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What Wine Goes Best With Salmon

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A Note On Red Wine With Salmon

What Red Wine Pairs with Salmon?

You wont miss a red wine to pair with steak-like white meat such as salmon. The trick is to find a wine with low tannin to avoid the metallic taste you get when you pair with full-bodied reds. A Pinot Noir would be a great choice in this case. The fruity raspberry and strawberry notes, as well as the earthy undertones all, work to balance the flavor of the fish. From baked to smoked, grilled or pan-seared salmon, you can never go wrong with a light Pinot Noir with light tannin. One example of this kind of pairing is the Valpolicella blend, which is mainly the Corvina grape. There are also other choices such as Prieto Picudo , Beaujolais and Lambrusco .

Matching your pairings to the sauce and method of preparation. If youre thinking of cooking with that bottle of wine, check out What is Cooking Wine? for tips on how to cook with your wine.

What To Drink With Salmon With Herbs And Cream Sauces

Taste is a personal sensation and unique to each individual, said Wilfried Rique, speaking to in 2019 as beverage director at Nobu Shoreditch. However, I would say that there are a few essentials that are good to know.

The minerality and herbaceous notes of a classic Sauvignon Blanc will match well with a salmon cooked with fine herbs and citrus, he said.

If the salmon is accompanied with butter and cream, you should go more for a Chardonnay with a bit of oak to highlight the fish.

Wine Pairing With Lacquered Salmon

Finally, a slow-roasted salmon lacquered in a slightly sweet, sour and umami glaze of soy or miso will go nicely with a bolder style of rosé or a Pinot Gris from Alsace. If the glaze contains ginger, maple, molasses, brown sugar or warm autumn spices, we recommend pairing with an aromatic white wine like a Gewürztraminer, whose tropical fruit and gingerbread flavors will match those of the lacquer perfectly.

As with any food, and especially an ingredient as highly versatile as salmon, the perfect wine pairing will depend largely on cooking style and seasoning. A salty, cured salmon on toast will have little in common with a flaky and delicate poached salmon filet and even less with a slow-roasted salmon steak lacquered with a ginger and soy glaze. So, it only makes sense that the wines pairing to these dishes also be vastly different. And while some wine pairings with salmon emphasize the congruent nature of the wine and dish , others work well precisely because of the balance achieved by the contrasting nature of the two . Salmon is one of our favorite ingredients for wine pairing, whose versatility makes it an excellent choice for training your palate.

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  • Pairing Wine With Salmon

    What Wine Goes With Salmon?

    by Michael James-The Grape Meister | Dec 12, 2018 | Uncategorized |

    When considering fish as a food category one species is front and center. Salmon! Many consider it comfort food. Its rich flavor is what makes salmon a fan favorite. Not to mention the fact that it is packed with healthy Omega 3 oil. Additionally, there are a myriad of vitamins like D and four types of B vitamins. The potassium, selenium and phosphoric minerals are an added benefit.

    Salmon is a rule breaker. For decades wine connoisseurs preached that white wine should be paired with white meat. That red wine was meant to be paired with red meat. If you accept these tenants than what do you pair salmon with? I mean salmon steaks are quite pink. If you accept this old rule than is Rosé the best match? Well yes and no. Depending on the preparation method, you can pair your dishes with different wines.

    The purpose of this article is to simplify your choices. Salmon is a fatty fish. When you combine salmon with sauces and seasonings the final wine choice will depend on the combination of those elements. Because salmon is one versatile fish, there are at least a dozen cooking/preparation methods at your disposal. You can bake it, roast it, grill it, smoke it, sear it, Poach it, slow cook it, barbeque it, as well as match it with lots of different sauces. This is why you can pair salmon with whites, reds, rosés, and even rosé sparkling wines.

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    Why Choose Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir wines from different regions can be paired with salmon in almost any circumstance.

    Theyre Versatile Most Pinot Noirs are quite versatile when it comes to food pairing, which is great news for those who have a hard time choosing which pinots they want on their menu.

    Theyre Elegant Some Pinots are very elegant in taste as well, while others tend to fall more into the category of an easy-drinking wine with a good bit of fruit flavor and acidity. This makes them perfect for any meal, so its really up to you as far as what type of salmon youre going to be having, and how formal or informal youre planning on making your dinner party.

    Best With Salmon With Cream Sauce: Matrot Domaine Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay

    Also known as the white Burgundy, the Bourgogne is an easy-drinking, fruity, citrusy wine. The citrus flavors in the wine pick on the fat in the sauce and salmon and keep things moving along on the palate. The Domaine Matrot Bourgogne is crisp with a balanced acidity, a pleasant minerality, and a medium to long finish. With just the faintest hints of oak in the background, the finesse in the wine appeals to the powerful salmon and cream sauce duo. This is a well-structured wine with a good mouthfeel that will highlight the fish.

