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What Is The Best Wine Refrigerator To Buy

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Eurocave Professional 5259 Wine Cellar

Wine Cooler: Best Wine Cooler (Buying Guide)

The EuroCave Professional 5259 is a powerhouse of innovative, professional-level technology. It features a multi-temperature cabinet , graduated from the top level to the bottom. The EuroCave accurately simulates a natural cellar, creating the perfect conditions for maturing wines. And with 14 sliding shelves for a capacity of 148 bottles, its more than enough to handle even the most comprehensive of wine lists.

How Much Are You Storing & For How Long

The amount of wine you are storing is obviously going to affect your choice. Different refrigerators have different capacities and types of shelving that affect how much wine they can hold.Something else that will affect the type of cooler you need is the length of time you will be storing the wine. If you will be storing a lot of wine or keeping bottles for long periods of time, you may want to consider building a complete wine cellar rather than relying on a series of smaller wine fridges.

  • Bottle Capacity: Wine fridges are available with capacities ranging from just a dozen bottles to nearly 300 bottles. When deciding on one for your business, think about how much capacity you need now and be sure to leave some room for your business to grow over the next several years.
  • Type of Shelving: Some types of wine coolers are designed to hold bottles horizontally while others are not. When you are choosing your wine fridge, keep in mind that bottles with natural corks should be stored horizontally if they’re going to be kept for long periods of time. If your preferred vintages typically have metal caps or rubber corks this is not as important.

Vinotheque Cafe By Wine Enthusiast Undercounter Wine Cellar

With the Vinotheque Cafe, we were able to create the perfect marriage of luxury design and unprecedented quality. Stainless-steel, upscale design makes it a perfect accessory for any beautiful kitchen. This dual-zone unit is small enough to fit perfectly under your kitchen counter, and features the latest in protection against heat, humidity, vibration, and light. Despite its compact size, the Vinotheque Cafe has capacity for 46 bottles of wine.

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Eurocave Inspiration S Wine Cellar

The EuroCave Inspiration S is an elegant, versatile, and reliable cooler that fits beautifully under any kitchen countertop. This unit features sliding shelves that accommodate an impressive 30 bottle capacity. Need more space? The Inspiration S is fully customizable, with modular shelving systems, door types, and even cabinet sizes. If youre a wine lover, theres a EuroCave Inspiration for you.

Eurocave Premiere Double L Wine Cellar With Display Presentation Shelf

@@ Best Buy EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler ...


If your wine collection is in the hundreds then you should definitely invest in this incredible wine cellar because it will be the only one that youll ever need. The only real downside to it is that it also requires a lot of space, since it does have the capacity to hold in up to 356 bottles.

The good thing about it however is the fact that it is a freestanding model, and that its dual-zone cooler also offers a warranty for a year both for its parts and labor, as well as a five-year sealed parts warranty.

You can find it on Wine Enthusiast, going around at the price of $7,795. Definitely a large number, but it is worth the investment for sure.

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Best Budget: Ivation 12

Compact and budget-friendly, this 12-bottle freestanding wine cooler is a straightforward solution for small collections looking to live harmoniously in a single temperature zone. It’s perfect if youre passionate about having a variety of chilled wines on hand at any given time or have a small collection of special cellar-worthy vino. This cooler features a temperature range of 41 to 64 degrees, a double-paned glass door, LED lighting, touchscreen controls, a built-in fan for cooling consistency, and removable racks.

Should You Go For A Freestanding Or Built

It depends on your preference. If you want your wine cooler to be in a secure place, then go for the built-in, but if youre going to display your wine cooler for people to see, choose the freestanding.;

However, remember that the freestanding wine cooler is designed to evaporate heat from the back to prevent the unit from overheating and shortening the appliances lifespan.

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Wine Fridges Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of wine fridges available in the present market?
  • When you are talking about the wine fridge, did you know that they can be divided based on many different factors? Yes, if you check out based on the design or architecture, you will find three types Over the counter, Built-in under the counter, and freestanding. Built-in under the counter is the most expensive option among all three.;

    If you check out from inside, you have single, dual, triple, and Quad wine fridges. Now, if you consider the cooling systems, you can divide into two types Thermoelectric and Compressor based.;

  • Which is the best wine fridge Single compartment or dual compartment?
  • If you are storing just one kind of wine like just the red wine or the white wine only, then you need not have to worry at all. But if you wish to store both types of wine, then you will have to go for a dual compartment wine fridge only. There is a reason behind it, and that is, you cannot store both white and red wine at the same temperature. They need to be stored at different temperatures each.;

  • What is the right temperature for storing red wine and white wine?
  • What are the important factors to look for while buying a wine fridge?
  • What is the idle capacity of a wine fridge?
  • Bottom line

    What To Think Of When Buying A Wine Cellar

    5 Best Wine Refrigerators and Coolers You Can Buy In 2020

    There are a number of factors that will go into selecting the right wine refrigerator for all of your needs. These include the wine fridge’s size, bottle capacity, volume, temperature zones, cooling components, length of anticipated storage time and shelf life of the unit. The better the wines that are in your collection, the longer you are probably going to age them. The only way wines reach their full potential is when they’re stored in a wine storage cabinet which properly protects them from all the enemies of wine. Unless your wine refrigerator is specifically designed for wine, then your wine is at risk!

