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What Is Pet Nat Wine

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How You Know It’s A Pt

What Is Pet Nat? | Pétillant Naturel Sparkling Wine

Identifying them can be a little tricky. While some producers helpfully put pét-nat or pétillant naturel right on the label, others dont. They may also use terms like bottle fermented,methode ancestral, or, if Italian, col fondo, which is basically pét-nat Prosecco. If you see sediment and a crown capmeaning the kind of top on an old Coke bottleits probably pét-nat, Brandt offers. Ask your friendly wine shop owner to point you in the right direction.

When Do You Drink Pt

You dont need a special occasion to drink a pét-nat, and because its Champagnes more easygoing little sister, any excuse is reason enough to try one out. It equally works for brunch, or a warm summer evening, but its also great with a snack as simple as chips, to a spicy Thai meal, says Campbell. Just be sure to chill it first.

And thanks to typically low alcohol by volume , its a good hot-weather option. Just be sure when you do pop a pét-nat to drink it out of a proper wine glass to fully appreciate it, advises Gray. Flutes dont do these wines any favours.

How Is Pet Nat Different From Champagne

Champagne starts with;finished;wine, to which a measured amount of sugar and yeast is added, forcing the wine into a secondary fermentation. When you open a Pet Nat, on the other hand, youre drinking something unforced, with about half the pressure of Champagne. The grapes go from vine to bottle very quickly, which means most of the wine work happens naturally in the bottle. The wine goes through a single fermentation. Pet Nat winemakers have to trust their fruit and their process, because there is little opportunity for intervention.

This is an unfiltered, unsulfured natural wine. A hazy appearance is part of the magic.

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We See You Also Sell Biodynamic And Vegan Wines Tell Us More

Biodynamic farming is a set of philosophical principles around 365-degree farming that was developed in the 1920s by Rudolph Steiner. Today many winemakers beyond certified biodynamic winemakers and others just use some of the practices depending on beliefs, resources, and the country they are making wine in. Biodynamics is the ideology of farming along with the cycles of the moon through the constellations, it informs through its own calendar when to do certain things so that everything aligns. There is heavy use of compost and special teas and practices that go along with it!

As far as vegan wine, most dope wine is vegan. The reason why vegan wine is being called out is because a lot of mass-produced, shitty commercial wine is not vegan because various animal innards can be used during the vinification process.;

Jacky Blot Domaine De La Taille Aux Loups Triple Zero Montlouis Ptillant Brut

Ancestrale Pet

This natural, lightly sparkling wine is made from old vine Chenin Blanc in the Loire, which is a region known for consistent and well-made pet-nat, says Estelle Bossy, beverage director at the Panorama Room and Anything At All at the Graduate Roosevelt Island in New York City. The wine is dry and has terrific texture thanks to the 24 months aging on the lees she says. Its citrusy, salty, super-refreshing and the perfect juice to accompany oysters from the raw bar, she says.

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What Is Pet Nat

Despite its recent surge in popularity, Pétillant Naturel is actually far from being the new hipster kid on the block.

Like many of the wines being brought into popularity at the moment this sparkler actually;dates back pre-Champagne, and has been enjoyed by the French for centuries.

The;pét-nat;method is not limited to a specific region, but the current leading areas include the Loire Valley, Limoux in France, and Italy, where Prosecco;pet nat;practitioners call it col fondo.

Wonderwerk Giorgio Riesling Pet

For an limitless summer season kind of wine, this bottle made with organically farmed Riesling grapes delivers. It completely bursts with tropical fruits like pineapple and mangosteen, whereas nonetheless being brilliant and refreshing, says Kristin Olszewski, sommelier and founding father of canned wine model Nomadica.

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And How About Organic Wine

Organic wine can be many things. You can have a mass-produced wine that is certified organic but then treated very poorly in the cellar. Dont get me wrong: organic farming is very important to me, it doesnt need to be certified organic but the practice shows a yearning to allow nature to take its course instead of stripping away life and minerals that can make wine so delicious and exciting. The label of organic has mostly to do with farming practices so its important to understand how the grapes are treated and how the wine is vinified after they leave the vine.;

How Can I Tell If A Wine Is Natural

What is Pét Nat

This question is THE million-dollar question because none of the bottles will say natural or low intervention. And, in a regular wine shop, youll get directed to the organic section if the person is not familiar with the category. Seeking out natural wine out in the world can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So, if you live in a major city, the simplest way is to simply Google natural wine and go talk to someone in your local bottle shop or wine bar. However, if youre staying in, the simplest way to figure out what you like is to shop online bottle shops. Eventually, youll start to recognize producers, wine styles, label art, even importers.;

Luckily, there are plenty of online bottle shops that ship natural wines from the best producers all over the country. Heres a great place to start:;

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Best French: Domaine Saint Cyr Pt

Courtesy of Nolita Wine Merchants

Region: Beaujolais, France | ABV: 11% | Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Nectarine, Melon;

