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What Kind Of Wine Goes With Salmon

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Wine Pairing With Salmon Sushi

Wine Pairing with Salmon (ENJOY THE PERFECT MATCH)

Salmon served raw in Japanese preparations, such as sushi, sashimi or nigiri, go best with light-bodied, crisp wines that are slightly chilled. For example, the bright citrus flavors and minerality of a Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre will match the freshness and delicacy of the fish, further emphasizing these qualities. This crisp and fresh style of wine will also match salmon recipes with lemon and fresh herbs . Or, choose a rosé wine from Cotes de Provence, a perfect match to raw salmon in both color and flavor.

Wine Pairing With Lacquered Salmon

Finally, a slow-roasted salmon lacquered in a slightly sweet, sour and umami glaze of soy or miso will go nicely with a bolder style of rosé or a Pinot Gris from Alsace. If the glaze contains ginger, maple, molasses, brown sugar or warm autumn spices, we recommend pairing with an aromatic white wine like a Gewürztraminer, whose tropical fruit and gingerbread flavors will match those of the lacquer perfectly.

As with any food, and especially an ingredient as highly versatile as salmon, the perfect wine pairing will depend largely on cooking style and seasoning. A salty, cured salmon on toast will have little in common with a flaky and delicate poached salmon filet and even less with a slow-roasted salmon steak lacquered with a ginger and soy glaze. So, it only makes sense that the wines pairing to these dishes also be vastly different. And while some wine pairings with salmon emphasize the congruent nature of the wine and dish , others work well precisely because of the balance achieved by the contrasting nature of the two . Salmon is one of our favorite ingredients for wine pairing, whose versatility makes it an excellent choice for training your palate.

Salmon And Wine Pairing Tips

As you know, salmon is a versatile fish. There are infinite ways to cook salmon, depending on your preferences. The same goes when it comes to pairing your salmon dishes with wine. You again have countless options, ranging from reds to whites, to rosés, and even sparkling wines. So today, were talking about how to choose the right wine for your salmon dish. Well share a few general wine pairing rules to live by plus a couple of examples of salmon dishes and wine pairings. We also recommend the freshest salmon for your wine pairing, Oshen Salmon.

Keep in mind, this post is a general guide for salmon and wine pairing. Were hoping youll feel totally empowered to choose the right wine when youre eating salmon. That being said, true wine pairing is an art. So we always recommend asking the chef or even your butcher what kind of wine they recommend with the dish youre preparing.

Lets get into it.

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Smoked Salmon Wine Pairing

If youâre gearing up for some smoked salmon, there are several wine pairings at your disposal. One of the most popular is Blanc de blancs champagne, a type of Chardonnay.

Any Chardonnay is going to have a medium-to-full mouthfeel, moderate acidity and tannins, and higher level of dryness. The Blanc de blancs variety offers more of a salty, bready, minerality that complements smoked meats incredibly well.

Another great selection is a manzanilla Sherry, which is an additional dry white wine that is made in Spain. The manzanilla is a low acid wine that offers floral aromas and botanical flavors, like almond and chamomile.

Pairing Wine With Crispy Skin Salmon

What Wine to Pair with Salmon at Pier Market on PIER 39

Theres nothing like putting skin in the game, especially when youve picked seared salmon skin with a top notch wine pairing. When I think of salmon with crispy skin, I think of heat-kissed flesh that tastes and almost melts like butter. Since no one is skimping on the cut of fish, theres no point in skimping on the wine. Keep the match full-throttle with the Kendall-Jackson Stature Chardonnay. If red is where its at for you, snatch a bottle of Jackson Estate Outland Ridge Pinot Noir for its forest floor and briar tones that align nicely with the savory tones of the salmon skin.

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What Wine Goes With Salmon Well It Depends

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Most of the mail I get from readers is pretty straightforward . There are times, however, when the most innocuous-sounding letter somehow requires a complex answer. I got such a letter recently, which read simply What wine goes with salmon?

I began my answer with, It depends on the preparation”–admittedly, a bit of a cop-out. But there is truth to it, and I have the recipes and experiences to prove it. Because of its versatility, salmon does not belong soley to any one wine type or style. Instead, the way one pairs wine with salmon is by paying attention to the preparation, not the fish itself.

A favorite dish in our house is salmon poached in parchment with garden herbs, tangy vegetables and white wine. With a preparation like this, I prefer a vibrant, fruity Sauvignon Blanc that leans toward the herbal side of the spectrum. Something like the $** 2000 Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc . This lively, citrusy, peachy and lightly grassy wine is seductive enough in its own right, but even better with tangy dishes.

I also like the $* 2000 Benziger Family Winery Fume Blanc , which is reminiscent of the Ferrari-Carano in its light grassiness, but may be a bit less forward. A bit of restraint is sometimes welcome when the fruitiness of the wine might clash with the subtler flavors of the dish.

Even Cabernet Sauvignon can work, as long as it is very rich and not too tannic. Id recommend ** 1997 Beaulieu Vineyards Tapestry a Cabernet-based wine of great depth.


