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How To Make Glasses Out Of Wine Bottles

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How To Make Glasses From Old Soda And Wine Bottles

How to Make Wine Bottle Glasses

Recycling is an effort that many of us make — we make sure to deposit our glass bottles, aluminum and plastic in the correct receptacles because we want to know we’re helping out the environment. But recycling doesn’t have to be all serious. That’s why the term “upcycling” was invented. Upcycling is when you take an item that you would otherwise throw away and turn it into an art piece or a functioning object that can be reused. If you’ve ever picked up a wine, soda or beer bottle and thought for a moment about its beauty and what it took to make it, then you might be interested in turning that bottle into a vase or a drinking glass. We’ve discovered a great tool that helps you do just that.

How To Cut Wine Bottles

Our favorite tutorial is via this real brides step-by-step instruction via Weddingbee. She was inspired by the picture on the left; her recreation is shown on the right.

We think she did a beautiful job! The best part? Her wedding scheme is gold and green and she was able to incorporate the colors into her wine bottle holders. The bonus? She worked on it with her fiancee, a great DIY idea for date night.

To make them, she gathered old bottles donated by family and friends and removed the labels. To remove the labels, just use water, razor blades and goo gone to remove the sticky residue. She mentions having a few extra bottles just in case, as a few of hers cracked or split while she was making them. After the labels were removed, she cut the bottles herself with instructions from this terrific video by Dan Rojas entitled how to cut wine bottles in 30 seconds. Then, she cut the bottoms with a cutting tool and boiling water. She does a terrific job explaining the entire how-to, so find out the full tutorial here. Tip: She makes an important note about safety: once the candle is burning, the top of the bottle will get extremely hot. So, please dont touch + be sure to keep away from children and pets.

How To Make Lamps Out Of Wine Bottles

Especially during the holiday seasons, we receive this question How to make lamps out of wine bottles about drilling holes in glass bottles for various decoration projects.

Diamond drill bit is the tool for this task.; You can drill holes in glass bottles to make lamps.

Some of the older instructions on the internet talk about using regular drill bits or carbide drill bits for glass but they were probably written before the new technology diamond drill bits were available to DIY people. For more information and instructions on how to use diamond drill bits, please visit our instructions page.

We have had many previous clients post images of their projects and they are mostly first-time drillers.

If you practice safety and patience, this can be a project for novice users.

Here are some of our safety points when drilling holes in glass bottles:

  • Practice on some junk bottles before doing your actual projects.
  • Wear safety goggles and protective thick gloves.
  • Do NOT push the drill bit too hard, let it grind and to the work.
  • Once again, be patient and go slow.
  • Use water as a coolant be extra careful with water if you are using an electric drill.

We recommend drilling on the side of the bottle instead of the bottom. Bottoms are extra thick for drilling.

Tools and Materials

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How To Build A Pathway From Recycled Wine Bottles

Every year millions of glass bottles are produced for packaging wine. A major part of these glasses are recycled to produce glass bottle further. You may not know but glass bottles we use today might have produced from 10 to 20 years old glass material. However, a part of glass bottles still remain out of recycling. They are mainly sent to land filling sites in dump yards. This is sad considering the amount of energy and raw material used in producing those bottles.

However, you may make a change. Here is a DIY project on how to reuse wine bottle to build a temporary pathway. You can build such temporary paths anywhere you want, within your compound or any place within your complex. As the path would be temporary in nature you wonât need to bother about formal permission from authority. Anytime this pathway can be done away with if required. This pathway would not only allow you to reuse empty wine bottles but also give your landscape an interesting look. So letâs start learning.

Difficulty level


Time required

Time requirement here depends on the length of the pathway and how many helping hands you are getting. Prefer taking help of others as a bit of digging needs to be done. Outside help for digging would save yours time and physical pain. Except digging other things you can do yourself easily.

Resource Requires

You would require material as such

1) Bricks or stone for building steps

2) Sand

3) Pebbles or grit stone

Diy: Drinking Glasses Out Of Recycled Wine Bottles

How to Make BEER Bottle Wine Glasses

The time we spent volunteering at Palmar Tent Lodge went a little like this:

Wake up, go for a stroll, bartend/greet new guests, enjoy the sun, talk to Bob the parrot, and in between these tasks, wed do some awesome DIY projects for the lodge. One of my favorites was making new drinking glasses for the bar. Since its a small island, there were few places to buy decent drinking glasses, and whats more fun than making your own?!


Collect awesome bottles! Then you soak them in water for a few days so the label will come off easily. You CAN speed it up by soaking them in boiling water, but some of the stickiness may remain on the bottle depending on the label.

