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What Wine Pairs With Salmon

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Baked Salmon Wine Pairing Tips

What Wine Pairs with Salmon? | Wine Pairing Made Easy | How to Pair Wine for Beginners

It would be impossible to cover every possible wine that pairs with baked salmon, as there is an incredible number of wine varieties out there. Thats not counting all of the differences within a variety and between one winery and the next.

Besides, food and wine pairing is as much of an art as it is a science. One pairing of salmon and wine isnt necessarily better than another. The effect partly comes down to your personal preferences. This is why its always worth experimenting with the wines that you use until you find combinations that are perfect for you.

With baked salmon, you can use the wines that weve included on this list as a starting point. Try other similar wines first, before branching out into more unusual combinations. Youll mostly want to avoid intense wines, as these will drown out the nuances of your salmon almost completely.

Youll also need to think a little about what youre serving with the salmon. For example, you might need a richer wine if youre serving baked salmon with a rich creamy sauce versus if youre not using any sauce at all.

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Smoked Salmon And Wine

Smoked salmon with onions and lemon is a traditional Christmas meal in some parts of Europe. But its also a well-known breakfast dish when served with cream cheese on bread or toast. To match this salty meal, you should drink wine with proper acidity. German Riesling is a delicious beverage for this meal. For red wine lovers, Grenache is a great option too. Its smoky and earthy flavors match perfectly with the taste of the smoked salmon. Besides, the medium tannins and decent acidity balance the fishs fatty texture.

Instead of white and red still wines, many gourmets drink sparkling wines like Sekt or Champagne with smoked salmon. White and rosé styles tend to taste delicious with it. They balance the fattiness and saltiness of the fish and the smoky aromas just perfectly. If you are open to some experimenting, you can also try Manzillado Sherry, which is a dry fortified wine from Spain.


Best Red Wines To Pair With Salmon

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If youve ever wondered if you can pair red wine with salmon, the answer is a resounding yes! Although people usually serve salmon with white wine, there are red wines that go just as well with one of the worlds most popular fish.

Salmon is a meaty, versatile fish that can be prepared in many different ways, so it stands to reason that it can pair with a wide range of wines, including reds.

These 5 red wines will pair with any type of salmon: whether its grilled, blackened, poached, roasted, etc.

I also included bottle recommendations under $20 for each type of wine that you should be able to find at a Total Wine or larger local wine store near you.

So without further ado, lets get right into the red wines you need to try next time youre having salmon!

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Red Wine That Goes With Salmon

The best red wine pair with salmon is Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir’s smooth, delicate tannin structure and strawberry flavor deliver delicious flavor in recipes for herb-coated salmon or cedar-roasted salmon. Beaujolais, Grenache, or Zinfandel are one of the top red wine options to pair with the smoky aromas of grilled or sautéed salmon. Simple grilled salmon will also find a friend in Pinot Noir.

Pairing Wine With Salmon Tartar And Crudo

A Guide to Wine Pairing with Salmon

Tartar and crudo can dynamically reveal the nuances of a piece of fish or cover up its true colors. Regardless the preparation, I love rosé wine with salmon tartar and salmon crudo. Depending on the heartiness of the salmons flavor , I will vary between a lighter red, like the Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir lightly chilled, and a heartier white like the nicely dry Vintners Reserve Pinot Gris.

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Best With Blackened Salmon: Bedrock Wine Company Old Vine Zinfandel 2018

Seasoned, most likely, with a combination of paprika, garlic, cayenne, and oregano and then seared until a dark and crisp crust is formed, the blackened salmon is a versatile dish. The bold, nuanced flavors in the Bedrock Zinfandel are a wonderful match for the rich and flavorful blackened salmon. Full-bodied, wonderfully balanced with extensive notes of spice and black pepper, this zinfandel features a silky texture balanced with grippy acidity and an ample personality.

The Versatile Salmon Calls For Creative Wine Pairings

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A thoughtful pairing of food with wine creates a magical dining experience. The possibilities of creating that extraordinary experience with salmon and wine are many because salmon lends itself well to many cooking techniques and global flavors. But with countless choices, how do we go about picking the perfect wine for salmon?

“I determine the fat, sugar, spice, texture, and acid levels of the cuisine to be matched,” says Scott Mattson, co-owner and sommelier at the Noble Riot wine bar. “For example, if I’m pairing a salmon fillet that has a spicy green curry sauce over topserved over steamed riceI am going to end up in a totally different zip code than I would if I were pairing a simple/classic cedar-plank grilled salmon steak with cracked pepper and porcini.”

There are a couple of routes you can take when thinking about your wine pairing for salmon. “A good pairing can either harmonize and be congruent with a dish or contrast and complement a dish by bringing in balance. Contrasting is typically the easier path, but harmonizing when done well can elevate both the wine and the food to euphoric levels,” Mattson explains.