Best Wine With Salmon In 2021

Wine and food are one of the greatest combinations ever, and there are tons of advice and usual pairings that people around the world love and adore. Steaks, chicken, fish, pasta and pizza are almost exclusively eaten with a glass of good wine at your side.

Regarding the aforementioned fish, salmon is perhaps the most well-known, famous, and useful fish to prepare and eat. In many ways, it is the chicken of the fish world, meaning that this ingredient can be served in dozens of different ways. Naturally then, there are numerous wines that go with each of these special salmon recipes.

That being said, salmon is a rich fish that is often served with cream or butter. This makes it the perfect candidate to pair with a medium to full-bodied white wines like chardonnay wines. However, these days, salmon is often served raw or grilled, and this opens the doors to many other wine pairings many are not familiar with. With this in mind, we prepared ten best salmon and wine pairings for you here. Keep reading to learn more about them.

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Wine Pairing With Blackened Or Spicy Salmon

A pan-seared blackened salmon, sporting a crispy crust of spices, like cayenne and black pepper, tend to have a spicy, smoky flavor which are balanced beautifully by equally spicy, though still light-bodied, red wines. For the perfect pairing, try a Zinfandel from California or a Grenache-based wine from the southern Rhone Valley. Another way to handle a spicy salmon recipe is by making it harmonize with a contrasting flavor, such as the ripe stone fruit of an off-dry Riesling from Germany. The slight hint of sweetness in a glass of off-dry Riesling will soothe the spice in dishes like a tandoori salmon or an oven-baked salmon with a sriracha sauce.

Best With Blackened Salmon: Bedrock Wine Company Old Vine Zinfandel 2018

What Red Wine Pairs with Salmon?

Seasoned, most likely, with a combination of paprika, garlic, cayenne, and oregano and then seared until a dark and crisp crust is formed, the blackened salmon is a versatile dish. The bold, nuanced flavors in the Bedrock Zinfandel are a wonderful match for the rich and flavorful blackened salmon. Full-bodied, wonderfully balanced with extensive notes of spice and black pepper, this zinfandel features a silky texture balanced with grippy acidity and an ample personality.

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Does Red Wine Pair With Salmon

Many people think that fish, as a white meat, can only be paired with white wine, but as we have seen, there are also some really great red wine pairings for salmon. Farmed Atlantic salmon tends to be fattier than wild caught, and this lends itself well to the bolder flavours of a red wine. As a general rule, the heartier and more steak-like the salmon dish, the better it will work with red wine.

When it comes to selecting your wine, lighter-bodied reds are best. Salmon may be richer than most fish, but it is still a white meat, and bold, full-bodied reds will overwhelm your dish. High-tannin wines should also be avoided for the same reason.

To find out more about one of the worlds favourite fish, why not take a look at some of the numbers behind salmon?


Rose Wine With Salmon

Rose wines are a no-brainer when it comes to Salmon and wine pairings. This Wine is a combination of mineral character, red fruits, and acidity that creates a balanced flavor with the Salmon.

Rose wine is a popular pairing for Salmon because it provides the strength of both white and red wine profiles.

Add some bubbles in sparkling Wine or brut rose champagne for an elegant wine and salmon experience. The acidity of the rose wine cuts through the fattiness of the Salmon.

The fruity flavor and right amount of sharpness of this Wine are great for a wide variety of Salmon and Wine pairings preferences.

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Roasted Salmon Accompanied By Cream Sauce

Roasting or poaching salmon with a creamy sauce to go with is one of the classic ways to prepare this tasty and rich fish. The creamy, herbal, and lemony sauce goes well with the tender meat. Some examples of the sauce include cream sauce of lemon dill, béarnaise, cucumber and dill yogurt sauce or creamy caper and horseradish sauce.

Pair with the following wines:

  • Sémillon from Australia
  • Sauvignon Blanc from a warm climate such as the Napa Sauvignon Blanc
  • Grüner Veltliner
  • Trebbiano blend
  • Gewürztraminer

Seared Or Grilled Salmon

What Wine to Pair with Salmon at Pier Market on PIER 39

Remember what we said in the introduction? This is where things become a bit different. Since salmon is a very meaty fish if you grill it or char it, you should pair the meal with a glass of red wine. Pinot Noir is generally a fan favorite, but a Gamay will not disappoint you either. If you still want to go with white wine, try a dry Pinot Gris.

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Pairing Wines With Plain Cooked Salmon

Cooking salmon in a roasting pan with little else than a small amount of butter or oil of your choice and some salt and pepper creates a dish that is soft and delicate in texture and taste. You can achieve a firmer texture by using a filet that is steak-like with the result being a flakier texture.

