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Can You Order Wine Through Instacart

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The Best Alcohol Delivery Services In : Drizly Saucey Minibar And More

A step-by-step guide for using Instacart (mobile)

Stocking up for Super Bowl Sunday? These on-demand liquor delivery services bring booze to your door.

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away — to be exact — and if you’re trying to plan a game-day bar with beer, wine and booze without having to don a mask or two and wait outside the package store for your turn to browse , there are reliable liquor delivery services that make ordering alcohol as easy as picking up your phone or computer. Plus, ordering booze online often means a bigger selection of beer, wine, liquor, hard seltzer or any other adult drinks you want for your Super Bowl-watching bar.

Many of these booze delivery services function just like Uber Eats or GrubHub, sourcing inventory from local liquor stores and then employing on-demand delivery drivers to get the goods to you, often in an hour or less. Plus, the transactions are all managed online or through the app, and you can often compare prices from various local sellers to find the best deal.

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Note that alcohol delivery laws vary by state, so not every service is available everywhere. Many states, however, have deemed liquor stores an essential service during the pandemic, and are allowing delivery of alcohol from restaurants and liquor stores where they may not have in the past. Inventory also varies by store and service, so if something is out of stock now it may come back in stock soon. We update this list periodically.

Alcoholic Products You Can Get Delivered Via Instacart

As it turns out, you can basically order any alcoholic beverage through this Instacart program in Georgia, so long as a partnering store offers it.

Not every store supply liquor and hard alcohol products, but in general, you can order wine, beer, vodka, whiskey, and champagne through Instacarts delivery service.

The incentive posed not only a safe option for consumers to buy alcohol during lockdowns it now also poses a convenient option for those not looking to face traffic or waste time going to the store to buy alcohol.

Does Instacart Markup Prices On Alcohol

Sometimes, Instacart does charge more than store prices.

According to Instacart, they charge an average of 15% more money on stores that have a markup. This isnt so bad if youre purchasing $50 in groceries. This is very bad if you purchase $200 worth of groceries.

However, Instacart partners up with different stores to provide delivery services without a markup.

If you purchase your alcohol from one of the partner stores, you shouldnt see a price increase.

To read more about what stores Instacart have partnered up with, and their pricing policies read this recent article.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

The best way to know whether or not youll be charged more at a specific store is by reviewing Instacarts pricing information page.

According to that page, its the retailers themselves that set the prices charged through Instacart.

Dont let the potentially higher prices steer you away from the app, though. Instacart is a thriving business for many reasons.

Instacart also charges a delivery fee of $7.99 for one-hour delivery or $5.99 for a two-hour or more delivery.

The convenience value alone is enough to make the markups and fees well worth staying home. Theres certainly a line where its probably a better idea to go out instead. Still, it all depends on the markup percentage.

Pair the annual fee with a partner store and two-hour delivery, and it could be very affordable.

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When The Delivery Arrives

When your order gets delivered, you must present your I.D. to the delivery driver to show proof that you are at least 21 years of age.

Some valid forms of identification they will accept include a US photo drivers license, state-issued I.D. card, United States-issued military I.D., or a United States-issued passport .

The driver will scan your I.D. to verify it.

One important thing to note about Instacart, though, is that they do have rules you must follow when ordering alcohol for delivery.

For example, you cant be visibly intoxicated when your driver arrives, or else they wont give you the alcohol you ordered.

Can You Order Cigarettes On Doordash Or Ubereats

Aldi Is Now Offering Alcohol Delivery. Get Beer &  Wine Via ...

Yes, you can order cigarettes from DoorDash, but on one condition.

Before the shopper hands it over to you, youll be required to provide ID that proves that youre at least 21 years old. And, theyll take their time to check that its indeed your ID and that it is not expired.

But, note that DoorDash does not allow its representatives to deliver cigarettes to the following locations:

  • Other businesses that sell tobacco
  • Locker or similar package storage facility
  • P.O. Boxes
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Public or private school

Ive also had people tell me that not every state allows this. So double-check with DoorDash.

As of the time of writing this article, Ubereats does not deliver cigarettes. But they deliver alcohol, subject to certain checks.

If youre not familiar with DoorDash, you can read a recent article of mine. Just click the link to read it.

As at the time I wrote the article DoorDash delivered in 46 states. I also shared other info, such as how it works with Walmart, the states its not operating in, how to get your groceries via their platform, whether you should tip their drivers or not

Uber eats must deliver cigarettes now

The Sartorial Architect

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Stores Partnering With Instacart For Alcohol Delivery

When you visit Instacarts official website and peruse their alcohol delivery options around and in Atlanta, Georgia, you can see that there is a wide variety to choose from.

On top of this, statewide coverage for this particular bottle service includes more than 100 different store locations.

Popular supermarkets offering Instacart delivery of alcohol include, but are not limited to, ALDI, Kroger, Publix, Sprouts Farmers Market, Total Wine & More, BJs, and Walgreens.

