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Where To Buy Wine In New York

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Looking For Wine Here’s Local Liquor & Wine Stores In Or Near Lake George

How to Buy Your Boss Wine as a Gift

Looking for the wine aisle in the local grocery store? In New York State, wine and spirits can only be purchased at liquor stores, wineries, and distilleries. Luckily for you, Lake George has plenty of places you can find the perfect pairing, whether for a classic cocktail, pasta at home, or enjoying from an Adirondack chair on the porch.

Here are 11 stores, one winery, and two distilleries where you can purchase alcoholic beverages to enjoy, all within 20 minutes of Lake George Village.

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To help you find the perfect wine, we have several convenient ways to shop for wine. You can browse through categories by wine type, grape, country, and region above in our top drop-down menus, or use our convenient left-hand navigation to narrow your focus by any number of considerations. We look forward to servicing your needs and becoming your top destination for buying wine online.

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  • Flatirons Guide To German Wine

    Few other wine countries garner the passionate, cult-like following that Germany does. Its fansus among themdissect and detail every village and vineyard, every bottle and producerand yet, strangely, its often misunderstood and underappreciated by the greater wine-drinking public.

    Well, were not afraid to say it: Germany is one of the worlds greatest wine countries, and were here to show you why.

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    Buying Wine In New York State

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    To the Editor:

    Groceries Fill Aisles at Stores Like CVS noted that many different stores are entering the grocery business, which is increasing consumer convenience.

    But while consumers can buy groceries in many different stores, the one thing that is still inconvenient for many New Yorkers to buy is wine.

    New Yorks arcane laws restrict wine sales to a few thousand liquor stores, which means that consumers have less convenience and New Yorks wineries have an artificially smaller market. According to Wines and Vines magazine, we rank only 11th in wine sales probably because of the states unusually restrictive regulations, which prohibit wine sales in supermarkets.

    I hope that my fellow legislators will finally allow New Yorkers to enjoy easier access to New Yorks wines by allowing their sale in grocery stores.

    Micah Z. Kellner

    New York State Whiskey And Other Spirits

    Where to buy wine in NYC

    The state also boasts at least 80 disilleries, some urban, some in much more rural settings such as the Catskills. New York City provides the demand base which enables a wind range of specialists making diverse products such as Shochu, Rum or Vermouth.

    Whiskey is the highest profile spirit here. For users of our website, the state’s Bourbons rival the top estates of Long Island and Finger Lakes in terms of being the most sought after products from the state.

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    Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit

    I dig the vibe at Bottlerocket. The Flatiron space is bright and airy, and I was impressed by a super-knowledgeable, super-friendly, and completely un-pushy staff member who gave me an extended tour of the shop’s latest and greatest spirits offerings…and there were many.

    Price Comparison: Tanqueray Gin .75 L: $38 Buffalo Trace .75 L: $29 Dolin Vermouth Rouge: .75 L: $17

    Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit: 5 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011 212-929-2323

    Your Source For Buying Wine & Spirits Online

    Welcome to Marketview Liquor, the best source for discounted and hard-to-find wines, liquors, and spirits. Buy wine online easily with case discounts and free shipping options available on select bottles of wine to over 40 states. Liquor and spirits are available to order online for delivery to select zip codes throughout the country. You can also order wine and spirits for in-store pickup. Visit our Rochester, NY location where our experienced staff can help you select the best options for your event and budget.

    There are plenty of reasons to make Marketview Liquor your source for buying spirits and wine online. We have a large selection of wines eligible for free shipping when you order six or more bottles. To save even more, mix and match a case of 12. Just look for the “Eligible for 10% Case Discount” note.

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    Where To Buy Wine Grapes

    Does anyone know where to buy wine grapes? I heard there is a place in Brooklyn Terminal Market, is that true?

    I have heard of lots of ways that tourists save money in New York City but stomping grapes in the hotel bathtub to make wine so as not to buy it by the bottle is among the most ingenious.

    psst, bil, softail lives in Clark, NJ, about 25 miles from NYC don’t think he plans to spend the night here in town.

    The Brooklyn Terminal Market Association lists TP & S Wine Grapes as among its vendors phone number 209-4108.

    From NYWhiz’ link.

    This place has been around for years, really nice people. I buy my plants and herbs from them. Open 7 days, cash only, and you should confirm with a phone call.

    Boston Road and Adee Avenue.

    Napoli Wine Grapes & Fruit Co

    2961 Boston Rd

    Bilmin09: I tried that, but it gives a strange finish to the wine and really ticks off housekeeping!!!

