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How Much Wine For A Wedding

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They Use Purification Pots

How Much Wine Is Too Much At A Wedding? – Rich Bride Poor Bride 508 – Whine Themed Wedding

Six of them to be exact.

These pots were made out of stone as opposed to clay. The Jewish people at this time believed that if they were to use water from a clay pot to wash they would not be ceremonially cleansed. And it was important, according to Jewish law, to be ceremonially clean, especially when there was food involved. So the water from these pots would normally be used to wash the hands and feet of the guests. Some commentaries also suggest that these pots would have been used for washing the dirty dishes. Nonetheless, it may not make you feel very good about what Jesus is doing here.

These things were huge. Not just huge, huge! Each one of them held two to three firkins. A firkin is equal to almost 9 gallons. Each pot would have contained anywhere from 18 to 27 gallons. Collectively with all six pots, youre looking at 108 to 162 gallons of water.

John points out that they filled each one to the brim. Each one was filled to capacity. So let us assume that they were at the higher end of that scale: 162 gallons.

How Much Wine For 150 Wedding Guests

How Much Wine For 150 Wedding Guests. For every 50 guests, you will need 34 bottles of beer, 7 bottles of wine and 2 bottle of liquor . A white, a red and a pink fruity concoction.

For example, for 150 guests you may find that 75 of them are beer drinkers, 25 are wine drinkers, and 50 are liquor drinkers. 150 guests will most probably require. The type of wedding is elegant, fun, garden, romantic. If your crowd loves red wine or bud lite or fancy bourbon, if uncle tommy loves his chardonnay at a particular temperature, these are all things to plan ahead for. if half your guests don’t drink, adjust accordingly. If you’re planning on doing a wedding wine toast for your guests, here’s how much wine you need for wedding guests.

Dont Forget The Toast

One more thing to remember is the toast. If you want to provide champagne or sparkling wine for the toast, its important to know that champagne flutes are smaller than wine glasses. You should get seven to nine glasses of sparkling wine out of one bottle, and many non-wine drinkers will partake in this toasting tradition.

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Using The Wedding Alcohol Calculator

Let’s go through an example to understand the process of calculating how much alcohol for a wedding you need even easier.

Our imaginary couple, Bob and Alice, are planning to invite 200 people to their wedding. They know that 100 people will drink wine. Let’s calculate the right amount of wine to buy:

total number of wine bottles = 100 / 2.15 = 46.51 After rounding up we get 47 bottles of wine. Since it’s customary to serve 50% of white and 50% of red wine, we need to raise it to the next even number and divide the total number of bottles by two.

bottles of red wine = bottles of white wine = 48 / 2 = 24

57 guests declared they will opt for beer. The reception party will last for 6 hours.

beers = 57 * 6 = 342

The remaining guests declared they will not be drinking anything but the customary champagne toast. Since the wedding takes place in the summer, Bob and Alice want to go for lighter sparkling wine. Let’s calculate the number of sparkling wine bottles.

champagne bottles = 200 / 7 = 28.6 To make sure no one end up without a toast, we round the number up to 29.

Now we know that for their wedding Alice and Bob need 24 bottles of white and red wine each, 342 bottles of beer and 29 bottles of sparkling wine.

How Much Alcohol Do I Need For My Wedding

Buying Wedding Wines: What to Get and How Much

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A very, very important question indeed.

Calculating the amount of alcohol you need at a wedding is a necessary part of wedding planning. Its also kind of nerve-wracking. Our worst nightmares involve an empty bar.

Before writing this article, we had a look online to see what other sources recommended. We were a little shocked to read that the consensus across several websites was to factor 1 drink per-person,;per-hour. Wha-at? Clearly these people have never been to a wedding with our mates. Or clearly, we never realised how much we fit into the binge-drinking epidemic that has apparently ravaged the Australian youth. Either way, this sounded kind of risky;to us.

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Calculating Wine And Champagne For A Wedding: The Basics

Always round up when determining how much of these signature celebratory beverages to order.

Erring on the side of caution brings peace of mind on your big day, keeping;guests happy and reducing wedding-day stress. After all, your college pals will never let you live it down if the wine, champagne and other beverages dry up too early.

Luckily, there is a formula for how much champagne and wine to order for your wedding. To prepare for those ordering calculations, first review these factors:

  • When you plan to serve wine:;Are you going to serve wine for the entire reception or only during dinner? If youre popping corks all night, youll need a lot more wine. The same question applies to champagne. Will you only serve one glass per guest for;an official couples;toast, or will you offer it all night at the bar?
  • Wedding reception timing:;The time of your reception affects how much alcohol people drink. Guests;drink less at a daytime wedding;as well as Sunday and weekday nuptials. The more traditional;evening or weekend wedding;means youll likely;need to increase your wine count,;accommodating for friends and family letting loose.

Figure Out How Long Your Wedding Reception/cocktail Hour Will Be

Assume guests will have 2 drinks in the first hour of the open bar, and 1 additional drink each following hour.;The total length of a wedding reception will vary but assume for general purposes it will be 5 hours .

