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Can You Ship Wine Via Ups

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Shipping Wine Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

HOW TO SHIP / MAIL BEER (alcohol, wine, moonshine) | Homebrew 4 Life

Can you — legally — ship wine to your friends for the holidays? Just like last year, it depends on where they live.

The U.S. Supreme Court didn’t exactly force open a door for direct shipping of wine with its May ruling on the issue. Instead, it nudged 50 different doors: some swung open, some slammed shut and many remain confusingly ajar.

Wine shipping regulations continue to vary by state. Moreover, while several states created new laws this year that allow California wineries to ship directly to their residents, some added regulations to discourage it.

“Some states, it’s just not worth it,” says Jennifer Tensley, director of operations for Tensley Wines in Santa Barbara County. “The paperwork for Texas and New York isn’t too difficult. Connecticut is like a book. Plus, they want quarterly reporting. We’re not shipping to Connecticut.”

Now here’s a different question: Can you ship wine to your friends, regardless of where in the United States they live?

The answer seems to be yes. As an experiment, two bottles of wine each were shipped last week to people in Florida, New Jersey and Tennessee — all states to which such shipping is not completely legal.

No one rejected the packages, and the wines arrived without incident in all three states.

Don’t indict the messenger

UPS spokesman Norman Black cautions that if a law was broken, the sender is the one responsible — not the delivery driver.

What About Fedex Dhl And Ups

Because there are so many special requirements to mail them, not all couriers accept liquids for shipping. And, if they do, theyll usually have a strict policy that must be carefully adhered to. Each courier has its own set of distinctive rules and regulations, many of which may differ by region, too.

Fedex Shipping Liquid Rules

Merchants are able to ship liquids through FedEx and can find a detailed policy explanation and a step-by-step packing guide on their website.

To ensure your package is accepted for shipment:

  • Use a waterproof, sealable primary container.
  • Pad the empty spaces of additional containers so that they dont touch each other – the materials should also be absorbant to contain any leakage.
  • Ensure the bottles are placed upright .
  • The final, outer container should be able to contain any potential leakage.

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How To Ship Beer And Wine

Shipping beer or wine – or indeed, any type of alcohol – can be a little difficult. If youre in the business and need to make international commercial shipments of alcohol, you should be able to do so by carefully following your carriers regulations – and, you may also need import and export licences. However, if youre just sending these as a gift, youre better off using subscription or online retail services that have better access to the right type of mailing services.

Domestically, you can ship alcohol through ground mail – though some states like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Utah prohibit direct alcohol shipments. In addition, many Muslim countries either wont allow you to ship alcohol at all, or require a trade licence.

Our Pack & Ship Guarantee

How to Ship Alcohol Through UPS, FedEx and USPS

You dont have to worry about a thing at The UPS Store. If an item packed by our associates and shipped via UPS® is damaged or lost, youll be reimbursed for the items value , the full retail price of packing materials and services, and shipping charges . Restrictions apply. For full details see our Pack & Ship Guarantee.*

*Additional fees apply.

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Choose Recipient Type At The Product Level

Users can either choose to ship alcoholic beverages to the licensee or customer . Under the Shipping section of the Edit Product page, youll find an option to select the recipient type. You can choose from the two optionsCONSUMER and LICENSEE. Refer to the following image.

You need to enable the Delivery Signature as Adult option in the FedEx plugin settings page. This option is essential for the final delivery of the package. By enabling this simple option, the parcel will not go into the hands of someone whos not over 21. Moreover, FedEx will need proper identification and signature of the receiver. You can refer to the following article to know more about how to ship with FedEx.

Shipcalm Can Help With Shipping Alcohol

ShipCalm knows a thing or two about what it takes to properly and successfully ship alcohol. Were able to help you with a wide variety of shipping needs, from international compliance intel to travel insurance and warehousing management. ShipCalm will have the strategies you need in order to send alcohol wherever you need, with expert knowledge of all alcohol shipping requirements. Request a custom price from ShipCalm to learn more about how you can elevate your alcohol shipping processes today!

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How To Properly Pack Alcohol Shipments

The next important thing you should know before you ship alcohol is how to properly pack it so that the couriers will accept shipments from you. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Get boxes with dividers especially made for packing wine or beer bottles
  • Secure the bottom of the box with extra tape so bottles wont fall out
  • The bottles should be tightly corked or sealed
  • Use bubble wrap around the bottle, and do it in such a way that the top and bottom of the bottle are also thoroughly covered. To this, put the bottle diagonally on the bubble wrap and roll it to cover all sides
  • Place the bottle in the divider and fill the box with packing material or packing peanuts. Make sure you fill it to the top
  • Seal the box by taping it generously
  • Attach the shipping label with and clearly mention the package contains alcohol and is fragile

How To Ship Alcohol

How to Ship Perfumes & Liquids Properly with USPS (Post Office)

If youâre wondering, âCan I sell alcohol online?â The answer is yes. Online alcohol sales is a growing market, expanding by 8.4% for the last five years and counting.

