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How To Make Wine From Juice

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How To Make Wine At Home

How to Make Wine from Grape Juice (Simple Sweet Red Wine Recipe)

Have you ever wanted to make homemade wine? Here’s how.

In theory, making wine is very simple. Yeast meets grape juice in an environment that allows fermentation. Just nature being nature. No doubt wine was first discovered by happy accident thousands of years ago: Natural yeasts, blowing in the wind, settled down upon a bunch of squashed grapes, whose juice was pooling in the shaded bowl of a rock; soon after, some lucky passerby stops and stoops down for a taste…and likes what she’s discovered.

From there, the process of winemaking will be refined, as you can imagine, and the environment carefully controlled, to the point where winemaking becomes both science and art.

And DIY home winemaking? Well, it probably falls somewhere between the curious stone-age wanderer and the modern vintner who applies artful science to the process. Let’s take a look.

The Turkey Baster Method

If you dont have any tubing, a turkey baster can accomplish the same thing. It just takes a bit longer. If youre using a bucket, the top several inches of wine can be scooped off with a cup . The remaining wine can then be removed with the baster.

If you dont have any tubing and dont have a baster, all is not lost. In this case, carefully and slowly pour the top of the wine from the jug. Get as much of the clear wine out as possible, then let the remainder settle and try again.

You can also try to strain any cloudy wine with cheesecloth or coffee filters but I havent had any luck with that. My solution for the remaining cup or so of cloudy wine is to pour it up and let it settle out, then drink it. Be prepared if you try this. It will taste very green. Wine gets better with age.

Once you have racked the wine, you can go ahead and drink it as is, or you can let it ferment out some more. Generally, the longer you age your wine, the better it will taste. Just put a new balloon or plastic wrap cover over the container and let it set for another month or so, then rack again.

Make Homemade Wine Fast

This recipe stands out because it’s simple.There are tons of homemade wine recipes on the internet. This is the lazy man’s recipe that only requires three ingredients available at just about any grocery store, and your wine will be ready to drink in one week or less. The taste will improve, and the alcohol content will increase if you let it age longer. But it’s not necessary. I presently have some aging in the fridge, and I tell you, it has a very strong alcohol aroma and a real kick. I actually don’t care that much for wine but like the challenge of making it from such simple means. It has to be better than Mad Dog 20/20 or Thunderbird or the nasty hooch prisoners make in their toilets.

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How To Make Wine From Grapes

Step 1: Remove the grapes from the stalks.

Step 2: Press the grapes to remove all the juice.

Step 3: Measure the specific gravity of the juice. Pour some juice through a sieve and pour the juice into a testing jar. Test the specific gravity using a hydrometer, it will tell you how much sugar is in the juice and how much you will need to add to get the required alcohol content.

Step 4: Put the crushed grapes into a brewing bucket.

Step 5: Add one crushed campden tablet per gallon of wine.

Step 6: Add the campden tablet to the brewing bucket. The campden tablet will kill any harmful bacteria that is on the grape skins.

Step 7: Cover the brewing bucket and leave for 24 hours for the bacteria to be killed.

Step 8: Make a yeast starter. Pour some boiled water into a glass jar and place the jar into cool water and allow the boiled water to cool. Add a tablespoon of sugar and stir until it is fully dissolved. Next, take wine yeast and add to the sugar solution. Cover to prevent bacteria getting into the yeast and after about an hour or so the yeast will start reacting with the sugar, producing alcohol.

Step 9: Dissolve sugar in boiling water. The exact amount of sugar depends on the specific gravity measured earlier. Stir the sugar until it is fully dissolved in the water. Allow to cool, then add to brewing bucket.

Step 10: Add the yeast starter to the brewing bucket,

Step 13: After six days sterilize a second brewing bucket with a campden tablet.

When And Where Did Winemaking Begin

homemade wine recipe from juice

Before we delve into the details of how to make wine from grapes, it’ll help to get some context about its history. While France and Italy are the countries most synonymous with winemaking, archaeological records suggest that wine was first produced in China around 7000 B.C., with the countries of Armenia and Georgia following suit not too long after.;

Pro tip: For the full story on the nuances between “Ancient World” wines, “Old World” wines, and “New World” wines, be sure to check out our guide to the curious and captivating history of wine.

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Can You Use Regular Yeast To Make Wine

Wine yeast can be hard to find unless you order it online or are lucky enough to be near a brewing supply store. Its worth the trouble to find it. It makes a much better tasting wine and it works better when making a higher alcohol content wine.

However, you can use regular bread yeast but it wont taste as good. Ive made juice wine with both and while the wine yeast version is far superior, the other is still drinkable. If youre merely experimenting with winemaking and just want to make something to give you a buzz, regular yeast will do it.