From a zippy sparkling to a fine pinot noir, here are some of the best wines to drink with salmon.

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Rules And Tips For Wine Pairing

The basic idea behind wine pairing is that the dish and the wine should bring attention to one another without one overpowering the other. This means that both the food and the wine should be of similar weight – a light meal should be paired with a light wine, and a heavy meal with a more full-bodied wine.

Most people already know that lighter white meats tend to be paired with white wine, while heavier red meat is paired with red wine, but with salmon, things can be a little more complicated. Salmon has a richer flavour than most fish, and can overpower some lighter whites. While it is traditionally paired with whites and rosés, it is important to choose something with a little more weight and complexity that can hold its own against stronger flavours. A lighter-bodied red wine can also be an excellent match for some salmon dishes.

Which wine you choose should also depend on how the salmon has been prepared, and what other ingredients have been used. One of the most important rules of wine pairing is to pair with the sauce, and this also applies to any other strong seasoning. If bolder flavours are added to the dish, the wine should have bolder flavours too.

Pairing Wines With Grilled Or Blackened Salmon

Wine Pairing with Salmon | What is the Best Wine With Salmon?

Grilled, barbecued or blackened salmon preparation methods are similar. When you cook Salmon on the grill you use intense heat for a short timeframe. This will prevent the fillet from drying out. Be sure to use a Salmon with a very firm steak-like texture with high oil content. Personally. I tend to gravitate toward a Sockeye Salmon but many time it is not available in my area. Ask your fish monger to recommend a salmon variety for grilling. Grilling a Salmon fillet does more than cook the flesh. The grill adds a smoky-charred flavor to the dish that is not possible with other preparation methods.

Recommended Pairings:

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What Wine Goes Well With Grilled Salmon

If youre looking for a wine to pair with a succulent piece of grilled salmon, you have a few options available to you. This time, youll be looking at red wines that have low tannins and medium acidity. This combination ensures you dont get a metallic taste.

A light fruity red such as a Pinot Noir works well while you could also sip on a red Burgundy when enjoying your grilled piece of fish. Both choices cut through the oiliness of this fish without taking away the delicate flavors of its pink meat.

Some other wines to try with grilled salmon include:

  • Beaujolais
  • Grenache rosé
  • Carignan

Heavily oaked Chardonnay is an absolute no-no with grilled salmon so avoid it at all costs! It will simply overpower the flavors of your fish.

Wine Pairing With Salmon

When it comes to crafting a delicious meal, thereâs more to it than picking the right ingredients. Truly memorable meals include a good wine pairing, which requires knowledge about wine flavors and the sugar in wine.

Pairing wine with salmon is a great place to start, as itâs a relatively simple dish thatâs easy to customize. But that doesnât mean you should make a random selection from your wine aroma kit. Nor should you apply the same choices for turkey wine pairing, steak wine pairing, or wine pairing with chicken. The absorbency of salmon combined with the delicate chemical balances of any wine means certain flavors work best together.

From aged wine to newer vintages, you can create remarkable meals by knowing the right flavor profiles. Continue reading for the details of an excellent wine pairing with salmon.

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Simple Grilled Salmon Wine Pairing

The characteristic of slow-roasting salmon dishes will make the dish a bit soft. This can be seen as another version of steak. When properly processed, it will keep the full nutrients in salmon meat. With this simple recipe, you can simply pair wine with salmon with these tips:

Combining a white wine aged in oak or an old white wine such as Meyer or Brûlée will spice up and add flavor to the salmon. On the side where you’re more on budget, try these wines:

Chardonnay on the Sonoma Coast or Central Coast from California

Premium products are produced in the Yarra Valley , in the finest wineries with a record of more than 2 decades and have more than 40% market share in Australia.

Chandon Chardonnay Wine is full, balanced and intense with aromas of strawberry, licorice and tannins , lightened through aging in French oak barrels. It is a recommended wine pairing with salmon.

The old white Rioja from Spain

Why is Rioja Balnco a suitable white wine pairing with salmon? Rioja Blanco white wine is made from the region’s number 1 white grape that used to be Malvasia – the raw material for wines with high alcohol content, rich flavor and oak aroma. Today Rioja has turned to Viura and Chardonnay grapes for a fresher and lighter white wine style.

The perennial Trebbiano

Chardonnay brewed with oak from Sicily

Australia’s Chardonnay from Victoria

Sémillon from the Hunter Valley

These wines will be bold and mixed with salmon and create a fuller overall flavor.

Vermentino from Sardegna

Grilled Salmon Wine Pairing

What wine goes with salmon? How do I pair red wine and fish? Does only ...

As a rule of thumb, oily fish such as salmon works perfectly with a strong and rich white wine such as the perennial Chardonnay wines in oak, Viognier, Marsanne, White Rioja, White Burgundy and White Pinot Noir. However, depending on the method of preparation and the sauce, you can easily combine salmon with a red wine with a mild taste and with less tannins.

