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How To Cut Wine Corks

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Making Your Cork Name Card Holders

How to Cut Wine Corks

This is probably one of the simplest DIYs out there so if youre not quite the artsy- crafty type there is no reason to fret! Get some old wine corks together and however many name cards you need and youre already halfway done. In need of some extra wine corks? You do not have to down five bottles of wine after reading this! You can buy wine corks at Target or online at WidgetCo.

Steaming Corks To Soften Them

  • 1Place your corks in a vegetable steamer or metal colander. If you dont have a steamer, use a metal colander that will fit into a pot. Fill the colander or steaming basket with as many corks as you need for your project. Steam your corks in 2 or more batches if they wont all fit in the steamer.XResearch source
  • You might only need 1 or 2 corks for a smaller project, like making wine charms. On the other hand, if youre making wedding place card holders for 100 guests, youll need 50 corks.
  • 2Set the steamer in a pot of water. Cover the bottom of the pot with about 2 inches of water. Try to keep the water level low enough so it doesnt come into direct contact with the corks. After adding the water, place the steamer in the pot.XResearch source
  • 3Cover the pot and steam the corks for 10 minutes. Turn the heat to medium-high and bring the water to a boil. After 10 minutes, take off the cover, remove the pot from heat, and let the corks cool. Theyll be nice and soft after steaming, and they wont crumble when you cut them.XResearch source
  • 4Boil your corks if you dont have a steamer or if theyre store-bought. Fill a large pot about halfway with water, add the corks, and bring the water to a rolling boil. After 10 minutes, drain the water and let the corks cool.XResearch source
  • Steaming works well for corks pulled from wine bottles, but its harder to soften unused corks purchased at craft stores or in bulk online.
  • Diy: How To Easily Cut Corks

    At Recyclart, we love corks and all those amazing projects that re-use corks to make creative and original things. But, one of the biggest problems with corks is to cut them nicely. Here are step-by-step instructions we found that will help you how to cut your corks without any difficulties!

  • Fill a saucepan with a couple inches of water.
  • Add strainer/sifter to the pan. Make sure the water does not touch the apparatus.
  • Add corks to the apparatus.
  • Cover the saucepan.
  • Boil water for 3 minutes.
  • Cut corks like cutting butter.
  • Thats it!
  • Did you try this method? What do you think of it? Do you have any other method to share?

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    Build A Wine Cork Table Top

    Here is a fun idea! If you have saved a lot of leftover wine corks, decorate a table top with them. This is a great way to makeover a small table that maybe has a damaged or scratched top. Or, make a complete new table like this one. An old tv tray, a section of plywood, some paint, and of course the corks is all you need.

    Corks As Succulent Planters

    Condo Blues: How to Cut Wine Corks for Crafts the Easy Way!


    This one is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful and addicting. Be careful, or youll wind up with a never ending garden hanging on your fridge! Youll need:

    • Corks
    • Screwdriver
    • Paring knife

    Start by using your screwdriver to punch a small hole in the top of the screw. The entry point of your corkscrew makes a great entry point. Use your knife to wiggle and break loose the corking, to about half way through the cork.

    Use your hot glue gun to attach the small magnet to the back of your cork. While theyre available, we dont recommend self-adhesive magnets, as the cylindrical shape of the cork makes it difficult for them to stay connected. Hot glue forms a much tighter bond.

    Fill the tiny planter with soil, and place your succulent clippings inside. Maintenance is easy, just a drop of water every now and again, and your fridge now looks like a living work of art; created from the corks of some very special occasions!

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    Diy Wine Cork Projects

    If you buy something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

    Whether you save or toss them, wine corks can have a second life once the bottle is finished. Whats great about these DIY projects is that theyre all really useful but require very little. Check out some of these really great ideas for DIY wine cork projects to see how you can put those corks to good use around your home, with;minimal woodworking tools and equipment required.


  • Corks, Corks Everywhere
  • How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Nail And Hammer

    This is pretty much the same idea as above only it uses a nail, so you can deal without a screw.

  • Hammer in the nail into the cork carefully. Do it at a slight angle so you dont push the cork into the bottle.
  • Use the hammer pull to pull out the cork.
  • So this method is simpler but it has a slightly worse success rate. Unlike a screw, its easy to pull out the nail from the cork without removing the latter. This needs practice and getting the right angle.

    Another tricky but a cool hack to open that bottle nonetheless. This time were using a cheap wire hanger. You will probably need pliers for this:

  • Straighten out the wire hanger.
  • Twist a hook at one end.
  • Carefully wedge in the hook into the bottle through the side of the cork. This is the tricky part as the wire is thick enough to make it difficult.
  • If youre lucky, youll get the hook down below the cork.
  • Now, twist the wire so it can hook into the cork.
  • Pull it out.
  • As I said, the tricky part is getting the wire in. The cork is very tight and the wire is pretty thick, so it will take some effort and practice.

