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Where Can I Buy Wine Coolers

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What Size Wine Fridge

Wine Cooler: Best Wine Cooler (Buying Guide)

They come in many sizes. Recent years it has become very popular to install a wine fridge in the kitchen as a great way to keep a number of bottles ready at serving temperature. Dual zone wine fridges are the best fit for that function, because you will get a supply of red wines and white wines ready at each their optimal temperature. Such wine fridges come in various sizes for installation under the countertop or as totally integrated wine cooler solution in a full-size cabinet.

Standard ground measurements of most wine fridges are 60×60 cm. thus fitting perfectly in most kitchen systems.

Where Can I Buy A Wine Cooler

When deciding where to buy wine coolers, you have a choice between normal home retailers orgoing to specialist wine experts. When you buy a wine cooler with Wren Kitchens, our in-storeexperts will go through the buying process with you, so you buy the right wine fridge for yourneeds. Our selection of wine refrigerators can fit a variety of kitchen aesthetics, meaning youdont need to worry about a style clash.

At Wren Kitchens, weve spent years helping our customers to create their dream kitchens, so wehave plenty of experience in making a space that youll love to spend time in. Whether you wantto use wine for cooking or entertaining, we can help you pick and choose the perfect wine coolerfor your kitchens needs. Get in touch andbook an appointment at yourlocal showroom today tospeak to one of our friendly experts, and well help you to work out how we canbuild your dream kitchen.

If you want to fit your kitchen out with other must-have handy appliances, such asmicrowavesor newtaps,you can find a range of kitchen and appliance buying guidesright here.You can also head over to ourinspiration sectionfor even more tips and tricks for improving your kitchen.

Set Up And Installation

Before you install a cooler, here is what you should consider:

  • Your wine refrigerator should be placed in a flat and level location. Do not place it on an incline or decline or somewhere where it will lose footing .
  • Avoid heat and sunlight
  • Avoid placing the unit in a location easily accessed by pets or children
  • Avoid carpet. While spills and leaks do not happen very often, if they do, they may cause mold or odors. If you must install your refrigerator over carpet, place a plastic mat between the unit and the carpet.
  • Keep the cooler away from water, dust, and other environmental factors that may deteriorate the unit.
  • When your new cooler is delivered, allow the unit to sit for several hours unplugged and with the door open. This will allow any odors from fresh plastic and painted metal will not interfere with your wine.
  • Allow the unit to rest upright and unplugged for a minimum of 24 hours before plugging it in.
  • While installing your new wine refrigerator:

  • Review the instruction manual thoroughly to learn your units specifications. Failure to follow the instructions within the manual will greatly affect the functionality of your wine refrigerator.
  • Follow the clearance guidelines carefully to ensure your unit can exhaust properly.
  • Check the legs of the wine cooler and make sure it is stable.
  • Before loading the cooler with wine, allow it to run for a few hours empty. If the unit is functioning properly, load it with wine.
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    The 20 Best Wine Coolers You Can Buy Right Now


    As much as we would like to argue that opening up your fridge and being greeted by your favorite wine bottles is the best part of our day, there comes a time when you need to throw in the towel and get yourself a designated cooler.

    From one wine lover to another, we both know that the refrigerator simply doesnt cut it anymore, which is where these special wine coolers come in to play. They are convenient, compact, and most importantly they give you an even better look at your precious wine supply.

    Your prized collection deserves more than that old fridge of yours and you know it, which is why weve decided to create this short guide to point you towards the very best wine coolers that you can purchase right as we speak from the store.

    So, without further ado, lets start this list off with one of our favorite wine coolers on the market:


    More About Wine Coolers

    Top 3 Best Wine Coolers 2020 Review

    If wine is part of the drinks offering, then the way you store and serve it is essential.

    It doesnt matter whether you run a restaurant, hotel, and café or pub keeping wine at the right temperature to ensure it loses none of its unique flavour, freshness or character is vital.

    At TEFCOLD, we offer a wide range of wine coolers to suit your exact requirements. They can be freestanding or built-in as desired, and we also offer wine dispensers to help optimise service and customer experience.

    Our range is designed to keep wines and other bottled and canned drinks at the perfect temperature while helping create attractive displays with real visual impact.

    We have units to suit any budget, and they all combine reliability and outstanding performance with superior build quality to deliver great value for money.

    Meanwhile, the latest sustainable technologies, like high-efficiency EC fans, LED lighting and natural refrigerants, help reduce energy consumption and running costs.

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    Ready To Assist You By Phone And E

    Of course you are always more than welcome to call us or send an e-mail. We will provide you our best advice and guidance about which wine cooler that will fulfil your needs in the best way possible.

    Sign up for our danish newsletter and receive as welcome a series of articles with great tricks on buying, storing and tasting of wine.

