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Where To Buy Rice Wine

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Difference Between Homemade Vs Commerical

Ask the Test Kitchen: Cooking with mirin and shaoxing
  • Alcohol Content Traditional home-brewed Makgeolli typically has higher alcohol content than commercial ones. Commercial ones are usually 6% while home-brewed will be anywhere from 9~12%
  • Additives Home-brewed will taste sweet but with no added sugar or additives like aspartame. Commercially they add sweeteners because the original brew is diluted with water to reduce the alcohol content and then flavor has to be added back in.
  • Flavor I find home-brewed has a lot more complex flavors and less sweet than the store-bought ones.
  • Active culture content Unless you buy a Draft Saeng makgeolli , you may get one that doesnt have any live active cultures whereas home-brewed have tons of live cultures that are beneficial to your health.

The Shaoxing Wine Substitute

I know how challenging it is to find a good Shaoxing wine especially when you are not in the country. However, you can always substitute the wine with another dry sherry or better yet a Japanese sake.

1. Holland house cooking wine

This high-quality product is made from natural ingredients. Its one of your best sherry cooking wines. You may use It for your dessert dishes, enhancing soups and sauces and perking up the flavor of your rice.

The nutty, caramel-like mild sherry wine is light golden in color and has a rich tasting flavor.

Japanese Sake

This is a Japanese rice wine that is essential for Japanese cooking.it is used as a meat tenderizer, gives deep flavor to the dishes cooked, and removes the fish odor.

2. Kikkoman yorishi

The cooking sake is used in various Japanese dishes. Its from the same mirin family although it has a sweet taste. The alcohol in it helps the ingredients to absorb flavor and like other cooking wines, it helps to remove the bad odor from fish and meat.

Its used in marinades and sauces but it has a lower alcoholic content of about 15-19%.

  • Fujian Qinghong rice wine
  • Aside from your famous Shaoxing cooking wine, you may also use Fujian wine. It is made from glutinous rice and red rice yeast. It is also one of the few cooking wines that do not have excess salt. You may, therefore, drink or taste it.

    Note that the wine takes about 3 years to mature up. And works best for your marinades, stir-fries and other Asian dishes you intend to prepare.

    Buying Mirin Seasoning Sake

    Whether youre a general consumer or a restaurant owner, you want to be sureyou check the alcohol level and where the main sweetness is derived from before you buy mirin cooking sake.

    For general consumers, you can buy Takara Mirin gourmet seasoning sake online today.; Takara Mirin is a premium mirin brewed with our flagship. Its alcohol level is 12% , and it is made in America.

    If you own a restaurant or a retail facility, order your preferred type of mirin today from our distributors. We welcome the opportunity to be your number one place to buy mirin seasoning sake and other cooking sake varieties.

    Food industrial users? Contact us for more information for available products, sizes and its lead-time. Our industrial sector is a trusted source for every creative needs.

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    Shaoxing Wine Your Best Cooking Wine In The Market

    Chinese cuisine is popularly known for its rich flavor and artistic nature of meal preparation. What most people dont understand is that the natives use unique ingredients and cooking style to come up with the spicy yet healthy delicacies.

    One of the unique ingredients in almost every dish in China;is Shaoxing wine. While the westerners believe that cooking wine is only meant for cooking, in China we believe that you shouldnt cook with any wine that you would never drink.

    I know that whenever you are out for your shopping at the grocery stores you may have noticed a list of wines being promoted as cooking wine. This is mostly used for cooking only especially in the western countries.

    I love cooking wines because they not only enhance the flavor of your food but you can also enjoy drinking.

    Unlike regular wines that are naturally flavorful, strong in taste and finer, the cooking wine is your go-to wine that will only add the exact flavor you desire.

    According to wine folly, the difference in your food is the kind of wine you use.

    What Is Rice Vinegar

    Buy Lao Heng He Cooking (Rice) Wine (3 Years) 500ml ...

    Looking at rice wine vs rice vinegar, different parts of fermented rice are used to make these. For rice vinegar, you use the dregs from fermented rice. That is also the part known as the lees, and it is kind of like the leftover solid parts. Basically, anything that isnt liquid is the dregs, and that is whats used to make rice vinegar. Its a potent liquid that you dont want to drink on its own, just like you would not drink white vinegar on its own. It needs to be diluted and is often used for cooking so that some of the potency is cooked out and watered down.

    Once these dregs are prepared into vinegar, then all the alcohol has disappeared out of them. You dont have to worry about there being any alcohol content left in rice vinegar and making anyone drunk who eats the food. So, when we compare rice vinegar vs rice wine, the main difference in the characteristic is the alcohol level. Thats primarily why you would use one or the other.

    This is a vinegar that has a low acidity level, making it milder than western vinegars. If you find the white vinegar is too strong for your liking and you want something that isnt as strong, then rice vinegar may do the trick. Looking at white vinegar vs rice vinegar, there is a definite difference in how strong one is compared to the rother. The Asian or rice vinegar will always be milder and not have quite as potent a flavour or smell.

