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Where Can I Sell My Vintage Wine

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Sell It Yourself Via Your Own Retail Website

Making Homemade Wine #4 Washing and Sanitizing Wine Bottles

Last but not least, you can sell your wine online yourself. If you are willing to get all the necessary permits and licensing, this is a viable option for you. We recommend it to people who plan on selling wine on an on-going basis. This option is not optimal for getting rid of a collection, but if you plan on going into business selling wine, this is the option that makes sense.

Shipping Via Personal Sales

Furthermore, its important to note that it is illegal in all states for a consumer to personally ship wine to someone else. If you were hoping to sell wine on eBay, you should know that its illegal except for pre-approved sellers. And listing alcohol on Craigslist is forbidden, with no exceptions.

Sell Your Wines To Us

Many wine collectors seek to sell their wine over time to realize value of appreciated wines or re-balance their collection. We purchase well stored quality vintage wines from collectors, restaurants and wine dealers.

Our professionals have three simple goals when we buy your wine collection. First, provide you with the highest possible payment for your wine. Second, we conduct the simplest, least time consuming process for the purchase of your wine. Third, we complete the purchase of your wine as quickly as possible providing you with immediate payment for your wine. We pride ourselves on transparency and fair dealing when you sell your wine. We are happy to discuss with you how we appraise your wine cellar and and to make you a top dollar offer to purchase your wine.

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How Can I Sell My Wine In Canada

As a Canadian wine collector;Iron Gate Wine can assist you with;three options to sell;your;private collection outside of Canada;

  • Sell your wine collection retail with Iron Gate Wines US sister company,;IronGate.Wine
  • Sell;your wine;privately to buyers in the US, Asia and around the world
  • Auction your collection in Canada through Iron Gate Auctions Inc.

What Is The Worth Of Old Jim Beam Decanters

Selling Vintage Cognacs

Jim Beam decanters were made following a themed series – the Ram, Glass, State, and Wheel. The antiques dating from the early 20th century do not fetch much – from $20 in 1964 to $40, 2021 is not much different. But some items on the Wheel series do bring a fair price. The most expensive was the Gold Semi 18 Wheeler, which lists for $3,000. It was made in 1991.;

Another very valuable Jim Beam decanter was made in 1964, created exclusively for First National Bank of Chicago board members. Because of their exclusivity – each bearing the name of a board member – it lists for $1,584.

They can be a good investment if you know how to seek one. However, just like any collectibles, the price of antique crystal decanters is volatile, depending on the market demand. One example is a Jim Beam decanter that was first listed at $160 in 1976 but is now valued at $40. Be sure to consult price guides before splurging in antiques.;

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How To Sell Port Wine

Once youve determined the approximate value of your port, you can start the selling process. By far the easiest, safest, and most legal method for selling port wine is to locate a trustworthy, licensed merchant or auction house that has experience selling fortified wines. You will have to pay a fee to the seller if you want to sell port wine using this method, but very often the fee is well worth the price of admission. An experienced merchant or auction house will take care of every detail of the sale, including:

  • The audience/buyer .
  • The wine sales license and any interstate shipping regulations or costs.
  • The full description of the bottle .
  • Storage space while the wine is in the process of being sold.
  • Payment and transfer of ownership details.
  • Specific payment and shipment guarantees.
  • Insurance for damage or theft.

The fee for this type of service is often very reasonable, depending on the merchant or auction house that you choose. Here are some of the most common fees youll come across when you sell port wine through a professional:

A seller will typically charge you just one of the fees above. However, in some cases, a seller may have both a fixed fee and a separate insurance fee, or a sliding scale fee and an insurance fee. Before you choose a seller, ask them how they calculate their fees and, if possible, request a fee estimate in writing in advance.

Image by Ed Brambley , via Wikimedia Commons

When Should I Sell My Wine

  • First of all, you must take into account the age of the wine: in auctions, wine lovers are looking for wines in mature vintages, wines which are almost ready to drink. This is even truer of wines that are not rare when they are released by the domain , for instance, with many Bordeaux crus. On the other hand, for some domains, Burgundian for example, the wines are rare already when they leave the domain and the lots are therefore already very sought-after even when young; even in this case though, its worth aging your wines some years if you can . The most important thing to know is therefore when your wines will reach maturity. If youre not sure how to find this out, dont hesitate to ask our team to advise you.
  • Another criterion to take into account is the birthyear effect. Every year, we notice that birthyear vintages do very well .
  • Lastly, and this is probably the most difficult criterion to succeed in, is choosing an opportune moment to sell a domain that is gaining in momentum. To do so, keep yourself informed, watch the way the market is going , read the specialist press and iDealwines auction reports.
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    How To Find Out Your Decanter’s Worth

    Identifying the maker of your decanter will help determine its value. Place your decanter on its side between two books so it wont roll. By using a magnifying glass, examine its base for the makers mark. Pay special attention to the center and along the edge.;

    You may also use a loupe to scrutinize the flat surface of the bottom. Once you find a mark, a decanter price guide will come in handy for reference, such as Miller’s Antique Handbook and Price Guide and Jim Beam Figural Bottles: An Unauthorized Collector’s Guide.

