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What Is The Best Wine App

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What Are The Different Types Of Wine Apps

WINE APPS – The Best New Apps for iPhone and Android
  • Wine reviews
  • Searching for wine prices and retailers
  • Buying wine
  • Help choosing a wine based on taste/occasion/food etc;
  • Managing your wine collection/cellar
  • Multi-use
  • A bit of fun
  • I pretty much use wine apps for recording my tasting notes and to record whats in my cellar.

    Its interesting to keep a log of what you taste to see what you drink a lot of and what you dont. Plus, dont you hate it when you have;the most amazing wine but cannot remember anything;other than;there was a bird on the label and it started with M?

    I also want to point out that I dont use all the features available in each of the below apps, just what I need so bear in mind theres probably more awesomeness to the app than I mention here.

    Delectable: Scan & Rate Wine Become A Wine Influencer

    Learn about wines from the worlds leading winemakers, sommeliers, and wine critics. As quoted by Jordan Mackay, one of the essential wine apps, Delectable is a critically acclaimed free app that lets you savor some of the worlds finest wines. It also trains you to amp up your wine tasting game and become an influencer yourself. Its all about sipping it the right way, you know!

    While Vivino is perfect for engaging with like-minded wine enthusiasts, Delectable is for those who lean towards professional opinions. The app also lets you keep track of all the wines youve tried and discover new ones from the curated lists. Although a little expensive, the premium subscription at $5.99 is justified if you are an oenophile as it offers transcriptions for hard-to-match labels and an ad-free experience.

    Why should you try it?

    • Add and receive ratings on your wine additions on the app.
    • Get a curated list from the leading wine community.

    Price: Free

    Cellar Tracker Includes Automatic Subscriptions To Many Online Wine Magazines

    One great aspect of the app is that Cellar Tracker offers you links to many online wine magazines. This is especially useful with searching for wines from regions mostly known to residents within. Therefore, links to Sean Sullivans Washington Wine Report, or the New York Cork Report offer updates on wines in those regions.

    So far, my favourite online wine publication through Cellar Tracker is the Sommelier Journal. Check it out for great news on changes in the wine industry.

    And for those true wine nerds who have subscriptions to the top journals in the world such as Decanter, the Purple Pages, Vinous, Wine Companion, Inside Burgundy and the like, you can link your paid subscriptions to Cellar Tracker. The app will then display tasting scores from these publications to wines in your cellar. .

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    Best Wine Apps For Iphone And Android

    The world of wine is fascinating, but at the same time, it can seem intimidating and mysterious to many people. The good news is that it doesnt have to be like that, and as you would expect, there are lots of wine apps to help you find the right wine for every occasion, even if youre a beginner.

    The best wine apps for iPhone and Android can do more than simply track your Chardonnay and Merlot bottles. With a good wine app, you can read reviews written by wine aficionados, compare prices and learn how to pair wine with food.;

    Here are some of the best wine apps for iOS and Android that can help you make sense of wine without having to pass a sommelier exam.

    Cellar Tracker In A Nutshell

    The 6 Best Wine Apps for Android Users
    • the only free app out there that keeps track of the bottles in your cellar and helps you identify their drinking windows which is why it is one of the best apps for writing tasting notes
    • has a social component that is more developed than the other 2 apps
    • links you to many online wine magazines
    • option for you to link your other paid subscriptions to the app

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    Winemaker Pro By Sharpetech

    Are you a winemaker looking for an easy way to track and share your wine recipes? Winemakers App is just what you need!;

    It will keep all of the essential details from transferring, adding wine additives or nutrients, calculating alcohol content by volume , reminding when its time to transfer or clean up after fermentation as well as calculate perfect bottle yields so that each batch can be stored in one place with ease.

    With this app backing everything up automatically into cloud storage, exporting information in straight PDF format and printable reports are available at any time.

    Somm Interesting Takeaways From Delectable

    My favourite part of the Delectable app is the Featured section. This is the blog section of the app and what makes it one of the best apps for tasting notes.

    The Cocktail Series is refreshing . These are quick reads about the history of a cocktail and its ingredients.

    The best reads on the Featured section of the Delectable app are from a podcaster named Ellen Clifford who makes appearances.

    These posts are a touch raw and I like it that way.

    Ellens posts sound as if shes talking off the top of her head. Shell take you on these long journeys, about Old World vs New World Sémillons, for example, and theyre fantastic! Its as if youre having a back and forth with one of your best buddies.

    Thats not to say theres no structure to Ellens prose, there is.

    And her tasting notes are pure poetry; she just teases you! By the end of a tasting note, you not only know how the wine feels in your mouth, youll have a full-body experience.

    Heres an example of two of Ellens tasting notes

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    Produttori Del Barbaresco Riserva Montefico Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2014

    Just stunning. One of the very best wines from our Barbaresco seminar yesterday. Glad I own it.

