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What To Drink Instead Of Wine

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Dont Take Exercise So Seriously

3 Wines to Drink Instead of…Pinot Grigio

Exercise is right up there with meditation when it comes to the intimidation factor. But exercise can be something as simple as running up and down your stairs or walking around the block for 10 minutes. A study, published in 2018 in Health Promotion Perspectives, found that 10 minutes of brisk walking improved mood, compared to not being active at all.

Exercise has been shown to actually change the brain structurally, says Julia Chester, PhD, professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Its;healthy for your brain because it increases oxygen, blood flow, and hormones that support the neurons in your brain. Exercise also helps you to see your world in a different way. When your stress goes down, you feel better able to control your environment, adds Chester. That can help you to make better choices. Sort of like a jigsaw puzzle.

Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling

This toasty, tart sparkling wine gets its alcohol removed at lower temperatures than many, so you dont get a boiled grape juice flavor. Its lemony and yeasty with fine-textured bubbles. This is pretty good spritz materialmix with Giffards Aperitif Syrup, Aecorn, or your bitter addition of choice.

What Happens When You Drink A Glass Of Wine Every Night

Let’s face it, wine is just one of those drinks that’s always there when you need it. It’s comforting after a long day working, it’s the perfect finishing touch to any charcuterie board, and during a time like right now when you can’t really go out to a bar or restaurant, it can still make you feel like you’re living somewhat normally. Plus, it lasts for a while, so again, it’s not bad to have some bottles on hand when you’re staying inside. But what happens if you’re drinking wine every night?

You’ve mostly heard in one way or another that a glass of wine every day can actually be good for your overall health, but some recent studies have argued that it’s better to avoid drinking the vino on a regular basis. So what actually happens to your health if you drink a glass of wine every night? Are there real health benefits? Or are there consequences in the long run?

We’re asking the tough questions here, as there’s a good chance you just might end up drinking wine every night you’re staying put at home! And while you’re making healthier choices, here are The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

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One Major Side Effect Of Drinking White Wine Instead Of Red

How many times have you heard about the health benefits of red wine? Probably more times than you could count if you’re like us. It seems like everywhere you look, people are raving about how great red wine is thanks to the rich concentration of antioxidant polyphenols from the skins of red grapes. Well, that’s all great, but what happens if red wine just isn’t your thing?

Does choosing a lighter-colored glass of vino mean you’re missing out on these benefits? If you’re one for a glass of crisp pinot grigio, buttery chardonnay, or cool chablis, read on to find out more about how choosing a glass of white wine over red can mean you end up consuming more sulfites, which may cause some reactions for those sensitive to these additives. And for more, check out;Major Effects Drinking Wine Has on Your Health, Says Science.

Vermouth Substitutes And Liqueurs

instead of guest book

This juicy, citrusy take on bianco vermouth really works for me: Its grapey without being overly sweet, and theres a touch of bitter herbal and citrus pith flavor to keep it balanced. It can handle a little dilution if you want to use it for mixing, but its tasty enough to drink on its own, too. If you like to drink Lillet as an aperitif, youll like this.

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Switch Off Your Phone Notifications

Its important that we all stay abreast of current information, but you can be inundated, says LeMonda. Especially when youre being bombarded by social media alerts on your phone, your computer, and possibly even your smartwatch. And so much of it is distorted: If youve ever played a game of telephone, the message you started with is not the one you ended up with. The easiest way to avoid the onslaught: Limit your time on social media and the news and take the time to choose reliable news sources.

Its probably impossible to avoid it entirely, says LeMonda I recommend tuning out at night before bed so you have time to decompress and get good sleep. Ideally, your bedtime routine is about two hours, including having tea, relaxing, washing up, getting prepared for the next day. And take breaks throughout the day. Put your phone away or on airplane mode. If youre not convinced, check out the 10 ways social media can hurt your brain.

From Kombucha To Kefir Soft Drinks Are So Much More Interesting Than They Used To Be

How are you getting on with your dry January? Alcohol is something of an occupational hazard for a drinks writer; it is my job to drink, or at least taste, the stuff on a very regular basis. Mine is one of the few jobs that permits you to pour a glass of wine, whiskey or beer at 9.30am. While most of us dutifully spit out everything we taste, I know that a little alcohol passes into my bloodstream with every mouthful. Hence I never drive to tastings, and keep a close eye on my consumption.

I have no problem with the concept of a dry January, but it is not really practical for a wine writer. Instead I try to avoid alcohol, when possible, for the first three days of each week throughout the year. Padraig OMorains thought-provoking article in the;Irish Times health supplement on dry January rang a few bells for me. My own trigger is to pour a glass of wine at about 6.30pm, when I start preparing dinner. When I first cut out drink, I avoided this impulse by making dinner earlier, by having much simpler, easy-to-prepare meals or by having a soft drink instead.