As long as you have the appropriate licenses, products consumers love to buy, and the means to ship them, youâre in good shape. The first step is to create a storefront with BlueCart eCommerce or another eCommerce website builder.

Next, itâs time to master shipping and handling, so you arenât scrambling to figure it out after your first few sales. We pulled together the essential steps on how to ship alcohol so you can apply them right away.

Keep reading for tips on how to legally and effectively mail alcohol from point A to point B.

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Other Methods Of Wine Packaging That Are Approved By Ups Are:

  • Polystyrene inner packaging with a corrugated outer container
  • Pre-molded Polystyrene glass bottle shippers are designed to provide maximum inner protection for different types of glass bottles. Ship all Polystyrene packaging inside an appropriate size outer corrugated box with all closure flaps sealed securely top and bottom with pressure sensitive tape
  • Molded pulp or die-cut corrugated inner packaging with a corrugated outer container
  • Molded pulp packaging has to be pre-shipment tested by the manufacturer to meet ISTA or the UPS Package Design and Test Lab procedure requirements. Fit all molded pulp or die-cut corrugated inner components, snugly inside an appropriate size outer corrugated box with all flaps sealed securely top and bottom with pressure sensitive tape
  • Sealed Airs Korrvu Select Ships wine with presentation and protection
  • Korrvu Select is a corrugated packaging solution that secures each bottle of wine in its own individual retention sleeve, keeping the bottle from moving during the shipping process. Each unique sleeve can be shipped individually, in a two pack or three pack, or a Korrvu tray holding three bottles can be stacked for shipping six, nine, or twelve bottles. One or more trays are placed in a separate carton for ease of shipping.
  • These Alcohol Shipping Tips Can Be Your Spirit Guide

    Alcohol delivery fulfillment is no easy task. In addition to getting the product packaged nicely and delivered on time, you have to be mindful of state laws to prevent legal troubles.

    Use these shipping tips and strategies to send alcohol safely, quickly, and legally. They are the bedrock of any successful eCommerce alcohol company, so they can be used whether youâre just starting an eCommerce business or need to optimize existing processes.

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    How To Package Wine For Shipping

    Just like beer, wine has its own specific requirements in order to be shipped successfully. Especially since wine drinkers tend to have a more precise palette, preserving the freshness and integrity of the wine throughout the transit process is important. Wine is one of the more commonly shipped spirits, with many wineries able to ship directly to consumers within the eligible states that allow wine deliveries. Some general tips for shipping wine include:

    • Minimize Empty Space: Unlike beer, its less common to ship wine in anything other than bottles. Make sure to protect bottles with padding and void-filling materials such as bubble wrap and cardboard dividers.
    • Know the Product: Take note of how specific wines need to be stored, as some bottles need to be stored standing up while other blends may need to be placed on their side.
    • Customized Packing Options: Consider custom-made wine boxes that simplify the process of filling space within the parcel and are made for durability.
    • Focus on Labels: Not only will the wine shipment likely need to have proper labeling to indicate the alcoholic nature of its contents, its a good idea to also make it clear that the contents are very fragile. This will help when shipping personnel handle the winel throughout the trip.

    If youre shipping wine and not going to use ShipCalms amazing FedEx rates you should make sure you check to see if you qualify for any of the FedEx pricing associations.

    Can Alcohol Be Shipped Internationally

    Shipping Wine Can Lead To Heat Damage

    Shipping alcohol internationally is when shipping requirements and preparations become even more complicated. International shipments are when taxes get added, regulations need to be checked, and both parties need to be prepared for send-off and receipt. While packaging will look very similar, the steps for shipping alcohol internationally are:

  • Obtain Proper Licences: There are numerous permits required for shipping alcohol to another country. Making sure that all legal documents have already been settled and provided is the first step when considering shipping anything internationally.
  • Select a Shipping Carrier: Once youve obtained the proper licensing, its time choose a shipping provider from UPS, FedEx, or DHL. As we know, each has unique shipping requirements, with even more details to iron out for international shipments.
  • DHL Exporting Alcohol Guidelines
  • Abide by All Shipping Regulations: Following all shipping regulations isnt only about gathering all the necessary paperwork. Make sure alcohol shipments are packaged correctly with proper international labeling in order to guarantee all elements of the shipping process are squared away.
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    Can You Ship Wine Through Usps

    Times have changed since 1909, except for Publication 52 of the US postal code restricting the shipment of alcohol. Yes, alcohol is technically a restricted item, not a prohibited item. However, the exception to shipping alcohol is limited to cold remedies and mouthwash, and between federal and state agencies.

    The USPS has specifically prohibited five items from domestic shipping:

    • Airbags
    • Certain flammable items

    Anyone who has questions about which items may or may not be shipped using the USPS should contact their local post office. And, while drinking wine may not be shipped USPS, there is one unique exception the service may indeed carry cooking wine.

    How To Ship Alcohol Faq

    What states don’t allow alcohol to be shipped?

    Alabama, Utah, Kentucky, and Mississippi don’t allow for alcohol to be delivered into their state. Delaware and Rhode Island also don’t allow alcohol to be delivered, but there are some exceptions that make delivery possible.

