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Is There An Alcohol Free Wine

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Whether pursuing wellness goals, or simply seeking a balance in your drinking regimen, alcohol-free wine provides the perfect solution. We know what youre thinking wine without the booze? Trust us, we were skeptical, too, though after some extensive research, we finally found our answer in New Zealands Marlborough region and we were much more pleasantly surprised than we thought wed be.

But beware not all alcohol-free wine is created equal, and were not just saying that in regard to taste. In a sea of alcohol-free wines, only a few are actually produced using a veritable dealcoholization formula. Confused as to what that is? Not to worry. Were going to break down everything you need to know about alcohol-free wine.

Ariel 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Non Alcoholic Red Wine

Price: Approx. $15 from Sans Drinks and Dan Murphys

I am so impressed with this non alcoholic red wine! And I think this would top my list currently for the best non alcoholic red wine that actually tastes like wine! Id say the oak aging of the wine definitely helps give it that real wine taste.

Maybe also the cork closure helps impart some flavour, it also could be because I sipped it out of my brand new Riedel WineWings Cabernet Sauvignon glass that I was kindly gifted. Who knows, however the bottle was emptied and we bought a 2nd bottle!

The wine hails from America, California to be exact and the alcohol is removed by alcohol gentle cold filtration. It is low in sugar and can be cellared for up to 3 years!

Do All Wines Contain Sugar

In a word, yes. All wine has a little bit of residual sugar, trace amounts that the yeast misses when its converting the sugar to alcohol. Even the sugar-free BASK wines contain a pinchthe pinot noir and sauvignon blanc each have about 4 g/L; the crisp rosé clocks in at just 2 g/l. But, since there are seven glasses of wine per litre, thats less than a gram per glassand thats considered essentially zero in wine circles.

We went to a registered dietician, Lesley Seto, who has a practice in Halifax called Embodhi, to ask if this was something to celebrate. The less sugar, the better, right?

You have to look at what, exactly, it is youre drinking, said Seto, If you have a dry wine, for example, the amount of sugar in it is often quite low and you might find that the wine youre used to drinking only has maybe six grams of sugar per litre in it anyway. So, if youre only going for a drink with friends once a week, or once every two weeks, it wouldnt really be a huge concern.

If youre drinking any of the standard dry wines, including, say, tempranillo, chianti, chardonnay or pinot grigio, to name a few, youre probably already drinking something with less than 5 g/L of sugar that could be considered effectively sugar-free. And, quite a few pinot noir and sauvignon blancs are also under 5 g/lsome as low as 2 g/l. Since theres no law requiring nutritional information on wine labels, though, few of us have any idea of the sugar levels.

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Sutter Home Fre Merlot

Fre Wines are produced Sutter Home Winery, which is one of Americas most trusted brands. From the 1800s, Sutter Home Winery are producing high quality, non-alcoholic wines from the Napa Valley. With 7,000 acres to choose from, it is safe to say they have quite a portfolio.

Fre Merlot is not only plush and seductive, it is alcohol-removed. With just under 0.5% alcohol remaining, it retains its beautiful garnet colour and is served with grace. Sourced from Californias finest vineyards, its grapes are concentrated and full of flavour. A definite wine to try.

Shop online to find various prices.

Sparkling Wine: Sparkling Gold Vinada

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Alcohol Free Wine ...


Of the non-alcoholic wines I tried, the sparkling varieties were best. The effervescence helps trick the tongue and make up for the lack of alcohol. Perhaps manufacturers are also better at mimicking a prosecco or brut than a pinot gris or cabernet sauvignon.

Whatever the reason, Sparkling Gold Vinada is the perfect non-alcoholic bottle of bubbly. This sparkling wine from La Mancha, Spain, is crisp and lightly acidic. Its a well-balanced sparkling wineideal for sipping on summer afternoons or popping open on the weekends with a supper of lean fish. Note that though Sparkling Gold Vinada doesnt contain alcohol, it does contain sulfites.