    Do you have any idea how those wines taste based on those notes? I dont.

    The only thing you can understand is that Antonio enjoyed the wines. In fact, in the first tasting note, it looks like hes trying to poach Delectable users over to Vinous.

    If anyone at Delectable reads this, its time to reign dear Antonio in. Hes taking your money and ripping you off!!

    Best Cellar Tracker App For Cellar Management

    Wine Apps – My top three apps for wine lovers

    In times past, every wine bottle received and soldâalong with all the pertinent information about the bottle and its cellar locationâwas logged in a huge, grumpy book. The wine cellar book.

    Wine collectors and beverage program managers repeatedly dragged it out to flip through it, squint at it, and scribble information in its tiny rows and columns.

    Itâs all very romantic, like learning how to decant wine. But itâs terribly inefficient in the light of current technology. Bottles can slip through the cracksâinventory shrinkage isnât just for businesses, you know. Optimal wine aging times are over or undershot. Kicking your way through all the crates piling up and trying to find a specific bottle can start to feel like youâre stuck in a purgatory eternally looking for lost car keys.

    Thankfully, that most challenging aspect of wine collecting has been made easy and digital. Meet the wine cellar app.

    There are myriad wine cellar organization apps out there solving all the wine worldâs cellar management issues. Having trouble remembering bin locations? Want to be made aware when a wine is at peak drinkability? Thereâs an app. Need help with wine cellar lighting suggestions? There will probably be a wine cellar app for that soon.

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    Top 10 Best Wine Android Apps 2020 Downloads

    Below is a little more information on each app, a suggestion for the type of user the app is best suited to, and a direct link for easy downloading.

    All download links go to the apps Google;Play Store;listing. Users are always recommended to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.

    Vinocell Wine Cellar Manager On Your Iphone

    With more than 1 million wines in the database, VinoCell indeed is your online wine cellar. The app is perfect for beginners who do not know their wine to explore the opportunities more and apt for Pro to share their knowledge and clarify their wine knowledge. The app comes with appealing graphics to understand your wines placement in the cellar, with 40 configuration options to choose from.

    Why should you try it?

    • Sync data from all devices.
    • Connect and manage friends/family data.

    Price: $8.99

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    More On Cellar Tracker

    My review here risks sounding negative as this app frustrates me due to its ancient design. The fonts, the look, is all awkward. It reminds me of the binary computers where you had to program the video games in them before getting to play them.

    OK, thats not fair because its not that bad. You can check out the screen shots left and below to form your own opinion on its design.

    However, this is the app that I use the most!

    Thats because Cellar Tracker keeps track of wines in my cellar that are tucked away into boxes. I would have no idea where they were there if I hadnt taken the time to input them here .

    Another feature that makes Cellar Tracker one of the best free apps for writing tasting notes is that it allows you to view your wines as a restaurant wine list!

    The wine menu begins with your Sparkling wines, then moves through your whites, then rosés and finally reds and then your dessert wines.

    You also get to choose the style of the menu. For example, if you want to select an old world wine, you can view your cellar under Restaurant Style Wine List and select Traditional .

    You can also view them as Grouped by Varietals or by Grouped by location and bin and many others.

    Basic Wine Information Tracking

    Wine App for Android

    The best wine tracking apps keep your collection organized, up-to-date, and informative. When you add a bottle or a case, the more information you can add, the better. Here are some fields to look out for:

    • Varietal
    • Price
    • Cost
    • Tasting notes
    • Rack or bin location
    • Timeline

    You donât need specifically-created fields for all of these. If the wine cellar app has a space to input your own custom information, thatâs good enough. Always err on the side of more information. With as much information as possible associated with each entry, youâll be generating a lot of useful data as you manage your cellar.

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    Why The Menu Option Of Cellar Tracker Is So Fantastic

    Why is the menu option so useful? Its because it allows you to select your wine for your mood, or to pair with your dinner as an organized, useful menu with the wines categorized by style rather than where youve put them in the cellar.

    For example, in my wine cellar, my wines are hidden in boxes in the order of when I put them there, not by style.

    Selecting wines from my cellar without Cellar Tracker would be really difficult as Id have to open each box one by one to see what I have!

    Most Advanced Social Component Is In Cellar Tracker Well Almost

    Yet, Cellar Tracker has the most advanced social component out there. You can friend someone and they must accept you before they can see your notes.

    On the other hand, Cellar Tracker also has a fan option. Here users can choose to follow your tasting notes without your approval .

    For me, this totally defeats the purpose of choosing friends where you have control over who sees your tasting notes. I dont know why they would have both.

    In addition, many people I spoke with dont like the idea of strangers seeing what they post .

    What do you think?