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    Is Cork Safe To Drink

    The short answer is yes! You can still drink the wine if the cork crumbles. We recommend pouring the wine through a sieve to filter out the chunks of cork then enjoying your wine normally. Of course, most people would immediately push the whole cork in, but that is just going to lead to more flakes in the drink.

    What Is The Best Way To Cut Wine Corks In Half

    Easy method for cutting wine corks


    Bring a pot of water to a boil.

  • Place corks in a steamer pan or metal colander and let them steam for about 15 minutes.
  • Remove the cork with care- it will be hot- and place on a cutting board.
  • Use a serrated knife or, preferably, a hacksaw to cut the cork in half, slices, or designs.
  • Furthermore, how do you cut a cork sheet without crumbling? Use scissors for thin cork sheets, such as cork sold on a roll, designed for making your own corkboard or cork-covered decor pieces. Set the cork on a flat, clean surface; then plot your cuts using a tape measure and a straightedge for straight lines. Scissors can also cut curves in thin cork sheeting.

    In this regard, how do you cut a cork smoothly?

    Cut the corks in half lengthwise so they’ll sit flat on the table. Then use a thin craft blade to score a thin slice lengthwise down the rounded side. Score the rounded side just deep enough to fit a sheet of paper, and make sure you don’t cut all the way through.

    How do you grind wine corks?

    Put your corks into your blender with the lid on. You’re going to blend about 12 corks at once. More than that, and you’ll end up with a superfine cork sand at the bottom and lots of whole corks at the top. Don’t use that tamping-down tool, because cork is going to fly all over your kitchen if you do that.

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    Wine Cork Crafts And Creative Wine Cork Projects

    If youre a wine lover and also a crafter at heart, you probably have a stash of wine corks sitting around just waiting to be used for something. Learn how to prepare them for crafting and find some amazing wine cork crafts and art ideas below to get your creative juices flowing!

    Option : Open The Wine By Pushing The Cork Into The Bottle

    One of the most common solutions to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew is to just push the cork into the bottle. Obviously, this isnt the best option but if youre going to drink the whole bottle in a sitting, it will get you out of a tight spot!

    To do this, you need a cylindrical object without a sharp point, so you dont destroy the cork as you push it in and break it into a million pieces. If its a silicone cork, however, something sharp will do. Take a fat marker or lipstick, for example, and push the cork until it falls into the bottle.

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    Save Time And Buy Wine Corks In Bulk

    So, most of you probably came to the post looking for ideas so that you could actually do something with your massive wine cork stash. However, if you dont happen to have a huge stash on hand or you dont want to spend time cleaning your old wine corks, you can actually purchase .

    This will cost you a bit of money but it will also save you a ton of time and allow you to do more crafts, so Id say its worth it! If you dont want to spend any money, you could also try going to your local restaurants/wineries and asking for free corks, but buying them online is definitely easier and more convenient.

    Save Corks & Bottles For Wine Crafts

    How to Cut Wine Corks in Half (with Pictures)

    Keep saving your wine bottles and corks for more fun DIY wine craft projects. These wine cork coasters are quick and easy to make. Use them at home or gift in sets of four with a bottle of your favorite Cellar Collection wine!

    Share your DIY wine craft photos with us! Tag and use #TheWineCellarGroup for a chance to be featured on our page.

    Join our email list for more fun wine tips, deals, and wine tasting events near you!

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    Building The Cutting Jig

    1) Cut the square stock.

    If using a pieces of scrap 2x, just set the scrap between the blade and the fence of your saw, with the narrow side against the table, and you’ll be set to cut the wider side down to the same width as the narrower one.

    Be safe – use a push shoe . The long push shoe holds the material down better by covering more of the material you are cutting, including the part near the back of the blade, where kickbacks start. The heel pushes the wood through. Of course, the height of the push shoe keeps fingers away from the blade.

    2) Once you have your piece cut, you need to drill a hole to hold corks.

    To drill the hole, first find center on one end. If your piece is fairly square on the sides, you need only make an X by drawing straight lines from corner to corner. If your piece is not square, measure the short side and then mark that measurement on the long sides, then draw your X using this points.

    To insure the drilled hole runs true, 90 degrees from the table, you can use a couple pieces of scrap to support the piece on a side and end.