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Mcguigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine

Price: $11 from, Sans Drinks, Dan Murphys and Woolworths

For a sparkling wine, I was actually quite impressed with this zero alcohol bubbles. Its easy to consume and on the dry spectrum, so if youre not a sweet tooth, it means you can have a few glasses and let the bubbles sans alcohol go to your head. Think crisp citrus, pears and apples with a nice vibrant fizz. Though for the pregnant wine-lovers, watch out, it can increase the gassiness!

Dealcoholized Wine Vs Regular

There aren’t any studies that indicate drinking dealcoholized wine will reduce your risk of any particular diseases. But there is some research on how it compares with regular red wine for blood concentrations of some of the polyphenols and how they affect some of the biochemical markers that are associated with cardiovascular disease. These studies indicate regular wine has a bigger effect, but dealcoholized wine does improve some of these markers as well.

Dealcoholized wine has fewer calories than red wine . And you won’t run the risk of consuming too much alcohol when you drink dealcoholized wine.

Dealcoholized wine starts out as real fermented wine, but before it’s bottled, it’s either filtered or put through a spinning process that removes both the water and the alcohol. Next, the volume is replaced with water or a combination of water and unfermented grape juice.

How does dealcoholized wine taste? Many sophisticated wine tasters might struggle with the difference because alcohol contributes significantly to the body, bouquet, and flavor of wines, both red and white. The white dealcoholized wines are a little closer to their fully alcoholized cousins, but if you love a big, full-bodied Cabernet, it may take some time to adapt to the weaker flavor of the dealcoholized version.

But, on the other hand, it doesn’t taste like grape juice either. A dealcoholized red wine still has a hint of the tannins, and it isn’t as sweet as plain juice.

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Low & No: Top Tips And Ones To Try

Im still waiting for that eureka moment with low- and no-alcohol wine, but have been encouraged by developments of late. What I look for is an ability to pair with food, vinous characteristics, not being too sweet and a lack of off-flavours . This isnt easy when a key ingredient like alcohol is removed.

One brand that has caught my eye is Sinzero from Chile. Its Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 shows typicity and complexity, and drinks well alongside a range of foods, with a touch of creamy oak and cassis concentration. Sinzero Brut sparkling is on the dry and tangy side but lacks the confected, sickly edge of others.

Certain styles seem better suited than others to low and no alcohol: fizz, rose and refreshing whites particularly. Leitz, Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling is elegantly done, while Adnams, 0.5% Garnacha Rosé is satisfying. Of the bigger brands, Freixenet, Legero Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé NV slips down pretty easily, while Black Tower, Deliciously Light White has decent texture and the Torres, Sangre de Toro 0% white is refreshing and pure.

Best Low Alcohol Wines Rose

The Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit? Tasting Dhos, “Gin Free” Gin Substitute.

For those rose lovers. Here are the best non alcoholic rose wines your money can buy.

Torres Natureo Rosé ABV: 0.5% 20 calories per glass

This is a very high quality rosé wine with a low-alcohol content and a distinct flavour also works wonderfully as an authentic rosé spritzer. With a sweetness that suits, this alcohol-free beverage smells of berries on vanilla and has a radiant rouge colour. Guaranteed this little number is just what you need to warm your toes on cold winter nights with fond memories of summer!;

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How To Make Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine With Cranberry Juice

All you need to do is combine all the ingredients in a slow cooker or in a pot and simmer on low until the juice is infused with mulling spices.

The only hard work is cutting oranges into thin slices and squeezing the juice out of them. You can add as many orange slices to the juice as you like.

If you are into making DIY edible gifts, you can also make Candied Oranges dipped in chocolate.

This mulled wine drink can be also made ahead, stored in the fridge and re-heated the following day, if needed!

How To Choose The Best Low

Can zero-alcohol wine really taste like the real thing?

When researching the best non-alcoholic wines, we looked for products that genuinely rival standard wine for complexity and satisfaction. It’s true that low-alcohol wine can struggle to replicate the thick mouthfeel and long finish you might expect from a good full-alcohol wine, but things have improved fast in recent years as winemakers race to create the best products.