If you cant get enough Beaujolais in your life, then this energetic rosé of gamay is an absolute no-brainer. Crafted by fourth-generation winemaker Raphael Sant Cyr, this 100% gamay comes from 20 to 40-year-old vines rooted in clay and limestone soils. Prior to being bottled at a low low brix, grapes are direct pressed, cold settled, and begin fermentation in steel. The wine is bottled without any additives and is disgorged after approximately three months in bottle.;

Tart, tangy, and undeniably refreshing, the wine shows flavors of wild strawberries, nectarine, melon rind, and a touch of white pepper. For a versatile wine that promises to please an array of palate preferences, you really cant go wrong here.;

Pitt Nat Rose Pittnauer 2020

A pale pink Austrian rosé is next on our Pet Nat role call. A blend of Blaufrankisch, Merlot and Syrah, this explodes with grapefruit, melon and fresh strawberry, with a little lick of vanilla ice cream. The fresh acidity makes it a dream partner for sushi, shellfish and salads. Drink while the sun shines!

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How To Open Pt

Open quickly as most Pet-Nats have lots of bubbles that can spill over. Use a continuous pour into several glasses or into a decanter so as to not kick up the lees at the bottom of the bottle. Stop pouring when you start to see a little sediment pouring out. Leave the lees in the bottle. It is a good idea to pry the crown cap slightly and let the pressure fizzle out before fully opening the bottle, to avoid explosion.;

Fio Piu Piu Pet Nat Riesling Nv

Where to buy pet

On to Germanys Riesling heartland, the Mosel Valley, and an easy-drinking Pet Nat that brings together the talents of three great European winemakers. Dirk and Daniel Niepoort have teamed up with Phillip Kettern to create a fresh, spicy, beautifully balanced Pet Nat wine that marries clean Riesling acidity with a touch of fruity sweetness. Delicious.

That should be more than enough to start you off on some Pet Nat adventures. Trust us, you wont be disappointed. As ever, if you have any questions about this superbly quirky wine style, do get in touch Team Butler is always happy to help.

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Everything You Need To Know About Pt

If youve visited a natural wine bar in your neighborhood or held up a bottle of cloudy bubbles in the naked wine section at the liquor store, youve probably thought: Whats the deal with pét-nat wine?

Short for pétillant naturel, which means naturally bubbly in French, pét-nat is a centuries-old way of making bubblesso ancient it predates Champagne. While pét-nat has been around for a long time, its enjoying a resurgence as part of the broader natural wine trend thats appealing to wine drinkers who are more conscientious about what theyre consuming, including wines that havent been tinkered with much.

Really, you could think of pét-nat as the quirky, funky cousin of Champagne. The bubbles are a bit more frothy and, with pét-nat, you might think of your favorite sour beer, if that beer had a bit of a creamy texture, says Bob Smith, certified specialist of wine and director of beverage at Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina.

Also, the bubbles in pét-nat are gentler, says Taylor Berk, sommelier and wine director at Animae in San Diego.

The flavor profiles are more direct and less mature, Berk says. You might pick up notes of pink Starburst candies with a bit of a sour edge in some of the rosés. Sometimes dry cider-esqe notes from white pét-nats, and a berry explosion in some of the reds.

Ptulant Naturel Cinsault Birichino 2020

Birichinos organic Pet Nat rosé has celebrity status: its made with grapes from the worlds oldest Cinsault vineyard, planted in 1886. The vines age gives so much concentration to the tropical fruits, pink guava and hints of violet in the wine. Open a bottle and settle down for a West Coast treat.

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The New Cava Isnt Called Cava

Once derided as Spain’s answer to prosecco, cava is finding a new path, wedged somewhere between pét-nat and grower Champagne. Just don’t expect to find the name on the label.

According to Florent Plageoles of Domaine Plageoles, a pioneer of natural winemaking in the southwestern French region of Gaillac, The term pétillant naturel was mainly created to categorize sparkling wines made with the ancestral method in regions where they didnt historically produce those types of wines. Although he claims not to mind when people label his sparkling Mauzac Nature as a pét-nat, hes also quick to highlight the significance of practicing the technique in a place like Gaillac, where its deeply embedded within the local heritage.

Technically, our sparkling mauzac could be classified as a pétillant naturel, Plageoles explains. But the ancestral method of Gaillac, or the méthode Gaillacoise as we sometimes call it, was created centuries ago. Its representative of the Gaillac terroir, mainly through its native grape, mauzac, and its particular winemaking techniques.

Among the most conscientious stewards of Bugeys legacy, the revered Renardat-Fâche estate, now in its eighth generation of family leadership under winemaker Élie Renardat-Fâche, produces just one sparkling wine for commercial release: its iconic Bugey-Cerdon.

In an ironic twist of fate, pét-nats runaway success as a crown-capped party wine has made it more famous than the wines that originally inspired it.

What Makes Pet Nat Special And How Is It Different To Other Sparkling Wines

What is Pet Nat | Pét-Nat Explained

Since the wine is still undergoing fermentation when it’s bottled, it can be drunk very young indeed – within a few months of bottling in fact. Young, it will likely have some residual sugars leftover, making it slightly sweet. But wait a few months and these will slowly be consumed by the live yeast in the bottle; eventually morphing the fizz into a completely dry drink. It is great fun to follow this evolution over time so make sure you buy more than one bottle if you want to give it a go.