Valid Forms Of Identification

Instacart accepts these valid forms of ID for alcohol deliveries

  • United States-issued driver’s license with photo
  • United States-issued military ID
  • United States-issued passport*
  • Green card**

*Instacart doesnt accept passports for most orders in California, or for Costco or Walmart orders nationwide.

**Instacart doesnt accept green cards for orders in California, Washington, Missouri, and Minnesota, or for Costco or Walmart orders nationwide.

Please note Instacart temporarily accepts expired drivers licenses and state IDs for alcohol if

  • The ID expired on or after March 1, 2020 AND the customer is 35 or older , OR
  • The customer is65 or older, regardless of the state or expiration date

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Did I Answer Everything You Wanted To Know About Whether Instacart Delivers Alcohol

Instacart offers fantastic convenience. It makes life so much easier when you can have groceries dropped at your door.

It can make life even easier when you can have alcohol delivered to your door.

In this article, we took a look at the ins and outs of Instacart alcohol delivery. We discussed the rules of having Instacart deliver alcohol, and whether they mark up prices on alcohol.

While its not available in every state, it may be available in your state soon.

If its alcohol delivery is not available in your state, it could simply be because of your local laws and regulations.

Can You Order Alcohol On Instacart

How To Order From Instacart In 2021 (Instacart Customer App Tutorial)

Ordering alcohol Instacart delivers alcohol for select retailers and markets. You can check availability in your area with the Instacart app or website. Customers must be 21 or older to order alcohol items and provide an approved photo ID showing their birthdate at delivery. We cant add alcohol special requests.

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What States Allow Alcohol Delivery Through Instacart

Instacart alcohol delivery is available today in:

  • California
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire

Eight states allow direct shipment of beer and wine. They are Delaware, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, and Virginia. The rest of the states allow direct shipments of wine only.

Having alcohol directly shipped to you can be a great way to try new and interesting flavors of beer or wine. However, it can get really expensive, as many alcohol delivery services are subscription-based.

You also may not get to pick exactly what you want.

Just as an example, FirstLeaf will send you wine that they pick out for you at about $13.00 per bottle. You fill out a quiz before signing up, and they will send you wine based on those answers.

Each shipment will contain different wines. However, if you find something you like, you may not get it in the next shipment, but you might be able to order it individually from their website.

.& team up on alcohol delivery in less than an hr. via

Bruce Himmelblau

What Are The 4 Types Of Wine

To make it simple, we will classify the wine into 5 main categories Red, White, Rose, Sweet or Dessert and Sparkling.White Wine. Many of you may understand that white wine is made of white grapes alone, but actually it can be either red or black grapes. Red Wine. Rose Wine. Dessert or Sweet Wine. Sparkling Wine.

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Is Instacart Worth It

Yes. It can be a great side hustle, as well as a part-time job that you can take seriously if you feel it suits your lifestyle and schedule. For shoppers, Instacart has no required minimum hours per week, so theres the flexibility of being able to work at whatever times are most convenient for you. Youll need a smartphone or tablet with a data connection along with access to transportation . This means Instacart isnt for everyone though because some people do not have smartphones or dont drive themselves around town.

As long as there isnt anything standing in your way, its worth your time.

Actually, all you have to do is shop for groceries and deliver them to customers in select cities. You choose when you work, how much you work, and the hours that are convenient for you!

What You Can Buy And Sell On Instacart

Aldi Adds Alcohol Delivery Via Instacart

Some Instacart items you can buy are groceries, electronics, home goods, and even wine! Some Instacart brands include Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy. The types of Instacart products that are sold on Instacart vary depending on the service option selected. This is because some services allow for grocery shopping or delivering groceries while others dont offer this type of flexibility.

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Does Instacart Deliver Just Beer & Wine

Instacart delivers beer, wine, and spirits in certain states where legally allowed. In states that allow it, Instacart can deliver liquor from grocery stores. But in states where that is not allowed, they have also partnered with specific liquor stores for delivery.

The abolition of prohibition in 1933 left states with the power to regulate alcohol sales. So now there is a confusing hodgepodge of liquor laws across the country.

To read about which states allow the sale of liquor in grocery stores, read this recent article.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

If your state doesnt allow the sale of liquor at grocery stores, take comfort in the fact that Instacart also delivers for some liquor specialty stores.

These stores include BevMo!, Binnys Beverage Depot, and Total Wine & More.

If you dont live in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or Washington, D.C., youre just going to be out of luck. Even if your state does allow for the sale of liquor in grocery stores.

Those are the only state in which Instacart delivers alcohol.

Simone Smith

Best Wine Delivery Service

This delivery service prides itself on offering award-winning international and domestic wines to customers. After you answer some initial preference questions, Firstleaf will send you wines and then have you rate them. Based on all of your feedback, theyll curate packages for you, including brands like Pip + Plow and Bodewell. The company works directly with wine producers to help you save up to 60% off retail prices. You also choose your own schedule, so you can pick shipment dates that work best for you. Once you become a member youll get six bottles per month for $90. Firstleaf delivers to 44 states throughout the country including Washington, D.C.

