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Where To Buy Georgia Winery Wine

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Experience Georgiawinemaking Atits Best

Visiting Georgia’s wine regions, pursuing qvevri wines

From humble beginnings, Chateau Elan Winery has emerged as one of the largest and most awarded wineries on the East Coast. Were honored to offer more than 30 wines produced with grapes grown in our Braselton and south of Georgia vineyards, as well as grapes hand-picked and transported, whole cluster, in refrigerated trucks from Californias Lake County and Clarksburg regions. Our North Georgia winery is open daily for guided tours and tastings, as well as one-of-a-kind private events.

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Sweet Acre Farms Winery

Sweet Acre Farms Winery is a small family farm located in the beautiful foothills of the Northeast Georgia mountains. After growing blackberries and keeping bees for some time, we have turned our u-pick farm into Hall County’s first winery. We specialize in fruit, or “country wines,” that are reminiscent of those our southern families used to make. We honor or state’s agricultural diversity by using the finest ingredients from our farm and farms alike. Proud to be Hall County’s First Winery! Just 10 minutes north of Gainesville, GA!Our tasting room is open for indoor and outdoor seating! We offer wine tastings for $13. This includes five one ounce samples and a souvenir glass to keep! You can also purchase wine by the glass or bottle, or enjoy a flight. Our wine slushies are legendary! Charcuteries are available for purchase. Reservations are NOT required for groups of 8 or less. Curbside pick up is also available! Dogs on a leash with up-to-date rabies tags are welcome outside, but not indoors.

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Georgia Wine Highway Participants In Ellijay

  • Buckley Vineyards, 708 Henry Evans Rd, Ellijay, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 12:30-6 Mon 12-6 Tue 12-6 Wed 12-6 Thu 12-6 Fri 12-8 Sat 12-6
  • Cartecay Vineyards, 5704 Clear Creek Rd, Ellijay, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 12:30-6 Mon 11-6 Tue 11-6 Wed 11-6 Thu 11-6 Fri 11-6 Sat 11-6
  • Cartecay Wine & Craft Ellijay, 19 South Main Street, Ellijay, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 12:30-6 Mon 12-7 Tue 12-7 Wed 12-7 Thu 12-7 Fri 11-9 Sat 11-9
  • Tasting room visit either this tasting room, Blue Ridge tasting room, or Cartecay Vineyards in Ellijay
  • Chateau Meichtry, 1862 Orchard Lane, Talking Rock, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 12:30-5:30 Mon 11-6 Tue 11-6 Wed 11-6 Thu 11-6 Fri 11-6 Sat 11-6
  • Engelheim Vineyards, 127 Lakeview Rd, Ellijay, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 12:30-6 Mon 12:30-6 Tue 12:30-6 Wed 12:30-6 Thu 12:30-6 Fri 12:30-6 Sat 12:30-6
  • Grapes & Ladders, 2317 Highway 382, Ellijay, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 12:30-6:30 Wed 12-6 Thu 12-6 Fri 12-6 Sat 12-6
  • Ott Farms and Vineyard, 230 Henry Evans Rd, Ellijay, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 12:30-6 Mon 12-6 Tue 12-6 Wed 12-6 Thu 12-6 Fri 12-6 Sat 12-6
  • Reeces Cider Co, 9110 Highway 52, Ellijay GA
  • Event hours: Sun 1-6 Mon 11-6 Tue 11-6 Wed 11-6 Thu 11-6 Fri 11-7 Sat 11-7
  • Waldmet Cellars, 62 Ralph Hicks Circle, Jasper, GA
  • Sun 12-6 Fri 4-7 Sat 12-7
  • Dahlonega Tasting Room, 16 North Park Street, Dahlonega, GA
  • Miloravas Family Winery & Guesthouse Telavi

    Georgia Wines on Our Mind

    A very small family winery just a few minutes from the centre of Telavi the largest town in Kakheti. Budget accommodation is available, with the option to eat dinner with some of the family. But the real selling point is the wine. Its rare to find a selection of international grapes, grown in Georgia. Especially at a small winery of this scale. Montepulciano, Shiraz as well as local Georgian varieties. Reservations for wine tasting essential.

