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What To Do With Wine Corks

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Chalkboard And Wine Cork Place Cards

How to Use Wine Corks to Make Fire Starters

Source:Sugar Bee Crafts

Lets CHALK this wine cork place card project up to what it really is, one of the best! This idea is more than just an adorable DIY project, it could save you a ton of money depending on what youre using it for. These are wine card/place holders that are labeled using chalk. Once you have enough corks, all you have to do is assemble toothpicks connected to mini chalkboards on them

They are easy to make, look unique and adorable. These could be used at weddings, church events, a large gathering, etc, Im chalk full of ideas for them, and they would save you so much money instead of having to hire someone to make you place holders. When in doubt, sidewalk chalk, always!

Christmas Wine Cork Wreath

Source:My Turn for Us

How festively gorgeous is this wine cork wreath? I mean seriously its better than the real green things. All you need to do to get your wino wreath festivities on this holiday season is to purchase a cheap styrofoam wreath, some Christmas flower greenery, cranberries, and a hot glue gun

It doesnt get easier, cheaper, or more doable for the gorgeous turn out than that. I love how the wine corks are scattered in different shapes around the wreath, and how its imperfection makes it look completely perfect when its all put together and completed. This is the perfect decor to hang on your front door, or in your kitchen for the holidays, and its too stunning to pass up! Prosec-ho-ho-ho!

Circle Wine Cork Board

Source:Girl, Just DIY!

You had me at merlot! How stunning and uniquely versatile is this wine cork board? What I love so much about this wino enthusiast based DIY project is that its not just for decoration, it can actually be USED in your home! She uses this fun and modernly funky board to put sticky notes on the board in her kitchen. You could put important to dos, a meal plan for the week, weekly schedules for appointments, work out schedule, etc on here, and it would look so good! I love how its a circular shape, and how she used an old board she got at a garage sale for a dollar. You need a ton of wine corks for this project so get ready to start saving up and planning where your cork board will go this summer!

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Corks As Succulent Planters


This one is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful and addicting. Be careful, or youll wind up with a never ending garden hanging on your fridge! Youll need:

  • Corks
  • Screwdriver
  • Paring knife

Start by using your screwdriver to punch a small hole in the top of the screw. The entry point of your corkscrew makes a great entry point. Use your knife to wiggle and break loose the corking, to about half way through the cork.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the small magnet to the back of your cork. While theyre available, we dont recommend self-adhesive magnets, as the cylindrical shape of the cork makes it difficult for them to stay connected. Hot glue forms a much tighter bond.

Fill the tiny planter with soil, and place your succulent clippings inside. Maintenance is easy, just a drop of water every now and again, and your fridge now looks like a living work of art; created from the corks of some very special occasions!

Save Corks & Bottles For Wine Crafts

30+ Magnificent DIY Projects You Can Do With Wine Corks

Keep saving your wine bottles and corks for more fun DIY wine craft projects. These wine cork coasters are quick and easy to make. Use them at home or gift in sets of four with a bottle of your favorite Cellar Collection wine!

Share your DIY wine craft photos with us! Tag and use #TheWineCellarGroup for a chance to be featured on our page.

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Creative Projects To Make With Upcycled Wine Corks

One of our most popular craft projects on this blog is this DIY wine cork bath mat project we made several years ago. At the time, we would never have guessed that others would be so interested in wine cork project ideas!

These days it seems were collecting wine corks faster than ever before ). But this made us think that others must be in the same boat and also looking for ways to use up their leftover corks.

Where to get Wine Corks for Crafting?

If you dont have a collection of your own to dip into, consider some of the following sources for wine corks:

Charming Diy Wine Cork Crafts To Use Those Leftover Corks

Add a little DIY charm to your home and your life with wine cork crafts. These are only the best and easiest DIY project ideas. Weve picked our favorites so check them out!

Humble Foodie has moved! Visit Jaybird: Home in Motion for the full tutorial for this wine cork jewelry organizer.

See the guide here.

Upcycle wine corks into a fun place to display your air plants with this DIY Upcycled Cork Air Plant Magnets project!

Follow the link for the details on this website.

See the guidelines on this website.

Discover how to make a lovely, easy DIY cork monogram letter with this tutorial! Instructions included for how to paint an ombre effect.

Follow the link for the tutorial.

Planning a vineyard wedding or themed dinner party? These cute, functional DIY wine cork placecard holders are just what you need to make it epic.

Make sure to follow the details.