    How Does A Wine Cooler Help:

    Of course she can store these bottles in your home bar unit, along with other bottles of liquor, and chill them in the kitchen refrigerator just before consumption. It isnt a bad idea if she keeps only one or two bottles of wine in the house at a time. But such storage doesnt help in maintaining the ambient temperature that is required to store all those different types of wines that you invest time in collecting. What will help in retaining the taste of all wines that she buys is a freestanding wine cooler with transparent shelves and sliding doors. Buy one today in order to keep those precious bottles away from light and humidity, and preserve their taste for years until consumed.

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    Your Sommelier Game Up

    Sure, your fridge can store your wine, but it can be a hassle, and while compact refrigerators , may keep drinks deliciously chilly, they are not specifically designed to store wine.While wine coolers are fully equipped with wine shelves , the alternatives use a combination of wire racks and shelves to accommodate bottles plus cans and food items. That not only means less room for your wines, but it also compromises fridge temperature, which affects a wines flavor profile .Oh, and your freezer? Dont even think about it, unless a side of freezer burn or opening your freezer door to a slush of wine and glass are your thing.

    Meet Your Bottles’ Precise Storage Needs

    Bodega Wine Cooler Review (Wine Refrigerator)
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    The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

    Whether you prefer white wine, red wine, or a dazzling glass of rosé, one thing holds true: wine should be stored well. Otherwise, the entire sipping experience is at risk, as peachy, oaky, or earthy notes can deteriorate right in the bottle. You could build an entire cellar for wine in your home, but a high-quality wine fridge is typically a much easier, cheaper, and even stylish option. You can install it amongst your countertops for a streamlined look, thanks to a built-in design, or in a living room corner, if you opt for a freestanding pick.

    The best part? Some wine fridges have multiple zones for storing different types of wine in their most ideal environment. One zone can be set to a cooler temperature than the other, so you can keep white wines chilled without ruining the flavors of your red wines. Any connoisseur will likely applaud the feat of engineering, as well as the capacity range for wine fridges. There are appliances that’ll comfortably store eight Bordeaux bottles at a time, and others that’ll be a temperature-controlled oasis for 200 or more bottles, mimicking an expansive wine cellar.

    Bottle Capacity: 57 | Zones: 1 | Width: 23.75 inches | Depth: 25 inches | Installation Type: Freestanding | Defrost Type: Frost free

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    Best For Gifting: Cuisinart Cwc

    Bottle Capacity: 8 | Zones: 1 | Width: 10.04 inches | Depth: 20 inches | Installation Type: Freestanding | Defrost Type: Not listed

    • Can be installed on a countertop

    • Wide temperature range

    • Display reads the set temperature

    • No reversible door

    A wine fridge can be the perfect item to add to your wedding registry or gift a friend around the holidays. The Cuisinart CWC-800CEN is the best pick in a gifting situation, as it’s not too expensive and can fit into a variety of spaces. The freestanding wine fridge is small enough to slip onto a countertop or be set up in an apartment, condo, or RV. However, it’s also large enough to store eight, Bordeaux-style bottles at their ideal temperature. While you can only make use of one cooling zone, the entire fridge is quiet and it’s very easy to adjust the temperature.

    Compared to other picks, this wine fridge also has one of the widest temperature ranges. The interior can be set anywhere from 39 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no reversible door, but electronic controls will be stylish and modern in any space. It’s important to keep one thing in mind: the digital display shows the temperature you set and not the actual temperature of the interior. You’ll want to test the temperature of your unit with a thermometer and make any necessary adjustments afterwards.

    Bottle Capacity: 20 | Can Capacity: 64 | Zones: 2 | Width: 23.82 inches | Depth: 23.35 inches | Installation Type: Built-in and freestanding | Defrost Type: Frost free

    Wine Enthusiast Vinotheque Caf

    Wine Enthusiast

    This is quite possibly the best investment youll ever make when it comes to your wine collection other than the bottles themselves.

    The wine cooler from Vinotheque is one of the most practical refrigerators on the market because it is a built-in wine fridge. This is the perfect choice for those that wish to build their own wine cellar and they are all out of space to put their coolers in. Simply place this wine cooler in the cabinetry and voila, youre already done for the day.

    The product also has a fan at the front and a dual-zone feature which can be adjusted to fit your needs. You can get it from Wine Enthusiast for $1,499.

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    Danby 36 Bottle Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator


    While being known as one of the best budget wine coolers on the market, this model from Danby also excels in the fact that it is by far one of the best-looking wine coolers for aspiring wine connoisseurs as well.

    Although it is a single zone cooler, it still manages to be quite useful for the people that really want a simple yet tasteful way to share their love for wine.

    Whats also great about it is that for the low price of $281, you can really leave an impression on your guests if you specifically love a brand of wine and you really want to show off the collection of that brand to them.

