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What Wine Goes With Pizza

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Barbera Dasti Or Barbera Dalba Piedmont: Italy

What are the best wines to pair with pizza?

Barbera is the first wine that comes to mind when I think of pizza. From Piedmont in Northern Italy, Alba and Asti are two communes that are demarcated for Barbera. Barbera is noted for its high acidity and low tannin. Barbera wines are very juicy and packed with cherry-berry flavors. Go for the simpler, fruity unoaked versions.

I cant agree more that Barbera is perfect pizza wine. Its almost always my pick, which makes it quite easy to shop for my weekly homemade pizza night. The simplicity of the wine means it can work with pretty much all of your favorite toppings and since its medium bodied, with low tannins and just enough juiciness to keep you going back for another sip, it wont overpower dinner. Not to mention, its easy to find and reasonably priced.

Sheela, Assistant Food Editor

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Meat Lovers Pizza With Wine

Covering a pizza would a good selection of meats such as pepperoni, sausage, bacon, or even chicken makes me think of our blog post on wines that go well with steak.; The simple phrase I like to reference here is red wine goes with red meat.

The heavy spices and fattiness of the meat mean we should pair this pizza with a robust or spicy red wine.; Here are a few of my favorite options:

My favorite wine to pair with a veggie pizza is a Sauvignon Blanc because of the simple notes of citrus and herbs.; However, you also cant go wrong with the Kendall-Jackson Vintners Reserve Chardonnay.

Hold The Beer I’ll Take A Glass Of Pinot Grigio

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Pizza is cheap, filling, and delicious. It can be eaten wherever, whenever. People have been eating cheese and wine for years, so of course pizza and wine would make an even better combination. After some research on wine and playing with this awesome pizza and wine pairing app, Ive come up with an extensive list on what type of wine to drink with your pizza. From Malbec to Chablis, youre;covered.

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Grenache Syrah And Mourvdre Blend

Pizza Suggestion: Classic cheese

Bottle Suggestion: 2014 Larner Elemental GSM

This red wine blend tis a great choice for pairing with cheese pizzas. It has enough acidity to stand-up to the tomato sauce while also providing just the right amount of tannins to cleanse your palate and provide structure to your sips. Heavy tannins dont play well with ;acidity from the tomato sauce, putting you at risk for a combination that produces an unpleasant metallic taste. GSM blends steer clear of this danger by using blending techniques that concentrate on Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre in ways that produce a supple, balanced, delicious wine.

Grenache adds candied fruit, raspberry, and cinnamon flavors, while Syrah adds blueberry, plum and savory black olive notes to the mix. Mourvèdre is similar in its flavor profile to Syrah but adds a hearty dose of tannin, color, and structure to the wine.

What Wine Goes With A Hawaiian Pizza

What wines go best with pizza. The simple guide.

Is there a pizza more controversial than Hawaiian pizza? Personally, I think its delicious and haters can keep scrolling. The pineapple and ham are an amazing pairing within themselves. The salty ham and sweet pineapple are so good together. Pair Hawaiian pizza with a Torrontes to bring out the tropical flavors of the pineapple. Another great pick would be a Viognier.

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Diavola And Amarone Della Valpolicella

Diavola pizza is nothing but the traditional variant of the beloved pepperoni. It features a type of very spicy salami enriched with tomato sauce and mozzarella. Its hard to find someone who says no to this goodness, but the rich flavor of pepperoni needs a matching wine.

The Amarone della Valpolicella is perhaps the best. This beverage waves an intense dialog with the pizza, complementing its spicy notes with an incredible balance and body.

The vague fruit echoes and a robust finish soften the impact of the pepperoni, giving your dinner a twist that is hard to match.

Questions To Ask About The Pizza

If your tummys rumbling and youre anxious to get date night started, you probably want to choose the wine as quickly as possible not so fast! Before you reach for a bottle of sparkling apple cider, take a moment to consider your pizza. Ask yourself;the following questions:

  • Sauce:;What type of sauce is your pizza going to have? Will it be creamy or tomato-based? Do you plan on adding lots of garlic?
  • Toppings:;What toppings do you want? Are you going for a pizza thats veggie-centric or meat-centric?
  • Cheese:;What kind of cheese do you want on your pie? Mozzarella or feta? Or perhaps a heavy sprinkling of grated;Parmesan?
  • Herbs:;Do you love to cover your pizza with herbs like oregano, parsley or basil?

Once you know the flavors of your pizza, youll be ready to choose a wine that enhances its qualities.

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The Best Wine To Drink With Pizza According To An Expert

Executive wine editor Ray Isle says you actually have quite a few options.

Over the past several months, pizza has been a staple of our dietsboth delivery, on nights when we’re sick of cooking, and homemade, on nights when we need something, anything to distract us from the gloom of reality. At the Food & Wine Classic at Home, the first-ever digital version of the annual culinary festival, our executive wine and spirits editor Ray Isle demonstrated how to make pizza a little more exciting: .