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    Its All About The Preparation

    Depending on how youre enjoying your salmon, you may want to sip on a light white, a smooth red, or a dry rosé. Here are some of our recommendations for what you should open based on how you are cooking or ordering your salmon.

    Smoked Salmon- a great brunch or lunch option, smoked salmon has an intense flavor that begs to be paired with something crisp and refreshing to compliment the bold, smoky notes. We recommend a sparkling rosé which also happens to be a great choice for brunch!

    Teriyaki Salmon- an oven-baked or cedar plank salmon with a sweet soy or teriyaki glaze goes great with an off-dry wine like our Monterey County Reserve Riesling.

    Salmon with Cream Sauce- one of the most common ways youll find salmon cooked at a restaurant is roasted and topped with a creamy, lemon or herbal sauce like a bearnaise. For this classic preparation, we suggest trying a medium-bodied white with a lingering oak finish like our Carneros Reserve Chardonnay.

    Crispy Skin Salmon- if you like your salmon to be crisp and flaky, then a pan-seared salmon is just for you! For this preparation, you can go with something like a dry rosé, or a light, low-tannin red like a pinot noir.

    Can You Drink Red Wine With Salmon

    Wine Education & Pairings : Top Wine to Pair With Baked Salmon

    While its a myth that red wine never matches with fish, its generally better to avoid bolder styles brimming with tannins.

    An absolute no is to pair a full-bodied red wine with salmon as this will kill both the wine and the fishs flavours, said Dinnadge, who is now group beverage manager of the Corrigan Collection.

    High consumer demand means that farmed Atlantic salmon has become much more prevalent on dinner tables, and farmed varieties also tend to have a fattier texture than their wild cousins.

    For seared salmon, and particularly farmed varieties, the obvious choice is a chilled Pinot Noir, said food and wine expert Fiona Beckett in a previous article for .

    Pinot picks up perfectly on the richness of the fish and the caramelised crust, said Beckett, adding that Chardonnay is also worth considering.

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    Great Wine Pairings With Salmon

    Salmon is in many ways the chicken of the fish world – an ingredient you can serve in many different ways and therefore match with a number of different wines.

    That said, it’s a rich fish, often served with cream or butter and therefore a natural candidate to pair with a medium-to-full-bodied white wine such as chardonnay. But nowadays it’s often served raw or grilled which opens to the door to many other wine pairings. Read on for my wine pairing suggestions:

    Salmon Stew With Wine

    Considered one of Salmon’s best and easiest preparations, this originated in Brazil and gave a delicious savoury taste.

    The main ingredients of this delicious dish include lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, and coconut milk.

    It’s comfort food that anyone will enjoy. You’d usually want Chardonnay for stews, but you can also try aromatic white wines like Herbal Gruner Veltliner and Riesling.

    Some good wine pairings include Sercial Madeira, Orange Wine, which is great because of its nutty flavors, and Dry Sherry.

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    What Wine Goes With Salmon

    Typically, we associate red wines with beef, while white wines are great for fish and Chicken. It’s a simple rule that doesn’t require a second thought.

    While this is true, choosing the best wine pairing for Salmon can be tricky. Many factors are involved in choosing Wine, such as sauces, side dishes, and the main dish varieties. The main concept is to balance the flavor of Salmon and Wine. It allows a taste that doesn’t overpower with each other. It also creates a pleasant experience for the palate.

    One of the first things to consider when choosing Wine is how the Salmon is prepared. We’ll start first with how to Pair Wine with a basic Salmon dish.

    A common preparation for Salmon is plain slow-roasted that results in delicate and soft fish meat. This plain and simple preparation of Salmon is best paired with a time-aged wine or -oak-aged Wine.

    Choose something that has nut or Meyer lemon notes in the Wine so that it will spice up and texture the fish. If you want something richer and bolder taste, choose Central Coast Chardonnay, Aged white Rioja, Viognier from Paso Robles or Oak-aged

    Trebbiano/Chardonnay from Sicily.

    These wines will balance the taste in richness and will create an overall wholesome taste. For a more delicate pairing, you can choose wines that have subtle green herbal notes.

    The Smoky Aroma Of Wine

    Best Wine With Salmon

    The aromas of the wine are numerous and very varied. They are gathered in large families. The smoky aroma of wine is often present in red wine. We are talking about woody aromas – also called balsamic – and empyreumatic.

    There are aromas such as tobacco, roasting, caramel, toasted bread, chocolate, tar, pepper or smoke. They are generally obtained during the aging of the wine in barrels., which classifies them in the category of tertiary flavors, but they can also come from the grape variety – like Sauvignon – or terroir.

    However, I would not advise you to pair red wine and smoked salmon. The powerful tannins and the opulence of these wines will collide with the finesse and the salty taste of the flesh.