    Who Should Get This

    5 Top Wine Chillers and Wine Coolers In the Indian Market

    Most people dont need a wine fridge. But if youre buying more good-quality wine than you can imbibe in about a month, you tend to keep a stock of several cases, you regularly buy bottles that cost $30 or more from a reputable source, you want to age wine, or youre considering selling or trading bottles, you should think about getting one. Plus, storing and serving wine at the right temperatures will improve the taste. Levi Dalton, host of the podcast Ill Drink to That, told us, Good storage is going to make the wine-drinking experience better.

    Weve drastically changed our approach and recommendations for this guide, moving away from miniature fridges that store about a case or two to medium-size ones that will hold five or six. If you tend to pick up a bottle from the supermarket or liquor store to drink that night or within the next few days, or you dont invest that much money or time in selecting wines to begin with, then you probably dont need a wine fridge.

    A wine fridge is more than just extra storage. Its almost like a safe for your collection. A great one will guard against the variables that degrade wine over time: light, heat, vibration, and changes in temperature and humidity. These unseen forces can affect a wines flavor and even ruin it.

    You can also store your wine in a cool, temperature-stable space like a basement. If it tends to be damp, however, you may want to get a dehumidifier because moisture can destroy labels .

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    What Temperature Should A Wine Fridge Be

    For reference, average cellar temperature is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considerably lower than room temperature. Reds should be stored around this temperature . Whites and other chilled still wines are best kept between 42 and 50 degrees, which is warmer than the average temperature of a normal refrigerator. If youre working with a single zone, take Tildens advice and store any and all bottles between 53 and 57 degrees, which is the sweet spot for all wines to age gracefully.

    Wine Cooler Additional Options

    Additionally, there are options to consider such as energy consumption, noise level or whether the wine cooler is suitable to be installed in a cold room, and thus capable of keeping the bottles warmer than the surrounding room temperature. Read our article on how to adress noise from a wine fridge.

    The big question of course is how much storage capacity you need. And how big a cabinet you have room for. Is it important that the cabinet can be built into your kitchen or are you looking for a free standing wine cooler?

    All our wine coolers are of the highest quality. Some of the more luxurious brands such as Pevino have a prioritized view on design along with the functionalities of the wine cooler itself.

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    Why Buy A Wine Fridge

    A wine fridge is the best thing, you can do to your wine. Especially if you wish to store your wines for a longer period of time, a wine fridge is indispensable. Unless, off-course, you are the lucky owner of a regular cave deep inside a mountain or a deep cellar under a house. If so, congratulations with having the rest of us rightfully envying you and your bottles.

    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    BEST SMALL WINE COOLER? | Ivation 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Unboxing & First Look Reviews

    This is a standalone wine fridge, so you cant build it into cabinets. That said, Wine Enthusiast sells other models that can be built in. The Classic 80 also has a rear vent, so youll need to install it somewhere theres ample ventilation space around the fridge .

    All wine fridges hold less than what they say they will, and the Classic 80 is no different. Tilden told us that certain upgrade Wine Enthusiast fridges offer shelves with more space to fit larger bottles, and we cover these in the Competition section.

    Technically, you can reverse the handle on the Classic 80, but you will lose the lock function because you essentially will have to turn the door upside down.

    There arent a ton of reviews for this fridge, and people on forums like Wine Berserkers and Reddit dont have much to say about the line . If you have any feedback on this fridge, please let us know in our comments section below.

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    Not All Wines Are Created Equal

    Reds are best enjoyed around 55°-65° F. Fortified wines prefer a window between 60°-65° F. The lighter aroma and acidity of white wines and rosés? They blossom between 50°-55° F. Thats why its important to know which wine cooler option is best for your tastes. Consider the following options and become a pro before you shop.

    Also Great: Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $1,000.

    The Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone has a design, dimensions, features, and price that are comparable to those of the Classic 80. But the Classic 70 also has a dividing shelf to create two distinct temperature zones. Although this means sacrificing space for wine storage, it also allows you to set each zone to your preferred serving temperatures .

    There isnt a consensus on the best temperature at which to serve different styles of wine. But its generally accepted that white wines are best served at around 45 °F to 55 °F, and red wines at around 54 °F to 65 °F. Optimal serving temperatures may vary according to the type of wine youre drinking, however, so ask your wine shop or the winemaker if you have any questions.

    As with the Classic 80, each of the Classic 70s dual zones can be set to temperatures in the 41 °F to 68 °F temperature range, and the Classic 70 has the same ambient temperature operating range of 61 °F to 90 °F. The Classic 70 looks almost identical to the Classic 80, and it has the same sliding, coated-wire-and-wood-finished shelves, touch-screen temperature-control panel, on/off blue LED lighting , bottom wooden display shelf, and lock. It comes with the same warranty and customer service as the Classic 80, tooa one-year warranty, with a three-year warranty on the sealed system parts phone consultations while youre shopping for a fridge and free white-glove delivery service .

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