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What Wine Goes With Salmon

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Best Side Dishes For Salmon

What Wine Goes With Salmon?: Thumbs Up Wine Pairing

Stumped with what to serve with salmon? Youve come to the right place!

Fact: salmon is the best fish ever. Well, at least it is to me!

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Whether its pan-fried, baked, or grilled, you cant go wrong. Its rich and savory, yet its so healthy for you. Its extremely quick and easy to prepare, too!

I try my best to incorporate salmon into our weekly meal rotation. But no matter how good salmon is, theres nothing more boring than repetitive meals.

To make things more exciting, I switch up the side dishes all the time. Thankfully, there are an array of dishes that go well with this fatty fish.

Im sharing the best sides that will make salmon shine like the star that it is. From salads and veggies to rice and pasta, Ive got you covered.

Without further ado, here are 23 spectacular sides for salmon.

Lets start off with a simple dish that delivers maximum flavors. This lemon pasta is light, refreshing, and done in just 15 minutes!

Lemon, cream, and white wine make up the sauce of this pasta.

Together with al dente noodles, they make one heck of a dish. Add a piece of crispy pan-fried salmon on top, and youll have a hearty and healthy dinner.

Sweet and crisp beans are pretty fantastic on their own, so you dont need a lot to make them stand out. In this recipe, all it takes are butter, garlic, and lemon zest.

You can already smell the fragrance just by picturing it!

What Style Of Cooked Salmon Goes Well With Sauvignon Blanc

This white wine tends to be on the light side, so it will work with almost any salmon dish no matter how you prepare it: grilled or steamed, served in sauce or plain.

Youre looking for something that can balance out the rich flavor of the fish without overwhelming other components in your meal such as vegetables and sauces. Sauvignon Blanc is also an ideal pairing if you plan on having some snacks before dinner like appetizers or a big salad with croutons. It has just enough body to stand up to these foods before leading into the main course but not so much that youll need something stronger afterward.

As an aromatic wine, Sauvignon Blanc also matches beautifully with traditional seafood herbs like dill and tarragon.

In Switzerland, a classic pairing is a salmon cooked in a white wine infused with fresh dill. The result is a flaky fish enhanced by the herbal notes of the wine and dish. Enjoy this type of preparation with a crisp full-bodied Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, such as Kim Crawford or Nobilo.

Crispy Skin Salmon With Wine

This preparation has the flakiness of Salmon with a steak-like texture. The skin is made dry and is then the fish prepared on a hot skillet with olive oil or vegetable oil. It results in a flaky texture but meaty taste.

You want to try wines such as Carignan, Garnacha, Lambrusco, and Valpolicella blend. These wines complement the savoury tones and richness of the Salmon.

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My Favourite Ways To Serve Salmon And The Wines To Pair With Them

Raw salmon such as salmon sashimi or tartare

Try a crisp fresh white such as a gruner veltliner or a dry rosé – a surprisingly good match with salmon sashimi as I discovered here.

Salmon ceviche

As much about the zesty marinade as the fish itself. Torrontes from Argentina is a good pairing or – an unusual match but one I found worked well a while back – a Soave from Italy

Cold poached salmon with mayonnaise or a salmon terrine

Chablis is an incredibly reliable pairing for this kind of dish but other crisp dry whites like Pinot Grigio, Albarino, Sancerre or a crisp Chenin Blanc will match well too.

Warm salmon with a hollandaise or beurre blanc sauce

A classic salmon dish that matches well with a good quality oak-aged Chardonnay. White burgundy would be lovely. See also this pairing of salmon with leeks and chardonnay

Salmon en croute or fish pies with salmon

Again likely to be rich and creamy so Chardonnay should again hit the spot or try an old vine Chenin Blanc. See also this delicious recipe for salmon in pastry with currants and ginger.

Salmon fishcakes or salmon hash

Chardonnay again . But a sparkling wine like Cava – or even champagne – can be good too.

Seared or grilled salmon

Heres where things get interesting. Because salmon is a meaty fish if you grill or char it you can pair it with a red. Pinot Noir is my favourite match but a Gamay would rub along happily too. If you prefer a white try a dry Pinot Gris.

Blackened or barbecued salmon

Salmon teriyaki or yakitori

What Type Of Wine Goes Well With Salmon

A Guide to Wine Pairing with Salmon

White wines are the first port of call for many when fish is on the menu. Something like a baked salmon seasoned with fresh herbs loves a crisp dry white wine like sauvignon blanc or gruner veltliner. If youre dressing your salmon with butter or cream sauce, opt for a richer white wine like a lightly oaked chardonnay, a marsanne-roussanne blend from the Rhone or a white Rioja.

What about aromatic white wines? Does riesling go with salmon? As a matter of fact, it does. Both riesling and chenin blanc are stunning with salmon seasoned with spices, soy-based marinades and ginger. Stick with vibrant whites and fruity rosés for smoked salmon, although brut bubbly wouldnt be out of place here, either.