    Can you mail hand sanitizer?

    Yes, you’re able to ship hand sanitizer. However, for couriers like UPS, you first need to set up a hazardous materials contract. Make sure to see if there are any requirements to ship hand sanitizes with your courier.

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    Can You Mail Wine As A Gift

    It is illegal in the US for non-licensed individuals to ship wine through the mail. If you would like to send someone wine, you will need to buy wine through a licensed company. Fortunately, there are many companies that can send fine vintages, bottles, gift baskets, and club memberships to your recipient.

    Who Can Ship Spirits

    How To Pack and Ship Beer

    UPS only accepts packages containing Spirits from shippers who are licensed under applicable law and who have signed and entered into a contract with UPS for the transportation of Spirits.

    Note: UPS provides service for other alcoholic beverages on a contract basis only. For shipments containing beer or wine, shippers must enter into an approved UPS agreement for the transportation of beer or wine as applicable, must be licensed and authorized under applicable law to ship beer and wine. UPS accepts shipments of beer or wine only among and between selected states. For more information on shipping beer or wine visit How To Ship Beer and How To Ship Wine pages.

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    Will Ups Ship Wine

    can ship wineUPSUPSwineUPSwineUPS does

    . Also question is, what happens if you ship alcohol ups?

    Because FedEx and UPS are licensed to ship alcohol, it’s only a violation of company policy to ship alcohol. However, using the USPS to ship alcohol is illegal, and the ramifications of getting caught are far worse.

    Also, what states can you ship wine to? Alaska, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia and Wyoming: Those are the only 14 states that allow wine to be shipped to consumers from out-of-state retailers, according to the Times.

    Consequently, can you ship alcohol via US Postal Service?

    The United States Postal Service prohibits sending alcoholic beverages through the mail, but you can ship alcohol via couriers, such as FedEx or UPS if you‘re a licensed alcohol shipper.

    Does FedEx ship alcohol?

    NoteFedEx does not allow consumers/individuals to ship alcohol. Alcohol can only be shipped from a licensee to another licensee. NoteFedEx Alcohol Shipping agreement may be required each time for every shipment containing alcohol item.

    Let Us Ship Wine To Your Door

    We carefully pack and ship our wine via UPS. Shipments are typically sent UPS Ground, unless you select otherwise, and are sent within 1-3 business days of receiving the order. If you are under a tight timeline, to discuss timing. Also, if we suspect that your wine will be subjected to extreme temperatures, we will hold the shipment in order to avoid damage to the wine.

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    How To Ship Alcohol Fedex

    Shipping alcohol via FedEx is another great option, especially if long-distance or international customers purchase from you. FedExâs air fleet is extensive and is part of how theyâre able to deliver over 3 billion packages every year.

    There are two components to be aware of when learning how to ship alcohol FedEx: legal requirements and shipping recommendations. Continue reading for details on both.

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    Print Shipping Labels Signifying That The Package Contains Alcohol

    Transport Wine Safely With This Special Suitcase

    After you have chosen the Delivery Signature as Adult, you need to click on the Create shipment option and then print the shipping labels for the same. Please refer to the following video for the complete process.

    In the video shown above, you can see that the shipping label clearly signifies that the parcel contains alcohol products. In the label, the term ASR corresponds to Adult Signature Required. This way FedEx can easily figure out the package contains alcoholic items. ]

    You can check out the sample label generated by the WooCommerce shipping plugin for FedEx plugin.

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    Fedex Alcohol Shipping Best Practices

    Similarly to UPS, FedEx makes specific packaging requests of businesses shipping alcohol. Hereâs what to keep in mind:

    • Use polystyrene on the inside and cardboard on the outside. FedEx asks that spirits be shipped with these materials to be transported and delivered safely. It also mitigates temperature fluctuations, minimizes package shifting, and prevents spillage.
    • Avoid packing peanuts, packing paper, and cardboard partitions. Alcoholic beverages need specific kinds of packaging to prevent box damage. Cardboard partitions and packing peanuts donât keep beverage containers firmly situated enough, and packing paper can easily become unfurled.
    • Use directional arrows wisely. Directional arrow stickers are often added to fragile or directionally sensitive packages, but they canât always be honored by shipping carriers and 3PL companies. Instead, itâs best to put your shipping label on the top of the box, so truck drivers know which way is up if theyâre unable to find other stickers.
    • Reinforce your package with tape. Since a damaged beverage box can get messy fast, it never hurts to have extra layers of tape. After your box is sealed, put another layer on the bottom and top flaps, and double-check that the tape holds well.

    What Other Companies Ship Wine

    Private carriers have swooped in and fulfilled the need for licensed wine shippers who need to ship wine. Local couriers may sometimes be a good option for shipping locally. However, for most using one of the big three shipping companies is best:

    You might be wondering, what states can you legally ship wine to? Each company offers varying shipping solutions to businesses needing to ship across town or across the country. Carriers will provide services to those licensed to ship wine.

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