aging longer in oak barrels than 24 months. But with turkey, thats an advantage.


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Two French Red Wines To Buy For Tonight

9. Beaujolais

Beaujolais is one of Frances most under-rated wine regions. Overshadowed by the immensely quaffable Beaujolais Nouveau, the crus of this region make seriously delicious wines from Gamay, the principal red grape of the area. Top crus include Moulin-à-Vent, Morgon and Fleurie.

10. Frances Languedoc region

Frances Languedoc region is a great source for delightful wines ready to enjoy at a moments notice. The Languedoc AOC covers both the Languedoc and Roussillon winegrowing areas and offers producers great flexibility in allowed grape varieties. The primary red grapes of the appellation include Grenache, Syrah and Carignan.

Your favorite red grape varieties are easy to find in Frances wine landscape, you just have to know where to look. Dont worry if you forget which French region grows Grenache, good wine stores are staffed with knowledgeable people, ask them questions!

Best California Red: Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Region: Napa Valley, California | ABV: 14.1% | Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Brown spices, Vanilla bean

Today, thanks to co-owner Peter Mondavi Jr.’s leadership, Charles Krug winery is a pillar of Napa Valley. With longtime winemaker Stacy Clark at the helm, the wines are utterly delightful, classically structured and decidedly age-worthy.

I try to find off-the-beaten-path producers who inspire me with a story and passion. … Of course, one shouldnt ignore the classics however, there are too many great wines in this world to stop exploring past the point of comfort. Alexandra Neverov, Sommelier, Topping Rose House

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Treat Yourself To Some Of The Best French Wines Of 2021

France has experienced excellent vintages non-stop since 2015. That means that quality this year is better than ever from all wine regions and in all wine styles. Red wines are particularly good right now. Complex, bold and sophisticated, the wine is balanced by the most attractive acidity. This is what French red wine is all about in 2021 balance.Here are our favourite French red wines to buy this year, and theres something for every budget and every palate. All of these wines are available for delivery:

Domaine Fellot Beaujolais Blanc 2018

The Best Red Wines for Beginners (Series): #4 Cabernet Franc

The Beaujolais from the hills of Brouilly and the Nizerand valley are the rarest. It makes up only 5% of the wines made in what we know as Beaujolais, and for a good reason too.

Sweet fruit flavors like peach blossom or pear jump out from a nose full of fresh and crisp white fruits with just a hint of floral notes.

And then an equally refreshing mouthful of minerals follows through to balance everything nicely. This drink pairs well with oysters on ice, seafood like grilled shrimp skewers, or dishes containing goat cheese. It may be a cheap white wine, but it certainly tastes expensive.

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Vasse Felix Filius Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

The Vasse Felix Filius is an affordable wine with an earlier drinking style. It has the structure, power, and tannins of traditional Cabernet made from fruit sourced from each vineyard at Vasse Felix.

This dry red wine is vivid maroon in color. The aroma has rich blackcurrant and cherry notes complemented by damp earthiness and the vibrant Malbec.

Alongside this fruity distinction, there’s an excellent depth in flavor from savory beef stock and dried herbs like cedarwood that offer texture on the palate and a dry finish reminiscent of classical Cabernet style wines.

Guigal Cote Rotie Brune Et Blonde 2016

Gaze into this wine’s dark, hypnotizing magenta color, and you’re instantly drawn in. This wines deep, red color shows the intensity and richness you would expect from a Côte-Rôtie. The nose is full of aromas such as cherry, dark berry preserves, exotic spices, scented flowers with subtle hints of bacon fat, and savory herbs.

There are intense black raspberry flavors that deepen slowly on the back half, along with fragrances like cherries in cola to pastille violet, which all come together for an impressively long-lasting finish.

It also offers a beautiful floral thrust at times throughout its taste profile while maintaining a jolt of spiciness that rounds off nicely without being too heavy or tannin-based.

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Why Are The Best French Wines From Bordeaux

70 percent of the most popular French wines on Vivino are high-end Bordeaux wines, mostly Grand Cru Classés from the Left Bank Médoc area. To learn more about these wines and what Cru Classés are, check out my Guide to Bordeaux Wine Classifications.

The eight first growths from Bordeaux are some of the best and most popular reds in the world, and they also receive high ratings from the Vivino community, all averaging 4.5 or 4.6 stars.

Other top wines here are from the famous and fine villages along the Left Bank of the Gironde estuary: , Pauillac, Saint-Julien, and Saint-Estèphe.

If you are wondering why wines from the Right Bank, which consists of famous appellations like Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, are so little represented here, it is probably because Right Bank estates are smaller, and their wines are therefore less widely available worldwide. The same applies to the best Burgundy wines, absent from the most popular list because they are not as widely available internationally.

If you’re feeling inspired to bring home a bottle? French reds with at least 4 stars under $50 is a spectacular place to start.

Laherte Freres Brut Nature Blanc De Blancs

10 Most Popular French Red Wines

Laherte Frères Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature is a light, crisp wine. It comes from the best Chardonnay grapes in Coteaux Sud dÉpernaie, and it undergoes no chemical treatment throughout its production process – all of which are organic or biodynamic.

The harvest time occurs at peak ripeness when vignerons pick all fruit by hand to ensure maximum quality for their customers. This wine has a pleasant fragrance of pear, apple, and almond.

It is light-bodied on the palate with acidity that balances well against its chalky soil tones. The wine comes across as classy in length and grip at the finish line.