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Best For Groceries And Alcohol: Instacart


You might already be using Instacart for grocery deliveries. The company has expanded its delivery service to now include alcohol.

Once you place your order and schedule a time, a personal shopper will pick up your items. The online grocery delivery company works with local stores to get quick deliveries to your home. The service is available in more than 14 states.

To place your first order, visit the website or open the mobile app and select your city and store of choice. Then, search for food and liquor to add to your cart and complete the order.

The items get sent to a personal shopper, who will text you if they arent available with pictures of suggested replacements. Everything the store normally sells is available for purchase.

With Instacart, you can order food items for a dinner at home and get a bottle of wine to enjoy with it.

Best For Craft Beer: Craftshack

Getting Started with Instacart | Things You Need to Make Money Fast


While Craftshack offers wine and spirits, but craft beer is their specialty. The brand aims to please and considers all customers like family. So, if theres a problem, the company will fix it. Its goal is to build relationships and service is a top priority.

Started in 2012 by a group of beer enthusiasts, the company has continuously grown, offering new brand and liquor store partners to provide the greatest selection for its customers.

Looking for the newest craft beer or fine spirits? Visit Crafshacks new additions page. Or, order a selection of beer, liquor, seltzer, and cider. Purchase online, and itll be delivered to your door.

Craftshack offers flat rate shipping, depending on the size of your order. Most orders will be fulfilled within one to three business days, with one to two days allotted for shipping.

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Instacart Ramps Up Alcohol Delivery

Russell Redman 1 | Mar 12, 2019

Following a gradual rollout, Instacart has expanded same-day delivery of alcohol through grocery retailers and liquor and beverage stores in 14 states and the District of Columbia.

Instacart said Tuesday that customers can now have beer, wine or spirits delivered in as soon as an hour from supermarket chains such as Albertsons, Kroger, Publix, Schnucks and Stater Bros. as well as specialty stores like BevMo!, Binnys Beverage Depot and Total Wine & More in select locations.

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The San Francisco-based online grocery provider originally began alcohol delivery with a small number of retail partners but noted that it has expanded the service substantially over the past year.

Instacart alcohol delivery is now offered in the states of California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington, along with Washington, D.C. The company said it will launch alcohol delivery in more states, where permitted.

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With the expansion, alcohol delivery via Instacart now reaches more than 40 million households nationwide and is available from almost a third of Instacarts 300-plus retail partners.

Drinks Announces Expansion Of The Wine Shop On Instacart Ahead Of The Holidays

Through The Wine Shop on the Instacart Marketplace, Customers in 39 states and Washington D.C. Now Can Have Wine Boxes Delivered Directly to Their Door

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 19, 2020 DRINKS, the leader in online wine, today announced the expansion of its collaboration with Instacart to offer curated wine packs to customers via The Wine Shop on the Instacart marketplace. With the expansion, The Wine Shop is now available to customers on the Instacart marketplace across 39 states and Washington D.C., giving them access to specially selected 3, 6, or 12 bottle wine packs shipped to their door via FedEx in 1-3 days.

In addition to the geographical expansion, The Wine Shop, powered by DRINKS, introduces a unique collection of wines from Martha Stewart Wine Co., curated by Stewart herself. Customers can now choose from red, white, sparkling and rosé selections from around the world, including the recently released Vol du Flamant rosé from Aude in the South of France, the premier wine from the Martha Stewart Vintners Collection.

Since the wave of stay-at-home orders began in March of this year, revenue from online wine has spiked over 450% year-over-year, according to Nielsen. DRINKS Wine as a Service platform is the first and only plug-and-play solution that enables seamless market entry, with the complexities of sourcing, compliance, logistics, and customer intelligence handled within the platform.


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Where Do I Go To Pick Up My Order And How Will The Store Know Ive Arrived

When you arrive, proceed to the designated parking spaces at the front of the store. Within the Instacart app, press the Im at the store button. There is no need to leave your vehicle. A Liquor City employee will bring the order out and load your car for you. Providing vehicle type and color in the Instacart app will help us find you faster.

Best Alcohol Delivery Services Of 2021

What Stores Delivery Through Instacart

When you want variety and you want it quickly, Drizly has built up a large alcohol marketplace to shop for beer, wine, and spirits. Drizly collaborates with retail stores in cities across North America to offer a huge selection and competitive pricing, delivered to your door in as little as an hour.

To get started, enter your address to shop for beer, wine, and liquor available at your location. The company guarantees no mark-up prices. After placing your order, the store will prep your items, and youll be notified when they’re on the way. Payment methods include credit and debit cards no cash is accepted for orders, but you can tip in cash if desired.

The service’s mission is to make sure coolers, cups, and fridges are never empty again. To keep their customers from running out, Drizly partners with local stores to offer the largest selection with the best prices. You can schedule your order for later or have it delivered immediately.

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