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What Wine Goes Well With Lamb

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Perfect Sides For Lamb

Which Wine Goes Best with Roast Pork? Food and Wine Matching with Emma and Anna

There’s something about succulent roast lamb that just says “special occasion,” so you’ll want your sides to measure up. Choose a few of these delicious side dishes to enhance the rest of your table, for an Easter supper that will really live up to the occasion, from the main event down to the bread basket.

Festive Lamb Recipes For Spring

Whatever form your spring celebrations take this year, dress them up with these impressive lamb recipes

With social distancing restrictions in place around the world, spring holidays will likely look a little different this year. Though your Easter may be atypical, you can still preserve its celebratory spirit, and one of easiest ways to do that is through wine and food. No matter who youre with or where you are, an occasion-worthy central ingredient like lamb will ensure the meal feels festive. The meats bold flavors make for memorable dishes and enticing wine pairings, as in the following reader-favorite recipes, some with just a short list of ingredients.

Below are six different takes on lamb and wines to pair with it from a range of sources, including a celebrity chef and a home cook. Opt for the experts picks, or browse Wine Spectators complementary collections of classic, outstanding and very good wines from recently rated releases.

What Is The Difference Between Amarone And Valpolicella

Amarone wine is one of the favorite wines in Italy. It is widely produced in the Valpolicella and Veneto regions. Amarone wine has a stronger alcohol effect than Valpolicella wine. Amarone is regarded as the great, bitter wine whereas Valpolicella wine has a milder alcohol effect among wine connoisseurs.

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Pairing Lamb And Wine

For many of us, pairing the right bottle of wine with food can be quite a challenge. But if you do it right, it can take your meal to a whole new level. The basic universal rule is to pair the color of your wine to the color of your food. Red wines go with red meats, white wines with white meat, and pink wines with pink meat. But when it comes to pairing wine with lamb, the rules can go out the window.

Lamb is an incredibly wine-friendly meat. It pairs well with a red Bordeaux, and it also goes with fruitier wines of the new world. When you are looking for an exact pairing, the most important things to consider are how you will cook the meat, how long you will cook it, and how old it is.

Top Picks At A Glance For Wine Pairing With Lamb


Our best recommendations for a wine pairing with lamb align with traditional choices that experts might call a match made in Heaven.

A heavy bodied wine pairs best with rich foods high in fat and chewier in texture, like roast lamb or a rack of lamb.

The most traditional choices for a wine pairing with lamb include three classic grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Bordeaux red blends.;

Why its our favorite:;

  • Medium price point but pairs with lamb as well as any premium choice.
  • Ready to drink now but could be cellared for a few years.
  • The richness of the lamb perfectly balances with firm tannins to bring out the subtle sweetness of boysenberry and black currant.

Best Budget:;

Why its our best for the budget:

  • Were a great fan of the remarkable yet affordable Decoy line from the Duckhorn Vineyards. Guests will guess the wine is from a much higher price point. ;
  • Silky tannins enhance the fruity flavors of black cherry, blueberry, and plum, which is a critically important function of a wine pairing with lamb.

Best Premium to Cellar:Chateau Haut-Brion 2015

Why its our best premium worth the wait:

  • Some occasions are worthy of our finest wines. I would set this bottle aside for a special dinner sometime after 2023 but a bit longer is even better, especially if you will pair it with a sumptuous rich meal.
  • Although the price is a reach, its one of those expensive French red wines that is accessible given the right occasion or special meal.

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Pinot Noir With Young Lamb Served Pink

Lighter, tender lamb meat demands a wine that will not swamp and overpower the delicate flavours and sublime texture. If you do reach for a full bodied red, you run the risk of ruining your meat.

A fresher style of Pinot Noir from cooler climate regions can combine lovely red berry fruit balanced by earthy notes, fine tannins and good natural acidity.

Those searching for value in Burgundy could look to lesser-known areas on the up.

They include Rully, where the reds have been stepping out of Chardonnays shadow, or Fixin at the northern end of the Côte de Nuits, and fresher styles from Givry further south, in the Côte Chalonnaise.

Some top producers have outposts in these regions.

Its worth looking at Bourgogne Rouge from the best growers in general, said Tim Atkin MW in this article on hunting good value Burgundy.

Beyond Burgundy, you have a wealth of options. This could be a chance to see why German Pinot Noir is gaining plaudits, or you could look to Oregon in the US.

There are many other Pinot regions to explore, including:

  • Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia;
  • Walker Bay in South Africa;
  • Russian River Valley, Anderson Valley or Santa Barbara County in California
  • Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Classic Parker House Rolls

The Spruce

Instead of serving store-bought rolls to sop up your lamb’s juices, whip up a batch of warm Parker House rolls. These pillowy, flaky rolls come together best with a stand mixer. If you don’t have one, just make sure you mix the dough very thoroughly, for best results. Serve them warm with fresh butter.