    Book a room at Milarovas:

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    Vineyards In Georgia: Kartli

    Kartli is the large central region that surrounds the capital of Tbilisi. They cultivate different grapes from Kakheti, making for some completely different wine. Although production scale is smaller than Kakheti, if you are based in Tbilisi and only have a short amount of time in Georgia, visiting Kartli is a shorter day trip than Kakhetis Alazani valley.

    To learn more about the story of Georgian wine and the types of grapes, in 10 minutes or less, grab a free copy of our Georgian Wine Crash Course PDF.

    Where To Buy German Wine

    Looking for your next favorite bottle of German wine? Many wine and liquor stores have a German section, and lots of restaurants offer German wines by the glass or bottle. Check out the national, regional, and local spots listed below! If youre looking for a specific wine, try!

    To have a business added to or removed from this list, please contact Wines of Germany USA at .

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    Secret Home Winery & Bottle Museum

    We visited a few very homely vineyards. Most families in the countryside make their own wine. Its just a part of life. Some make extra wine to sell or send to family in the city. Some are listed on the national wine route , but when you turn up at their door, they dont speak any English. Which can make things tricky. On our map below I list a few of the home wineries that are very much just someones house selling off some excess wine.

    However, there are some places that are not on the wine routes, which you need a local guide to visit. Essentially, you are just getting invited to someones home for a drink. The most interesting of these we did was in a small village near Kutaisi. The homeowner actually broke the seal on one of his qvevris and served us the first new glass of Georgian amber wine . This was a pretty unique experience. In addition, he has a private museum of old Soviet and Georgian bottles and memorabilia.

    The only way to visit is with a local guide, you cant turn up by yourself and its not listed anywhere its just a private residential home. If too many people go, the guy will likely start turning people away, so even with a guide, there is no guarantee.

    To have a chance for this sort of experience, or to get shown around the other vineyards and nature of the Kutaisi area, we can book you in with one of our local guides. Contact us

    Georgia Wine Highway Participants In Helen

    WHERE TO FIND BEST WINE IN GEORGIA | Best traditional wine tasting tour |Family Vacation in Georgia.
    • Creekstone Winery, 295 Hardman Farm Road, Sautee, GA
    • Sun 12:30-6:30 Mon 11-6 Tue 11-6 Wed 11-6 Thu 11-6 Fri 11-9 Sat 11-9
  • Habersham Winery, 7025 South Main Street, Helen, GA
  • Sun 12:30-6 Mon 11-6 Tue 11-6 Wed 11-6 Thu 11-6 Fri 11-6 Sat 11-6
  • Sweet Acre Farms Winery Tasting Room, 8016 South Main Street, Helen GA
  • Sun 12:30-6 Thu 1-7 Fri 1-8 Sat 11-8
  • Tasting room visit either this tasting room or Sweet Acre Farms Winery in Alto
  • Sylvan Valley Lodge and Cellars, 747 Duncan Bridge Road, Sautee Nacoochee GA
  • Sun 12:30-5 Thu 12-5 Fri 12-8 Sat 12-8
  • Three Strands Vineyard and Winery, 1505 Willow Springs Rd, Dallas, GA
  • Sun 12:30-6 Wed 2-7 Thu 2-7 Fri 2-9 Sat 11:30-9
  • Trillium Vineyard, 1994 Old Bush Mill Rd, Bremen, GA
  • Thu 1-6 Fri 1-10 Sat 1-10
  • Uncorked on Main, 129 Main Street, Villa Rica, GA
  • Wed 4-9 Thu 4-9 Fri 4-10 Sat 4-10
  • Paulk Vineyards, 1788 Satilla Rd, Wray, GA
  • Mon 8-6 Tue 8-6 Wed 8-6 Thu 8-6 Fri 8-6 Sat 10-6
  • Still Pond Vineyard, Winery & Distillery, 1575 Still Pond Road, Arlington GA
  • Thu 10-5 Fri 10-5 Sat 10-5
  • Wolf Creek Plantation, 207 Wolf Creek Drive, Americus GA
  • Mon 11-5 Tue 11-5 Wed 11-5 Thu 11-5 Fri 11-5 Sat 11-6
  • Wolf Creek Plantation at the Windsor, 133 W Lamar St, Americus, GA
  • Mon 11-6 Tue 11-6 Wed 11-6 Thu 11-6 Fri 11-6 Sat 11-6
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    Top Vineyards In Georgia

    We chose to mainly feature vineyards in Georgia which had at least 1 English-speaking staff member during our visit. Some have food options some have a full restaurant. Every single option has its own unique reason to visit. Will you visit them all?