Low-alcohol booze is big business, and established winemakers including Adnams and Hardys are building ranges of low and no-alcohol wines. We’ve also seen the rise of dedicated alcohol-free winemakers, following in the footsteps of German pioneer Carl Jung . Now there’s Eisberg in Germany, Thomson & Scott and Belle & Co in the UK, and Richard Juhlin in Sweden. We’re happy to recommend wines from all these specialists in our list below.


Low-alcohol or alcohol-free what’s the difference?

A trace amount of alcohol, even 0.2%, makes it easier for winemakers to replicate the complex flavours, dryness and mouthfeel of their full-strength counterparts. That compares with around 15% for a standard Sauvignon Blanc. So if you’re not teetotal, it may be worth trying low-alcohol wine and getting used to the difference, rather than going straight for alcohol-free and being put off by the experience. We’ve included a separate list of low-alcohol recommendations below.

Are you old enough to drink?

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Alcohol Free Wine In A Box

French wine producer Le Petit Béret launched 4 alcohol free wines in a BIB . Nothing is easier than having a box of wine in the fridge to quickly tap a glass of red or rosé wine during a hot summer day or at night when watching TV. Unfortunately, it was unable to find a BIB containing non alcoholic wine. This summer, Le Petit Béret changed this. From now on, you can buy a red, rosé and two white wines in a box. On their website they have a promotion until the 31st of august 2018, where you receive two boxes for the price of one. Before ordering, its wise to check if they can deliver to your place and at what price. Those who visit France this summer are lucky, the BIBS are sold in a lot of French supermarkets. Where? Check

Best For Brunch: Freixenet Alcohol

McGuigan has launched an alcohol

;Courtesy of Club Cuvee

  • Region: Penedès, Spain
  • Body: Light-Bodied

Brunch and bubbles go hand in hand, and this newly released bottle from Freixenet is a great option. This particular cuvée was first launched in 2011, after two years of winemaking trials and extensive market research. The wines bubbly palate is loaded with flavors of ripe citrus, tropical fruits, and lemon zest. Persistent mousse and well-balanced residual sugar lead to a vibrant finish. Serve chilled with brunch favorites and dont feel bad splashing a little fresh-squeezed juice into your flute as well.;

;We wanted everyone to be able to celebrate all of lifes moments, both big and small, in a way that fits with their lifestyle, says Enore Ceola, CEO of Freixenet Mionetto USA. This is why we decided it was our responsibility to apply our sparkling winemaking expertise to produce two premium alcohol-removed sparkling options: a Sparkling White and a Sparkling Rosé. Ceola explains that with these new bottles, consumers can still hear the celebratory pop of a wine bottle and enjoy a glass of alcohol-removed sparkling without compromising on taste or experience.

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What Does True Alcohol

Because true alcohol-free wine undergoes the entire vinification process, great alcohol-free products should taste very similar to alcoholic wine. Alcohol-freewines that dont undergo a yeast fermentation and aging process will simply taste like sugary grape juice in other words, tasty, but nothing like wine whatsoever.

Giesens new-to-the-market 0% Sauvignon Blanc oozes with flavors of lime, grapefruit, and lemon shortbread. Full-bodied, and flavor-packed, this bottle promises to leave your palate yearning for more .

Domaine De La Prade Organic Merlot/shiraz: Best Alcohol

Price: £14 per bottle | Buy now from Drydrinker

Swedish wine enthusiast Richard Juhlin has won awards for his own wines and Champagnes since the 1990s. In 2015 he launched his own range of non-alcoholic wine, using careful de-alcoholisation processes that preserve the flavour he’s always expected from the finest wines. It’s elegantly balanced with a gorgeous vibrant colour, fragrant aroma and lingering freshness.

At £14 per bottle this is the most expensive wine in our list . But it’s also one of the best-reviewed red wines you can buy online. It combines toffee-rich Merlot grapes and crisp Shiraz, all organically grown in certified vineyards in Southern France, then carefully treated to preserve the natural bouquet and character while removing all the alcohol.

