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How To Put Lights In A Wine Bottle

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How To Make Decorative Wine Bottle Lights Without Drilling

How To Put Christmas Lights In A Wine Bottle

Drilling a glass bottle is a menacing task I tell youbut are one of the gorgeous home décors that you can own in lesser than 10 bucks. If you are planning to make , then I just might have the right ideas readied for you.

Crafts made from recyclable materials are always exclusively aesthetic. If you have empty wine bottles around your home, you can easily refurbish them into beautiful home décor lights

Today, Ill show you some amazing ideas on how to make decorative lighted wine bottles without any drilling and cutting involved. This saves your preparation and cleaning phase big-time and also saves the possibility of wounding yourself while cutting the glass.

So, here you go, we have rounded off 19wine bottle lights that would surely add a festive style to your home.

19 Decorated Wine Bottle Lights Without Drilling

1) Recycled Bottle Torch

With the help of copper top plate connector, wood screws, copper cap, fuel and wick, and of course empty wine bottles you can easily create beautiful outdoor recycled wine bottle torches just like that.

2) Wine Bottle Chandelier

If you have a dozen empty wine bottles, refurbish them into artistic chandeliers to illuminate the interiors of your home or work. The basic items you would need for this décor are chains and big ring to hold the bottles and fairy or rice lights. Party at home? try our 41 Creative Ways to Serve Finger Foods at Parties

3) Peacock Decorated Wine Bottle With Lights inside
4) Simple Wine Lighted Bottle

Drilling A Glass Bottle May Seem Like A Daunting Task To Some Crafters

Not everybody wants to spend money on purchasing a specialty glass drill bit, and not all crafters have a power drill on hand let alone a drill press. So, if you would like to make a bottle lamp and avoid the task of drilling glass completely then you are in luck. Here is a super easy and inexpensive way to make a bottle lamp without drilling.

The Wine Cork Lamp Kit instantly turns a wine bottle into a working lamp. Simply insert the bulb socket, which is mounted on a cork stopper, into an empty wine bottle. Add your own 40-Watt type A light bulb, select a shade and plug it in with the provided cord. Fits most 750ml wine bottles. Socket and cork, 4-1/2 x 2-1/8 x 1-1/2. Cord, 6. Plastic and metal. For sale on Amazon for $12.69 Buy the wine cork lamp kit

Why even bother drilling a glass bottle? To answer this question you really have to look closely at the finished product pictured with this device. What they dont show you is the cord that runs down the back of the bottle. What you gain by drilling the bottle is the cord coming out near the base of the lamp. With the cord inside the bottle you can even take it a step further and conceal it even more with a filler of your choice

The wine cork lamp kit does offer the convience of a drill free bottle lamp and you can still add a filler to the bottle. Your biggest challenge will be pairing the perfect lamp shade.

Do you have a DIY project you would like to show off?

Christmas Lights In A Bottle Tutorial

I started with these apple juice bottles. I have long admired these bottles I love the contrast of the big round barrel and the teeny little handle and was glad to finally come up with a project where I could use them. The juice is good too! I got impatient waiting for the family to finish up the contents, so I had my oldest son pour what was left into another pitcher, then I washed out the inside.

Next, for my Christmas lights in a bottle project, I used my handy mini scraper tool to take off the label. This tool is basically a straight edge razor blade with a handle. When youre done using it, you can flip the blade upside down so the sharp part is hidden in the handle. Such a useful tool! I use it to take sticky things off windows and other glass no chemicals required.

Once the bottle was clean and label free, it was time to drill through the glass. We used a 3/8 drill bit designed for glass and tile. The drilling takes a little while maybe 20 minutes because you cant go too fast. The drilling will create white dust and as the hole gets bigger, it will smoke a bit from the heat.

Next we painted. I experimented with some old jam jars and baby food jars first to try different techniques like paint dripped from plastic spoons. But the kids voted and liked the sponged look best, so thats what we did for the final project.

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How To Make Decorative Lighted Wine Bottles

So you know how to add lights inside a wine bottle. Now what? Lets increase its decorative value. Heres what you can do:

  • Clean the bottle so it looks all new and shiny.
  • Remove the labels, unless they are nice-looking and you want to keep them.
  • Paint the bottle.
  • Glue glass pebbles around the bottle with hot glue. It gives a nice effect as the light goes through them.
  • Use Modge Podge and pretty napkins to decorate it.

What Customers Have To Say

Decorative wine bottles with lights inside...Very easy and ...

An Amazon customer said that these wine bottle lights are fantastic, and using them is a great way to decorate and light up any small area. She also likes the automatic shut-off feature that it comes with. The lights were running for 6 hours and came back on by themselves at the same time the following day.