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    Delectable In A Nutshell

    • wines rated out of 10 points. Decimals used so numbers such as 9.6 or 8.8 seen frequently.
    • has a social component where you can follow what others are drinking
    • blogs in the Featured section are the best. This makes Delectable one of the best free apps for tasting notes
    • tasting notes in the Featured section under Tasting Notes: Weekly Roundup are the most useful
    • interface is easy to use but not as beautiful as Vivinos

    Wine Cellar Management Analytics

    Top 5 Wine Apps To Help You Buy Wine Online

    Ever wonder how much Burgundy you drank over the last few months? Or what wines you tend to open more during certain seasons or months? Knowing those would be interesting and likely help you build a collection that you can rely on to provide the types of wines youâre looking for exactly when youâre looking for them. By providing you with historical usage and purchasing rates, a wine cellar app makes this possible.

    But thereâs another great benefit of running some analysis on your cellar management. You can optimize it. After taking inventory, youâll know if you have any missing or broken bottles. You’ll also know average inventory and all the benefits of that. Itâll be easier to account for everything you have and square that with your past numbers. Then youâll know exactly how efficient your cellaring operation is and where the leaks are.

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    Spatial Wine Cellar Management

    A wine cellar database app that can adequately manage a cellar must have the ability to either build a graphical representation of your cellar or associate each bottle or crate with a rack, bin, or wine storage cabinet.

    While a graphical representation sounds great, itâs hard to pull off and oftentimes harder to use. Itâs widely regarded and easier and faster to pair a bottleâs or caseâs entry in your wine cellar app with a cellar rack number. And thatâs as easy as inputting the information initiallyâjust like you did with the varietal, vintage, etc.

    Best For Keeping Track Of The Bottles In Your Wine Cellar Best App For Viewing Your Stored Wines


    • its free
    • the only app that allows you to keep track of the bottles you drink from your cellar making this one of the best apps for writing tasting notes
    • app can be viewed from your computer or your phone; the computer is useful for typing in your wines when theyre not recognized by the camera shot
    • ability to view the recommended drinking windows of each wine
    • lets you view whats in your cellar as a restaurant wine list
    • you can connect the app to any other magazines you subscribe to to see the scores given to the wines in your cellar
    • other magazines you can connect to for free. Some are already connected, others you just have to register for access;


    • ;the worst interface design possible
    • helps you drink a case of wine spaced out through its drinking window which should be a pro, but the system is difficult to understand.

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    With The World Of Wine In Constant Flux There Are Always New Ways Of Consuming Knowledge Tracking Experiences And Purchasing Wine Tasks Made Infinitely Easier By Technology

    Apps have become a staple tool in modern life, helping to manage every aspect of ones personal and professional life.

    Wine, for many, is no exception, with an increasing number of apps offering a method of indulging an interest in wine with ease.

    Services can range from helping to record your tasting notes and sourcing bottles for purchase to checking the price of a bottle of wine and booking on to local wine events and masterclasses.

    New apps are constantly popping up on the market, but here are just ten that have caught our eye.

    All can be downloaded for free, with some incurring in-app costs, through iTunes or Android.

    Scroll through to see our pick of some of our favourite wine apps

    Drizly Get Wine Delivered In An Hour

    Wine App for iPhone

    Drizly is one of the no-nonsense alcohol delivery apps out there. And I agree with its philosophy when you can have an app to deliver your food, why not an app for your alcohol? This online market app offers same-day delivery across 100 cities in North America with the option for pre-paid pick-up. It may also take 2-3 days for shipping in select states.

    Obviously, you must be of the legal drinking age and provide valid ID proof upon delivery when ordering from Drizly. But it is a great option to order beer, wine, and liquor online.

    Why should you try it?

    • An extensive selection of beer, wine, and liquor.
    • Offers online payment options.

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    A Good Wine App Can Transform Your Wine Drinking And Shopping

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    A good wine app can do more than keep track of your bottles of Cabernet and Shiraz. A wine app worth downloading can help you pair wine with food, compare wine suppliers and prices, read reviews written by other wine aficionados, and let you upload your thoughts and photos of your latest glass to share with your friends.

    Here are some of the best wine apps on iOS and Android worth investing your time in.

    • Easy to find wine and food pairings.

    • Niche categories for experienced wine enthusiasts.

    • Too many pop-ups announcing new app features.

    • Lacks basic red and white wine browsing for newbies.

    Hello Vino is one of many apps that let you rate your bottles or glasses of wine, but its most noteworthy feature is its tool for pairing wine with food.

    The app conveniently breaks down food by ingredients or occasion. You can easily find a wine to have with your sausage pizza or to give as a gift at a dinner party serving Chinese food with Moo Shu pork.

    • Scanning a wine bottle is fast and works most of the time.

    • Home feed is well designed with easy navigation.

    • Some niche wines are missing from the Delectable database.

    • Buying wine kicks you out of the app to a website.

    Delectable is one of the best smartphone apps for scanning wine bottles to get user reviews, ratings, and background information. Using your phone’s camera, Delectable takes only a few seconds to take a photo of a bottle and retrieve data on it.

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