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Hi Helen Whats The Scoop On Natural Wine

The funny thing about natural wine is that in the wine world its not a black-and-white technically defined category of wine. Its defined.. but then also beyond definition. To put it into context, there is no wine law or certification one can achieve to have a natural wine. But to define it is also paramountly important:

Natural wine is wine that has had nothing added and nothing taken away.

Of course, within the simplicity of that statement, there are a lot of questions and caveats. Natural wine is like über organic wine: The practice starts in the vineyard, no use of herbicides or pesticides, oftentimes composting and biodynamic farming techniques are employed. Energy is focused on the expression of terroir aka the soil and location of the vineyard site and how the vines harmonize with the surrounding nature. All grapes are hand-harvested, sorted by hand and then the subsequent fermentation and aging process are low intervention without the use of chemicals, sulfur or other stabilizers.

Natural wine is mostly unfiltered and unfined and most of the time no added sulfur at bottling, however, it really depends on the weather and harvest vintage to vintage. Natural wine is small production and site-specific made by true artists and farmers.;

Broc Cellars Love Glowing Chenin Blanc

The fantastic thing about pét-nat is that it may be made with every kind of grapes, with the CO2 trapped within the bottles giving it the farmer fizz, says Paola Embry, licensed sommelier and CEO and wine director at Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, Arizona. This chenin blanc from 50-year-old vines in Paso Robles, California, is one in every of her favorites. Its bone dry and on the floral facet, Embry says. Its additionally good for picnics and an incredible introductory wine for these simply stepping into the class.

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Which Country Makes The Best Pet Nat Wine

Today, Pet Nats are produced all over the world. The main area of production is perhaps France: its country of origin. Indeed the Loire, for example, is a great source of Pet Nat wines, but you can also find exceptional examples on every continent, including in the Caucasus: the birthplace of wine.

What Foods Go Best With Pet Nat Wines


Pet Nats are incredibly versatile and come in all styles and colours. Some styles, especially the fuller-bodied rosé, orange or even red Pet Nats work well with food.

Theyre very versatile so they work with all sorts of dishes. The only thing to be wary of though is the possibility of some residual sugar in younger bottles as this can make them trickier to match with your meal. But, if that’s the case, then they make a great apéritif. I personally love drinking an orange Pet Nat with roasted chestnuts. Perfect for this time of year.

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What Is Pet Nat Everything About The Natural Sparkling Wine

What are these pet nat sparkling wines my trendy friends keep talking about?

Recently dubbed as hipster bubbles by wine lovers, Pet Nat is a natural sparkling wine.

Being a fully naturally made wine this means it has been made with minimal intervention from the winemaker during production, who instead leaves nature to do its job and develop the finished product.

You Heard It Here First: Pt

A sommelier breaks it down.

By Anne Campbell

My love of wine started like a half-price paperback novelsweet and cheap. This relationship worked perfectly fine for our initial courtship when my taste level was bottom shelf and my kid number had yet to be established. But that was before tannins threw tantrums in my head and gracious-less grapes made my laugh lines turn to frowns.;

With 40 candles about to be brightly lit on my birthday cake, I can now definitively say that the only thing that beats the sound of a cork flying, is the sound of a cork flying from a beautiful,;quality;wine that doesnt talk back to me the next morning with a hangover attitude.;

Instead of combing the market racks for below-average bottles, I now realize the benefits of thoughtfully produced varietals from the well-edited and deliciously curated e-aisles of Helens Wines. The Cali-based shoppe focuses its lens on natural and organically-farmed, small-production wines.

We caught up with the gal behind the grapes, Helen Johannesen, to learn more about natural, organic, and pét-nat wines. Get a taste of what makes them so special, what a natural wine actually is, and which enlightened sips should be on our summer rotation

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Okay So Then What Is Conventional Wine

Conventional wine is fundamentally different from natural wine, whether its “Two-Buck Chuck” or costs a pretty penny. Conventional wine, aka non-natural wine, is made using a relatively young process synthetic pesticides were introduced in the 1930s, and in 1965 the first commercial yeasts were used in a large winery. Conventional wine is produced with the aid of herbicides, pesticides, and machine pickers. These winemakers can control the fermentation process and achieve consistency using commercial yeasts, yeast nutrients, additives, sulfites to inhibit microbes, sterilizers, and even an industrial grape juice concentrate to color-correct wines. These are tools used to control the finished products flavor, smell, color, and texture.;

Why You Should Be Drinking Pt

Pet Nat Wines

Seeing that they’re not disgorged, don’t be surprised if your final pét-nats are a little cloudy. This is merely leftover sediment, which is completely OK to consume and certainly won’t do you any harm. Pét-nats tend to also have a lower effervescence than other sparklers, giving them a subtler fizz as opposed to a full-blown, dazzling mouthfeel. Some will also have a pleasurable sweetness, thanks to a touch of residual sugar left in the bottle. Best of all, pét-nats are generally lower in alcohol than other bubblies, making them a perfect fit for lunchtime, afternoon happy hours or even Saturday-morning breakfast.

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