So for a 5 hour cocktail hour/reception, thats 6 drinks total per guest, which is what a lot of websites will recommend. Overall, we always like to err on the side of caution when it comes to an open bar and not running out, so we actually recommend adding one drink to that calculation, bringing it to7 drinks per guest for a 5-hour event.

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Its not that people will consume 7 drinks/person, and of course not everybody will drink 2 or even 1, BUT you have to take into account how many times servers might pick up a half-full drink, or somebody misplaces theirs while dancing. It happens, and if youre DIYing your own wedding bar with no extra inventory , why take the chance? Extra bottles of wine that go unused after the wedding can make for great hostess or holiday gifts, and you wont be freaking out thinking that you didnt order enough alcohol.

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How Much Should You Spend On Wine For A Wedding

Sommeliers say that couples spend, on average, $25 to $70 per bottle. Based on 100 guests, a couple would need to provide around 140 bottles for a 60-minute cocktail hour and five-hour dinner and dance party. This would put the wine bill at between $3,500 and $9,800, before adding in other bar costs.

Select Your Weddings Wine And Champagne

Wedding Files Case 005 99 Bottles of???

If youre ready to buy your own wine for your upcoming wedding, check out Marketview Liquor. We offer;case discounts, including on mix-and-match;varietals, plus;free shipping on six;or;more bottles of;wedding wine and champagne;marked Eligible for Free Shipping.

Our wide selection of sparkling wine and champagne gives you the variety you want at a price;you need no compromises.

At Marketview Liquor, we can also help you;plan the;wine and liquor for your wedding reception. Give us a call at; or email us at ;to start planning the wine and champagne for your wedding!

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How To Buy Your Own Alcohol For A Wedding

This article was co-authored by Leah Weinberg. Leah Weinberg is the Owner & Creative Director of Color Pop Events a New York City-based wedding planning company that focuses on the details and lives in the logistics. Now in her 6th year of running Color Pop, Leahs colorful work and party planning tips have been published online and in print with Vogue, Bravo, Thrive Global, Glamour, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Martha Stewart Living, The Knot, Buzzfeed and more. Leah is also the author of the newly-published book, The Wedding Roller Coaster. This article has been viewed 42,988 times.

Buying alcohol for a party is one thing, buying enough alcohol for a wedding party is another. Buying your own alcohol for a wedding can seem like a daunting task, but you can make it easier on yourself with proper planning. You know your guests best, and you can calculate how much and what type of alcohol you need to buy to last for the entire reception.XExpert SourceProfessional Event PlannerExpert Interview. 5 July 2019.

The Ultimate Wedding Wine And Champagne Guide

The final touch at every wedding is an elegant champagne toast. However, getting to that point is more complicated than you think.;Wine and champagne decisions alone include;considering what types to select, when to serve them, plus how many bottles to order without breaking the bank.

De-stress picking and ordering the best wines and champagnes for your wedding day with the insights and calculations below.;Our guide to champagne and wine for a wedding;explores all the necessary;details to nail;down;this planning task so you can move;onto other decisions. You know, like enjoying one of the happiest days of your life.

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Compile Your Shopping List


OK. So heres where I think the hardest part comes in for all wedding alcohol calculators. How much to get of each spirit? For a basic full bar youll want to have vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey. From there consider adding a bottle or two of bourbon, scotch, brandy, and any other speciality spirits you love.

Heres a well-rounded list you can go off of when deciding the vodka to whisky amount youll need, assuming you buy 15 bottles of liquor for 100 people. And again, if you have a speciality liquor you like consider adding that to this list as well.

  • 6 vodka
  • 1 rum


For wine youll want to do a mix of each, leaning towards more red wine if youre throwing an evening wedding. Wine Folly has an easy-to-understand ratio of what types of wine to get for a wedding or other party, below:

Fall, Winter and Spring weddings: People tend to drink more red wine at indoor weddings in the fall, spring and winter. As a rule, have a mix of about 50% of red wine for this type of wedding.

Summer and Outdoor weddings: Outdoor weddings on hot days will have people drinking more white wine. Consider a mix of 30% each of all 3 styles of wine. On the other hand, you might also think about serving rosé, especially if youre serving fish or seafood.

So if youre buying 70 bottles of wine, your shopping list for an evening wedding inside might look like:

  • 35 red

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Other Kinds Of Alcohol

How Much Wine Do You Need For Wedding

Wine, beer, champagne, and vodka are the four most popular liquors used at wedding receptions. However, it is not uncommon to serve other additional drinks, in case some of the guests don’t like the primary alcohol of the party. Luckily, most people tend to stick to whatever liquor is provided, so there is no need to buy as much of these additional ones as you buy of the main drinks.

Here is a rough estimation of how much other alcohols you could buy for 100 guests:

  • Apple cider – 4-5 liters

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What Kind Of Wines Should I Buy

There will be sparkling wine for the toast, but the rest of the wine is up to you! Consider the following:

How To Download And Open The Results Of The Drinks Calculator In Excel Or Google Sheets

After you have made your own drink calculation using the Drinks Calculator on this page, you can download a spreadsheet with your drinks and budget needed. After you press the DOWNLOAD button, two files will be downloaded, both in;a so-called “CSV” format.

