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Best Spring Wines For Sipping And Drinking

Spring Gate Vineyard & Brewery

MelAs the weather warms up, its not just our wardrobes that need a seasonal update, our taste buds crave change too. So cast off those woolly-sweater wines and sip on something light, fresh and new. Here with the wine trends to look out for this spring is Natalie MacLean, who offers Canadas most popular online wine classes.

Natalie Hello

LaineyWere starting with a trend that Im really excited about, Pink Prosecco. Why are they so popular right now?

Natalie Take two already trendy winesrosé and proseccoand combine them for a mashup of this seasons hottest wine as the temperature soars. The Italian wine regulatory body approved this new category for Prosecco last year. So these wines are just starting to arrive here in Canada like the spring tulips poking out of the ground, and theyre just as pretty too.

MelYouve sent us two pink proseccos to try. Tell us about them while we sip.

Natalie First we have Blu Giovello Prosecco Rosé. Its fresh, crisp and vibrant with aromas of small field strawberries.

Low-alcohol is also trending across many wine categories. The wines taste more spritely and lively versus the heat and heaviness of higher alcohol wines like a Shiraz that can clock in around 14 or 15%. Thats not what you want when its hot outside.

LaineyHow should we serve these bubblies?

MelLets move on to our second trend. You say its chardonnay all the way this spring, whys that?

Languedoc IGT, Pays dOc

Visiting British Columbias Wine Islands

BCs Gulf Islands arent located in a gulf. Instead, the twenty or so islands are nestled against the sheltered southeastern coast of Vancouver Island and are bordered by the Strait of Georgia.

With a balmy climate sometimes compared to the Mediterranean, the Gulf Islands are a favorite retreat for outdoor adventurers-and, more recently, wine lovers.

Grape growing is relatively new to the Gulf Islands. The first vines in the region were planted on Vancouver Island in the 1980s; commercial sales didnt really begin until the late 1990s. Now, business is booming and the awards are sailing in. Currently there are seven wineries and about 100 acres planted to grapes on five Gulf Islands.

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Bachelder Les Villages Gamay Noir 2019 $2495

rating out of 100

Winemaker Thomas Bachelder has firmly embraced the gamay noir grape in Niagara, adding four single-vineyard expressions to his portfolio of chardonnay and pinot noirs. Les Villages Gamay is a blend of barrels of red wine made from the Wismer-Foxcroft vineyard in Vineland and the Bai and Willms vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This is textbook Niagara gamay, with a peppery fragrance and succulently ripe red fruit across the palate. The concentrated style remains fresh thanks to its lip-smacking juicy acidity. Drink now to 2026. Available starting April 2, direct through

What Happens If Spring Gate Vineyard Detente Wine Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

Holly Springs Senior Outing
  • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
  • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

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Icipate In The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project is an annual campaign to help educate readers about what it takes to live a long, fulfilling life in our valley. This year Kevin shares his story of hope and celebration of life with his presentation Cracked, Not Broken as we explore the critical and relevant topic of mental health.

This demo is about what was lost its about what we do moving forward, Zimmern said.

After a year and a half of pandemic-related challenges that have decimated the restaurant industry, recreating the menu items of old institutions is a way to honor the memory of those eateries long after their famed chefs moved on or their doors shuttered for good; its also a way to keep those still standing alive through turbulent times.

Zimmern asked the audience to live in the moment and appreciate the restaurants that remain open now.

All these restaurants are gone, and the way to remember them is to cook from them, Zimmern said.

But he also was providing a recipe for time travel, a way to be transported a few decades or a century into the past and pass down memories through flavors and techniques.

The schnitzel Zimmern prepared in a tent in Paepke Park could just as well have been served in the 1880s at Lüchows, he said; the 19th century diners may have quibbled over the presentation but the flavors would be the same.

As I like to say, not a big deal, he said. This is just food.

Yet the ideas behind it are worth so much more, Zimmern suggested.

To Canadian Wine Lovers Chardonnay Represents So Many Thingsand It Unites And Ties The Countrys Wine Regions Together

That is why the most widely celebrated grape variety is the impetus for an annual homecoming;at Niagaras i4c Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration every July. Is there a comparable grape that speaks of its origins in more varied tones? The WineAlign critics unearthed nearly exact parity in excellence between examples from British Columbia and Ontario, with one standout from Nova Scotia. Quebec Chardonnay also impressed, and while not finding spots in the top 20, there were examples everyone would gladly enjoy.

No one said its easy to make good Chardonnay. The endeavour is puzzling, like getting lost in a maze, fraught with wrong turns and dead ends. Fortunately, the top Canadian Chardonnays have made good on their high-quality promise. Wine writer Andrew Jefford recently said, Chardonnay, when grown in the right sites, can shoot loveliness about. Its the litmus varietal. Wine expert;Ian DAgata has declared squarely: I really do believe Canada makes world-class Chardonnays. True that. MICHAEL GODEL

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Barn Doors Open Sept 25 26 For The Rappahannock Farm Tour

Special to the Fauquier Times

The Rappahannock County Farm Tour, taking place Sept. 25 and 26 this year, offers interactive activities with something for everyone. Visitors will be able to purchase items from farms including meat, vegetables, cheese, wine, beer, egg-laying hens, sheep and wool products. There will be equestrian activities, farm-to-table fare and more. The tour will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine.

The mission of the Rappahannock County Farm Tour, organized by a nonprofit by the same name, is to present an unforgettable, educational and enriching experience of Rappahannock Countys culture.

We have such a wonderful community that comes together to support one another and the farming community they live in and love, said Laurie Smith, Rappahannock Farm Tour executive director, who grew up in Fauquier County and relocated to Rappahannock 20 years ago with her husband. The two now manage a small Nigerian dwarf goat dairy farm.

