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Delta Trask Champagne Bronze

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Delta Faucet Bronze Tones Champagne Bronze

How To Clean a Delta® Faucet
  • $75.71 – $113.44

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Champagne Bronze Kitchen Faucets

Browse Delta’s collection of faucets with Champagne Bronze finish

Browse Delta’s collection of faucets with Champagne Bronze finish

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    Why I Chose Deltas Pull

    So, I fell in love with the idea of a touch-operated kitchen faucet and the most reasonable option I found for this was from Delta. I also liked the style of Deltas Trinsic collection and the shade of gold that it came in. To me, Delta felt like a familiar and reputable brand name that was well-made but not over the top. Delta also made soap dispensers and bar faucets in this same color, so I was sold. I chose Deltas Trinsic Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Touch20 in Champagne Bronze.

    Once I knew what I wanted, making the purchase was the next step. I needed to get the faucet from an authorized supplier. I didnt have the option of buying it straight from Deltas website. Why?! Because the faucet supply industry enjoys a very high margin on faucets. If consumers could purchase them directly then this high margin would be driven down.

    The company we were working with to reface our kitchen cabinets offered to buy the faucet for me and pass through the costs without a markup. In this case, the Delta faucet cost us $630.

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    Matching Soap Dispenser & Bar Faucet

    The matching soap and bar faucet turned out to be an interesting journey of its own. I actually had no idea if the soap dispenser was part of the same Delta Trinsic collection. It looks close enough, so I bought it through our cabinet refinisher and it cost us $58.44. Im happy to report it looks great and is easy to fill from the top. No climbing under the sink necessary!

    The bar faucet is another story. I originally bought Deltas Trinsic Bar/ Prep Faucet to match the main faucet, but it didnt work out. The faucet included hot and cold water connections, but the water filter I bought required the filter to connect to cold water only. So I had to return it. At this point I was freaking out, having chosen a faucet, soap dispenser and cabinet hardware all in the same matching color. Luckily, Delta makes other bar faucets in the same Champagne Bronze color. I found one that looked close enough to the Trinsic collection called Transitional Beverage Faucet and features a cold water connection only. Truth be told, the slight difference in style really doesnt bother me at all. Im just glad they are the same color!

    PS: If youre curious about which reverse osmosis water filter I bought, its this one from APEC. The system is huge and takes up a lot of space under the sink due to the 6 stage process, but it tastes delicious and Im glad I added it!

    Faucet Features To Consider

    Delta Trask Champagne Bronze 1

    There are a lot of features to consider when picking out your kitchen faucet. Heres what I mulled over:

    Height: You may want to measure your sink area heigh, keeping an eye out for windowsills, shelves, or cabinets. I found that for me, 16 high was a perfect faucet height without looking too small or too large.

    Technology: Yup, smart faucets now exist. Some faucets come with the ability to be turned on and off to the touch. This comes in handy for dirty hands or cooking with raw meat. If you wanna go more extra, voice command is also an option for your faucet.

    Style: Of course youre gonna consider what it looks like! Theres everything from antique farmhouse faucets, modern transitional options, or super sleek futuristic faucets. I wanted something modern and timeless but not too chic.

    Pull-Down: Do you want the option to pull out the end of the faucet to pressure clean dishes or clean hard to reach parts of your sink? Probably. Then a pull-down faucet is a must! The good news is most new kitchen faucets come with this pull-down feature.

    Water Filter/ Bar Faucet: Does your counter have a built-in water filter faucet? If so, then youre going to need to find a collection that offers a kitchen faucet and a bar faucet. I knew I wanted to add a reverse osmosis water system under my sink so finding a matching bar faucet was high on my priority list.

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    The Great Faucet Part Debate

    When I began researching faucets I learned that there is a WIIIIDE range of kitchen faucet price points. You can find cute faucets on Amazon for $60 or in a showroom for $1,500. If you do some internet digging, youll find out that many people believe that faucets bought from Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowes have inferior parts in them compared to the same models purchased by authorized suppliers. These inferior faucets claim to be made of plastic inside instead of copper or other real metals.

    I had never heard of such a thing before! The same faucet from different stores could be made from DIFFERENT parts? Huh?! I asked my interior decorator friend Jan about this, and she confirmed this internet myth to be true. Later on, my plumber commented on this to me as well. After talking to Jan, I had no choice but to shell out a lot more money for a faucet than I was intending to.

    Champagne Bronze Kitchen Faucet

    Are you sick and tired of having to deal with bulky water filtering pitchers? Well, with the Kraus 2-in-1 Commercial Bronze Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer, separate water filters are a thing of the past.

    With the Kraus 2-in-1 model, filtered water is available from the same faucet as regular tap waterno need for a separate drinking water faucet. Designed with independent water lines within the same faucet, fresh drinking water is more accessible than ever. The Kraus system is compatible with any non-air under-counter water filtration system, including the Kraus Purita model.

    The eco-friendly design prevents cross-contamination and provides clean, fresh water on demand, reducing the need for plastic water bottles. The taps all-in-one handle controls both the flow of tap water and filtered water, perfect for saving space and boosting functionality.

    Not only is the Kraus Commercial Bronze Kitchen Faucet practical, it is speedy too! With a flow speed of 1.8 gallons per minute for tap water and 1 gallon per minute for filtered water, it is quicker than ever to fill up, wash, or rinse.

    The design is meant to be as easy as possible to care for. We loved the high arch of the faucet, which makes it easy to fill large pitchers or pots, and the easy-clean design makes it quick and simple to keep the tap clean. The beautiful champagne bronze finish prevents residue and water spotting.

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    The Perfect Champagne Bronze Kitchen Faucet For You

    With so many amazing kitchen faucets available today, the hardest part of choosing your next faucet is narrowing down the options! From the timeless look of the Arofa to the high-tech champagne bronze Delta kitchen faucet variety, there is sure to be a great faucet for you.

    Now, its time to pick the best champagne bronze kitchen faucet for your home! For more amazing product reviews, check out our home & living page.

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