    Ive split our Top 20 into 3 regions. Kakheti , Kartli , Imerieti . Kakheti & Kartli are best accessed via Tbilisi airport. Imereti, via Kutaisi airport.

    Book a tour with our Georgian Food & Wine Tours Partner. Small group tours with a focus on cultural history and truly authentic, independent food & wine experiences. Learn More Here.

    Designate A Sober Driver For The Excursions

    Many of the participating vineyards are located in the scenic North Georgia mountains and provide gorgeous views of the area. However, these routes and roads are twisty, country, mountain roads and require an alert driver for safe navigation. Be sure to designate a sober driver for your winery visits.

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    Best Vineyards In Georgia Inc Georgia Wineries Map


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    Vineyards In Georgia & Georgia Wineries Map: Georgian wine is some of the most unique in the world with a focus on traditional production techniques. In this article, we round up our top Vineyard choices from our extensive testing of wine at cellar doors around the country. Its a tough life!

    From tiny home wineries to a 7KM underground wine tunnel. We show you where to go for the most interesting experiences, wine tastings and places where they speak English.

    With more than one year in Georgia already, and now we live here, find our ever growing Georgia Wineries Map & Wine Regions Map at the bottom of this article. Also, check out our so you can plan your own trip to unique, artisan home wineries and more.

    Things To Do In Kutaisi & Imereti Region, other than wine!

    Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links which generate a commission for us if you purchase something through a provider we recommend. Please use our links, rather than searching google, in order to help support our blog so we can keep providing you free content. none of the tours, sights or activities listed below were sponsored, our opinions are 100% our own.

    Georgia has the oldest archeological evidence of winemaking in the world dating back to about 6000 BC. Unlike other countries around the world, Georgia still makes many wines in the same way they would have been made 8000 years ago by fermenting the grapes in clay pots buried underground to stabilize their temperatures.

    Exports To The Us Market

    Wine Tasting In &  Around Helen Georgia: The Unicoi Wine Trail!

    In 2020, the country of Georgias wine exports to the U.S. surged another 34% above 2019 representing over 125 producers. This was the 6th straight year of an average year-over-year growth of over 30%.

    The U.S. continues to be the largest Western export market for Georgia, following only China and other CIS countries.

    The value figure is also notable, as U.S. importers purchased at an average ex-cellar price of $5.14/bottle, which is more than double the average export price to China and other CIS countries.

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    Wine Highway Participating Vineyards & Wineries

    Chateau Meichtry Ga Wine Highway Week

    Make your travel plans now to visit any or all of the 40 participating vineyards and 8 tasting rooms! Each winery provides its own wine tasting format, and many vineyards also offer complimentary food and live music .

    Each location has its own hours, although they may make adjustments for the extra crowds during the Georgia Wine Highway. It is advised to call locations ahead of your trips to confirm the operating hours.

    • Cartecay Wine & Craft Blue Ridge, 598 East Main St, Blue Ridge, GA
    • Event hours: Sun 12:30-6 Mon 12-7 Tue 12-7 Wed 12-7 Thu 12-7 Fri 11-9 Sat 11-9
    • Tasting room visit either this tasting room, the Ellijay tasting room, or Cartecay Vineyards in Ellijay
  • Georgia Wine Depot, 678 E. Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA
  • Event hours: Sun 1-5 Thu 11-6 Fri 11-6 Sat 11-8
  • Tasting room visit either this tasting room or Paradise Hills Winery in Blairsville
  • Wine Highway In The Georgia Mountains

    The Georgia Wine Producers are sponsoring the 2022 annualGeorgia Wine Highway from March 1 31, 2022. This tour of some of the finest Georgia vineyards includes a commemorative souvenir wine glass and either 1 glass or 4+ wine tastings at each participating vineyard. The cost is $75 per passport, but with the opportunity to sample multiple wines from 40 vineyards, it is one of the best deals in Georgia!