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    Balsamic Roasted Baby Carrots

    What do you get when you put baby carrots, brown sugar, and balsamic vinegar in an oven? A lip-smacking side dish, thats what.

    I cant even begin to explain how delicious this dish is! Its sweet, crunchy, and absolutely stunning. Any entrée will be lucky to have it as a companion.

    Its great with salmon, in particular. Together, they make a glorious harmony of flavors and textures.

    Pinot Noir Or Burgundy

    One of the most classic pairings for salmon is Pinot Noir or red Burgundy wine. Pinot Noir and Burgundy are lighter bodied and aromatic red wines with subtle dark fruit and floral flavors and aromas that hold up well to the bold flavors of wild Pacific salmon and Copper River salmon. If you’re looking for lighter flavors to pair with delicately flavored Atlantic or farmed salmon, then try a rosé of Pinot Noir, which will have slightly lighter flavors to complement the fish.

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    What Style Of Cooked Salmon Goes Well With Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon is best paired with any type of salmon thats not overly fatty or creamy but if it were me, Id have to go with salmon filets that have been seared or grilled just shy of the medium.

    The wine will nicely compliment the fishs natural nuttiness and while youll still get those bold flavors from the wine, they wont overpower the lighter textures found in salmonespecially when it comes to grilling! The wine also goes well with smoked salmon as well which should be something more than a pleasant surprise for most of us!

    Best Side Dishes For Salmon

    Wine Pairing with Salmon (ENJOY THE PERFECT MATCH)

    Stumped with what to serve with salmon? Youve come to the right place!

    Fact: salmon is the best fish ever. Well, at least it is to me!

    Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send the recipe straight to your inbox!

    Whether its pan-fried, baked, or grilled, you cant go wrong. Its rich and savory, yet its so healthy for you. Its extremely quick and easy to prepare, too!

    I try my best to incorporate salmon into our weekly meal rotation. But no matter how good salmon is, theres nothing more boring than repetitive meals.

    To make things more exciting, I switch up the side dishes all the time. Thankfully, there are an array of dishes that go well with this fatty fish.

    Im sharing the best sides that will make salmon shine like the star that it is. From salads and veggies to rice and pasta, Ive got you covered.

    Without further ado, here are 23 spectacular sides for salmon.

    Lets start off with a simple dish that delivers maximum flavors. This lemon pasta is light, refreshing, and done in just 15 minutes!

    Lemon, cream, and white wine make up the sauce of this pasta.

    Together with al dente noodles, they make one heck of a dish. Add a piece of crispy pan-fried salmon on top, and youll have a hearty and healthy dinner.

    Sweet and crisp beans are pretty fantastic on their own, so you dont need a lot to make them stand out. In this recipe, all it takes are butter, garlic, and lemon zest.

    You can already smell the fragrance just by picturing it!

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    If Youve Been Pairing White Wine With Salmon Weve Got A Surprise For You We Think Salmon Can Stand Up To A Red Winepinot Noir

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    If youre anything like me, salmon is on your plate more often than any other variety of seafood. Whether its roasted, seared, or grilled, it makes for an easy and feel-good weeknight meal.

    But what should you drink with it? The traditional rule of white wine with fish is probably what comes to mind, but salmon is meatier in flavor and texture than other fish like cod and tilapia, which makes it somewhat of an outlier.

    With that in mind, I think your best bet with salmon is Pinot Noirand heres why.

    Smoked Salmon Appetizers To Try

    • Easiest: create a spread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, & chopped red onion with crackers
    • Salmon dip

    The Gloria Ferrer terrace is probably one of the most spectacular places you could ever enjoy a glass of wine.

    Where to buy Gloria Ferrer: You just cant go wrong with Gloria Ferrer sparkling wines, available at most grocery stores. Or order online. Were a part of the Gloria Ferrer wine club and it is AWESOME. Wine clubs are such a fun way to order wine. We split it with friends and share the shipments but its also an excuse to get together with them and drink wine!

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    Best Wine With Salmon

    Many people are trying to find the right wine that goes with salmon. Wine paring with fish is not always as easy as it looks. Most people are taught that you should always drink white wine with fish and red wine with meat. In most cases, that is the best wine pairing. However, there are always exceptions to the rules. The best salmon wine pairings include both red and white wines!

    The best wine with salmon depends how the fish is cooked, the side dishes added, and your personal preferences. Most people think that fish should always be paired with white wine and meat should be paired with red wine. Most of the times, this is the best option. The reason is because most fish dishes are light, and a tannic red wine will overwhelm the flavours of a light dish. However, many people wonder if it is possible to drink red wine with fish. The answer is yes – you just need to pick the right red wine. Here you will learn which are the best white and red wines with Salmon.

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