    If youre planning on selling your decanter, another factor to consider is its condition. New in the box or mint decanters are more valuable than used ones. Damages, especially around the lip and base, will devalue your decanter.;

    Additionally, engraving may reduce its selling price. You may also check for rarity and artistic merit as unusual designs are more prized by collectors than common ones.

    Bottle Inspection & Payment

    D.I.Y. You can build these cool wooden wine crates. Make money selling this real wood craft project.

    Once your collection has arrived, our cellar team will inspect each bottle by hand to confirm identity and condition. After inspection, our acquisitions team will send a final quote and any payment terms agreed upon in the sales contract will begin at that time. For more information or to speak with our acquisitions team about a unique situation, e-mail;;or call 503.638.9463.

    Through our partnership with The Wine Market Journal and Benchmark Wine Group, we have access to unparalleled wine market data which allows us to show you exactly what our competitors can offer, and why Benchmark & Brentwood is the best option.

    Using the best wine market data available, we can price your collection for maximum return in todays market conditions.

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    Where Should I Sell My Wine

    With almost 20 years of experience reselling wine , iDealwine has established itself as the best site to resell your wine.

  • iDealwine has been Frances leading wine auctioneer for several years, as well as one of the top on-line wine merchants for wine lovers . This gives you two options when selling your wines: if youre in a hurry, you can sell your cellar for a fixed price, with payment immediately after or, if you have a little more time, you can sell your wines at auction, with international exposure, lasting around ten days.
  • iDealwine is the French specialist in the fine wine market and is therefore best-placed to advise you on the sale of your wines, the prices to ask, the duration, how to organize your lots iDealwines price estimates, the WineDex indices, the publication of our annual auction barometer, Angélique de Lencquesaings monthly appearances on BFM Business.
  • The iDealwine team is made up of around 35 qualified wine professionals who will guide you through every step of your sale, from the free estimation to final payment.
  • iDealwine is used by more than 500,000 wine enthusiasts in 60 countries. This incomparable exposure guarantees you the best price when selling your wines.
  • iDealwine has experience selling wines from all over the world, with more than 150,000 bottles coming through our platform every year. Our work is solely dedicated to selling wines, our only profession and speciality in the past 20 years.
  • How And Where To Sell Your Rare Vintage Wine

    by John Mark | Jun 5, 2018 | Selling Wine

    Wine has long been considered a fine drink for people from all walks of life from the common man to the noble classes.; People have been consuming wine since ancient times and it has been an important part of many different cultures.; It is no wonder that there are many connoisseurs of fine wines who love discovering and tasting new wines, and even collecting them in their own cellars.; Allowing a fine wine to age properly in a cellar will improve its taste, quality, and value over time.

    Many people start collecting wine because they are hobbyists or connoisseurs who love the idea of having a cellar stocked with the finest wines.; Like with any collection, many wine collectors will eventually reach a point in which they wish to sell some or all of their wine collection, ideally for a profit.; Collecting the right types of wines and allowing them to age properly in a cellar can greatly increase their value so that they earn a profit when sold.; However, selling rare and vintage wines that you have collected over the years is not a simple process.

    If you have decided to sell all or some of your wine collection, the following guide will help you determine the best time to sell your wine, the value of your wine, and the best buyer for your wine so you can get the most profit for your collection.

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    Options For Selling Your Wine Collection

    There are many ways to sell a wine cellar from a live auction to eBay. You want to make the most money you can. But you also want to deal with someone you can trust.;

    Traditionally, auctions were the place to sell fine wine. Some collectors sold single bottles while others sold entire collections. Today you can:

    • Sell an entire collection to one buyer such as an auction house, a broker or a private individual. This might be simple, taking less time and effort on your part, but it can be costly.
    • Sell individual bottles. This takes a lot of time and effort for very uncertain returns. You can sell individual bottles through local shops or online. Beware though that you are following local liquor laws. Typically, you must be licensed by the state and federal government to sell alcohol.
    • Sell to a local wine shop. Some shops will take collections only of a certain size or a certain type of wine. This option can also take a lot of time and effort. You may not get the results you want.
    • Sell via social media secret groups or through a local wine club. These take time to build relationships and gain access to buyers. Trust can be an issue here.;
    • Find a reputable and knowledgeable buyer. Someone who will give you their full personal attention. They will take control of the entire process, making it quick and easy for you.;

    Where To Find Them

    Where Can I Sell My Rare Bottle Of Kings Ransom Scotch? It ...

    Its never been easier to look up fine wine reviews, or compare prices, in the internet age.

    However, if that dusty-looking bottle of Petrus 1959 for £25 looks too good to be true, thats because it is. Check the source of the wine carefully, and stick to reputable merchants, retailers and auction houses as far as possible.