    To participate, simply follow these 3 easy steps!

  • Purchase a Georgia Wine Highway 2022 Passport at any participating location
  • Receive an Open Georgia Wine wine tasting glass and Wine Highway Passport
  • Use the Passport and a wine tasting glass to receive your wine tastings at participating locations
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    How To Visit Georgian Wineries

    Be aware, a wine tasting at an independent Georgian winery is nothing like a wine tasting elsewhere in the world. They dont offer you a sip of a couple of wines with the intention to sell you a bottle. Instead, they offer full servings of each wine maybe 2 to 6 wines. Plus shots of the local chacha . Once you finish the tasting, they often offer you bonus wine and shots.

    You pay a fee for the wine tastings. Very few places do a free wine tasting. While different from what you may be used to, once you have this level of hospitality, you will realise why Georgia is one of the most fun wine destinations out there.

    Only the very big commercial wineries have the facility to always accept walk ins, so for independent places, booking in advance is essential or there may be no-one there to meet you, or if their is, they may not speak English.

    Self Drive Are You Crazy?

    If you happen to have a designated driver, willing to stay sober, and familiar with the mad overtaking, pot holes, and no rules driving style of Eastern Europe, then sure, self-drive. We did that a couple of times on our first trip in 2016 Now we always hire a driver. Because its really affordable anyway and means no spitting wine, and no spitting swear words at other drivers all day.

    Hired Driver Self Guided

    We can provide you with an affordable local driver, and we can send them the itinerary of your choice so they can take you to the right places.

    Email to request a driver. Let us know:

    Get Our Free Wine Route Itineraries & Georgian Wine Crash Course Pdf

    Coronavirus: Georgia’s Centuries-Old Wine Tradition Turns To Virtual Reality

    Avoid the tourist traps: Get our detailed wine itineraries. Destinations, step-by-step timings and additional notes to help you plan an amazing trip to Georgian wine country, with a focus on unique, independent wineries. .

    BONUS Our Georgian Wine Crash Course. Dont arrive clueless. Learn the essentials of Georgian traditional wine and wine culture in less than 10 minutes with our concise mini-guide.

    Wine Trips From Kutaisi

    More info Coming soon.

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    Georgian Winethe Country Of Georgia

    Learn about Gerogian wine, common tasting notes, where the region is and more …

    A Eurasian country bordered by Russia to its north, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to its south and the Black Sea along its western border, The Country of Georgia is one of the worlds oldest winemaking countries. Archaeological evidence in the Caucasas region shows wine production dating back 6,000 to 8,000 years ago but exactly which country can lay claim to the birthplace of winemaking remains undetermined.

    Though some modern movements have been made, Georgia remains committed to ancient winemaking techniques, namely the use of qvevri, or clay vessels for fermentation and storage of both its red and white wines. Like ampohorae, these are typically buried underground or set into the floor of a cellar in an effort to regulate temperature. Saperavi, one of the few red-fleshed, dark-skinned varieties, produces an intense red wine. Rkatsiteli, Georgias key pale-skinned variety, is popular for its versatility. It is capable of producing wines of various styles from fresh, dry whites and complex, amber-colored skin-contact wine, to sparkling, sweet and fortified wines.

    • Other White Blends from Country of Georgia0.00 Ratings

    A Georgia Winery & Event Venue

    Situated in the lush green landscape of South Georgia are 40 acres of some of the highest quality, sweetest Muscadine grapes in America. This woody vine, native to the Southeast United states and known for the musky fruit it bears, is the heart and soul of Horse Creek Winery. Over the past 15 years, we have extended our Georgia winery offerings to two locations, a 5-star restaurant, incredible event venues, wine tastings and an expansive gift shop.

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