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Balance Your Wine And Food Pairings

A common problem that people run into is choosing a wine and food pairing that causes the more delicate flavors to be lost. This can happen at a basic level, such as pairing a heavy, bold with a light, delicate fish, which can overwhelm the subtle flavors of the fish. The right pairing can also help balance out strong textures. The tannins in that Cabernet Sauvignon help cut the fattiness of a good cut of red meat, while an acidic balances out saltier meats. If you’re looking for a tasty pizza and wine pairing, try it with a homemade pepperoni or sausage slice.

Lamb & Quinoa Power Bowl With Tahini Dressing

Pairing Wine with Food – Basic Video Tutorial Tips on How to Match Wine and Food

Weve included this light, refreshing bowl as a reminder lamb dishes dont always need to be heavy! As a bonus, this dish can be served either hot or cold, depending on what youre in the mood for.

The Cocktail: Greek Red Wine Sangria

Weve enlisted one of Canadas top bartenders for this amazing cocktail.Tarquin Melnyk, based in Vancouver, BC, combined the bright, fresh flavours of citrus and mint with a Greek red wine, fortified with Metaxa.

The Wine: Syrah / Pinot Gris

A light-bodied Pinot Gris with a light citrusy flavour profile will be a sure hit with this mediterranean dish.

A Syrahs full-bodied dark fruit flavours make this a match made in heaven. With the Syrah, youll have a punch of flavour that tapers off to a spicy, peppery note to make lamb the star of the dish.

The Beer: Wheat Beer

Erdinger Weissbeir allows the bowls citrus notes to come alive on your palate. Light, crisp, citrus notes in the beer leave out the heavy hops from a darker ale or stout. The sparkling, lively taste of this wheat beer allows the dish to be the star.

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A Bit Of General Advice

German Rieslings are hands down the best wine for Indian food. The slight sweetness these wines often posses tends to balance out the spice in these dishes.” Patrick Cappiello

“Riesling is a popular answer, but I’m not gonna lie: crisp, ice-cold lager would be my first choice.”Carla Rzeszewski

“One category I’ve found friendly for Indian cuisine is Alsatian Pinot Gris. By no means is the acidity so rapier-like, as in Riesling, to strip every element of the dish off your palate. This, to me, is important, because the most important element of food and beverage is the interactionthis is most apparent after you’ve swallowed, or sipped. There’s an aftertaste; this ethereal lingering, and one should ‘feel’ something of both the dish and the beverage. Texture-wise, the Pinot Gris of Alsace have a creaminess that complements a lot of the texture in this cuisine.” Scott Cameron

“Normally I like to drink wines from regions where the food comes from. Since we are in India that probably won’t work, so let’s get to the drawing board. We have some very intensely flavored dishes here so I want to keep the alcohol in check. I think a wine that is chilled also adds a nice refreshing component to the pairing and when spice comes into the mix, I like a little residual sweetness as well.” Sabato Sagaria MS

What’s The Best Wine For Rack Of Lamb

  • What’s the best wine for Rack of Lamb?
  • Originally posted by muzikman:Southern Rhone

    Almost any red wine will pair well with lamb..

    Originally posted by StarV100:OK, here’s a more challenging question:Some of my guests are die hard white wine drinkers. What’s the closest match I can find there?I’m not too fond of over oaked Chardonnays, which is my first instinct. Any suggestions?

    Originally posted by StarV100:OK, here’s a more challenging question:Some of my guests are die hard white wine drinkers. What’s the closest match I can find there?I’m not too fond of over oaked Chardonnays, which is my first instinct. Any suggestions?

  • What’s the best wine for Rack of Lamb?
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    Which Wine Goes Well With Lamb

    Many reds from the classic grape varieties are wonderful if youre looking to pair wine with lamb.

    Weve focused on reds below, but white wines can also work with red meat.

    When matching wine with lamb its important to pay close attention to the cut of meat youve acquired, plus how you are going to cook it and serve it.

    Below, weve looked at the three most popular ways to cook lamb.

    What Impacts How Lamb Tastes And What Wine It Should Be Paired With

    Lamb Chops and Red Wine: A Delicious Pairing

    Of course, wine pairings are not as simple as matching the primary flavor notes and characteristics of the food its being served alongside. The cooking method greatly impacts how lamb tastes, as well as how it was raised.

    • Grass fed lamb tends to be leaner, while the grain-fed lamb is higher in fat
    • Slow cooked lamb has a more subtle flavor, while the roasted lamb is stronger
    • Grilling lamb produces a smokier and chewier meat
    • How well do you serve lamb is also important. Younger lamb is often served pink and tends to be milder and more tender; medium to well-done lamb tends to be more aromatic

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    How To: Pairing A Beverage To Your Lamb Dish

    The success of your pairing is measured by what happens when a sip of your drink interacts with your last bite of food. This is where the magic happens!

    So, what makes a good or bad pairing? Glad you asked!

    If the flavour after the sip of your drink is jarring or even slightly unpleasant, its a poor pairing. However, if the flavour leaves you wanting more, you my friend, have a found a fantastic match.

