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How Do I Sell My Wine Collection

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Selling Wine Guide To How When Where And Why Of Selling Your Wine

Exploring My Wine Collection | How can you track your wines too! ð?·

Most people start buying and collecting wine because they love it. Some of those buyers, eventually purchases more wine than they could ever drink. Or they age out of their cellar. Perhaps some wines that you bought in their youth have appreciated so much in price, they are beyond the price you feel OK about opening.

Maybe, there are wines you once were quite fond of, but they are no longer the style of wine you like to drink. There are also some wine collectors that just need the money for any number of reasons.

If youre thinking of selling some, or all of your wines, there are several different ways to go about it. What you want is of course, to get the highest price possible when selling your wine This article is going to help you get the maximum amount of money for your wine.

How to Sell your Wine is going to depend on a few things. Most importantly, the type of wine you have collected, the amount of wine you have for sale, the provenance of your wine, the value of your wine cellar and how quickly you need to sell.

When is the Best Time to Sell your Wine? The simple answer is, when you need to money. Or if you have run out of room, or when youre motivated to do so for any number of reasons.

Who Should I sell my Wine to? Part of the answer depends on two things, the total value of the wines you have for sale, and how fast do you need or just want the money?

How Was The Wine Stored

Auction houses are generally interested only in bottles that have been stored in professional-grade storage with regulated temperature and humidity. Collections stored in passive cellars with ideal conditions are considered, but most auction directors say those are rare. Other outlets are less strict, but some sites, such as, will note how the wine was stored in the sale description. If you can prove that you acquired the wines from a reputable source, you have a better chance of getting the bottles accepted.

Sell Vintage Wine Online

Vintage wine is a popular niche of the already booming wine industry. The definition of vintage wine is any wine of which grapes were grown, harvested, and fermented in a single year. Some vintage wines have grapes from different harvests, but most are from a single harvest.

Vintage wine generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually in the US with strong growth predicted. Because wine is generally considered better the older it is, this keeps the vintage wine market strong at all times.

Here are our recommended strategies for selling vintage wine online:

  • Get active on collectorsâ forums. Wine is a bit of a collectorâs sport for many adults. Some enjoy buying vintage wine to eventually consume it; others buy it to build their wine portfolio. There are many people who will consider your wine if they know youâre selling it.
  • Look for organizations willing to buy it. Some companies purchase vintage wine to sell it at a profit later on. Conduct your own research to ensure that youâre getting maximum value for your wine.
  • Stay persistent. Thereâs a buyer for just about everything in todayâs world if you know where to look. Marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist still offer the sale of wine. These sites are visited by millions of collectors and enthusiasts looking for their next amazing purchase.

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Free Collection Or Transfer

After receiving a confirmed quotation and accepting an offer , we will assist you in organising the transfer or collection of the agreed wines into our Bonded Warehouse account at LCB Vinothèque so that we can carry out a Condition Report. We cover the costs and your wine is fully insured during this process.

Releasing: Check with storage provider

Collection or Transfer: 3 5 Days

Best Ways To Sell Your Wine

How Do I Sell My Wine Collection? For More Money ...

So what are the best ways to sell your wine online? We’ve already shown you the best places to buy wine online, but those aren’t the sites where you will be selling yours.

You may know that selling wine is not necessarily as easy as going on Craigslist or eBay. In fact, there are certain hoops you need to jump in order to do it legally. To find out more about how to sell wine and sales laws, keep reading.

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Has Similar Wine Sold At Auction Recently

If your wines have a track record for auction sales, there’s a good chance that reputable auction houses will be interested in them. Think you’ve got an exceptional bottle but there’s no price history? Of getting such a wine accepted into an auction, Mark Smoler, vice president of client services at Hart Davis Hart says it depends highly on the wine: “It is improbable but not impossible.” For online auctions or retail consignments, the circle of wines accepted is wider, but still somewhat limited. Do some research on the prospective outlet’s current inventory to see if they carry similar wines. If your bottles don’t show up in your search, it doesn’t mean they won’t be accepted, but your odds are longer.

Most Port Isnt Worth Selling

While you can pretty easily lay down a bottle of with the assurance that the wine will be worth more on the secondary market later, port isnt nearly as simple to resell as grand cru Bordeaux. Thats because there are only a handful of producers that make truly valuable port wine. Moreover, only certain legendary vintages are worth hundreds of dollars. And, even if you have a bottle from a high-quality producer and a sought-after vintage, theres still no guarantee that your port wine is worth reselling.

Lets say that you own a bottle of 1847 Real Vinicola that you inherited from your grandparents. While that wine is worth more than $9,500 per bottle, on average, you can ask for that price only if you stored your bottle under perfect conditions for its entire lifetime. In other words, if your grandparents kept the wine in a cabinet in their living room, it may not be worth much on the secondary market. Theres a good chance that it was exposed to high temperatures at some point, and this causes the wine to lose significant value. If, on the other hand, you bought the wine from a merchant who had it stored safely under bond, or who can otherwise prove the bottles provenance, then you may be able to sell it for a price close to its upper limit on the market.