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The Best Ros Wine With Salmon Pairing

Rosé is made from pretty much every grape on the planet , and its often blended. So, forget the grape and match the color of your salmons flesh to your rosé wine. The paler the rosé and the salmon, generally the more subtle the flavor. Instead, are you buying a richly colored, late summer slab of Coho or Chinook? Then opt for a darker rosé. It will have more flavor oomph to match your fish, and it will very likely have more body to match your salmons fatty texture.

What Style Of Cooked Salmon Goes Well With Pinot Noir

Salmon has been paired with Pinot Noir at restaurants since the beginning of time because they just work so well together.

If youre going for a savory meal thats more on the rich and heavy side, then a seared or grilled salmon with Pinot Noir is where its at. This can be anything from an informal family barbecue to a holiday dinner party, but the key is to make sure your dish has some sort of spice on it to balance out the natural sweetness inherent in this wine.

For those who prefer something sweet with their salmon, feel free to opt for roasted or braised varieties. Those dishes are great for more formal occasions like weddings and Thanksgiving dinners. What makes this combination particularly good is that when paired with Pinot Noir, salmon can be enjoyed without a lot of fuss or hard-to-find ingredients.

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Cedar Planked Salmon With Dill Butter

Yield: 8 as appetizer | 4 as family style coursePrep: 2 hours | Cook: 40 minutesTotal Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes

Fresh salmon topped with a dill butter makes for a recipe that is easy and delicious. Cooked on cedar planks on the grill you will be left wondering why you had never cooked salmon this way.

Pairing With Plain Salmon

Wine Pairing with Salmon (ENJOY THE PERFECT MATCH)

Plain slow-roasted Salmon ends up being quite soft and delicate. The more steak-like version can be a bit more mealy and flaky, but for the most part, when appropriately prepared, expect the grain to be softer and somewhat mushy. Here is a good example of how to prepare Salmon.

Pair a plain and simple Salmon with an oak-aged white wine or time-aged white wine, something with more robust Meyer lemon, nut, or brûlée notes that will spice and texture the fish. On the richer side, try a Sonoma Coast or Central Coast Chardonnay from California, a Viognier from Paso Robles, an aged white Rioja from Spain, an oak-aged Trebbiano/Chardonnay from Sicily, or an Australian Chardonnay from Victoria or a Sémillon from Hunter Valley. These wines will align in richness and combine with the Salmon and create a fuller overall taste.

If you are looking for a more delicate pairing with more subtle green herbal notes to the wine, a few great choices include a Vermentino from Sardegna, a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley or a Chardonnay from Burgundy. These wines will contrast the richness of the Salmon and act more as a palate cleanser.

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Seared Or Grilled Salmon

Remember what we said in the introduction? This is where things become a bit different. Since salmon is a very meaty fish if you grill it or char it, you should pair the meal with a glass of red wine. Pinot Noir is generally a fan favorite, but a Gamay will not disappoint you either. If you still want to go with white wine, try a dry Pinot Gris.

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Glazed Salmon With Wine

Glazed Salmon is usually prepared with sweet sauces. A common variety of this dish is Teriyaki Glazed Salmon.

You can expect the Salmon to be steak-like with a hint of sweetness. Great wines for this Salmon preparation include Dry Riesling, Lambrusco, Bolder Rose Wines, White Pinot Noir, and Torrontes.

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What Wine Goes Best With Salmon

You dont need to be a gourmet chef to serve salmon with wine. All you really need to know is the type of salmon you are serving and the type of wine that best complements it.

When add butter or poached olive oil to your filet, it will end up with a very silky texture, which, if you like it that way, then go for it. But if you prefer a roasted salmon, then you can add the same thing and it will give it a heartier texture. You can also add red wine to it to top it off and have a more assertive flavor.

So when you serve your guests, why not try pairing their favorite type of salmon with their favorite type of wine!

Theres no better way to please them than by providing a combination of something they love. Traditionally, white wine is the best choice when youre cooking fish. But thats not really true of salmon.

This type of fish has a twinge more flavor than your average cod or tilapia. So if thats the case, then how can you choose a wine to pair with it? Weve done some research and there are plenty of options out there!

Here are five perfect pairings that will complement your dinner:

What Kinds Of Pinot Noir To Pair With Salmon

What Wine to Pair with Salmon at Pier Market on PIER 39

Do all kinds of Pinor Noir pair well with all kinds of salmon? Yes and no.

As a whole, Pinot Noir pairs well with just about every kind of cooked salmon, regardless of the variety or how its prepared. It works well with smoked salmon, toobe it hot smoked or cold smoked .

Whats important to keep in mind, however, is just how wide-ranging bottles of Pinot Noir are, and how certain bottles pair better with certain preparations or types of salmon than others.

  • Farmed salmon tends to be lighter in flavor than wild salmon, so a bottle of Pinot Noir thats more delicate in style is best. Look to regions with cooler climates, like Oregon, France, and Germany for this style.
  • Wild salmon pairs nicely with Pinots that come from warmer climates and lean more toward medium-bodied, such as bottles from California and Australia.
  • Smoked salmon is a nice complement to a Pinot Noir thats more earthy than fruity. Youll find a good selection of this style from France and even northern Italy, where theyre called Pinot Nero.