It turns out, there is more than one perfect pairing. Isle selected three wines for attendees to sip at home . The wines, which include a sparkling rosé, a Pinot Noir, and a Chianti, are vastly different in character and flavor, yet all worked beautifully with Isle’s pepperoni pie, proving one of his main points: there are many different ways to make a wine pairing. It all depends on which element you want to play off ofthe butterfat of the cheese, the spice of the pepperoni, the overall saltiness, etc.

WATCH: The Food & Wine Classic At Home

“I think people get into this rut where they think only one thing can go with a food,” Isle said. “So I picked three quite different wines that I think go quite well with pizza.”

One of the only mistakes you can make? Taking the choice too seriously. “Some wines really do taste better with some foods, and some wines dont taste as good. But you can way overthink things.”

Best Wine To Pair With Pizza

How To Pair Wine and Pizza | One on Wine

Pizza may very well be the most popular dish in America. It comes in myriad varieties – deep dish, thin crust, cheap, expensive, and with an endless selection of toppings, sauces, and cheeses. So picking a wine to match with pizza is a daunting task. Nevertheless posed the question to our panel of wine experts: What wine do you suggest for pizza?;

Ive become a real convert to the classic Neopolitan-style pizzas, simple combinations of tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella, or tomato, garlic and oregano, with light, delicate crusts. The kinds of wines that go best with this style of pizza are light, fruity, well made Italian wines, particularly from producers like Occhipinti and Paolo Bea.

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Both of these producers minimize the sulfites in their wines, which helps preserve the fruity flavors in their Frappatos and Nero dAvolas, in the case of Ochipinti, and Sagrantino and Sangiovese in the case of Paolo Bea, giving the wines a real sense of freshness on the nose.



Buy Isole E Olena Chianti Classico This sounds very unimaginativeIsole E Olenas Chianti Classico

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Tenuta Tascante Ghiaia Nera Etna Rosso 2017

Heres to the classics from the boot. Whether its a Neopolitan, the cracker-like rectangular Roman style, or the slight density of a Siciliana, it all began in Italy. And this wine, with a slight chill, will feel like divine intervention. It bursts with juicy cherries with a slight tannic edge. There is such good balance and refreshment here, with the fruit and acidity playing off each other.

Best Wine With Pepperoni Pizza

Nothing beats a cheesy and saucy pizza slice covered in pepperoni. If you’ve ordered a pepperoni pizza for dinner, buy a bottle of Syrah or Cabernet;Franc to pair with your pizza.;Adding pepperoni to your pizza contributes a strong meaty flavor that’s full of bold spices. The flavor of the meat seeps into the pizza slice, so every bite will taste like pepperoni-goodness.So, you’ll need to match your pizza with a full-bodied wine. Syrah and Cabernet Franc have strong flavors that’ll perfectly counterbalance the pepperoni. Their intense taste will make it easier for you to wash down the overpowering meat.

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Champagne Cava Or Prosecco With Mushroom Pizza

No matter the variety, bubbles with pizza is an unexpecting pairing that really hits the spot. The most exaggerated combo when it comes to posh-drinks-meet-comfort-food, theres nothing better than drinking a glass of sparkling wine on the most mundane of evenings: a relaxing night at home. And with pizza! The delicate effervescence wont take away from the bold flavors of the pizza, and highlights the earthiness of the mushrooms.

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Are Red Or White Wines Better With Pizza

What wines go best with pizza. The simple guide.

Traditionally, pizza is composed of a thin crust with tomato sauce and cheese. Based on this ingredient profile, pizza generally calls for a red wine. Regardless of toppings, pizza tends to be earthy with a doughy, yeasty crust. Pizza is also a heavier meal , all of which add more support for a red wine pairing.

However, pizza has evolved over time, with a growing multitude of options available at your nearest pizzeria. I recently read an article that Pizza Hut, a classic American fast food pizza option, is even rolling out its own vegan pizzas. So while red wine is a classic pizza pairing choice, there are now enough ingredients and combinations to break open our wine pairings options. Have a favorite wine or a bottle already on hand?;Keep reading below for tips on how to match it with its pizza soulmate.;Whatever your wine choice, make sure that you have some good wine glasses to fully capture the aromas and flavors. My go-tos are these Libbey wine glasses that work well for reds and whites.

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To Pair Wine With Pizza Remember The Most Important Rule: Just Have Fun With It

It covers all the major food groups, and it offers nearly infinite possibilities, no matter your dietary preferences or restrictions. Grains, dairy, meat and vegetables feature in every bite, if you want them to, except for those prized nibbles of crust when the rest of the pie is gone. Pizza makes a great lunch, dinner and even breakfast, that congealed feast from the fridge we all remember from college.

Pairing wines with pizza can be as enjoyable as eating it. There may be no such thing as a pizza wine, because there are so many variations of pizza. Margherita or meat lovers? Clam or Hawaiian? Theres no one answer, but we sure can have a good time mixing and matching. A pizza party is a great opportunity to open a variety of wines and have fun.

But there are some principles to keep in mind:

Pizza is casual food, appropriate for casual wine. Drop the pretension and go for fun. This is not the time to pull out your collectibles. Look out of the box, pardon the pun, and challenge yourself with a wine youve never heard of. If you have a bottle youve been staring at, wondering what to pair it with, pair it with pizza.