Tip: Its VERY important to remove ALL of the stickiness/glue and label before you begin. Otherwise it will affect the quality of the cut on the glass.


Kristin found a simple and extremely efficient glass cutter;on Amazon that creates a thin hairline scratch around the circumference of the bottle.

You begin by keeping the bottom of the bottle flat on whatever surface youre working on and keeping it level so the cut is even. Then steadily turn the bottle while pressing the cutter into the glass, stopping once you complete the cut all the way around.

Tip: Do NOT reinforce the cut. Once you get all the way across once, STOP.


You create two water baths. One has to be boiling water and the other is an ice bath



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How To Make Wine Bottle Candles

·Stephanie Pollard·

A few years ago, my sister-in-law gifted me a set of the most gorgeous drinking glasses made from old wine bottles. Because they were upcycled from what I can only assume were recycled bottles, they came in all different colors and sizes, and had a touch of handmade charm to them. Needless to say Ive been obsessed with them ever since.

Then I learned a few months ago that you can actually make them yourself and turn them into candles. Not only do I often have a plethora of old wine bottles lying around, but Im always looking for good DIY gift ideas for the holidays, and well, these babies live up to my high DIY standards. Heres how to put those old bottles to use and make wine bottle candlesjust in time for the holidays.

Good Beginnings Make Efficient Work

As you start to make drinking glasses, candle holders, carafes and other items from wine, beer and liquor bottles; you need to remember that one of the most important steps in the process is the initial cut or break on the bottle. If your initial cut is full of deep chips or large chunks have broken out of the bottle from the cut, then you’re going to spend an inordinately longer amount of time on the grinding process which will wear down your disks prematurely and cause the whole process to be inefficient. With cutting and grinding wine bottles, the biggest target is efficiency. The faster and more consistent you can make the glasses, the more income you can receive from them. To that end, we recommend using the Husqvarna Superlok Glass+ blades for the initial cut on your bottles. They are a fine grit diamond blade specifically for cutting glass material with little to no edge chipping involved.

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What Do You Need To Cut A Glass Bottle

  • I previously used the Generation Green g2.
  • Both models work, and Im sure other glass cutter rigs work, too.
  • A pot or electric kettlein which to boil water
  • Safety glasses
  • Cut resistant gloves. Optional, but a good idea! The Home Pro Shop glass cutter comes with a pair. This gardening blog has a great post on the best cut resistant gardening gloves that are helpful for working with glass.
  • A large bowl to hold ice water . Ive found you can frequently use cold tap water, but you can also use an ice bath.
  • Types Of Wine Bottle Glasses

    How to Turn Wine Bottles into Drinking Glasses

    There are many different types of wine bottle glasses. As making glasses from recycled wine bottles is a specialist craft, most are individually made by craftspeople. This means that most wine bottle glasses are one-of-a-kind works of art. Even when a set of glasses is made, as each one is hand cut and reformed, there will be slight differences. This is part of the charm of these glasses and of handcrafted goods in general.

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    How To Make Glasses Out Of Beer Bottles

    One of the sexiest logos in the beer world has to be Corona beer. Transforming these beer bottles into drinking glasses is possible, you just need to follow our instructions. Be careful when doing it as you’ll need to work with fire to cut the bottle.

    The first thing you need to do is get all the objects you need to do these original glasses. To do them you need:

    • Wool string
    • Gloves

    Fill your kitchen sink with cold water and ice. The process of cutting glass will be done on cold water.

    Now, get the bottle of Corona and make sure it’s empty, clean and dry

    Any bottle will work as long as it is empty and made of glass.

    You must get the wool string and wrap it around the bottle strongly five or six times . Wrap the string in the area where you want the bottle to be cut to make the glass.

    After, take the wool string and soak it in nail polish. To do so, you can put the nail polish in a glass and then soak the wool in it. Once the wool string is completely soaked you can put it back on the bottle where it was previously.

    Now is the moment when you’ll be cutting the bottle. Be careful because this part can be quite complicated. First of all you should put on gloves, to avoid any burns or cuts.

    Fill your kitchen sink with water and ice and do all this procedure on top of the sink. Get the beer bottle by the neck and hold a kitchen lighter on the other hand. It is important that you use a kitchen lighter since these have a longer neck. Do not use a normal lighter or you could burn.

    Diy Glasses Made From Wine Bottles

    This tutorial shows you how to make drinking glasses and fancy barware from recycled wine bottles. The process is easier than you think and you can create unique gifts while repurposing beautiful wine bottles.

    A few years ago, I bought my nephew and his lovely girlfriend, some glasses made from wine bottles,;at;an Etsy store. I’ve been;dying to make some ever since.