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    Best Overall Wine Refrigerator

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    How Much Wine Are You Planning On Storing

    If you’re building a collection you probably want to aim for a model with 25-50% more capacity than the number of bottles you currently have. It’s safer to have more space than you need and not use it, than need it and not have it.;

    If, on the other hand, you tend to have a high turnover of bottles buying and serving them within a few months of each other capacity might be less of a consideration.;

    Most wine coolers you’ll find at electrical appliance retailers on the high street won’t have room for more than 50 bottles anyway. That should be enough for most people. But if you anticipate needing a lot more room than that you will have to check out a specialist retailer to see a full range of high-capacity wine coolers and wine cabinets.

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    Outfit Your Kitchen With A Top

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    The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

    Top freezer or bottom freezer? Smart capabilities or French doors? Choosing a refrigerator isn’t just a matter of picking the nicest one within your budget. It’s all about defining your needs and making sure your appliance meets them so your life is easier and more efficient. If you’re someone who buys a lot of frozen food at the store, then a side-by-side refrigerator and freezer model may be the best fit for you. If your kitchen is small and space is limited, then compact fridges may be more in your wheelhouse.

    Luckily, there are tons of options on the market, so you never have to settle for a refrigerator that only meets some of your needs. From reversible doors to water and ice dispensers, and low-level shelves that make it easy for kids to grab their own snack, the modern design of these appliances has thought of it all.

    Here, the best refrigerators on the market, across every style and budget.

    Upon Arrival All Coolers Must Stand Upright For 24 Hours Before Being Plugged In This Will Allow The Coolant To Settle

    Wine Enthusiast 16

    Proper temperature for the storage of wine?

    Why should I buy a wine cooler?

    What is the difference between a free standing wine cooler and a built-in or under counter cooler?

    Can I store other beverages in this cooler?

    What is the best way to clean my wine cooler?

    Can I use an extension cord?

    How should this unit be installed?

    Where should I install this wine cooler?

    How do I adjust the temperature of my wine cooler?

    How can I store both red and white wines in this cooler?

    What is the difference between direct cooling and air cooling?

    What is the difference between thermoelectric and compressor coolers?

    What are the Best Vinotemp Wine Refrigerators

    What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine refrigerator?

    Are wine refrigerators worth it?

    Do I need a wine fridge for red wine?

    Where should I put my wine fridge?

    How cold does a wine fridge get?

    What are the best wine refrigerators?

    What is a wine refrigerator called?

    How much does a wine fridge cost?

    Should I buy a wine fridge?

    How Should Red Wine Be Stored?

    What is the best temperature to store red wine?

    How many years can you keep a bottle of wine?


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    Q: Are Wine Coolers Noisy

    A: Not as noisy as you might think! Compressor-based coolers will provide some noise with both the moving parts and the vibration, but modern coolers are much less noisy than ones from the past. Thermoelectric coolers are so silent you might forget you have one. From our detailed studies of wine fridge reviews, this is something thats always appreciated.

    Why Trust Simply Recipes

    Hannah Selinger has written about food and drinks for local and national publications since 2015. A former sommelier, Hannah has worked for some of New Yorks top restaurant groups, including Laurent Tourondels BLT group and David Changs Momofuku group. Her work has appeared in Eater, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Wine Enthusiast, and more. Hannah is also a graduate of the International Culinary Center.

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    Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar

    The Koolatron 45 Bottle Dual Zone wine cellar is another popular dual zone wine cooler. The unit can store up to 45 bottles simultaneously, but it is divided into two zones with its doors.

    This compressor wine cooler looks modern and sleek, thanks to the aluminum details. Your collection of wines will glow in the soft blue light because the doors are made from dark tempered glass.

    Wine shelves made from metal are incredibly slim and take up very little space in the cooler. A good basket on the bottom allows you to store more wine bottles.

    An LED display allows you to control and set the temperature in each compartment. It can be adjusted between 45 and 54 degrees F in the upper zone and between 54 and 65 degrees lower.