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Storing It On Your Own

The biggest advantage of storing your wine on your own property is being able to access it whenever you please. However, to age properly, wine needs a cool, relatively moist environment. The ideal is 55 degrees Fahrenheit and about 60% relative humidity . While that might sound like the lowest level of your house, its never a good idea to store investment-grade wine in an unfinished basement. The risk of mold, moisture, and temperature damage is simply too great.

Instead, invest in an airtight, climate-controlled wine cellar capable of holding several hundred bottles. Costs vary widely:;Wine cooling units cost at least $1,000 and range up to about $10,000. Airtight doors cost $1,000 to $4,000, racks cost $2 to $15 per bottle, and flooring costs at least $5 per square foot.

If your cellar isnt attached to your house, you may also need a security alarm and motion-sensing lights .

Finally, any sizable wine collection needs specialized wine collection insurance;to protect it against fire, flood, earthquake, shipping damage, certain natural disasters, and other perils. Coverage costs typically start at $0.40 per year, per $100 of wine, but can exceed $1 per year, per $100 of wine, depending on factors such as security and your homes vulnerability to natural perils.

Create Your Ecommerce Platform

How to Sell Wine and Alcohol Online: eCommerce Local Delivery Software and Strategy

Setting up an attractive and user-friendly eCommerce platform is a must for any business owner. Your website is responsible for almost everything in your business: receiving traffic, generating leads, order processing, offering content, displaying products, and accepting payments through an eCommerce payment gateway.

BlueCartâs eCommerce platform is a simple, SEO-friendly option for food and drink sellers. Customize your site with just a few clicks and use our built-in eCommerce marketing automation tools to generate sales. Schedule a demo today to see the convenience of our platform for yourself.

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Whats The Value Of Your Wine

Collectible fine wine has inherent value and real value. Inherent value comes from the wine itself. The way it was made, including the terroir on which the grapes were grown, the classification of the wine, the producers reputation, and the techniques the winemakers used to process the grapes all give the wine inherent value. Real value comes from what happens after the wine is already bottled, such as how it was stored and how many owners it has had in its lifetime.

A wine must have both of these types of value in order to sell for the highest profit. Look at the list of qualities below, and count how many accurately describe your wine:

Selling Wine Bottles On Ebay In The Uk

You can, of course, quite legally sell a bottle of wine on eBayjust not its contents. And unless the said empties are of Bordeaux First Growths such a Mouton Rothschild or Petrus, the value will not make the effort of listing on the online auction worth your while.

Believe it or not, there really is a market for empties of these top wines: rare examples of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild are particularly popular, as each year since the end of the Second World War the Chateau has commissioned different famous artists to create a piece of art for the label, making the bottles exceedingly collectible. Even Prince Charles has had a go, producing a lovely piece for the 2004 vintage!

This trade in empty fine wine bottles does have a darker side attached to it. In recent years, top wine companies have taken to destroying the empties of leading Bordeaux and Burgundy vintages after tasting events, to remove the risk of forgers refilling them with fake wines and selling them on. Top branded empty bottles destined to be fraudulently refilled have reportedly changed hands for as much as £300 a piece.

Aside from eBay, there are other online trading platforms, some of which even specialise in selling wine. Yet they still have to cope with the same issues theyre not designed with the seller in mind. There is no proactivity, they just list the wine and hope

Try finding that on eBay.

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Three: Ask A Professional

You found a number. Thats great. But dont get excited or disappointed yet. Past sales, provenance and physical conditionfrom label to cork and everything in betweenare part of a bottles evaluation. If you think your bottle is worth at least $250, talk to a professional.

What matters most, says John Kapon, chairman of Acker Wines, is that the person who appraises the bottle understands the wine market, as well as pricing for specific producers and vintages.

Kapon estimates Acker, a retailer and auction house, has appraised 10 million bottles in the 20 years its held auctions. Like other big houses, it generally deals in quantity, or collections that range from 30 to 3,000 bottles. Single bottles it considered recently include a 2017 Roumier Echézeaux, a 2017 Screaming Eagle magnum and a 2006 Château Pontet-Canet magnum. The pricing of these bottles hasnt been made public.

Shaun Bishop, CEO of JJ Buckley Fine Wines, recalls a client who wished to sell a bottle of 1963 Quinta do Noval Port, worth about $250. After examination, Bishop says, it turned out the bottling was actually the much-rarer label called Quinta do Noval Nacional Port. Its value is around $3,500. The client was very happy.

An appraiser may determine a wines value based on questions like where it was bought, receipts from the sale and how its been stored, says Charles Antin, head of;auction;sales and auctioneer for Zachys Wine Auctions. And, of course, theyll want to inspect the wine.