Homemade Fruit Wine: Step

Recipes for fruit wines, sometimes called country wines, vary only slightly from one another, and you have tremendous leeway in the fruits and fruit juices you can use. This recipe is a general one that will work for a range of fruits, from sweet summer berries and soft orchard fruits such as peaches to the heartier fruits of fall such as apples and persimmons. See;here for the range of possibilities. What they all share is a need for patience: you need to let them age gracefully for about a year.

Homemade fruit wine is easier to make than you might thinkthe main ingredient is time.

  • Barbara Pleasant
  • 4;6 pounds fresh fruit;cut into small pieces
  • 2;pounds;sugar
  • 6;drops liquid pectic enzyme
  • 1;can frozen white grape juice concentrate;optional
  • 1;packet wine yeast;champagne or Montrachet strains

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Add Ingredients To Your Primary Fermenter

Do not add the wine yeast, pectic enzyme, or acid blend during this step, and youll add that later. Add the fig mixture and the other ingredients into your primary fermenter .

You may replace cane sugar with brown sugar during this step, depending on your taste preferences.;;;

At this step, you may also place your fig reduction into a mesh bag before adding it to the primary fermenter. In doing so, you wont need to worry about straining the mixture every time you rack it.;

How To Make Great Homemade Wine From Fresh Grape Juice

Making wine from store bought juice

It is essential that you begin with a sanitary environment and absolutely clean equipmentbefore starting the process of making wine. Use a sulfite solution to rinse any equipment that comesin contact with your wine. To make it, add 3 tablespoons of sulfite powder to a gallon of water and mix well.

IMPORTANT:The volume of homemade wine made must be larger than the total storage capacity of the aging or storagecontainers – demijohns, glass carboys, gallon jugs or barrels – because additional wine will be neededto replace the volume lost to sediments after fermentation,;and for topping up during racking.

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Should I Use Campden Tablets In This Wine

Campden tablets are a frequently used additive in homemade wine that are used to sterilize wine at various stages during the winemaking process. They kill off all the yeast and bacteria.

Many people use them to stop fermentation before its complete if they want to achieve a certain level of sweetness. Some people add them to the wine just before bottling to make certain fermentation is over to avoid making bottle bombs.

I personally do not use Campden tablets. Mostly because I just dont find that I need them in my winemaking process, but also because I enjoy including wild yeasts and bacteria in my creations. There are tons of resources on the internet about using Campden tablets if sterilization is of interest to you.

How Do I Make Sparkling Wines

Country wines and fruit wines are traditionally still wines . Making a sparkling wine is a bit of an advanced technique that requires a good knowledge of how yeast works, the fermentation process, and advanced bottling techniques. We recommend tackling it only after youve mastered a still wine like this strawberry wine. When youre ready to move onto sparkling wine, Wild Wine Making has some great information about that process.

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Life In The Thrift Lane

The world needs more cheap booze. ;Wine and beer are damn expensive. Clearly, the answer is to make your own.

Ill come clean, to start with: ;I am not a winemaker.; I am a total amateur. ;BUT, you can use ingredients from the supermarket, equipment;from a car-boot sale and be up and running this weekend for the same price as a bottle or two of wine from Asda and after about 3 weeks youll end up with 15 bottles of the good stuff.

So;how do you do it with no prior knowledge without it tasting flippinawful?

Like this

Really the process is simple. Fruit/grape juice is sugary and yeast breaks down sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. ;If you make a sugary fruit cocktail and add yeast, you will get an alcoholic drink; ;and a load of gas after a few weeks. ;If you add an airlock so it can release the build-up of carbon dioxide then it wont explode, either, which is nice.

First, a shopping list:

  • Something to ferment in a cheap demijohn from the car-boot sale is great, or even 5ltr bottles of spring water from the supermarket anything you can clean, fit an airlock to and fit 4-5 litres of liquid in.
  • Airlocks and either rubber bungs or rubber grommets .
  • Bleach or sterilising solution/powder. ;I used Bruclens from Wilkos at £1.60 for a pot which will last for maybe 4-5 ferments. ;You can just use weak bleach if you like.
  • Brewers or winemaking yeast :;;You can pick it up from a homebrew shop fairly cheaply.

    Right, here we go:

  • Give it a bloody good shake.
  • How To Make Homemade Wine The Easy Way

    How To Make Wine From Almost Any Store

    If youre new to making wine, a quick and easy method is making wine from fruit juice using frozen juice concentrates. Simply check in your grocers freezer section to find a wide variety of frozen juices. This recipe can be adjusted for any type of juice or juice blends.

    Its fun to experiment with different flavors, but if you do, always make sure that you like the taste of the juice blend itself before you try to make it into wine. If it tastes bland or strange as juice, it will taste even more so once it becomes wine.

