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What Wine Has The Most Resveratrol

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Which Wines Have The Highest Polyphenols

Which Wine has the Most Antioxidant Resveratrol | Resveratrol Research

Polyphenols are found in the skins and seeds of grapes, so only wines that are made with skin contact have elevated polyphenol levels. Certain grape varieties have more concentrations of Procyanidin. Most notably:

  • Tannat The wine of that also grows in abundance in Uruguay
  • Nebbiolo Nebbiolo is of Piedmont, Italy.

These grapes contain anywhere from 26 times as much polyphenol content as other more popular varieties like Pinot Noir and Merlot. Concentrations of polyphenols are highest when the wine is young. Of course, there are many other variables involved, including how the grapes were harvested and the wine was made. So, if youre looking for an easier answer, go for the taste.

Health Benefits Of Procyanidin Flavonoids

Proanthocyanidins are essentially polymer chains of flavonoids such as catechins. They are also known as OPCs, pycnogenol, leukocyanidin and leucoanthocyanin. They are found in many plants, and grape seeds and skin.

The effects of proanthocyanidins include , depressing blood fat, and inhibiting destruction of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body. These influences, along with other mechanisms, explain their benefit in venous and capillary disorders, including venous insufficiency, capillary fragility, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Some research indicates that the vascular benefits of red wine drinking depend on the presence of oligomeric proanthocyanidins.

Additionally, studies have shown that OPCs may prevent cardiovascular disease by mitigating the negative effects of high cholesterol on the heart and blood vessels.

The Very Best Wines For Resveratrol

According to a July 2016 study published in Advances in Nutrition, the best wines for resveratrol include red grape varieties, which are known to contain anywhere from three times to ten times the amount of resveratrol than white wine varietals. The pinot noir resveratrol content averages approximately ten times that of white wines such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer.Red wine is a rich source of resveratrol, and contains significantly more resveratrol than white wine.

This is because the grape skins are left in with the juice for longer when making red wine, and the skins are where most of the resveratrol is found. The resveratrol content varies considerably from one red wine to another, however.Because red wine is fermented with grape skins longer than white wine, red wine contains more resveratrol. Simply eating grapes or drinking grape juice might be a way to get resveratrol without drinking alcohol.

Red and purple grape juices may have some of.Purest Vantage Resveratrol is a resveratrol formula that features potent doses of trans resveratrol powder. The product is amplified with doses of green tea extract, grape seed extract, acai fruit extract, red wine extract, and quercetin.Resveratrol is strongly associated with red grapes and the red wine made from grapes. Wines such as Malbec, Petite Sirah, St.

Find out about the latest nutrition research on resveratrol.

List of related literature:

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Why Is Pinot Noir The Healthiest Wine

Pinot Noir is rated as the healthiest wine because of the high levels of resveratrol. It is made of grapes with thin skin, has low sugar, fewer calories, and low alcohol content. Sagrantino made in Italy contains the highest concentration of antioxidants and is packed with tannins.

Does All Red Wine Have Flavonoids

Diet rich in resveratrol offers no health boost

The flavonoids present in red wine include a wide range of compounds that affect colour, taste and mouth feel of the wine. Flavonoids are the main polyphenols present in red wine by weight, and constitute about 80 to 90% of total polyphenols. Flavonoids are derived primarily from the skin and or seed of red grapes.

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How Much Wine Is Safe To Drink

There is no safe amount to drink of any alcohol, including wine.

If you do drink wine, the lowest-risk option is to drink as little alcohol as possible. This means staying under the recommended daily limits.

In the United States, these limits are:

  • One drink or less per day for women

  • Two drinks or less per day for men

In the United States, one drink is:

  • 12 ounces of regular beer

  • 5 ounces of wine

  • 1.5 ounces of 80 proof hard liquor

This means that men should have no more than 10 ounces of wine a day. Women should have no more than 5 ounces.

Be aware: These maximums do not roll over from day to day. In other words, not drinking for several days doesnt mean you can have multiple servings of wine on a single day later in the week.

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According to Jim Bernau, the president of Willamette Valley Vineyards, one of Oregons leading Pinot Noir producers, cool climate Pinot Noir, especially whole cluster fermented wines, are more likely to deliver high levels of resveratrol than other varietal red wines.

Jim Bernau, President, Willamette Valley Vineyards

Bernau notes that resveratrol is a fungicide, a polyphenolic compound an antimicrobial deterrent and repellant that is naturally produced by grape plants to protect grapes from molds. Its found in the skin of the grapes.

Red grape varieties grown in cool regions that are prone to high levels of humidity during harvest time, and more prone to mold damage, will produce higher levels of resveratrol than red grapes grown in drier regions.

Thin skinned grapes are even more vulnerable to being attacked by molds, so those varieties of grapes, he believes, also tend to produce even higher levels of resveratrol. According to Bernau, local climatic conditions post veraison, regardless of where the thin-skinned grapes are grown, is the determining factor.