However, making your own drinks is so much more fun and not at all difficult.

King of Kefir Cucumber, Mint & Thyme2.90 Made in the Chocolate Factory in Dublin, this is a fascinating complex drink; you certainly get the cucumber and herbs, with a funky touch and an off-dry finish. See kingofkefir.ie for stockists

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Stand Back And Ask: ‘how Does Drinking Serve Me’

“When we are looking to change habits, including non-addictive alcohol consumption, we need to stand back and assess how the habit is serving us,” says Kristin Koskinen, a registered dietitian nutritionist. “Are there components of the habit that we arent willing to abandon, like the social nature of having drinks? Are there ways to work around it? What are the root drivers that make the habit appealing?”

Change Up Your Routine

Instead of Wine to Unwind Do This

Not feeding the habit comes down in part to changing the ways you enable or encourage drinking.

Change your routines for when you usually drink alcohol,” says Karen R. Koenig, a psychotherapist who has cut way back on drinking because of health risk warnings. If you generally come home and have a beer, wine or cocktail, instead, get on the computer, take a walk, watch the news, etc. Do something differently than the activities you associate with drinking.

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I Downloaded The I Am Sober App

There are quite a few apps around that can help you track the number of days youve given up something, but Id say the top-rated;I Am Sober is the best.

Here are a few of the things I like about it:

  • You need an access code to open, so its totally private
  • It sends you daily motivation quotes each morning
  • It not only tracks how many days youve done but also tells you how much money youve saved, which is shocking!
  • It sets regular and achievable milestones
  • Theres a very lively and supportive community section
  • You can track several things at once, ideal if youre planning to give up more than one vice

Your Inflammation Will Improve

One of the reasons why red wine may be so beneficial for our hearts is because it decreases inflammation. It’s inflammation of the heart muscle that can lead to big problems such as a heart attack. Red wine contains the key ingredient resveratrol. This compound helps prevent damage to blood vessels and prevents blood clots. According to the Mayo Clinic, it may also be helpful with lowering our risk for inflammation.

Resveratrol comes from the skin of the grapes used to make wine. So if you’d like to get the benefits without the alcohol, having a bowl of grapes will do the trick. Peanuts, blueberries, and cranberries are also contain the heart-healthy ingredient.

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It Can Help Improve Gut Health

In the last couple of years, gut health has been outed as one of the most important ways to stay healthy. Known as the “second brain,” your gut can affect the state of your digestion, organs, and even your mental health. In fact, the gut microbiota is now seen as “an important partner of human cells, interacting with virtually all human cells.”

In a study done by theAmerican Gastroenterology Journal, research revealed that red wine intake done in moderation overall benefits your gut. This is mainly due to a couple of large, confusing words known as antimicrobials and polyphenols. Red wine contains a lot of polyphenols, which are natural chemicals containing antimicrobial properties. And antimicrobials are agents that help balance out the natural microbiome of the gut.

Dram Palo Santo Bitters


These bitters may not be as potent in flavor as alcohol-based ones, but once you get enough in your glass, theyre wonderfully herbal and lightly citrusy. The salty sage notes are a nice addition to cranberry- or hibiscus-based drinks, though they also work well in a glass of seltzer with a squeeze of lemon.

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Sparkling Waters Juices And Sodas

If you like the fizz of beer or carbonated cocktails, get the same effect with sparkling water or carbonated juice — but with a fraction of the calories. Holding onto a bottle of root beer feels just like a bottle of beer; however, if you choose a fizzy soda, go for the diet version to avoid excess sugar.

Get In A Good Workout

Exercising regularly can help you get a good nights sleep, and you dont have to be an over-the-top gym rat. Working out for a quick 20 to 30 minutes each day will help you rest better, particularly if you exercise in the morning or afternoon. In fact, working out too close to bed time;can give your body a boost of energy and make it a bit harder to fall asleep.;Regular exercise is, of course, a good thing for the body, but it also benefits the mind. Just 30;minutes of moderate exercise each week alleviates stress, anxiety, and can even help with;depression. When you turn to exercise instead of wine to relax, the sense of accomplishment can;be a relaxing feeling in itself.

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Recommendations Change With Age

Unfortunately, in addition to wrinkles and reading glasses, older adults have another bummer to consider. All of those benefits from red wine don’t help the elderly. In fact, even just one glass per day can be damaging.

Research has found that elderly women who have one glass of wine per day show small reductions in heart function. This is due to the increased size of the wall of one of the heart chambers. It looks like women are more susceptible to the downsides of drinking than men. Older men who have more than 14 drinks per week have the same heart findings.

Study author Dr. Scott Solomon told the Telegraph, “Women appear more susceptible than men to the cardiotoxic effects of alcohol, which might potentially contribute to a higher risk of alcoholic cardiomyopathy, for any given level of alcohol intake.”