    I will be in Brooklyn on Saturday, so I think I try the BTM. Thanks. Has the BTM been around for awhile? I remember as a kid my grandfather going to a huge market in Brooklyn to buy grapes and wonder if thats the place. Is there parking?

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    Where To Buy Spirits In Manhattan: The Best Liquor Stores

    Signs You’ve Found A Great Shop To Buy Wine From
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    Manhattan is one great place to shop for booze. It’s almost crazy how much square footage of this oh-so precious sliver of schist has been given over to the sale of bottled alcoholic beverages. It’s hard to walk more than a few blocks and not run into a spirits shop. Many of them do just fine serving passersby who are en route to a party, but above this indistinguishable fray are a set of spirits shops that stand out.

    We’re talking about shops that go the extra mile to deliver quality service, low prices, and an extensive selection. Manhattan’s best liquor stores stock rare and unusual booze from the world’s new generation of craft distilleries to satisfy the spirits nut. They train their floor staff to answer the novice’s questions. They create a comfortable shopping experience. And the very best of the best do all these things at once.

    I hit the streets recently to seek out the finest spirits shops this island has to offer. After visiting a great deal more than what’s listed below, I came away with 12 shops, spread across a wide swath of Manhattan, that are doing top-notch work as they serve us imbibers.

    Where should you shop for liquor in Manhattan? Here are 12 recommendations for standout shops to seek out.

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    Our Commitment To Our Customers

    Our team at WTSO works hard to provide exceptional service to our customers in New York, NY, and across the nation. We’rehappy to provide assistance and to answer any questions you might have.

    So, the next time you’re wondering where to order wine online, think WTSO, where customers are valued, prices areaffordable, and the quality of our products is nothing but exceptional. Oh, and shipping is totally free, whether you want yourorder delivered to New York, NY, or the heart of Salt Lake City. Shop our collection of wine today, and please let us know if youhave any questions.

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    Place To Buy Bottles Of Wine Near Times Square

    I would like to buy a bottle of wine for consumption in my hotel room. Where would I shop for wine in NYC that will have a decent assortment. I will be staying in the TS area. Thank you.

    Be sure to go to a wine store or liquor store, which are not state-owned, and are plentiful. Some delicatessens and convenience stores sell a near-wine that’s can be mistaken for the real thing. Some supermarkets have a wine and beer store but it is supposed to have a separate entrance.

    We always pack a couple of bottles in our luggage wrapped up well in a towel. Of course, this prohibits carry on, but have done this for years without mishap. We like good wine, which can be a little on the expensive side and the luxury of a good bottle with a take away NYC pizza can’t be rivaled!

    Check with the front desk. They can usually advise on what is close by.

    The Walgreens behind the NYPD in the middle of Times Square sells wine. How good the wine is for the price is questionable…. The Cranberry Cafe on 45th between 7th and 6 does too, but the one bottle I picked up was a rip off, so I put it back . Both of these places sell beer too.

    Edited: 6 years ago

    Don’t buy from a Walgreens or grocery store. Go to one of the thousands liquor stores in the city. Very simple.

    If there’s a liquor store nearer to TS, please let us all know – but as it stands, from a cost vs convenience point of view, Walgreens is possibly their best choice.

    Edited: 6 years agoNew York City

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    For Every Borough There Are Many Many Great Wine Shops

    Our city is full of choices, from food to clothes, and of course alcohol. Every corner store has liquor, but its not always good, and forget trying to buy decent wine at a bodega. For every borough, there are many, many great wine shops. Each one can cater to your needs, whether you know exactly what youre looking for, or maybe have some questions. Some are better for certain budgets, and some provide every option on the market. Check out the following for some of the best wine shops in New York City.

    Flatiron Wines & Spirits

    Why Cant You Find That Wine?

    Step into this neighborhood gem and youll find exposed brick, warm wood tones and bins full of wines and spirits from the worlds best small producers. Wine snobs will want to purchase every bottle on the shelves, while those newer to the world of vino will receive an education in minutes from the staff. Whether youre looking for something under $20 or a cult-favorite bottle stashed in the back , this shop just might just become your newest obsession.

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    The Nyc Wine Delivery Guide

    All the spots thatll help keep your wine rack full while youre at home.

    While at home, wine may be the third most essential household item after toilet paper and password-protected wifi. So we put together a list of bars, restaurants, and wine shops where you can stock up, with curbside pick-up and delivery.

    Financial District Wine & Liquor

    This small shop punches above its weight class, stocking extreme rarities like 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle. In the neighborhood, you can’t do much better.