    So after a little trial and error, I did it.;

    I had been gathering bottles for a couple of months. One thing I wish I had done right away was to remove the labels. This was truly the hardest and most frustrating part of the project.

    I’ll save you some trouble. Use turpentine, it was the only thing that worked well for me.

    This post contains some affiliate links i.e. as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. .

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    Determine Where To Cut And Adjust Your Bottle Cutter

    The positioning of the bottle art will determine where to make your cut. Art positioned further away from the neck will afford you a greater range of cutting possibilities, opening up the option to make a cut based on volumetric measurements — such as creating an actual pint glass . I’m going to disregard the final volume of each glass to maximize the cup’s aesthetics.Adjust your bottle cutter to the desired position of your cut; this step varies by glass cutter manufacturer, but should be easy to figure out . It is important that the cutting blade be perpendicular to the cutting surface. In other words, if you’re cutting on a curved portion of the glass, your blade should intersect the glass at a point that would best form a 90-degree angle to the curve of the glass.

    What You Can Create With Cut Glass Bottles:

    Check out these cool new glasses from Cardinal made from ...

    Here are some ideas about what you can create with them:

    • Amazing chandeliers cut the bottom of a glass bottle and fasten it to a piece of wood or metal, or suspend them with a DIY chandelier light kits.
    • Lights just cut the bottom of the bottle, pass through the electrical cords and pieces to hold the bottle in place, secure, and adjust to different lengths.
    • A table lamp with larger decorative glass bottles. To build it, remove the lower part to pass the cable and adjust a cloth hat in the neck of the bottle.

    But dont stop there! Do the same with antique glass decanters that you can find at used stores and even yard sales. Create this budget-friendly, romantic, and stunning chandelier for less than $40. ;You can also construct an old fan following the instructions found in the suspension or found;here:;chains like.

    Want other ways to cut glass bottles? There are several other techniques to cut glass bottles , but the one presented here with the cotton twine and acetone has been the safest and fastest for us!

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    Glass Bottle Mosaic Tower

    Old Glass Bottle Decorated with Stained Glass Cobbles

    This old bottle was a fun find. 16″ tall it reminds me of a tower thus it’s name! I used Mixed Gold Cobbs and spaced the pieces far enough away from each other to give it a more dramatic look. I used about 7 to 8 ounces of glass. It is really an eye-catcher, great decorator piece.

    Diy Wine Bottle Glasses

    I rarely buy drinking glasses for our home. Most of the ones that we have are almost ancient and whenever I want to have new ones, I look for a DIY project that can help me out. If you remember a post that we did before on how to make beer bottle glasses, Im sure wine drinkers like myself would love this craft project on how to make wine bottle glasses. So if you have a stash of empty wine bottles sitting around just waiting to be recycled or upcycled, try this your skills in cutting wine bottles.

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    Make It Soft On Your Lips

    Once you have ground down the rim on a glass, the edge will no longer be able to cut you. It may feel very sharp as you grind it further and further down, but it’s no longer broken or cut glass and it won’t cut it. That doesn’t mean that it won’t feel odd on your finger and especially on your lips if you try to drink out of it. For drinking glasses, you’ll need to make a small interior and exterior bevel on your glass so it feels more comfortable on your lips when you drink out of it. We offer two methods for creating this bevel: our resin diamond smoothing domes, and our resin diamond smoothing cones. These fit easily onto the center of the Covington grinder and allow a quick creation of the interior bevel on the glass.

    How To Make Decorative Lighted Wine Bottles

    Cutting bottles to make drinking glasses

    So you know how to add lights inside a wine bottle. Now what? Lets increase its decorative value. Heres what you can do:

    • Clean the bottle so it looks all new and shiny.
    • Remove the labels, unless they are nice-looking and you want to keep them.
    • Paint the bottle.
    • Glue glass pebbles around the bottle with hot glue. It gives a nice effect as the light goes through them.
    • Use Modge Podge and pretty napkins to decorate it.

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    How To Cut Wine Bottles For Candle Holders

    Have you ever wondered how to cut wine bottles to re-purpose as candle holders? Today youll learn how to put old wine bottles to good use as re-usable candle holders. We love when wedding centerpieces make a statement and these candles are no exception! They can be grouped together on tables for a romantic glow or placed along a path for soft, ethereal light. After your wedding day, they can be reused on your patio while entertaining or in your love nest during a romantic dinner.

    Read on for info on the candle holder tutorial, find out where to order handmade holders and learn an alternative idea you can do in less than a minute. Enjoy!

    images above via wine wicks and gifts

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