Another buyer said that these were exactly what she wanted for wine bottle lights. She particularly likes that only by a push of a button, the cork can already work at various flashing speeds.

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How To Make Christmas Bottle Lights

1.. Firstly, soak the bottles in hot water soapy to remove all labels and residue from the outside. Then leave to dry thoroughly.

2. Next, stick the foam Christmas shapes onto the bottles where you would like the light to shine through.

3. Then, spray paint the bottles, with 2 coats of paint. Letting each coat dry in between. Once the paint has dried, carefully remove the foam stickers.

4. Now the bottles are ready for the cork lights. To make my lights look more festive I covered the cork in Christmas washi tape.

I told you they were simple to make. If you want to make more fancy Christmas scenes. You can either cut your own foam shape design or use a die cutting machine.

I used my die cutting machine to cut some intricate birch trees and used this to create a lovely winter scene on an old bourbon bottle.

I think that these lights would make a lovely Christmas gift, you can use bottles of different shapes and spray paint them in different colors. A Christmas bottle light made from an old Whisky bottle would look great in a man cave.

They also make lovely night lights at Christmas, my son wants one for his room.

Since making these lights I have made a Halloween version of the bottle lights and some Valentines bottle lights.

If you like to make Christmas crafts with lights then you will probably like the LED Deer Head I made last year. Or this DIY Christmas garland with lights.

Youll find many more cool Christmas DIYs for adults here.

Monday 27th of November 2017

Easy Christmas Bottle Lights To Illuminate Your Home

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I just love it at Christmas when the house twinkles, with all the lovely Christmas lights on those dark cold winter nights.

Last week I made some cute led mini Pine Cone Christmas trees. This week Ive added some lovely Christmas bottle lights, to my illuminations.

Before when you wanted to put lights into a bottle you had to drill a hole into the glass, which you can imagine wasnt easy. Well, the other day I discovered an amazing product, cork bottle led lights.

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Diy Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

There are a couple of things you should know about me before I start this article: firstly I actually dont mind a little DIY, I cant say Im always that good at it, but I do like a challenge! Secondly if there a shortcut to be found, Ill normally find it! Knowing all of that we can now continue

I found an article online a few days ago showing you how to make a Wine Bottle Christmas Light that involved drilling a hole in the back of a wine bottle, then threading through the Christmas lights. I thought it looked quite easy so I gave it a try. After 20 minutes of drilling and still with more to do I got bored. Therefore I came up with my own way of making Wine Bottle Christmas Lights, and I PROMISE that it will take less than half the time!


safety goggles

an empty bottle. I selected Cliff Raven Torrontes, but thats only because they are my winery this week!

a short strand of 50 bulb Christmas lights . Make sure it is no more than 50 bulbs as you wont be able to fit any more in the bottle.

Making Your Own Corks

How to put lights in a bottle- Amazing results!!

Step 1:

  • Take your cork roll and cut a 2.5 strip out of one side.
  • Then, take the top of one of your lights and attach it to the edge of the cork with a strip of hot glue. Make sure the cork goes ALL THE WAY AROUND the top of the light, and seal the edges together with another strip of hot glue.
  • Cut the cork so that theres only about .5 1 of cork above the top of the light.

Step 2:

  • Take whats left over of your 2.5 strip of cork, and roll it around the cork you just put around the top of your light putting a glue strip at the bottom of the cork you are rolling to attach it to the other cork piece.
  • MAKE SURE the entire top of the light is protruding out from the bottom of your second roll of cork .
  • Put another strip of hot glue at the seam of the cork roll to attach both sides of the roll together.
  • Step 3:

    • Put a strip of hot glue around the very top of the cork roll you just made .
    • Take the last little bit of your 2.5 cork strip, and place it on top of the hot glue strip attaching it to the top of your cork roll.
    • Then, cut around the edges so that the top of the cork is cut perfectly even with the rest of the roll.

    Step 4:

    • Attach the bottom of your light to the top of your light .
    • DO NOT twist it all the way in until you are ready for it to light up.

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    Does Hairspray Seal Glitter On Glass

    Hairspray is a fantastic option for sealing glitter on fabric! . Seal the glitter. Next, you will need to seal the glitter with more glue or with a sealing spray, such as Krylon Crystal Clear. To seal the glass with more glue, use your large paintbrush to paint on another layer of glue over the glitter.

    How To Make Some Cool Simple Christmas Bottle Lights

    No need for drilling anymore just simply drop the string of led lights through the neck of the bottle and the batteries are stored in the cork.

    Once I discovered these lights, the whole craft became really easy. They are cheap too! This is great as it now means that I can have loads of these Christmas bottle lights around my home adding to that lovely Christmasy twinkly feeling.