There are many thin-skinned red grape varietals. Sangiovese, Tuscanys main grape varietal, is famously thin skinned, although Sangiovese Grosso, the Sangiovese clone used to make Brunello di Montalcino, is much thicker skinned.

To maximize the level of resveratrol in a wine, Bernau argues, its necessary to minimize the wines contact with oxygen.

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Wines High In Resveratrol

Since resveratrol is only present in grape skins, white and rosé varieties of wine contain fewer amounts of it when compared to red wine, which leaves the skin on during the process of fermentation. According to a July 2016 study published in Advances in Nutrition, the best wines for resveratrol include red grape varieties, which are known to contain anywhere from three times to ten times the amount of resveratrol than white wine varietals.

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The pinot noir resveratrol content averages approximately ten times that of white wines such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer. The authors of the July 2016 study in Advances in Nutrition report that red wines typically average between 1.7 to 1.9 milligrams of trans-resveratrol per liter of alcohol. Wines high in resveratrol depend on various factors including the variety of grape being used in the fermentation process, the country the grape is grown in and even its exposure to bacterial and fungal microorganisms.

Is Wine Good For You These Are The 5 Healthiest Wines

What is Resveratrol? Benefits of Red Wine

Wine has been a part of international cultures since we figured out fermentation makes grape juice more fun. Weve come a long way since then. According to OIV in their last State of the World Vitiviniculture report, we consumed an estimated 244 million hectoliters of wine globally in 2019! Yes, thats a lot. Perhaps while contributing to this global consumption, you found yourself wonderingis wine good for you? And wino, we have great news for you.

In fact, wine is good for you. Yet there are some caveats to benefiting from the healthy aspects of our favorite juice. Read on to learn how to actually reap wines healthy benefits. Plus, discover the five healthiest wines you should be drinking.

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How Much Resveratrol Does Wine Have

There is no set resveratrol wine amount as it depends on a variety of factors, including the type of grape and fermentation technique used in the winemaking process.

For one thing, resveratrol is concentrated mostly in red grape skins . Unlike white wine grapes that are fully crushed to extract the skins and seeds, red wine and rosé wines are fermented with their skins on. This prolonged contact with the skins results in a greater buildup of resveratrol content.

Furthermore, dark red and purple grapes have a higher concentration of resveratrol than other grape varieties. As such, you’ll find that Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon tend to have the highest resveratrol levels.

That said, resveratrol wine amounts are not as high as you might think. Studies show that resveratrol concentrations in wine can range from negligible to around 1.979 milligrams per liter . Research also shows that you’d likely need to consume at least 1 gram of resveratrol daily to experience any of the significant therapeutic benefits it offers.

To put these figures into perspective, that means you’d have to consume more than 505 liters a whopping 133 gallons! of Pinot per day to get the health benefits. Yes, you read that right.

Of course, nobody would ever recommend such an insane consumption of red wine, but it just goes to show that the health benefits of resveratrol have been a bit overblown when measured by realistic standards.

Why Pinot Noir May Be The Best Wine For Your Health

Glass of red wine and electrocardiogram


The benefits of drinking red wine have long been debated. Numerous studies have suggested that there is a link between moderate red wine consumption and heart health, but the issue has yet to be definitively settled.

According to the Mayo Clinic:

Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as heart healthy. The alcohol and certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent coronary artery disease, the condition that leads to heart attacks. Any links between red wine and fewer heart attacks, aren’t completely understood.

The health benefits associated with drinking red wines are mainly associated with a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. The Mayo Clinic has suggested that:

Resveratrol might help prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and prevent blood clots.

It also notes, however, that other studies found no benefits from resveratrol in preventing heart disease and that more research is needed.

Before you rush off to buy another bottle of your favorite red wine, however, you should note that the level of resveratrol in red wines can vary widely.

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What The Heck Is A Polyphenol

Pretty much everything in wine thats not alcohol or water is a polyphenol. These include tannins, color pigment, aromas, resveratrol, procyanidins, and about 5,000 other plant compounds.

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Of these polyphenols, the most abundant in wine for health reasons are Procyanidins, which inhibit cholesterol plaque in blood vessels. One of the reasons wine is heart-healthy.

Dr. Eric Rimm, Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, has observed results from hundreds of studies on alcohol and its effect on health.

Theres no question that people who drink moderately have lower rates of heart attacks, lower rates of diabetes, and live longer. Dr. Eric Rimm, Professor, Harvard School of Public Health

Of course, not all alcoholic beverages are created equally in terms of health. Of the different kinds of alcohol , one type consistently outperforms the rest: wine.

The beneficial attributes of wine outplay all other types of alcohol when it comes to longevity. However, not all wines are created equal. Some wines have significantly higher amounts of good stuff in them.

Bri Nutrition Resveratrol Extra Strength


BRI Nutrition Resveratrol Extra Strength uses a blend of different antioxidants, including resveratrol but also pomegranate, green tea, quercetin, and other popular antioxidants.

Unfortunately, these are all components in a proprietary blend, so its not possible to tell how much resveratrol itself is present in the supplement.