Match the wine to the toppings. Lots of pepperoni and sausage on your pie? This calls for a red. A nero davola from Sicily fits the bill, but so does a sangiovese from Tuscany or Romagna, or a valpolicella from up near Venice.

Breakfast Pizza With Egg Goes With Ros

Pizza with a runny egg and cured meat like guanciale for breakfast is practically a staple on most AM menus now. For this “new wave” of pizza, Lerma goes with either a fizzy Lambrusco rosé or light, coastal rosé.

“Those two wines will pair almost perfectly with any brunch dish, but when it comes to bacon, egg and cheese pizza… you can’t go wrong. I’m suddenly starving just thinking about it!” says Lerma.

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An Aged Red With Anchovy Pizza

Anchovies are salty, fishy and strong, so an aged red works best to hold its own alongside these bolder flavors. Consider wines from Spains Rioja regionor an oaked, dry Argentinian Malbec. Both are often aged long enough to contain tertiary flavors that counter the intense taste of this cured pizza topping.

Does The Type Of Pizza Matter

Pizza wine – Episode #322

Pizza at its core is traditionally prepared with a thin and crispy dough base.; Then its two primary ingredients are acidic red sauce and melted cheese.;;

Toppings are the dominant taste so they are the ones that have the largest impact on which wines make for a good pair.; Below is a short video that we think explains this concept rather effectively.; One of my favorite parts is their emphasis on sharing pizza and food with friends and family.; There are few better ways to spend a Friday night

Beaujolais Villages Or Mcon Rouge: France

While I could easily stay in Italy, with so many pizza-friendly wines, I am veering west to France and specifically to the Gamay grape. Beaujolais, the Macon, and Anjou are great sources of fresh, light-to-medium-bodied, fruity Gamay wines. Gamay wines also have a delicious earthiness, which is another plus when eating pizza.

Wine With Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Tender, juicy pieces of white meat chicken, crunchy slices of red onion and pockets of tangy, smoky and sweet BBQ sauce top the classic BBQ Chicken Pizza. Here, the wine you choose will have to pair well with the bold and nuanced flavors of the sauce. We recommend a juicy Malbec from Argentina or a Merlot-based Right Bank Bordeaux, like a Pomerol, with silky-smooth tannins.

Olive Pizza And Primitivo

Wine and a pizza that perhaps is unknown outside their country but that bring surprising flavors to the table. The olive pizza combines the Neapolitan tradition with the rich flavors of Apulia combining peasant ingredients like onions, black olives, tomatoes, and mozzarella.

Sweet and spicy at the same time, this combination creates a tantalizing taste balanced by the fuller taste of the olives.

Since these ingredients are characteristic to Apulia, we can only pair this pizza with an Apulian wine. Primitivo is a fine example of a rich and versatile beverage and one of the most exquisite reds. Just taste this pairing to discover an unforgettable combination.

Extra Meat Pizza With Sweet Red Wine

Florida Gators postpone LSU game; what wine goes with your ...

Would you like some pizza with your meat toppings? The savory, spicy flavors of mixed meats taste so yummy and are oh-so satisfying with the right wines.;When served with the right wine,;a thin crust pizza loaded with pepperoni, sausage, salami and bacon provides;a burst of succulent flavors with new clarity.

Top 10 Wines To Serve With Pizza

Pizza is a big part of modern living, and many cant even imagine their lives without it at least once per week. When it comes to drinks and pizza, a big percentage of the people opt for coke, beer, or some other soft drink.

Serving pizza with wine may not be as popular as pizza and beer, but thats okay. Simultaneously, just because wine is not the default drink served with pizza, it doesnt mean that you shouldnt give it a try.

If you match the right wine with the right pizza, you can elevate your pizza experience to another level. The most important considerations when matching pizza with wine are sauce and topping. Considering that pizza is a heavier meal, red wine pairing is the obvious choice. But then again, pizza has evolved a lot throughout time, which means white wines can be a pretty good match as well.

Next time youre grabbing a pizza, whether handmade or takeaway, try reaching for a bottle of wine instead of beer or a soda. Read our guide to find out how to pair your wine perfectly with your pizza and youll be in line for an incredible meal guaranteed!

In any case, here is a selection along with their pizza matches.

#1 Dry rosé
#2 Syrah & Grenache
#3 Lambrusco

Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine that goes nicely with pretty much any pizza. Thanks to its bubbles, you can clear the cheesy richness from your mouth. It plays perfectly into pizzas savoriness.

#4 Pinot Noir
#5 Chianti
#6 Chardonnay
#7 Sauvignon Blanc
#8 Syrah
#9 Riesling
#10 Beaujolais cru

Zinfandel California: United States

Across the Atlantic and the United States to California, youll find our much-loved Zinfandel. However, a caveat: Avoid the blockbuster, full-bodied, heavily extracted styles when having pizza. Instead look for the fruitier, unoaked , medium-bodied wines. Simple Zinfandel at its best is juicy, only moderately tannic, and packed with wild and juicy blue, black, and red fruits.

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