How Much Is Too Much

How to Cook with Wine | Potluck Video

So we know moderate drinking is okay, but what exactly constitutes as moderate? For women, than means up to one drink per day . Men can get away with two per day, unless they’re over 65. All older adults should limit their drinking to one drink per day, regardless of gender. And women over 65 should consider even less than that.

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El Guapo Cucumber Lavender Bitters

A note about ingredients: CBD and hemp-infused drinks are not included in this list. In addition, please note that many nonalcoholic drinks contain potent herbs and other ingredients touted as healthful; check with your doctor about specific ingredients before drinking, as some may not be safe in combination with medicine or for people with certain health conditions, including pregnancy.

An Important Consideration: If Youre Going To Drink Alcohol You Have To Adjust Your Eating

Drinking wine every night is largely behavioralits part of a habitual relaxation process

A few insights if you feel the urge to drink nightlywhich will NOT help your waistline:;Part of what we like about drinking wine is the routine of it.;We get home, were tired and we feel a sense of relaxation with those first couple sips of wine. But the bottom line is that nightly drinking, if your goal is fat loss, is not smart. So if you want, start making the conscious choice to have it 1-2x a week if you want and the rest of the nights, youll need to find a way to break that habit.

Find other ways to relax without booze.

Alas! Here are some ideas for you. If I find that Im jonesing, I adjust tactics and find an activity I can do instead that will satisfy me just as much, or at least take my mind off it. Hopefully these will help you too!

  • Blog. Get your creative juices flowing, and write on whatever excites you. You can get a free blog at wordpress.com.
  • Pay the bills. Not the most fun thing, but it takes an hour or so, and theres kind of nothing that feels as awesome when you are done. Just think, you dont have to do it again until next month!
  • Get in bed and read. My personal favorite. I literally will get in bed some nights AT SEVEN, just to avoid eating crap, drinking wine and because I love reading. Bonus points for brushing your teeth!
  • Have sex 🙂
  • Stalk people on Facebook
  • Shop online. Lululemon.com misses you!
  • Read archives from the JillFit blog . Seriously though.
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    Holly Golightly Cider 330ml: 199 Wise Bartender

    In a world where most soft ciders taste of fizzy apple juice, this is another good example of a grown-up-tasting beverage that has the bitterness youd associate with a standard cider. There are plenty of apples in this Audrey-inspired one, obviously, but also a pleasant tartness, persistent bubbles and a welcome feeling that you are having a “proper drink” despite being less than half a percent.

    Brutal Brewing A Ship Full Of Ipa Six X 330ml: 1099 Dry Drinker

    6 Delicious White Wines To Drink Instead Of Sauvignon ...

    A good, solid, tangy IPA here that would have you inspecting the bottle for its alcoholic volume: somehow its 0%. Again, theres that cool vacuum distillation involved which means this amber coloured liquid tastes remarkably like a standard alcoholic IPA. Lots of malt, loads of hops, a touch of sweetness and a refreshing finish makes this a reliable choice for anyone hankering after a beer without a sore head.

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    Things To Drink Instead Of Alcohol

    If youre living a sober life, chances are, youre bound to end up in a social situation where other people are drinking. Alcohol is a part of many celebratory occasions and social gatherings, so sometimes it can seem impossible to avoid. Next time youre faced with a difficult situation or craving, try one of the following non-alcoholic drink options to avoid cravings and temptation.

    Drynks Smashed Citrus Beer Six Bottles: 999 Wise Bartender

    This zippy, zesty alcohol-less lager is pale gold with a nicely balanced blend of hops, malt, lemons and lime on the palate. We dont think youd immediately notice the lack of ABV, and that probably comes down to the fact that Drynks uses a cool vacuum distillation process in the making of all its Smashed range, which gently infuses the alcohol out of beer and cider so they taste the same as the alcoholic equivalents. Apparently its the most expensive and time-intensive way of doing things, but it tastes like its worth it. Smashed Citrus is its brand spanking new one and our favourite of the bunch but you can also try Smashed Cider , Smashed Hops and Smashed Berry.

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    Alternatives To Drinking Alcohol To Relax

    One key reason for alcohol consumption is it’s found in everyday social settings. In addition, many people turn to drinking as a form of relaxation or stress relief for the nervous system. Health experts are ever-more vocal about the negative impact this habit can have over time. Even if consumed in small doses, alcohol consumption on a daily basis can mount up to considerable levels over a week.

    There are of course a broad range of alternatives to drinking for stress relief. One time-tested option is involvement in aerobic activity such as: walking, running or jogging, cycling, swimming, gardening and sports.

    Equally, there are more dedicated options such as meditation, deep breathing exercises and body scanning, which involves progressive muscle relaxation. This approach combines focused breathing with the gradual, intentional release of tension in muscles throughout the body.

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