    • You can remove or change the position of removable shelves to fit any wine bottle, even larger ones.
    • Temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit: You can set the right temperature, even if the label for the wine uses another unit.
    • Digital control: The temperature control can be done digitally, so adjusting or setting the internal temperature in both zones is easy.
    • Wine coolers with compressors: You can be sure that your wines will remain at the right temperature, regardless of external conditions.


    • The compressor wine cooler is quite noisy when it is in use.

    What Temperature Should A Wine Fridge Be At

    5 Best Wine Refrigerators and Coolers You Can Buy In 2021

    For storage the optimal temperature for wine is between 12°C and 16°C, and the most important part of this is maintaining a stable temperature. With a dual temperature or multizone wine fridge, the temperature can be set at the desired serving temperature of the given wine. As a suggestion, the zone for white and sparkling wines can be set at 5-10°C and the warmer zone for red wines at 12-18°C.

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    Wine Cooler Additional Options

    Additionally, there are options to consider such as energy consumption, noise level or whether the wine cooler is suitable to be installed in a cold room, and thus capable of keeping the bottles warmer than the surrounding room temperature. Read our article on how to adress noise from a wine fridge.

    The big question of course is how much storage capacity you need. And how big a cabinet you have room;for. Is it important that the cabinet can be built into your kitchen or are you looking for a free standing wine cooler?

    All our wine coolers are of the highest quality. Some of the more luxurious brands such as Pevino;have a prioritized view on design along with the functionalities of the wine cooler itself.

    Cooling Technology And Energy Efficiency

    Small wine refrigerators are excluded from the federal Energy Star energy program. Some wine refrigerators are more energy-efficient than others. ;

    Thermoelectric units are typically more energy-efficient and are best suited for small living spaces like a studio apartment or condo. ;

    Compressor units use refrigerants like standard refrigerators. They may be less energy efficient than thermoelectric units and may be a little noisier, especially at lower price points. However, they tend to last longer and work in a broader range of ambient environmental conditions. The more life one gets out of a wine refrigerator means fewer units purchased over ones lifetime and less landfill accumulation of dead units. ;

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    Yeti Tundra 75 Hard Cooler


    What really sets the Yeti Tundra 75 apart from the other picks on this list is definitely the fact that it is by far the best nonelectric wine cooler you will ever see on the market.

    James Murphy, the owner of the restaurant and wine bar Four Horsemen himself stated that this is the best cooler he ever bought because hes constantly on tour and when he needs a cold wine to make the ride smoother, he always takes the Yeti Tundra 75 with him.

    It will cost you only $450 off of their official website, so definitely go for it if youre always on the run.

    Best Budget: Maytag Mrt118fffh 18 Cu Ft Top Freezer Refrigerator

    Best Wine Refrigerator Dual Zone Free Standing Koldfront ...

    Ice/Water Dispenser:;No dispenser |;Ice Maker Type:;No ice maker |;Total Capacity:;18.15 cubic feet |;Height to Top:;65.83 inches |;Installation Depth:;Standard-depth |;Depth:;31.38 inches

    • No ice maker

    • No ice or water dispenser

    Modern refrigerators can get quite pricey. However, there are some high-quality models that cost less than $1,000, including the Maytag MRT118FFFH. It has a top freezer, and 18 cubic feet of space to store your fresh and frozen goods. It’s not equipped with an ice maker or water dispenser, but does provide a functional design and user experience.

    This fridge has three glass shelves inside, along with a gallon’s worth of storage on its door. There’s a pull-out drawer specifically designed for deli, and you can control the temperature using precise, internal, digital controls. On top of these little, luxe details, you’ll enjoy this model’s LED lighting in both sectionswhich makes it easy to find ingredients for lunch or dinner. All in all, this fridge delivers the basics plus a little more at a decent price, and won’t operate too loud either.

    Ice/Water Dispenser:;Both |;Ice Maker Type:;Single |;Total Capacity:;22.2 cubic feet |;Height to Top:;69 inches |;Installation Depth:;Counter-depth |;Depth:;30.25 inches

    • Not as spacious as other models

    • Ice maker is small

    Now, this model may not be as spacious as others on the market, but it’ll certainly exceed expectations in other aspects of its design, making it worth the splurge.

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    Quietest Option: Wine Enthusiast 20 Bottle Evolution Series Wine Refrigerator

    The temperature on this stylish freestanding fridge by Wine Enthusiast;can be set as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great if you need to quickly chill a bottle of wine. Even though it’s designed for wine, one shopper said they had no problem fitting a few beer cans in this fridge when they reduced the amount of wine bottles. And despite its powerful cooling capabilities, you might not even hear it running: Customers say that runs quietly while maintaining a consistent temperature. “We’ve had it for quite some time and use it endlessly,” wrote one shopper. “After several years it still works perfect!”

    To buy:, $240

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