Classed Growth Bordeaux Pessac Pomerol & St Emilion

Georgian wine on my mind

Classed Growth Bordeaux also feature heavily from 2er to 5er Cru as well as the wines of Pessac Leognan, Pomerol and St Emilion.;Whilst not every Chateau will feature on our pricing index, we do have buyers for the majority of the more stellar names and therefore can offer buy prices on a large number of Chateaux across multiple vintages. If stock you hold is not contained within our price matrix, please do contact us with details and we may be able to offer a buy price through our network.;


Prices updated daily

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Registering & Condition Reports

Once your wines have arrived and have been processed into our account at our bonded warehouse, LCB Vinothèque, we will request that a Condition Report is produced by an in-house expert. This high-resolution photograph enables us to confirm the wines are as described and in excellent condition, which;will speed up the process of finding a buyer for your wine.

Registering: 2 3 Days

Condition Check: 2 5 Days

What Happens After Your Buyer Bids

If you sell your wine via auction house or online marketplace, shipping is usually already included. The professional sellers already have contracts with shipping companiesyou simply supply the wine. However, if you decide to sell the wine on your own, youll need to consider a complex set of legal steps before your buyer can buy it. You must:

  • Get a wine-selling license through your state
  • Get approval from your state to ship wine to your buyers location
  • Check that your buyers state allows wine shipments
  • Contact a trustworthy shipping company
  • Pack the wine according to the companys standards
  • Send the wine to your buyer

In some cases, you might be denied a shipping license, which means you cant sell your wine at all. This is why the sales fees for auction houses or online marketplaces are often worth the extra cost. Heres what happens when you ship via an online marketplace:

The last step is the most important one for your buyers. A collector who spends thousands of dollars on a top-tier bottle of DRC wants to ensure that the bottle they are buying is authentic and reaches them safely. Selling your wine through other websites like eBay doesnt necessarily guarantee authenticity or a refund for heat damage. Experienced collectors prefer to shop with retailers who offer them shipping thats specifically designed with wine in mind.

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How To Sell My Wine Online

Receive Live Market Prices and a Full Online Quotation for your Fine Wine Collection in just a few minutes.

  • Receive an Online Wine Valuation & Quotation In 3 Simple Steps
  • A FREE Service with NO Obligation to Sell Your Wine
  • Quotations Display the Final Amount You Will Receive
  • Low Commissions, No Hidden Fees & All Costs Covered by JF Tobias
  • 5-Star Rating on Trustpilot for our Processes and Services

Other Regions Of The World

Top 10 Most Valuable Wine Collections in the World

Other highly and regularly sought after wines are detailed below. However, this list is not exhaustive and we are always interested in receiving portfolios where we may have a particular interest for bespoke clients. Please do send us your portfolios and we would be happy to try and help find the right buyer for your stock.;

Australia – Clarendon Hills,;Henschke,;Penfolds &;Torbreck

Champagne – All Grande Marque Champagne Flagship Cuvees – Bollinger R.D, Krug Vintage,;Louis Roederer Cristal, Moet et Chandon Dom Perignon, Philipponnat Clos de Goisses,;;Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill, Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque, Salon Le Mesnil &;Taittinger Comtes de Champagne

– We do also have interest in boutique Champagne producers such as Cedric Bouchard, Egly Ouriet &;Jacques Selosse

Italy;;- Piedmont – Aldo Conterno, Antinori, Rinaldi, Azelia, Angelo Gaja, Bruno Giacosa, Giacomo Conterno,;Guiseppe Mascarello,;Paolo Scavino, Vietti & Roberto Voerzio

Tuscany – Antinori Solaia &;Tignanello,;Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, Masseto &;Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia

Rhone Valley –;Thierry Allemand Cornas,;Jean-Louis Chave, E.;Guigal , Paul Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle, Domaine de Pegau & Chateau Rayas

Spain – Dominio de Pingus &;Vega Sicilia

USA;- Dominus, Harlan Estate,;Opus One, Scarecrow, Screaming Eagle &;Sine Qua Non

South America – Almaviva

The team

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Think About Your Branding

Wine is an industry with a lot of opportunity, but because there are so many wine sellers already, you need to stand out. Itâs no longer enough to have a great product when customers can easily browse hundreds of wine brands at the grocery store. You can use Americaâs wine lists to jumpstart your branding if youâre feeling stuck.

Your case of wine should have one or more distinct characteristics. Flavor is important, but so is your eCommerce packaging. Some customers will select a wine because the bottle or packaging looks exciting to them.

Many wine drinkers tend to be higher income, interested in excellence, and focused on quality. Use these characteristics and those found in the best wine lists to guide the type of wine you want to sell. You can also use the following to clarify how you want to be seen by customers:

  • What kind of imagery and wording best represent my wine?
  • What type of experience are those who buy my wine looking for?
  • What wine price is a good fit for my products?
  • Is there anything about my wine or its packaging that conveys a message thatâs inconsistent with my branding?

Your brand doesnât need to be fully materialized before you launch your website, but it should be represented clearly. Using a consistent color scheme, hosting an easy-to-use website, and providing answers to FAQs are important factors to include.

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