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Is French Wine Better Than Other Wines

The French wine industry is highly regulated, with production techniques having been established centuries ago, and refined over the ages. The wines are narrowly classified and ranked by grape, soil, and acidity. In France, two vineyards on the same mountain slope may have different cru classifications. It is this exigence that gives French wine its reputation for being superior to other wines.

Wine Regions Of France

The recognized wine producing areas in France are regulated by the Institut National des Appellations d’Origine INAO in acronym. Every appellation in France is defined by INAO, in regards to the individual regions particular wine “character”. If a wine fails to meet the INAO’s strict criteria it is declassified into a lower appellation or even into Vin de Pays or Vin de Table. With the number of appellations in France too numerous to mention here, they are easily defined into one of the main wine producing regions listed below:

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Wine Styles Grape Varieties And Terroir

All common styles of wine red, rosé, white , sparkling and fortified are produced in France. In most of these styles, the French production ranges from cheap and simple versions to some of the world’s most famous and expensive examples. An exception is French fortified wines, which tend to be relatively unknown outside France.

In many respects, French wines have more of a regional than a national identity, as evidenced by different grape varieties, production methods and different classification systems in the various regions. Quality levels and prices vary enormously, and some wines are made for immediate consumption while other are meant for long-time cellaring.

If there is one thing that most French wines have in common, it is that most styles have developed as wines meant to accompany food, be it a quick baguette, a simple bistro meal, or a full-fledged multi-course menu. Since the French tradition is to serve wine with food, wines have seldom been developed or styled as “bar wines” for drinking on their own, or to impress in tastings when young.

Jean Foillard Morgon Cte Du Py

The Best Red Wines For Beginners (Series): #1 Pinot Noir

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Region: Morgan ABV: 13%

Taste: juicy, earthy, floral

Best With: chicken and turkey

There are numerous reasons why well-made Beaujolais has become a favorite among professionals, amateurs, and everyone in between. These delectable wines are ideal for any season and wine-drinking circumstance when made by the proper people.

In the field of natural winemaking, Jean Foillard is a living legend. Foillard was a founding member of Kermit Lynchs Gang of Four, pursuing rebellious winemaking techniques such as native yeast fermentations, no fining or filtration, and a low-intervention cellar philosophy.

Today, this kind of winemaking produces some of the worlds most delicious and easy-to-drink wines.

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Examining The Most Popular Champagne Wines

We all know that fine French Champagne is adored by wine lovers around the globe. But did you know that the French drink 53% of their Champagne themselves, domestically?

In 2014, the French drank over 162 million bottles of Champagne, nearly three bottles per person. The rest of the seven billion people on Earth had to share the remaining 145 million bottles that were exported.

That said, there is enough Champagne available globally for Vivino users to taste and generously share ratings for. Seven of the top 50 most popular French wines are Champagne, non-vintage cuvées from famous houses such as:

Dom Pérignon is the only Prestige Cuvée here, but its the third most popular French wine overall, and with an outstanding 4.5 star average rating.

The 13 Best French Wines For $15 Or Less

From Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay, France cultivates hundreds of popular international grape varietals that can be found across the globe. With that notability comes flavorful wine selections that range from jammy to zesty along with light to bold.

Here are the best French wines to try for $15 or less.

Louis Jadot 2019 Beaujolais-Villages $14, 91 points. This dense and fruity wine was made by a Burgundy negociant. Rich cherry fruits show balance against the dry tannins. Drink this ripe wine now. Kobrand. Best Buy. Roger Voss

Château Guiot 2020 Rosé $14, 90 points. Elegant strikes of graphite and basalt lend freshness to this brightly berried, cherried blend of Grenache and Syrah. Plump on the palate but dry in style, its a mouthwatering, fresh-fruited rosé ideal for poolside quaffing. Misa Imports. Best Buy. Anna Lee C. Ijjima

Château La Rose du Pin 2019 Bordeaux $15, 90 points. Light stalkiness from the black-currant flavors of this young wine promise well for the future. With ripeness and a good balance of acidity and texture, this attractive wine is likely to be ready from 2022. Multiple U.S. importers. Best Buy. R.V.

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Most Popular French Wines

Wondering how good the most popular French wines are? Thankfully, Vivinos millions of users drink a lot of them, so we dug into our data to determine which ones are the most popular and how good they are.

While France produces the 10 most expensive wines in the world, the country’s wine producers also make a massive amount of value wine. To help you determine which French wines are worth buying next, we analyzed the top 50 most popular French wines on Vivino. Once you get through France, you may find yourself wondering how good Italy’s most popular wines are. Don’t worry, we have a guide for that too in our article, Top 25 Most Popular Italian Wines.

Cabernets Pinots And Beyond

Our pick of the best red wines
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Best Value French:Chêne Bleu Abélard 2011 at Vivino

Silky soft, elongated tannins support a panoply of flavors, from warm cinnamon and brown sugar spices to curry powder-dusted red berry fruit, with generous dollops of black cherry and red licorice.

When it comes to red wine, there are a variety of classic grapes to choose from, including cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. However, the style of each classic red varies greatly from maker to maker.

Take pinot noir, for instance: a hard grape to cultivate because of its delicate skin and difficulty ripening in areas that lack sufficient sunshine. The style of pinot from California is typically ripe, powerful and fruit-forward. The same grape grown in the various Burgundy villages of France returns a much different style: wavering in degrees of ripeness, with some more fruit-forward than others, but remarkably earthy and imbued with ample acidity and firm, taut tannins.

Taking all of the red wine grape varieties into consideration, here are some of the best red wines from around the globeso get that corkscrew ready.

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