Key specs Volume: 75cl; ABV: 0.0%; Wine type: Merlot; Country of origin: France

Price: £3 per bottle |

This crisp, sweet but not too sweet prosecco-style rosé wine is made from a base of fermented grape juice blended with green tea. The result is the closest you’ll get to pink Champagne without the booze content, and it’s also vegan. At just £3 a bottle it’s a bargain for parties.

Key specs Volume: 75cl; ABV: 0.0%; Wine type: Sparkling Rosé; Country of origin: Germany

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A Less Calorific Content Antioxidants

Let us start with calories first. When you remove alcohol from the wine, you end up reducing its calorific level by approximately one-third, which is nice.

Its also true that the most non-alcoholic red and white wines are not only free of alcohol, but also contain less fat, are much lower in sugars and have no added preservatives, which makes their calorific content even lower.

Numerous studies have proven that dealcoholized wines provide an interesting alternative to juices and concentrates that are much higher in dyes, artificial flavors and sugars. Alcohol-free wines can be a great choice of drink for people;who are watching their weight carefully and are cautious about what they eat and drink

Also, its been confirmed by many studies that taking the same amounts of dealcoholized red wine leaves you with the same amount of antioxidants that you get from an equal glass or normal red wine.

So in case you suffer from high blood pressure and like taking a glass or two occasionally, alcohol-free red wine is your best alternative.

Mcguigan Zero Shiraz Nv 00% Alcohol

Gluten-Free and Alcohol

McGuigans Zero Shiraz is here to help you enjoy the flavours of red wine without the alcohol. This bottle offers the flavours of a typical shiraz sans booze, subtle spice and vanilla notes complemented by plum and forest berry aromas. We particularly love that its available in single-serve bottles, perfect for taking to the park!

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How Much Alcohol Is Too Much

To keep health risks from alcohol at a low level, the NHS advises men and women to regularly drink no more than 14 units a week.

One unit of alcohol is 8g or 10ml of pure alcohol, which is approximately:

  • pint lower to normal-strength lager/beer/cider
  • One small shot measure of spirits

A small glass of wine contains approximately 1.5 units of alcohol.

But the NHS warns that regularly drinking any amount of alcohol increases the risk to your health.

Short-term risks include injury, violent behavior and alcohol poisoning.

Long-term risks include heart and liver disease, stroke, as well as liver, bowel, insect and breast cancers.

People who drink as much as 14 units a week are advised to spread it evenly over three or more days rather than binge drinking.

Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant are advised not to drink alcohol to reduce the risk to the baby.

Rawsons Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon Abv: 05% 19 Calories Per Glass

An alcohol-free red that actually tastes like Cabernet Sauvignon should! With a deep crimson colour that distinguishes it from other non-alcoholic red wines, this goes down smoothly and warms the soul. Like many alcohol-free wines, this beverage was created by producing it to a normal alcoholic strength and then de-alcoholising it. This is the process that can destroy flavour, but in this case youll be delighted to find a fruity taste that isnt loaded with sugar, so stays low in calories and isnt too sweet. The bottle design has an image of the idyllic vineyard, ensuring a conventional and convincing look.;

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon ABV: 0.5% 26 calories per glass

An excellent low alcohol red wine: Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon is a chocolatey, berry-bursting gift of a red wine from Californias renowned Napa Valley vineyards.

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Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Organic Sparkling Wine

Lifelong vegetarian Amanda Thomson set up Thomson & Scott as a healthier, low-sugar, vegan-friendly alternative to prosecco and other sparkling wines. Made with organic chardonnay grapes from southern Spain, the wine is then de-alcoholised via vacuum distillation, and then lightly carbonated. This means that the wine retains its flavour and gives you then gentle bubbles youd expect from a sparkling wine.;

This wine scored highly for its delicate floral aroma and good level of fizz though we found it did dissipate fairly quickly. Dry with a touch of sweetness towards the finish, theres the level acidity you want from a sparkling wine. In short, when it comes to booze-free-fizz, Noughty is as close to the real thing as weve found.

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