    When cutting deep holes, back the bit out often, to clear the debris from the hole, so the bit can work less hard and run cooler. This jig has already been used, so you can see the kerf, which cuts into the hole each time a cork is cut.

    How To Open Wine Bottle With A Torch

    More ways to use heat to your favor in opening that bottle. A cooking blow torch comes to your aid. The idea is the same as using a lighter:

  • Heat the neck of the bottle at the cork level .
  • Keep turning the bottle and heating it evenly from all sides.
  • It pops out due to expanding air in a few minutes.
  • This is a better and safer method than the lighter, but you need to have a cooking torch available.

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    Crafting With Cork Slices And Halves

  • 1Dry corks completely before coloring or gluing them. If your project involves glue, stamps, or markers, let the corks dry at least overnight after cutting them. Spread them out in a single layer on newspaper or paper towels so they dry faster.XResearch source
  • If you’re not gluing or coloring the corks, you can go ahead with your project.
  • 2Cut corks into 12 inch slices to create wine charms. After cutting the corks, use an ice pick or metal skewer to poke a hole near the edge of each slice. Slide a 2 to 3 inch length of thin, flexible wire or twine through the hole. Use a marker, stickers, or stamps to decorate each charm with a unique symbol.XResearch source
  • To use the charms, tie the wire or twine around the stem of a wine glass near the base.
  • When theyre not in use, tie each charms wire or twine in a loose loop so it doesnt become separated from its charm.
  • 3Use slices of cork to keep framed wall art from tilting. Cut the corks into slices about 14 to 18 inch thick. Glue the slices to the rear side of a frame at the corners. The cork slices will grip the wall and help keep the frame level.XResearch source
  • 4Make simple wine cork place card holders. Cut the corks in half lengthwise so theyll sit flat on the table. Then use a thin craft blade to score a thin slice lengthwise down the rounded side. Score the rounded side just deep enough to fit a sheet of paper, and make sure you don’t cut all the way through.XResearch source
  • Cut Wine Bottle Corks Quickly And Safely

    Cutting Wine Corks for Crafts

    This is a tutorial on making a simple jig for cutting wine corks in half, along their length.

    The jig requires only simple scraps to build and is for use with a band saw, but could also be used to hold corks when using a handsaw, or even a knife, depending on the size of the kerf.

    Using this jig on a band saw, it’s easy to, safely, produce a few hundred corks halves in an hour. In fact, I’d not be surprised if you could pump out 300 to 500 in that time.For this, you’ll need:1) A band saw.

    2) A bandsaw fence .

    3) A piece of wood no less than 1-1/4″ square and no shorter than 5″ and up to 12″ long. The length depends on how close you are comfortable with getting your fingers near the blade.

    4) A scrap block of wood to serve as a stop. It will mount on either the fence or the table, so should be sized accordingly. For example, if your fence is 5″ tall, it should be “about” 5″ x 3″ to 6″. Alternately, if you are going to clamp the scrap wood to the table, it should reach from where you want the jig to stop to a place at the back of the table where a clamp can be used to lock it in place.

    5) A clamp .

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    Knot And String Method

    You will need a screwdriver, or another long thin metal implement, plus a thick piece of string or cord for this method.

    First of all, make a hole in the cork with the screwdriver. Then tie a knot at the end of the string and push the knotted end down the hole with the screwdriver. You can then yank the cork out with the string.

    This method requires a lot of physical strength and effort, it isnt one of my favorites, but its worth trying if all you have is a screwdriver and piece of string.

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    Can You Open A Wine Bottle With A Key

    Open Wine Bottle With a Key

    Insert a key, preferably one you have extra copies of, at a 45 degree angle into the cork until most of it is inserted into the cork. Then begin twisting the cork up as pushing up with the key until you get the cork out. Be careful because a weak key has a possibility of breaking.

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    The Best Way To Cut Wine Corks In Half

    I have been working on a few projects, I have, I promise! And in the middle of crafting with a few leftover wine corks this week I came across a little snag. I was having the hardest time cutting those darn things in half! Have you ever tried it? Those suckers just dont budge! Well, I found the best way to cut wine corks in half, and Im sharing!

    I was getting cuts on my fingers pretty frustrated until I remembered this tip, and it turned out to be a pretty awesome aha moment! In fact, it saved the day!

    Washi Tape Wine Glass Charms

    Make it easy crafts: Recycled wine cork hanging trivet

    These wine charms are too cute and too easy to skip. All you need are some corks, different washi tape patterns, some wire and some modge podge to help everything seal.

    By using washi tape for this craft, you are able to have a variety of patterns without having to hand paint. If you are very artistic then;you could hand paint these instead.

    Take a look at this for inspiration:;

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