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The Best Red Wine For Health Purposes

Now that you know how they work, which ones are the right choice to give you the health effects youre looking for?In general red wines that have health benefits usually have been fermented a lot longer. Fermentation lowers the amount of sugar in the wine but allows it to retain fruity or aromatic flavors.Red wines made from thick-skinned grapes are also relatively healthy as they contain tannins that offer you a number of additional health benefits. These red wines dont taste as sweet as others, but thats a small price to pay for such powerful health benefits.

Not sure which wine to choose? Try one of these nine options.

  • Barbera is a red wine from Italy with aromatic flavors. This wine is high in resveratrol and protects the heart.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine rich in flavonoids that help protect the heart from cholesterol-induced damage.
  • Cannonau is made from French grapes grown on the island of Sardinia. These grapes have very thick skin and have high levels of tannins, which have potent antioxidant activity.
  • Malbec is a red wine with tastes of chocolate and blackberry. It is packed with antioxidants. Made from thick-skinned grapes, it also contains tannins which have been linked to good heart health.
  • Merlot is a medium-bodied wine with high levels of procyanidin and resveratrol. It is said to promote heart health by lowering blood cholesterol.
  • Sagrantino made in Italy contains the highest concentration of antioxidants and is packed with tannins.
  • Which Wine Has The Most Antioxidants

    Ruby red wines are the healthiest wines, with more antioxidants than all the other varieties. Thats because the grape skins arent removed during fermentation. The antioxidants the dark skins provide, such as procyanidins, have been linked to health benefits including heart disease protection, and possibly longevity.

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    Where To Find Healthy Red Wines

    You dont need a massive budget or a private sommelier to hunt down the best red wines for you. When it comes to shopping for the healthiest red wines, all it takes is a little research and a lot of curiosity and taste-testing to find what works best for you.

    • Dont be afraid to be adventurous: Step outside of recognized names and brands. Theres a reason for the dozens of red-grape varieties available on the market and the vineyards that tend to them, plus hundreds of years of history to back it all up. You dont have to trade habit for health when it comes to red wines.
    • Choose smaller wine brands and companies: Smaller vineyards often dont have mass production facilities or practices, and some specialize in making sure their wines have all those complex and beneficial polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants.
    • Ask an expert: Youll have no trouble finding a wine expert at your local spirits store, someone who takes pride and interest in knowing the ins-and-outs of their products. Likewise, use opportunities at restaurants, wineries or even area tourist shops to inquire about the red wines on the menu or display. Its likely theyre there for a reason.

    Why Is Wine Good For You

    ã?HDãResveratrol – The Super Anti-Aging/Antioxidant in Red Wine in 60 Minutes & in Jeunesse Reserve

    Drinking red wine in moderation is linked to lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, and early death. Additionally, research has shown moderate red wine consumption reduces your risk of cancer and dementia, lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and decreases your risk of depression. There are numerous naturally occurring compounds in wine that provide these benefits.

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    Stick With Dry Red Wines Over Sweet Reds

    As a rule of thumb when considering what kind of red wine is good for you, dry blends over sweet varieties are the safer, heart-healthy pick.

    Thats because red wines with dryer notes and flavor profiles carry much higher levels of flavonoids, polyphenols and other compounds necessary for cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory health properties. Its also these flavonoids and antioxidants that promote the bodys absorption of good HDL cholesterol while kicking bad LDL cholesterol to the curb.

    Red wine varieties with that desired dry profile run the gamut of cabernet sauvignons, cabernet francs, malbecs and merlots. On the other hand, notoriously sweet red wines like zinfandels, maderias and any commercial red blend will almost always contain lower flavonoid concentrations though theyre still delicious, with a definite time and place at the dinner table!

    On the most end of the sweet scale sits ports and anything labeled a dessert wine. Ports, with their liquor additions and fortifications, alter the entire chemical composition of the wine, as well as many of its metabolic processes. And dessert wines are, well, for dessert. Theyre fundamentally sugar-forward, with a fermentation process meant to minimize acidity and bring about the highest notes of fruit and sweeteners.

    Who Should Buy Resveratrol

    Resveratrol is safe for most individuals and is great for reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. It can also support healthy aging and prevent cognitive decline in older adults.

    Special populations such as diabetics and pregnant women should proceed cautiously before taking a resveratrol supplement. If you are taking a blood-thinning medication, you should speak to your doctor before taking resveratrol as there may be some interaction. People who have recently undergone surgery or are going to have surgery in the near term should also avoid taking resveratrol.

    Because resveratrol can have slight estrogenic effects in the body, people with estrogen sensitivity issues should avoid it until more conclusive research is available.

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    Resveratrol In Red Wines

    is a phytoalexin produced naturally by several plants including vines.

    Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes. Malbec has a thick skin and contains much resveratrol. Vine grapes grown in cooler climates have higher resveratrol levels than those from warmer climes . The varieties with most resveratrol in the wine include malbec, petite sirah, st. laurent and pinot noir.

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