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    Shaoxing Rice Wine: Where And How To Buy It

    Several people have inquired about Shaoxing rice wine, a commonly used Chinese ingredient that I frequently reach for when making Chinese food, including many Asian dumplings. The questions asked include: Where do I buy the rice wine? Where is it stocked in an Asian market? and What is a substitute for it? This post will hopefully answer those questions and more!

    What is Shaoxing rice wine? How is Chinese rice wine used?Amber colored, aromatic, and pleasantly nutty tasting, Shaoxing rice wine is the standard spirit in Chinese cooking. Made of brown glutinous rice, it is one of the earliest types of liquors that the Chinese made. Shaoxing rice wine adds an unmistakable flavor and fragrance to dishes, whether it is mixed into Asian dumpling fillings, added to marinades for roasted meats such as char siu pork, combined with seasonings for stir-fries, or simmered with soy sauce and sugar for red-cooked dishes. If youve ever used sake in Japanese cooking, Shaoxing rice wine is employed quite similarly in Chinese cuisine. Sip on some of the rice wine and youll warm up quickly as it contains about 17 to 18% alcohol.

    Surprise Shaoxing rice wine is made in Shaoxing, a city located in Zhejiang, a province on the eastern coast of China. Picture Shanghai and Zhejiang province is right below it.

    Related information:

    Alternate Names & Spellings

    Shaoxing wine is also sometimes called hua diao wine , which translates to carved flower wine to describe the flower design carved into the clay jars once used to store and age it.

    This alternate name can also be spelled, hua tiao chiew

    Chia Fan wine is another nam you may see on some bottles. It is similar to hua diao wine. These Shaoxing wines are made using more rice during the brewing process, hence the name chia fan, which literally means add rice.

    There are also alternate spellings, including shao xing wine or shaohsing wine. All are the same type of cooking wine.;

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    What Is Rice Wine

    Rice wine goes through a fermentation process as well. It is made from glutinous rice that has been freshly steamed to make the best rice wine. This is a wine with a low alcohol content, compared to other kinds of wines, like those made from barley hops. Its also low in alcohol content compared to most beers. A common kind of rice wine you may have heard of is sake, which is very popular throughout Japan and other Asian countries.

    Mirin is a common rice wine as well, and comparing rice wine vinegar vs mirin, the difference is in the vinegar content. They both contain alcohol, but you use them for different purposes. You can use the words mirin and rice wine interchangeably, as mirin is simply a kind of rice wine.

    Rice wine is used to make dishes sweeter, and it may be added to stir fry, veggies, and soups. Sherry is used as a substitute in many western parts of the world, as it is more readily available and more popular. It is very similar to rice wine as well. If you are comparing mirin vs rice wine vinegar, you will find that they are very different in their flavours. The rice wine vinegar will heighten the flavour of a dish, whereas the mirin or rice wine will sweeten it. These cannot be used interchangeably since they both alter the profile of a dish considerably and in different ways.

    The 10 Shaoxine Wines To Buy

    Local rice wine from Jeju, shwindari [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG/2020.08.11]

    This adds an authentic flavor to any of your Asian dishes giving it a pleasant aftertaste. Its superior and subtle taste will give you an excellent flavor which will make your dish shine amongst other meals. I love the fact that it brings the full flavor of your stir-fries, braised products and meat roasts or grills.

    If you want that nice rice wine and wonderful taste in your Chinese cuisine with robust flavor, choose this wine. Note that, you only need to use a little since a little Shaoxing wine goes a long way. So, for your authentic Chinese cuisine, dont miss a bottle of this flavorful wine.

    2. Soeos Shaohsing Rice Cooking Wine

    Its all true to say that Shaoxing wine is one of the famous varieties of Chinese authentic wines. You can use this wine for your meat dishes, drunken fish drunken shrimp and drunken crab among others. This wine from soeos is amber in color and full of natural flavor as well as aroma.

    Most people think it is soy sauce because of its color although its not. If you are familiar with mijiu wine then you should know that this is a little stronger in flavor than mijiu wine. Its;major use is to enhance the flavors of the other ingredients in your meal.

    3. Qian Hu Chinese Shaohsing Rice Cooking Wine

    4. 1x Shaoxing Cooking Wine

    5. SHAOHSING Premium HuaDiao

    This is your other product that will enhance the flavors of your dishes. You may use it for your stir-fries, marinades and sauces.

    6.;Shaohsing Rice Cooking Wine 750ML

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    Halal Substitute For Mirin

    For those who cannot consume alcohol in their cooking, you can look for Honteri;Mirin by Mizkan which contains;no alcohol.