    Once youve checked for recent reviews of wines, or looked at vintage charts, tools like Wine-Searcher and Vivino can help with an initial look at prices and availability.

    Check pricing directly with specific merchants and retailers, though, and make sure you know if the wine is available in bond or with duty and sales tax already included in the price tag.

    There are also several fine wine trading exchanges that allow collectors to buy and sell wine, including Berry Bros BBX, BI Fine Wine Spirits LiveTrade and Wine Owners, among others. BBX, for example, allows you to buy wine from private collectors who are storing their bottles with Berry Bros.

    Sign up to email alerts with the major merchants and auction houses, where you can often track specific wines or vintages.

    If youve got a favourite winery, why not join its mailing list, too? Some also have membership schemes, and thats where youre most likely to find library vintage releases coming direct from the estate.

    Sometimes, the old methods are also the best, so think about picking up the phone.

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    Straight Wine Purchase Stores


    One of the most famous, renowned and largest wine stores in San Francisco, K&L buys wine directly and also has wine auctions as well. Since theyre so big and well respected they claim they can offer more to wine sellers than others. K&L also offers auction services with a 0% sellers commission if youre willing to accept store credit. Link

    East Coast Wine Buyers

    New York based ECWB has been buying wine and spirit collections for over a decade and has a full national reach. A well respected buyer of vintage wines, ECWB provides fair upfront offers;with;no hidden fees or charges and replies to all inquiries within 24 hours. There is no minimum quantity/value for inquiries and they encourage all collectors to reach out for a valuation. Link

    Falcon Vintners

    This UK based is a highly distinguished purveyor of fine wine specializing in supplying its clients with some of the world’s best fine and rare wines. While they deal in all major regions theyve reach high acclaim for mastering the Italian fine wine segment. They provide straight cash purchases and brokerage services. Link

    Veritas Wine Buyers

    Located in Westchester County, NY,;but buying wine from all of the U.S. they promise high prices, simple process and quick payments. Veritas purchases entire collections and does not cherry pick. They encourage collectors to just;reach-out and get valuations.;;;Link

    Epic Cellars
    Maison du Prix

    What Would You Pay Me For My Wines

    Your bespoke offer will be emailed within 24 hours. If your goods are stored at home rather than a bonded warehouse you will receive a further email asking for your location so that we can put together the perfect logistics solution for you and your wines.

    Once you receive your email offer, if you have a slightly better offer elsewhere don’t forget we have a price beat guarantee.

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    How Can I Sell My Vintage Wine

    ByKevin Preble;;|;;Submitted On July 05, 2010

    A good vintage wine sells for premium prices; however, this does not mean that older wines necessarily command a better price. The reason is that some vintages are recognized universally as being better than others, depending on the year that the grapes used in making the wine were harvested. If the grapes were harvested in those years with optimal growing conditions, they will most likely be sold at a higher price than those that were harvested in years with less optimal growing conditions.

    The storage conditions that affect the storage of one’s wine should also be taken into consideration. If the wine is maintained at the proper temperature and in a humidity controlled environment such as a wine cellar, the value may increase. Of course, the type of wine being appraised is also important since not all wines will benefit from careful aging. Most wines are best served immediately, save those few notable wines that age well. Experts estimate that only about one percent of all wines have the ability to improve for more than a decade or so. The right balance of sugars, acidity and tannins are usually the factors that make wine suitable for aging.

    How To Determine The Value Of Your Vintage Wine

    Vintage Shabby Chic Wine Decanter & Bottle – Silent Auction **OPEN**

    Once you have decided which of your wine bottles you want to sell, you must then determine the value of each bottle.; There are two types of values attributed to vintage wines, inherent value and real value.; The inherent value of a bottle of wine is determined by how it was produced, where the grapes were grown, its classification, and the reputation and techniques of the maker.; The real value is determined by its life after bottling, including how it has been stored and the number of different owners it has had.; Wine bottles high in both inherent and real value bring the best prices.

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    How Does The Wine Auction Work

    The auction house will let you know the approximate date of the auction and the bidding process.;Typically the auction happens at a location where people can attend in person, and online bidding happens concurrently.;

    Prior to the auction, your wines are featured on social media, in newsletters, and through other promotional channels to get the word out about an upcoming auction.;These promotions may occur anywhere from one month or one week prior to the auction.

    The auction house will advise which wines should be sold individually, which should be sold as a pair or set, and which should be presented as a vertical . These decisions are based upon the experience of the seller and their understanding of what people buy.;In our experience, we have sold wines as individual bottles, as a set of three identical bottles, and as a vertical of three or five wines .

    Each auction house sells a little differently. However, there are similar patterns.;The auction may start with vintage Champagne, then go to white Burgundy, and then to collectible German Rieslings. From there, they may go to red Burgundy and Bordeaux before switching over to collectible New World wines

    Each wine is presented. If the auction is online, you can watch each wine get bid on and sold! Exciting stuff for wine enthusiasts!

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