    Consider These Factors When Pairing Lamb With Wine

    Lamb is a meat that falls between beef and game meat. It has a soft texture and is high in iron, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are beneficial to your health. Consider the high fat content of lamb meat when mixing wine with it.

    The best wines to pair with lamb are medium to full-bodied with strong acidity, according to wine pairing regulations. Lamb wine matching is also influenced by the preparation, spices, herbs, and sauces.

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    Is Lamb Red Or White Meat

    Under the culinary definition, lamb is white meat because it comes from young mammals. However, the USDA considers any meat from a mammal to be red meat, regardless of the age or cut. According to Berkeley Wellness, lamb is a “red meat” because it’s high in myoglobin, a protein in muscle that turns red when combined with oxygen.

    However, some cuts of lamb are not high in saturated fat like other red meats. In fact, they can be leaner than some higher-fat poultry like duck and chicken wings and thighs. The leaner your cut of lamb is, the lighter the wine you can pair it with.

    A rich cut will pair beautifully with a bold and high tannin red wine, like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. For a cut of lamb with a more delicate texture and flavor, look for a red with finer tannins, like a Pinot Noir or Malbec. If you prefer white wine, a good Gewürztraminer or a California Chardonnay make a fine pairing for a lean cut of lamb.

    When you are serving lamb, there are a number of wines to choose from that cater to your recipe, personal taste, and budget. Here is a beginner’s guide for pairing wines with lamb and creating a perfect match.

    Best Budget: Layer Cake Shiraz

    Corned Beef & Cabbage Wine Pairing – March edition of Wine Pairing Problems

    Invite a bottle of Australian shiraz to your dinner table, and all of your guests are sure to walk away happy. With a selection like Layer Cake Shiraz, you’ll be pleased, too, because this complex red is easy on the budget.;

    Two vineyards in South Australia contribute to this wonderful red, and the microclimate of each produces distinct grapes. The moderate temperatures and deep soil of the McLaren Vale yield big, juicy fruit, while grapes grown in the rough Outback terrain of the Barossa Valley are tiny and thick-skinned but give the wine its intense structure. When the two come together, the wine offers everything that makes a shiraz memorable, including rich, dark berries, and an array of spices. Pair it with lamb chops Dijon for a delectable dinner.

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    Cabernet Sauvignon Wine With Lamb Roast Medium To Well Done

    This is a classic. The meat will be richer in flavour and not quite as tender, so a roast like this can handle a fuller-bodied red wine.

    Bordeaux blends are made for roast lamb. The young Cabernet Sauvignon-dominant wines of the Bordeaux Left Bank;are brimming with cassis fruit, backed by a splattering of spiciness and in the best versions well-judged oak.

    You could try a vintage likely to be more approachable at a younger age, such as 2011, 2007 or 2006 perhaps. So-called second wines from recent top vintages are also worth a look.

    Great vintages like 2000 or 1996 could also make a memorable occasion, if youre lucky enough to have them.

    A wine like this will take the meat to an extra dimension, and the bolder tannin levels in your glass should also make the lamb meat feel more tender.

    Good Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends can be found across the globe, too, of course.

    The regions to look out for are:

    • Hawkes Bay New Zealand
    • California USA
    • Stellenbosch South Africa
    • Argentina and Chile South America

    If youre not keen on Cab, go for a good Rioja Reserva with some bottle age, or look towards Syrah / Shiraz.

    A Northern Rhône Syrah will enhance your roast lamb. Some wines will offer a touch of pepper spice in the glass that can also work beautifully with the texture of the meat.

    Selecting The Perfect Wine For Weeknight Dinners

    Wine pairings can sometimes seem like an esoteric science. Most people know some general ideas, such as pairing bolder red wines with steak, but beyond that it can get complicated. While finding the perfect wine and food pairings for a complex meal is a bit of an art form, learning to choose a wine to complement your favorite home-cooked dishes doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind when you’re planning your weeknight dinners.

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    Pairing Beer: The Basics

    • Porters are rich, dark, and malty beers, with just enough of a bitter hop bite to suggest strong coffee or pure cocoa beans. They pair well with aSpaghetti and Lamb Meatballs.
    • Stouts have a wonderfully silky texture with an almost savoury flavour. They complement lambs earthiness. They pair well with alamb shank for both weight and flavour profile.
    • Pale Ales offer a great pairing with rich, bold lamb dishes. An example of a great pairing is either arack of lamb or alamb loin chop.
    • Amber Ales are a balanced beer with toasted malt and a light fruitiness that pairs well with hearty and spicy dishes, such as alamb chili. Amber ales work well with fried or salty dishes as well.
    • Brown Ales tend to have caramel and chocolate flavours, allowing them to pair well with heavier red meats and dishes that have been roasted.
    • Wheat Ales are often forgotten in the beer pairings, but they come in handy for pairing a brunch lamb dish that may be either fried or on the spicier side. They often pair well with aLamb Kabobs with Mango Apple Salad or alamb sandwich.

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