Glass vases full of wine corks from crazy nights past are a great way to reuse your corks. Its a decorative way to recycle. Recycling is great, in all its forms. But once you start filling up vase number four, you may need to start looking for alternative ways to use those corks.

Read the instructions here.

See the guide.

Check out the guide here.

DIY Wine Cork Cheese Knives

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Diy Kitchen Utensil Holder

Source:A Magical Mess

How unbelievably unique is this DIY kitchen utensil holder using wine corks? In this quick and easy project, your favorite wine corks are stacked on top of each other forming a circle that your larger utensils can then fit inside on display. I love how all of the corks are different sizes, patterns, and stains, and how you can just place the cork contraption right on your kitchen counter, or anywhere you see fit in your kitchen. I am obsessed with this idea!

Wine Cork Coat Hooks Will Class Up The Place

4 DIY Ways to Reuse Wine Corks

Make your own coat hooks! Put one in your bedroom for your robe, one in the bathroom for your towel, and one by your front door for your actual coat! You can even have a bunch of them together for your hats!

Remember to use corks that have a round top, and that have the insignia of your favorite winery!

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Washi Tape Wine Glass Charms

These wine charms are too cute and too easy to skip. All you need are some corks, different washi tape patterns, some wire and some modge podge to help everything seal.

By using washi tape for this craft, you are able to have a variety of patterns without having to hand paint. If you are very artistic then;you could hand paint these instead.

Take a look at this for inspiration:;www.consumercrafts.com

Turn Your Old Corks Into Cash

Ive lived in my apartment for 10 years, but soon Ill be moving. As Ive been clearing out my storage, Im finding a lot of old stuff and trying to remember how I came into possession of it. When I came across my pasta bowl filled with wine corks, fuzzy memories started to materialize, and I thought, oh, yeah, thats how.

I remember having big plans for my wine corks. I was going to do something crafty and green, and make all my friends swoon over my shabby-chic cork creation. The problem is, Ive never been a crafty person, so I never came up with an idea for the corks, and Im not sure why Ive been adding to the collection all these years.

Now, Im faced with a reality check.


My next apartment is going to be smaller, and lets be honest: its ridiculous to keep a bunch of wine corks. So I decided to let them go. It felt like defeat all that wasted time and space spent hoarding the corks. Unless, that is, I could find someone else who has a purpose for them.

Enter eBay.

I happen to be an experienced and trusted eBay seller with only excellent customer reviews . So now, Im selling my collection. If youre in a similar boat, heres how you can, too.

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Wine Cork Ampersand Wall Art

via Craft Cuts

When you want an awesome idea for cute wine cork crafts, this DIY ampersand wall art should be at the top of your list. Make it with lots of different colored corks for best effect, does not matter if they are wine-stained, they look all the better this way. I crafted one of these for my kitchen and always get compliments on it. Dont be afraid to go big with this DIY wine cork letter because smaller letters end up being overwhelmed by the corks, plus bigger letters leave more room to fit the corks naturally. And please, whatever you do, dont cut the corks to make them fit. It just looks tacky. Either leave some of the wood exposed or go over the edge a little. I experienced both of those scenarios in this project and still love the end results.

DIY Ideas with a wine cork

Magnetic Mini Air Plant Planters

Wine & Dine: 10 Easy Projects for Leftover Wine Corks

Green thumb or not, these mini air plant planters are easy to make. Their cute size adds life to any space, and if you forget to water, don’t worry, air plants require little maintenance. And with no need to plant in soil, you can put these magnets just about anywhere!

Grab a few wine corks, glue, magnets, and air plants, then head on over to Green Thumb White Apron and see how one of these wine cork crafts are done. A hot glue gun is the best way to ensure they’re long-lasting.

5. Wine Cork Earrings

Your wine cork collection isn’t just for wine and household DIY projects. You can also upcycle wine corks by making adorable earrings that look so quirky on your jewelry organizer. Just take a look at these cute Wine Cork Bee Earrings.

The secret to making these earrings is a good knife and a rubber stamp. And of course, a knack for wine cork crafts!

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Build A Wine Cork Table Top

Here is a fun idea! If you have saved a lot of leftover wine corks, decorate a table top with them. This is a great way to makeover a small table that maybe has a damaged or scratched top. Or, make a complete new table like this one. An old tv tray, a section of plywood, some paint, and of course the corks is all you need.