    Price Comparison: Bombay Sapphire Gin .75 L: $26.99 Maker’s Mark Bourbon .75 L: $33.94 Bossiere Vermouth Rouge .75 $9.99

    Financial District Wine & Liquor: 120 Nassau Street, New York, NY 10038 212-933-1092

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    New Yorkers Will Find It Harder To Buy Out

    The days when people living in Albany or Buffalo, Rochester or Binghamton could order wine or other alcohol from a retail store anywhere in the United States and have it shipped to their door appear to be over.

    It’s illegal in New York . And even though customers have been doing it for years, it’s probably always been illegal, New York Times drinks writer Eric Asimov reported.

    This does not, however, apply to shipments directly from wineries or other alcohol manufacturers. Those sales have been legal in New York and elsewhere since 2005 and continue to be.

    The change involving retail outlets has been coming in the past year or so, ever since major shipping companies like United Parcel Service and Federal Express began feeling pressure to adhere to the law. They’ve told retailers they will only ship wine, beer or spirits to one of the 14 states that explicitly permit such sales.

    New York is not one of those states. A bill that would have relaxed New York’s prohibition on out-of-state retail alcohol sales failed to make it out of committee last year, but could be reintroduced in 2018, the New York Times reported.

    At the same time, is ending its specialty online wine market, Amazon Wine, as of Dec. 31. It will continue to offer wine through some of its other services, like Amazon Fresh, and Prime Now.

    “The decision made it a two-way street,” Crowley said.

    Moore Brothers Wine Company

    How to Buy Wine for That Party You’re Throwing
    • First/Early in the Game Dates
    • Walk-Ins

    Wine available at retail prices for pick-up and delivery. Check out their website or the full wine list. To place an order, DM them on or email them at [email protected].

    • Drinking Good Cocktails
    • Drinking Good Wine

    This Brooklyn spot is mostly known for its burger, but Red Hook Tavern also has an impressive wine list. Grab a few bottles from them online or, if youre in the neighborhood, stop by to pick some up.

    • Drinks & A Light Bite
    • First/Early in the Game Dates

    If youre looking for wine in the Fort Greene area, youve got plenty of options. But this wine bar is offering two weekly wine packs – one for $60 and the other for $120. And even if you just want one bottle, you can pick it up for free or get it delivered anywhere in Brooklyn.

    • Drinking Good Wine
    • Special Occasions

    Wine delivery available within Manhattan, Long Island City, and Brooklyn. 10% off wine orders of $100 or more. Check their website for more information.

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    Where To Buy Wine Glasses In New Yorkmay 25 200: 13 Am Subscribe

    How To Pick A Wine Store

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    By Eric Asimov

    If you care about wine and want to drink better and more confidently, the best thing you can do is cultivate a close relationship with a good wine shop. I have been making this case for years without ever addressing the obvious question: How do you know if a wine shop is good?

    The answer seems equally obvious: Good wine shops offer a great assortment of distinctive bottles. But that doesnt help if examining a selection of wines is baffling rather than revealing.

    Institutions like Chambers Street Wines, Flatiron Wines & Spirits and Crush Wine & Spirits in New York are great for expert and novice alike, and they serve a nationwide clientele. But customers who cannot confidently scan a website or who dont buy in quantity must visit a store.

    You can tell a lot about a shop simply by walking through the door, even if you dont know much about wine. For example, whats the temperature? Moore Brothers Wine Company near Gramercy Park keeps the store at cellar temperature, 56 degrees, which is great but not entirely necessary as long as a shop is not warm.

    Are bottles bathed in sunlight? Not good. Light can damage wine. Covered in dust? Also not good as it indicates a lax, possibly negligent, attitude toward the inventory.

    More important than the physical characteristics are a stores atmosphere and point of view. Its the difference between a sterile and a comfortable shopping experience.

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    Finger Lakes Winenew York Us

    Learn about Finger Lakes wine, common tasting notes, where the region is and more …

    As the most historic wine-producing region in New York state, winemaking in the Finger Lakes area dates back to the 1820s and today as a region, accounts for 90% of the states total wine production.

    Its narrow and deep lakes created by the movement of Ice Age glaciers create an environment similar to the classic Riesling-loving regions of Europe, namely Germany and Austria. The Finger Lakes retain summer heat that incidentally warms up cold winter air, making it fall down from the lakes steep slopes. When spring comes, the lakes, already cooled by cold winter weather, stave off vine budding until the danger of frost has subsided. The main lakes of the zone, that is those big enough to moderate the climate in this way, are the focal points of prime vineyard areas. They include Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca and Cayuga.

    While Riesling has fueled most of the regions success, today Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc enjoy some attention.

    • Cabernet Franc from Finger Lakes, New York, Other U.S.4.010 Ratings

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