    Check the ingredients list for preservatives. If it has preservatives, it wont ferment. If it doesnt ferment, you wont get wine.

    Another thing to check for is chemicals. You want a juice concentrate that is 100% juice. Some juices have added vitamin C . This will work fine. Try to avoid any other chemicals for a better tasting wine.

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    How To Make Orange Wine

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    When you think of wine, grapes are probably the first thing that comes to mind — but you can actually make delicious wine from other fruits. Orange wine is a delicious, popular option, which is fairly easy to make at home if you have the right supplies and a little patience. You’ll need several fermentation containers to make the wine, but you can easily find those at stores or retailers that sell wine making supplies.

    How Do I Make A Dry Peach Wine

    The sweetness of your finished wine comes down to both the amount of sugar you add and how much sugar your wine yeast can eat. Different strains of yeast eat different amounts of sugar and live to a higher alcohol contenta yeast that can tolerate a higher alcohol content will typically give you a drier wine.

    When you are just starting out, I recommend starting with 2-3 pounds of sugar and a yeast that has an average alcohol tolerance. With a 14% alcohol tolerance, Red Star Premier Blanc is a great yeast for a semi-dry wine for beginners, and you can sweeten to taste from there.

    For a sweeter wine, add more sugar with the same yeast during the winemaking process, or add a simple syrup just before serving.

    For a drier wine, use less sugar with the same yeast during the winemaking process, or choose a yeast with a higher alcohol tolerance.

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    How Do You Make Homemade Peach Wine

    For visual learners, we recommend you check out our Strawberry Wine tutorial, where we have laid everything out, step-by-step, with images. But here is the basic how-to for making Peach Wine:

  • Sanitize your equipment.
  • Make the must by mixing your frozen fruit, sugar, and pectic enzyme in your primary fermentation container. Cover and set aside for up to 24 hours .
  • When 24 hours is up, mix the wine yeast with non-chlorinated water, and set it aside.
  • Stir the selected additives in to the primary fermenter, along with non-chlorinated water and the yeast/water mixture.
  • Close up the fermenter and fit it with an airlock filled with water.
  • Agitate the wine at least once a dayyou can do this by swirling the whole container, or by taking off the lid and giving the wine a good stir.
  • Let everything ferment until the air lock has dramatically less bubbling. For us, this tends to happen with peach wine within 7-10 days.
  • Strain out the fruit and transfer the wine to your secondary fermentation vesseltypically a clean carboy. Fit it with an airlock and ferment until there are no bubbles left.
  • Bottle your wine and let it age.
  • Why Bother Making Your Own Wine

    How to Make Wine From Store Bought Grape Juice

    I live in an Islamic country where wine is not a supermarket commodity. But in most countries, wine is a supermarket commodity, in which case, why make your own? You will have your own reasons for making wine from grape juice, but here are a few of mine:

    • It’s a fun time, feels creative and fills the kitchen with summery smells.
    • It’s very cheap, wholesome and surprisingly good.

    Preservative-Free Wine

    Guaranteed! This wine will contain no chemical additives or artificial preservatives. That is a promise you will not hear from many commercial winemakers. Your wine is made with pure fruit juice and therefore , will do you nothing but good.

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    Beginners Guide To Making Wine From Fruit Juice

    This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you make a purchase, I may earn a small fee at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

    Are you looking for an easy way to make wine at home but you dont have any winemaking equipment? Heres an easy homemade wine recipe using common items that you already have around the house. Winemaking at home is easy with our beginners guide to making wine from fruit juice.

    When The Wine Is Finished

  • Find a glass container.When you are satisfied that your wine is ready to drink, transfer the wine from your fermentation container/original bottle to another clean container of plastic or glass. Old, sterilized glass wine bottles are perfect.
  • Transfer wine without upsetting the sediment.When transferring the wine, use a plastic funnel. Once you’ve tipped the wine to pour, DO NOT turn the bottle back up straight but keep pouring until you’re finished. There is sediment left over at the bottom that contains acids and impurities. If you keep tipping the bottle, you’ll stir up the sediment and ruin the wine. Siphoning with a hose would be just as good or even better, just leave the end of the hose an inch or so above the sediment to avoid sucking it out with the good stuff.
  • Refrigerate and enjoy.After bottling your brew, it is suggested that you refrigerate but leaving out at room temperature is ok as long as your room temperature is not really hot. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Please drink responsibly, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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    Making Wine Using Grape Juice

    Making your own wine from grape juice might sound like something from the Prohibition era, but you can make some relatively tasty wine once you perfect the process. For those who want to try wine making without buying their own vineyard, using grape juice is an affordable and practical option.

    You don’t need all that much equipment to make wine out of grape juice, so if you already have large bottles and funnels at home, you might not need to buy more than juice, sugar and wine yeast to get started.

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