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Where To Buy Salt Of The Earth Wine

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Salt Of The Earth Moscato Rubino California Sweet Red Moscato 2012 Rated 95bti Best Buy

Beverage Testing Institute ReviewRated 95BEST BUYGarnet violet color. Aromas and flavors of nut brittle, leather, and sour cherry sauce with a supple, fruity medium-to-full body and a long, tangy, berry, earth and spiced apple nuanced finish. Fantastically flavorful, balanced, and complex. Wine Tasting NotesMoscato Rubino is a sweet moscato made from Black Muscat and Muscat Canelli – the same grapes used for Red Electra, Quady’s most popular moscato. Both wines are sweet and aromatic. Both have a little spritz. The difference is in the alcohol. Red Electra’s alcohol is extremely low, only 5%. Moscato Rubino’s is 7. 5%. Red Electra is very soft and grapy, like juice. Moscato Rubino is light and wine-like, full of ripe fruit, with a clean finish.


Andrew And Laurel Quady

Andrew and Laurel Quady started out in the wine business 40 years ago in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. They found that the climate of the valley was perfect for producing delicious Muscat, port, and vermouth, and they made a name for themselves with Quady Winery as the aperitif and sweet wine specialists. Andrew is known for new and daring ideas and the Salt of the Earth concept was his. Laurel is an expert in accounting and winery financial management. In addition to managing the financial picture, the Salt of the Earth label is Laurels concept and execution.

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Beyond Foodsalts Important Role In Worship & Covenant

However, salt had significance in the bible beyond just useful propertiesit was a key component of the temple worship. When laying out His guidelines for the tabernacle and worship, God commanded that all offerings in the tabernacle include salt.

In Leviticus, He says, And every offering of your grain offering you shall season with salt you shall not allow the salt of the covenant of your God to be lacking from your grain offering. With all your offerings you shall offer salt even the incense used in the temple was commanded to be salted, pure and holy .

This was not only a command for the wandering tribes and temporary tabernacle. Ezra 6:9 and 7:22 show that salt was still a significant component of worship when the tribes were reclaiming the land, as it was part of the worship necessities list King Darius agreed to provide , and Ezekiel 43:24 gives similar instructions for using salt in burnt offerings in the temple of the prophesied kingdom of God.

This ritual role of salt is particularly important for what it symbolizes, making Jesuss words in Matthew resonate even more. For while physical salt was added to the temple animal sacrifices under the Levitical priesthood, under the new covenant Jesus Christ is our eternal sacrifice and His elect are to be the pure salt added to His sacrifice.

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Salt Of The Earth Moscato Rubinocalifornia Usa

Salt of the Earth Moscato Rubino California Sweet Red Moscato
Salt of the Earth Moscato Rubino

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As Salt Of The Earth How Do We Keep From Losing Our Savor

So what did Jesus mean when he cautioned His salt of the earth disciples not to lose their flavor or saltiness? Likely youve never run across salt thats gone bad, because our table salt today is a very simple, stable, and nearly indestructible compound. It doesnt go stale or decay on its own.

Salt in the ancient world was very different, however. Instead of being the pure, processed seasoning we know today, it was salt with some other minerals and rocks mixed in. If it wasnt carefully protected and was allowed to get damp, the pure salt would dissolve out of the mixture and leave behind a pile of tasteless dirt.

In the words of Jesus, then it is good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men . In order to keep its flavor and ability to intensify fire, the salt had to be kept uncontaminated by the world.

As Gods elect, we are required to live in the world, to have jobs and homes and families and interact with the carnal world daily. But we are not to allow this world to shape us. Jesus made this clear when He was praying before His death, saying, I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world .

Were Told To Be The Salt Of The Earth But What Does That Really Mean

Jesus told his disciples, You are the salt of the earth but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? .

I dont know about you, but this statement has never really fired me up spiritually. I mean, salt?? The stuff that comes in tiny little paper packets at McDonalds? What about gold or precious gems, something beautiful and special and rare?

In our society, salt is the most mundane of commodities. You can buy a giant canister of it for a dollar and throw it on everything. Its pretty much impossible to run out of salt, and it never goes bad. When I read a verse like Matthew 5:13, my brain has all these questions about salt but Ive always just pushed them to the back of my mind and kept going.

Recently the questions have been nagging at me, however, because if Jesus says were supposed to be something , then we should do our level-best to understand the analogy. So I recently decided to try and get a better context around His statement.

Though today its something we totally take for granted, salt has a fascinating history. A precious substance in the ancient world, salt can be credited with building civilization. Since it allowed for preservation of food beyond immediate consumption, it gave people the ability to travel more than a days journey away and led to the development of trade.

So to put us back in Jesuss time, salt was very valued and useful, and the people listening to Him would have known this.

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A Precious Useful Material

Useful and valuable is a good place to start in terms of describing what a true Christian should be. Salt has myriad properties that make it as useful today as it was in the ancient world. As mentioned above, one of its first uses was as a preservative and purifying agent, to keep food from spoiling or to purify or disinfect something.

While the world will ultimately go down a path of destruction, Gods people are called as examples to preserve themselves and their families from the spiritual and moral decay of society. James tells us that pure and undefiled religion before God is this, to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world .

Purity is perhaps the key theme underlying all of Gods commandments, and is the crowning achievement of the Bride of Christ, composed of the resurrected firstfruits. Paul says Christ will present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemishthat is, pure .

Today, salt is best-known as adding flavor and savor to foodhow bland our French fries would be without it! Paul tells the Colossians that their actions toward those outside the faith should show wisdom and their speech should always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one . That is, our speech and conduct toward others should add value and also be used wisely , since too much can overwhelm and ruin the effect.

Salt Of The Earth 2019 Rubino Moscato

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A fresh, grapey aroma leads to sweet, vivid berry and cherry flavors that are nicely balanced by good acidity. This low-alcohol wine has a refreshing, charming quality even though quite sweet. Jim Gordon

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Salt Of The Earth 2018



Salt of the Earth is a Shiraz and Cinsaut blend and has an abundance of dark cherry, spicy white pepper and violet flavour on the nose. Cinsault flavours of cherries and strawberries are prominent on the palate. The wine is very well structured with soft tannins and has great length. This new and limited release from Groote Post just proves, once again, their dedication to producing only top quality wines.

Only a limited amount of bottles available!

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