Diy Wine Cork Craft Ideas

DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas

Each time you make a wine frappé,you’re left with some left over materials such as an empty wine bottle and awine cork. Instead of throwing those wine corks away, you can use them for DIYprojects to decorate your home. Keep reading below for tips on how to use thoseleftover cork and check back next month to see how you can put those leftoverwine bottles to use!

1. Drink Coaster

Made from sliced wine corks, thesecoasters make a great option for re-using your left over corks. Perfect for home bars, parties, and more.Click here for atutorial.

2. Bottle Stopper

While you should be using the wholebottle of wine when you make one of our wine slushies,there are certain occasions where you’ll need to seal your bottle for later,and these adorable wine cork bottle stoppers will do the trick! The tutorial can be found here.

3. Bird House

This is one of the more extensiveprojects on the list, but this easy how to video will haveyou making wine cork birdhouses in no time. Plus we’re sure the birds willappreciate it!

4. Cork-board/Message Board

Wine corks and cork boards are made ofthe same material, so this is one of the more obvious ways to reuse yourleftover corks. Give it a personal touchwith a custom frame for an eye – pleasing, yet functional, cork board. Detailedinstructions can be found here or for amore simpler cork-board check out this link.

5. Photo Clip

6. Wall Art

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Make Classy Place Card Holders

These cork place card holders are perfect for the DIY bride or anyone looking to host a swanky dinner party. They prop your card up perfectly and add a rustic element to your décor.

You’ll just need corks and a utility knife.

Start by shaving a few millimeters off the bottom of the cork so it can sit flat. Then use the knife to make a slit a few millimeters deep on the top. Use this slit to hold a place card.

American Flag Wine Cork Upcycle Craft

Wine Education: Things To Do With Your Corks

Source:Pink Fortitude

How adorably patriotic is this American flag made out of wine corks just in time for July 4th? I hang this in my kitchen the entire month of July and I wont lie, I feel reaaaaaaal American looking at it

This DIY project is easy, unique, and fun to do with your kids. Once you set up the design of your little flag, you can paint them using your kids favorite CHALK red white and blue, twine, glue, and there it is, your very own wino patriotic flag! These directions are simple to understand, the process is easy, and the pictures will show you exactly how it needs to be done. Salute to America, AND WINE, this summer!

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Make A Wine Cork Tray And Impress Your Fancy Dinner Party Guests

Make a wine cork tray to use at parties and get-togethers, and be the talk of the town. Your friends will be asking you for more DIY ideas to bring their love for wine into their daily lives, and then you can dazzle them with all your DIY wine cork craft knowledge!

Remember that you can cut the corks in any shape, so they dont have to fit into the tray exactly right. The best tool for the job would be a hacksaw, but if you have a sharp serrated knife, you will be all set! Be careful and practice safety measures!

Are Wine Corks Worth Anything

Worth is in the eye of the beholder. When we were last in Italy, we took a tour of a vineyard. The breakdown of the cost of the bottle was very informative. The cost of the cork was one dollar US for each and every wine cork! If I could sell back my collection to a vineyard, I would have a lot more money to spend on wine. Alas, this is not to be. You could gather your wine cork collection and put it up for auction. The going rate is about 10 cents per cork.

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Diy Wine Cork Cheese Knife Handles

via Yarni Gras

I had several old canapé knives that had torn up and faded handles. I was planning on ditching them so it was a challenge was to reuse something you would usually throw away.which gave me the perfect excuse to use some old wine corks Id been saving. The handles were old and faded so I took a mallet to one of them and cracked the rest of the handle off. I followed this amazingly simple step by step tutorial and just stuck the cork on the nib that was left after the handle removal and they looked fabulous!

Wine Cork Coasters For Your Wine Glasses

15 Creative Uses for Wine Corks  My Sweet Things

Make some wine cork coasters to sit your wine glasses on. Its just the right thing to do! This design is both artistic and functional. Your guests will rave about these at your next dinner party and marvel at how creative you are!; For this cork drink coaster craft you will need: wine corks, box cutter, sand paper and grab your hot glue gun!

Couple these with the DIY wine charms idea coming up, and you got yourself a winning formula.

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Create A Wine Cork Monogram For Your Wine Bestie

Add some flair to your décor with a wine cork monogram. Do you have a friend or family member whose name is worthy of immortalizing in wine corks? You got your answer right here, and they will thank you for being so thoughtful!

The cool thing is that this craft is much easier than you might expect and you only need three craft supplies:

  • Wood Letter of Your Choice
  • Craft Glue
  • Corks

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