1 – In the first file whose name ends with ‘_comma’, the cells in the spreadsheet are separated by commas.

2 – In the second file whose name ends with ‘_semicolon’, the cells in the spreadsheet are separated by semicolons.

You can import the downloaded spreadsheet in both Excel and Google Sheets. Excel in US and Google Sheets can usually automatically open CSV files with a comma separation while Excel in Europe usually needs a CSV file with a semicolon separation.

for a demo how to import a CSV file in EXCEL.;

For a demo how to import in GOOGLE SHEETS, .

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Decide What You Want Your Alcohol Mix To Be

Note: For purposes of this article, were going to assume youre having a full open bar .

While sites like Total Wine encourage you to use a ratio of 50% wine drinkers, 30% beer, and 20% spirit drinkers, we think its safer to say 50% of guests want wine, 25% beer, and 25% want the hard stuff, though keep in mind you know your crowd better than anybody. For instance, at my wedding we had a lot of wine and spirit drinkers, so I would have made it 60% wine, 30% alcohol, 10% beer.

So using ALL those calculations, heres how you would figure out just how much you need in total, assuming the percentages and everything else above for a 100 person wedding:

For 100 guests:

=20 bottles of champagne needed


So to recap, for 100 guests you would need:

  • 70 bottles of wine
  • 15 bottles of liquor
  • 20 bottles of champagne for toast

Only Having Beer and Wine?

Of course if youre only having beer and wine, the percentages youll need for each would just go up accordingly. So you would most likely assume a 60% wine and 40% beer mix, making your numbers look like:

  • 84 bottles of wine
  • 280 bottles of beer

Ready to buy? If youre using the wedding alcohol calculator formula weve come up with, above, the shopping list for it is below.

Notes On Using The Wedding Alcohol Calculator

DIY Wedding Wine

The amount of alcohol consumed by your guests might vary depending on a number of factors. For example, if you’re having a garden wedding on a hot summer day, you need to take into account that most people will opt for white wine, while red wine and dark beer could not be very popular since they tend to be quite heavy. Although the wedding alcohol calculator uses equations that take into account both heavy and nondrinkers, make sure to estimate the number of drinkers as precisely as possible to get the perfect amount of alcohol for the wedding reception and avoid both wasting and shortages.

Usually, alcohol is sold in liters all over the world. If you need to convert the unit, consider using the volume converter to do so.

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Best Food And Wine Pairings For A Wedding

When choosing your wine, consider your food menu for the reception. The best wedding wines complement the main entrée, bringing out even more primary and secondary flavors.

Use these time-tested;wine and food pairing guidelines;when crafting the final menu for your wedding:

  • Chicken:;Both red and white wine work with chicken;so long as theyre light-to-medium bodied. Anything too heavy overpowers the;softer flavors inherent to;chicken. If you want a red wine, try pinot noir, Grenache or Sangiovese.
  • Beef:;Because beef;maintains richer flavors and more marbling, pair it with a stronger wine.;Medium-to-bold reds are the winners here, with higher tannins and bodies. Think cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, zinfandel or red Bordeaux.
  • Fish:;A light, dry white wine;is a match made in heaven for flaky;fish. Varieties to consider include sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio. If you want a red option,;though,;try a rosé, pinot noir or Gamay. Sparkling wines, such as prosecco or cava, also work well with fish.
  • Vegetables:;Green vegetables work well with light, dry white wines, such as sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio, as well as sparkling wines. Roasted vegetables also pair well with light white wines, but you can also successfully pair them with rich white;varietals, such as an unoaked chardonnay. Even a pinot noir, Grenache or similar light red wines work with roasted veggies.

How Much Wine Do I Buy And When

As a guide, Total Wine & More recommends 75 bottles of wine for an event with 150 people lasting three to four hours. For more than four hours, they suggest 90 bottles. That may seem like a lot, but Elyse Dawn of The Wedding Planning Guide says, I did a backyard wedding with a couple who didn’t think their group was wine drinkers, and then it was gone in an hour.

For a small wedding of only 50 guests, those numbers go down to 25 to 30 bottles. Carters advice is to first and foremost think about your guests and get an idea of how many wine drinkers will be on hand and how much you estimate they will be drinking. Think, is this a subdued crowd or a party crowd?

Katie and Nick Dunn like Chardonnay and CabernetSauvignon, so thats what they bought for their wedding. To keep things simple, the couple chose one type of white and one type of red wine to serve at their backyard nuptials. To figure out how many cases to buythere are 12 bottles per case of winethe couple rated each of its 100 guests by not only how much they were likely to drink in general, but also by if they were big wine or liquor drinkers. My in-laws side of the family are big wine drinkers, while my family tends to enjoy a mixed drink over a glass of wine, says Katie. We had 50 friends there and they were more beer and liquor drinkers, so the wine was mostly there for my husbands family and the older crew.

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