Recommended Pairings:

Loire River Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Best With Smoked Salmon: Lucien Albrecht Cremant D’alsace Brut Rose

Smoked salmon, capers onions, eggs, and cream cheese on a bagel, scream brunch to me. And that means sparkling wine, says Justin Trabue, assistant winemaker at Lumen Wines. The pronounced flavors in smoked salmon benefit from a pairing with a wine with a bold acidity. The Lucien Albrecht Cremant Brut Rosé is dry with mineral tones and a crisp acidity. Bursting with flavors and aromas of berries, the wine is an excellent conversation wine.

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Pair A Wine You Love With Salmon

Wine pairings are also a matter of personal preference. While a certain white wine may be best suited to your meal, you may prefer to drink red wines. Your taste preferences are just as important as any other factor. There are several factors that can affect what wine goes best with salmon, but you can’t go wrong if you choose a bottle that stands up to the strong flavor of the fish without overpowering it.

The Best White Wine Pairing With Salmon

How to Pair Wine With Cedar Plank Salmon : Food & Wine Pairing

White wine has always been the go-to wine for fish. As a general rule, white wines tend to handle the sauces and seasonings that are used with salmon preparation. Chardonnays are usually the choice varietal. It is a full-bodied wine. A sure bet, so to speak!

Chardonnay that is aged in oak barrels tend to have a texture that is smooth and rich. That is a good combination for pairing with the salmons fatty nature. You might try a White Rioja, a California Chablis, a Viognier or even a White Pinot Noir.

There are a few exceptions to this pairing. Some of the sauces contain fresh herbs like dill or French savory. Some tend to focus on citrus flavors. If this is the case than a Sauvignon Blanc would be better. This wine has mineral tones with complementary herbaceous and citrus flavors that goes well with these types of sauces.

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Wine Pairing With Grilled Salmon

In general, salmon is quite a meaty fish, and – as such – certain preparations will go nicely with a lighter-bodied red wine. For a salmon grilled over charcoal or wood, the classic wine pairing is a Pinot Noir from Oregon. The bright cherry aromas and earthy nuances of this grape variety will marry perfectly with the charred, caramelized salmon, while its high natural acidity will combat any excess oiliness. Another good match is a Gamay from a Beaujolais Cru , whose very light tannins will not overpower the texture of the fish. Grilled salmon will also be delicious with a fuller-bodied white, like a Viognier from Condrieu, whose voluptuous, slightly oily texture will be congruent with the texture of the fish, thus further enhancing these qualities of our star ingredient.

Wines To Pair With Grilled Salmon

Salmon, a luscious fish, pairs well with both richer whites and lighter reds. While fish and oaky wines tend to clash, the grilled flavor can actually work well with lightly oaked wines.

Salmon, a luscious fish, pairs well with both richer whites and lighter reds. While fish and oaky wines tend to clash, the grilled flavor can actually work well with lightly oaked wines.

Pinot GrisIn the US, Pinot Gris grows well in Oregon, and salmon is a huge part of the food culture in the Pacific Northwest, so its almost no surprise that this pairing works well. Pinot Griss pear, stone fruit and sometimes tropical flavors and the wines rich textures are great with salmon dishes that have gingery flavors or mustardy glazes. You can also try Pinot Gris if the fish is served with a salad as an accompaniment.

Fruity RoséThe juicy, melony style of rosé thats common in California is a terrific match for many types of grilled foods, and salmon is no exception. They work especially well with salmon dishes that include cooked tomatoes or olives, or with grilled salmon tacos.

Pinot NoirOregon Pinot Noir and grilled salmon is a New World classic pairing. The wines cherry fruit and light spice elements are terrific when the fish is grilled over charcoal or hard wood. Pop open Oregon Pinot Noir when a grilled salmon dish has deeply savory elements, like mushrooms, soy sauce or bacon.

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Glazed Salmon With Wine

Glazed Salmon is usually prepared with sweet sauces. A common variety of this dish is Teriyaki Glazed Salmon.

You can expect the Salmon to be steak-like with a hint of sweetness. Great wines for this Salmon preparation include Dry Riesling, Lambrusco, Bolder Rose Wines, White Pinot Noir, and Torrontes.

Best Wine To Pair With Grilled Salmon

A Guide to Wine Pairing with Salmon asked our panel of wine experts to suggest a great wine to pair with grilled salmon. While pinot noir seemed to rule the roost as a common favorite, chardonnay proved that wine pairing is beholden to the variances of the human palate as we had strong recommendations both for and against chardonnay.

Grilled salmon is one of my favorite dishes. I generally prepare it at least once a week. I like to serve it on a bed of arugula, tomato, mushrooms and avocado, with a light balsamic dressing. Pinot Noir is the ideal pairing with grilled salmonthe light red fruits and earthy, savory nature of a good Pinot are a perfect counterpoint to the rich, slightly sweet and savory pink meat of the salmon. Since salmon is an oily fish, a Pinot with at least medium acidity helps to cut through and balance the dishs oiliness. A red Burgundy is my go-to pairing, as they have not only the acidity but also the earthiness I want in an ideal match up. Some minerally, lower alcohol, cool climate, less fruity domestic Pinots will work as wellespecially Oregon Pinots.

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