    This post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to see my disclosure policy.

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    Diy Wine Bottle Lights A Unique Way To Upcycle Empty Wine Bottles

    July 21, 2015 by Kaitlin Biziorek

    Ok, another wine bottle post it is! I dont know why Im so obsessed with making crafts out of wine bottles. Maybe its because I think they look cool. Maybe its because I live close to wine country. Or maybe its just the simple fact that I love me some good wine and I often have wine bottles lying around to craft with. Probably the latter.

    But regardless, I think wine bottle crafts are fun. And if youre reading this post, odds are you probably do too. Previously, Ive shown you how to cut wine bottles to make gorgeous vases. And Ive shown you how to cut them to make candles out of them.

    Today. there is no cutting involved- yahoo! Saves you the time of prepping and cleaning your kitchen for the laborious task of cutting the bottles, and the possibility of cutting yourself in the process. No, today I think Ill save you that hassle. In fact, todays craft doesnt really even involve the bottle itself at all .

    Today, Im showing you how to take a simple cork, and give it a lighted twist to add ambiance to your next dinner party. Forget the twinkle lights or votives on your tablescape . Im telling you all you need are these simple lighted corks, pop them into your empty wine bottles, and put them around your dinner table . Your guests will LOVE the fun, modern twist on lighting. And youll look like you spent WAY more money than you actually did.

    Three Packs Wine Bottle Cork Light Usb Powered And Rechargeable Led Bottle Light

    How To Put Christmas Lights In A Wine Bottle

    make a hot and intimate atmosphere. This is the perfect way to decorate the bottle of beer, wine or any scents because it adds to your imagination and creativity in order to make a romantic dinner. This is the perfect light when you are planning to set a romantic dinner with your loved ones. The battery of this product last up to sixty hours. The Case cork shape is perfectly appropriate for any bottles with excellent effect.

    Packs Wine Bottle Cork Light (USB Powered and Rechargeable LED Bottle Light Features:

    • This product is equipped with brightest LED light.
    • The USB port is located under the cork.
    • It is made from luminous ABS plastic and ordinary cork.


    • It is easy to operate and install.
    • The battery can be charged in 30 minutes.
    • It is suitable to different bottles.
    • It is perfect to display in any romantic dinner.


    • The battery life lasts for 1 hour.

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    How To Make Your Own Wine Bottle Lights

    As the weather starts to get a little cooler, its always nice to add touches of fall into your home. If you love repurposing glass bottles , youll love this wine bottle DIY. The steps are super easy to follow, and these hanging lights are a lovely touch to any room in the house. Check out the steps below to make your own!

    How To Make Wine Bottle Garden Lights

    Heres a clever idea for lighting your garden path that uses empty liquor or wine bottles and icicle holiday lights. Collect enough empty colored bottles to line both sides of your path you can ask a local bar to save bottles for you. This is especially helpful if you want them to all be the same color. Cobalt blue glass gives off a soft blue light, but any color will work. After youve collected enough bottles, follow our simple steps below to swiftly install the wine bottle lights along your garden path.

    Steps for making wine bottle garden lights:

  • Dig a trench 6 in. deep and as wide as a single bottle along both sides of the path. Spread about an inch of sand in the bottom of the trench.
  • Next, take a string of icicle-style holiday lights, slide a single short strand into a bottle and set the bottle upside down into the trench.
  • To stabilize it, pour more sand around it, until you have about 4 in. total. Not only does the sand hold the bottles up, it also helps water drain away from them. Continue in this way down the rest of the path.
  • After youve set all the bottles along your path, pack about 2 in. of soil over the sand and around the bottles. About 5 in. of the lower part of the bottles should be sticking out above the ground. These garden lights can last for several years or longer depending on how frequently you turn them on.
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    Video For Diy Wine Bottle Lights With Cement Bases

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    You can easily create your own outdoor paradise just by combining cement, wine bottles and solar LED fairy lights.

    The cement base adds a decorative element as well as stability, and you can make it any color to match your decor.

    A whole different type of upcycling for wine bottle crafts.

    Could there ever be a day when we run out of cement crafts ideas? I dont think so!Take a look below and make note of how the cork looks. Its plastic and thats were the solar panel is located.

    And this is the effect of illuminating a concrete stepping stones path.

    How about on the stairs, lighting the path to your front door.

    Some of the links on this page have been provided as a convenience for finding materials. These links may also be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.

    I only recommend products Ive used and loved, unless otherwise stated.

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    You will use both the aluminum flashing and either the acetate or contact paper as the mold that will become the cement base for the wine bottle.

    The photo below shows 3 different results- using contact paper, using acetate and not using any barrier at all.

    You can decide based on this, which material you want to use as a barrier, if any.

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