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Champagne Gold Cabinet Pulls

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What Is An Appliance Pull What Is The Difference Between An Appliance Handle And A Standard Drawer Pull

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Have you ever wondered why some items are labeled as an appliance pull and what is the difference between an appliance handle and a standard drawer pull? Because we know it tends to be confusing, we’re here to explain. First and foremost, see the following picture where you can see the first obvious difference between the two items, the thickness of the bar. There’s also the mounting hardware that is used to install the item. In this item we explain many useful points regarding appliance handles and their use.

Champagne Gold Cabinet Pulls

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Matching Forge Hardware Brass Finishes

This page will help you choose items with similar finishes in the event that you do not wish to purchase all brass finish knobs and pulls from the same collection and instead you wish to use brass finishes that are from different hardware collections but look similar. In this article, we tell you what items match our most popular collection of Texture Knurled items as well as the Lew’s Hardware brushed brass bar pulls and many other brass hardware collections so we can make the job of cross-matching so much easier.

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