    Or;you can;substitute mirin with water and sugar.;;The ratio of water and sugar should be 3 to 1.;;For example, for 1 tbsp water, mix with 1 tsp of granulated sugar. Another alternative is to mix chicken broth with sugar.;

    How Is It Used

    Just like using wine in Western dishes, Shaoxing wine adds depth and flavor complexity. We use it in marinades for meats, as a flavor agent in wonton or dumpling fillings, to deglaze our wok and add flavor to stir-fries, and to add flavor to sauces and braises. Wed go so far as to say that the vast majority of our savory recipes contain Shaoxing wine.Shaoxing Wine is particularly essential for hong shao or red-cooked dishes like Chinese Braised Fish and Shanghai Style Braised pork belly . It appears in larger quantities in braised dishes, , while a marinade or stir-fry usually contains only a tablespoon or two.;

    It is also the star of a traditional cold appetizer aptly named, Drunken Chicken, in which the chicken is cooked and then soaked in a brine of Shaoxing wine and other seasonings. This drunken brining method can also applied to seafood, like shrimp and crab.;

    Again, there are types of high quality Shaoxing wine made for drinking , but in the U.S., salt is added to the wine to avoid alcohol taxes and to permit it to be sold in stores where regular wine/liquor cannot be sold. The flavor of the wine sold in most grocery stores for cooking is therefore briny and not meant for drinking!;

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    Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Rice Wine In

    Depending on which state you live in, the types of rice wine you can buy may vary.However, a good place to start looking is in the vinegar aisle of the grocery store.

    Check for cooking rice wines like Japanese mirin or Chinese Shaoxing wine around the oils and vinegars. If you don’t see them there,;head to the international aisle next.

    If it’s a rice wine to enjoy by the glass that you’re looking for, try the wine section of the store.

    Not finding rice wine anywhere?;You may have better luck in one of the stores listed below…

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    The 6 Types Of Cooking Wines

    Clear Pitcher and Glass for Rice Wine

    Dry red and white wines: the wines are best used when you are making beef stews, cream soups, wine reduction sauces and when you need to make wine-based sauces.

    Dry nutty or oxidized wines: these ones are known to add the richer flavor to your meals than dry ones. They are good with your mushroom gravies on chicken and pork chops, shrimp;and rich fish like halibut.

    Sweet nutty/oxidized wines: ;it takes about 10 years to age and can last about a month after you open them. Its perfect for syrups on desserts with nuts, caramel and vanilla ice-cream.

    Sweet fortified red wines: for your chocolate sauces, chocolate cakes, savory port sauces and steaks with blue cheese

    Sweet white wines: this is perfect for poaching pears, shrimp, sweet butter sauces for flaky fish and lobsters.

    Rice wines:;these are good for marinades, glazes and Asian barbecue sauce.

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    Consider Yourself Warned: Not All Vinegars Swap In For Rice Vinegar Well

    Remember what Smith said about considering what a vinegar is made from to get a sense of its flavor?

    Since red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar often have mustier, sharper flavor , they may be too intense to swap in for more-subdued rice wine vinegar.

    Sure, you can make them work in tiny amounts if you really find yourself vinegar-less, but they’re not ideal choices.

    The bottom line: If you love Asian cuisine, it’s worth keeping rice wine vinegar in your pantry. In a pinch, though, you can totally substitute in another light, mild vinegar, like apple cider vinegar or champagne vinegar.

    Differences Between Sake & Mirin

    Sake & mirin are frequently used hand in hand in a recipe for Japanese cooking.;Sake;contains;higher alcohol;and lower sugar contents, while;mirin;has a;higher sugar;content and lower alcohol content. Mirin can be used untreated in a dish, whereas sake is often added earlier in the cooking process to;allow some of the alcohol to evaporate.

    To learn more about the difference between sake and mirin,;.

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    What Is Mirin Used For

    Mirin enhances flavors and umami, controls unwanted smells and adds a pleasant sweetness to foods. It is recommended for producing better tasting marinades, soups and sauces. Takaras premium mirin, such as Takara Mirin, may also be substituted for honey or sherry as a sweetener in Western cooking, and its quality can be tested by simply tasting the delicious flavor. Takara Mirin is often served as a New Years Toso , when it is infused with tososan .

    Here are the important effects of mirin:

    • Enhances flavors and umami.
    • Maintain natural texture of ingredients.
    • Boost appearance and glaze.
    • Eliminate unwanted smell.

    Mirin is a popular ingredient in a number of Asian cuisine dishes and sauces. Most people have probably had mirin in Asian restaurants and not realized it. For instance, delicious, fresh teriyaki sauce is always made with mirin to temper the soy sauce’s savory, salty flavor and add new depth to meals.

    Mirin can also be used to switch up American dishes. Add one tablespoon of Takara Mirin, when you are warming up a can of soup next time. Simple pasta and tomato sauce night? Add one tablespoon of Takara Mirin to your tomato sauce. Your ordinary store bought sauce will turn into a gourmet creation. Youll be amazed what one spoon full of mirin can do!

    Where can you use mirin seasoning sake? Pretty much anywhere while you are cooking. The possibilities are endless!

    Where To Buy Shaoxing Wine

    Julia Mancuso learns how to make rice wine

    While you may think that since you live in China, finding Shaoxing wine is easy, its never easy. In fact, the probability of finding it in your nearby grocery store is next to impossible.

    You can find your best wine in big Asian markets if you are in the US or the best place to find it is on Amazon.

    You can also get them in the various cooking stores. I often buy my Shaoxing wine from Rakuten global market and Ive never been disappointed. Whenever you visit the Chinese markets you will find the Shaoxing wines at the frozen food section.

    One thing you should be careful about though is buying the wine kind that has increased amount of salt in it because that tastes awful.

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