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Best With Smoked Salmon: Lucien Albrecht Cremant D’alsace Brut Rose

Smoked salmon, capers onions, eggs, and cream cheese on a bagel, scream brunch to me. And that means sparkling wine, says Justin Trabue, assistant winemaker at Lumen Wines. The pronounced flavors in smoked salmon benefit from a pairing with a wine with a bold acidity. The Lucien Albrecht Cremant Brut Rosé is dry with mineral tones and a crisp acidity. Bursting with flavors and aromas of berries, the wine is an excellent conversation wine.

Best Wine Pairing With Salmon: All You Need To Know

Wine sommeliers take pairing wines with different foods seriously! If you want to enhance both the flavors of your meal as well as the wine youre drinking, you need to match the drink and food. Perfect pairing of wine and food creates an intricate balance between the two, while augmenting the characteristics and components of both.

When wine pairing with salmon, youre not limited to only reds or whites. Being a darker-fleshed fish, salmon can be accompanied by a variety of different wines. However, if you want to ensure your palate is satisfied, you need to know which wines are best with this type of fish.

Our article will cover the basics of pairing wine with salmon, the best vino to drink with this fish, and how to make your choice depending on how the meal has been prepared. Lets get started!

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Best Red Wine With Salmon

Can you really drink red wine with fish? The answer is yes, you just need to pick the right red wine. Fish is lighter than meat because it contains less fat and has a lighter texture, therefore you need to find a light wine to balance it with. Due to the tannins in red wine, it is usually not a good pairing with fish. Luckily there are some low tannic red wines that could be a good match with your salmon.

  • Gamay is a grape variety that makes red wine with very low tannins. Gamay wines, like Beaujolais Nouveau, are a great choice when you want to drink red wine with salmon. Beaujolais with salmon is a match made in heaven, especially if it is paired with fried or grilled salmon.
  • Pinot Noir is the queen of light red wines. The red berry flavours and low tannins will be a good match with fish. Pinot Noir and grilled salmon is a perfect pairing.
  • Merlot is not the first choice for salmon, but some people love it together with grilled salmon and fatty sauces. This combination can be a little overwhelming, but if you love red wine this can be a good paring for you.

Reasons To Eat Salmon

Wine Pairing with Salmon (ENJOY THE PERFECT MATCH)

Salmon is a good sourced of vitamin B and potassium. Vitamin B plays an important part in keeping us healthy, giving us energy and supporting brain function. Potassium can help maintain lower blood pressure and helps keep the balance of fluids in the body at optimal levels.

Weve all heard about the importance of Omega-3 and salmon is a rich source. Its also a lean source of protein which is great news if youre paying attention to your waistline!

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Great Wine Pairings With Salmon

Salmon is in many ways the chicken of the fish world – an ingredient you can serve in many different ways and therefore match with a number of different wines.

That said, it’s a rich fish, often served with cream or butter and therefore a natural candidate to pair with a medium-to-full-bodied white wine such as chardonnay. But nowadays it’s often served raw or grilled which opens to the door to many other wine pairings. Read on for my wine pairing suggestions:

The Best Ros Wine With Salmon Pairing

Rosé is made from pretty much every grape on the planet , and its often blended. So, forget the grape and match the color of your salmons flesh to your rosé wine. The paler the rosé and the salmon, generally the more subtle the flavor. Instead, are you buying a richly colored, late summer slab of Coho or Chinook? Then opt for a darker rosé. It will have more flavor oomph to match your fish, and it will very likely have more body to match your salmons fatty texture.

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Best With Curried Salmon: Dr Loosen 2018 Blue Slate Riesling Kabinett

With an interplay of spices and herbs like ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander, chili, lemongrass, and allspice, the flavors of curried salmon call out to a wine with pronounced minerality and fruity notes. The Dr. Loosen Riesling cools off the heat from the spice with its low alcohol, balanced acidity, and a plush attack that hits mid-palate and finishes delicately. The aroma of citrus, green apple, white peach, and wet rock is refreshing and inviting. The moderate amount of acid in the riesling wrestles the fat from the salmon and the small bit of residual sugar offsets the spice from the curry.

Poaching salmon is a great way to create a delicate, moist, and flavorful dish. With its delicate flavors, poached salmon is sort of a blank canvas for many flavorful combinations. It can be dressed up in a complex beurre blanc sauce, a refreshing dill sauce, or the crowd-pleasing hollandaise. The Raeburn Chardonnay has a classic California buttery chardonnay profile and an inviting citrus and apple nose. The well-balanced acidity, hints of tropical fruits, and a luxurious finish create a well-rounded taste that aligns with the rich salmon.

Morgon wines age distinctively. The Dominique Piron Morgon tastes of brilliant cherries and red fruit intermingled with an earthiness. The wine is light and smooth with fresh acidity.

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