Various sauces and spices also play a roll. A cream sauce is better with a lighter-bodied Pinot while a tomato-based sauce is nice with a fuller, more fruit-forward bottle. Similarly, the bolder the spices you sprinkle on your salmon, the more well-suited a bolder Pinot Noir is.

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Wine Pairing With Salmon

When it comes to crafting a delicious meal, thereâs more to it than picking the right ingredients. Truly memorable meals include a good wine pairing, which requires knowledge about wine flavors and the sugar in wine.

Pairing wine with salmon is a great place to start, as itâs a relatively simple dish thatâs easy to customize. But that doesnât mean you should make a random selection from your wine aroma kit. Nor should you apply the same choices for turkey wine pairing, steak wine pairing, or wine pairing with chicken. The absorbency of salmon combined with the delicate chemical balances of any wine means certain flavors work best together.

From aged wine to newer vintages, you can create remarkable meals by knowing the right flavor profiles. Continue reading for the details of an excellent wine pairing with salmon.

A Note On Salmon And Red Wine

You wont miss a wine to pair with steak-like white meat such as salmon. The trick is to find a wine with low tannin to avoid the metallic taste you get when you pair with full-bodied reds. A Pinot Noir would be a great choice in this case. The fruity raspberry and strawberry notes, as well as the earthy undertones all, work to balance the flavor of the fish. From baked to smoked, grilled or pan-seared salmon, you can never go wrong with a light Pinot Noir with light tannin. One example of this kind of pairing is the Valpolicella blend, which is mainly the Corvina grape. There are also other choices such as Prieto Picudo , Beaujolais and Lambrusco .

Matching your pairings to the sauce and method of preparation. If youre thinking of cooking with that bottle of wine, check out What is Cooking Wine? for tips on how to cook with your wine.

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Wine Pairing With Blackened Or Spicy Salmon

A pan-seared blackened salmon, sporting a crispy crust of spices, like cayenne and black pepper, tend to have a spicy, smoky flavor which are balanced beautifully by equally spicy, though still light-bodied, red wines. For the perfect pairing, try a Zinfandel from California or a Grenache-based wine from the southern Rhone Valley. Another way to handle a spicy salmon recipe is by making it harmonize with a contrasting flavor, such as the ripe stone fruit of an off-dry Riesling from Germany. The slight hint of sweetness in a glass of off-dry Riesling will soothe the spice in dishes like a tandoori salmon or an oven-baked salmon with a sriracha sauce.

Smoked Salmon Appetizers To Try

What Red Wine Pairs with Salmon?
  • Easiest: create a spread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, & chopped red onion with crackers
  • Salmon dip

The Gloria Ferrer terrace is probably one of the most spectacular places you could ever enjoy a glass of wine.

Where to buy Gloria Ferrer: You just cant go wrong with Gloria Ferrer sparkling wines, available at most grocery stores. Or order online. Were a part of the Gloria Ferrer wine club and it is AWESOME. Wine clubs are such a fun way to order wine. We split it with friends and share the shipments but its also an excuse to get together with them and drink wine!

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Why Choose Cabernet Sauvignon

This full-bodied red wine has notes of black currants and plums, which means it will pair nicely with salmon because that fish has similar flavors think about a Salmon Fillet in Spiced Black Currant Sauce.

It also pairs well with other types of rich fish so you can even use this for Mediterranean dishes like Grilled Salmon Tacos or even seared tuna. Just keep in mind that its bold taste comes from an intense concentration of fruit flavors like cherry and blackberry all things considered, these flavors blend perfectly together into one delicious taste!

Drinking Wine With Smoked Salmon

From Christmas morning tradition to classic canapés and light summer lunches, quality smoked salmon has a timeless appeal.

For a classic smoked salmon dish with onion, capers and a slice of lemon, a Riesling will be great, said Dinnadge, who picked out Trimbachs Cuvée Frédéric Émile 2011 vintage from the Corigans Mayfair wine list at the time.

Others prefer sparkling wines, and particularly those made with Chardonnay in a blanc de blancs style.

Matthieu Longuère MS, of Le Cordon Bleu London, suggested a vintage English sparkling wine with smoked salmon canapés when writing on the subject for

Thanks to its high acidity, it should also handle the saltiness of smoked salmon, he said.

For Chardonnay Champagne, smoked salmon on toast is best, with crème fraiche, said Thomas Laculle-Moutard, of Laculle and Moutard Champagne houses, speaking on the sidelines of Sparkling Exploration event in 2017.

Writing in back in 2007, Fiona Beckett recommended manzanilla Sherry with smoked salmon.

not the most usual combination with smoked salmon but the most reliably consistent one, she said. It goes without saying that the Sherry should be served chilled from a freshly opened bottle.

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Salmon Stew With Wine

Considered one of Salmon’s best and easiest preparations, this originated in Brazil and gave a delicious savoury taste.

The main ingredients of this delicious dish include lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, and coconut milk.

It’s comfort food that anyone will enjoy. You’d usually want Chardonnay for stews, but you can also try aromatic white wines like Herbal Gruner Veltliner and Riesling.

Some good wine pairings include Sercial Madeira, Orange Wine, which is great because of its nutty flavors, and Dry Sherry.

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