The free farm tour is an opportunity for Rappahannock to showcase all it has to offer to its neighbors. Residents of Rappahannock are here because they love the open space and beauty of the county. It just takes our breath away, and we are eager to share it, said Smith.

Britta Johnston, owner of participating Mountain Vista Farm, said, “We love living in Rappahannock County. Our horses thrive in this natural and beautiful environment. Good people surround us and really care about each other.”

Guide To Canadas Best Wines 2020 Single Red Varieties

Percebes: Hunting for Oregon’s Secret Ingredient – Zagat Documentaries, Episode 9

Announcing Canadas Top Single Red Varieties All Others

Many of these wines can be easily purchased by clicking on the wine and then the Buy a Case Now button.

Category Overview by John Szabo, MS

The other single reds category , like the other single white category on which I reported earlier, encompasses, logically, a motley assortment of varieties and styles from across the country. But contrary to the whites, the greatest weakness in this red group is straight up value. There are many high-quality wines to be sure, but for the most part you are paying a premium for novelty or small lot scarcity.

To put some numbers on it, the top 15 single white wines, had an average price of $29.90 and point score of 90.3. So, according to a simple five-star value calculation from one to five , based on price and score, the single whites had an average value of 3.52 stars.

The top 15 single red wines, on the other hand, had an average price of $45 and 90.1 points, for an average value rating of 2.28 stars.

All this said, the grapes that repeatedly bubbled up to the top of the charts were petit verdot and malbec, from both BC and Ontario, where commendable results have certainly been obtained. Its worthwhile noting that petit verdot, as a single variety wine, really has no direct international comparisons for reference its rarely bottled alone, as in its homeland, Bordeaux, where it is invariably blended. Thus, it carries less value baggage.

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Harrisburg Area Winery Coming To Pottsville

Since renovations began earlier this year, there’s been a lot of work going on at the old YWCA building in Pottsville to turn it into Black Rock Brewing Company.

“It’s been a long process,” Jay Hoerr, general manager of Black Rock Brewing Company, said. “We’ve been working really hard, but we’re proud of the work that we’ve done.”

The pandemic pushed the refurbishing efforts back a bit on the building that’s considered to be a historic gem on the 300 block of South Centre Street, and it turns out, it’s not only going to be the home of a new brewery.

“We love to be part of a community, so that was an aspect of being in Pottsville that we really like,” Rebecca Kline of Spring Gate Winery said.

SpringGate Winery from the Harrisburg area is joining forces with Black Rock and will occupy half of the first floor. So, people here in Schuylkill County aren’t just getting a new brewery to go on top of America’s Oldest Brewery, Yuengling, which is right up the road. They’re getting a winery too.

“There aren’t really any wineries nearby, so it’s nice to have a winery space here,” Hoerr added. “They won’t be making the wine here, but having them here, having that presence, it’s a different product that Pottsville doesn’t really have yet.”

If you’re looking for something to do on Friday and Saturday, you’re in luck. Black Rock and SpringGate will be here offering up beer and wine in the courtyard as renovations continue inside the building. There will be a food truck as well.

Quails Gate Estate Winery Pinot Noir 2019 $3495

rating out of 100

The 2019 vintage of pinot noir marks the 30th anniversary of winemaking at Quails Gate in west Kelowna. The family winery cultivates nine different varieties of pinot noir vines to help build complexity and character in its wines. As a result, this features attractive earthy and savoury aromas and flavours with a core of cherry and berry notes that adds interest to its smooth, supple character. Drink now to 2024. Available in Ontario at the above price, $29.99 in British Columbia and Manitoba or direct through, various prices in Alberta, $31.49 in Saskatchewan, $31.75 in Quebec, $34.99 in New Brunswick.

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Wine Industry Reflects On Impacts Of Virus Wildfires

Ryan Clarke

Another wildfire season has come and gone that impacted thousands but fortunately paled in comparison to the horrors of 2020.

The impact of fires on agriculture is paramount in the minds of many in Oregon, as is the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The specific impact of these factors on the Oregon wine industry in 2020 was examined in a recent report from the Oregon Wine Board.

“While the majority of Oregon winemakers made wine from grapes from 2020, the year held challenges including a western U.S. weather phenomenon combined with naturally lower yields, wildfires and COVID-19-related labor shortages and restrictions,” a Sept. 8 press release from the OWB said.

The board’s report was put together by the Institute for Policy Research and Engagement at the University of Oregon. Reports have been released every year since 1981.

The numbers show a vast decline in production in 2020 compared with 2019. Farm gate value of grapes was reduced 34% or by nearly $80 million in total value. Yield per acre decreased by 24%, total grape production was down 29%, and direct-to-consumer sales dropped by 27%. Case sales were about flat, increasing by just 0.7%.

Production was far from the only aspect of winemaking impacted by weather events and the pandemic, and the numbers weren’t all negative, either.

Message From The Chair: The Ontario Wine Industry Is At A Fork In The Road

Holly Springs Senior Outing

How to write a year in review in an industry as complicated as the Ontario wine industry? Where to begin the story?

93 years ago at the end of Prohibition? 30 years ago with the NAFTA agreement? 20 years ago with the amendment of the Wine Content Act? 20 years ago with the creation of the VQA Act? 10 years ago and the Ed Clark Alcohol Sector Review for the Wynne Government? The Ford government arrival to Queens Park? The Ken Hughes Report on the Ontario Alcohol Sector presented to then Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli.

How about January 1, 2020?

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Off The Grid Offers Good Food While Staying Carbon

Piedmont Journalism Foundation

Even at a time when organic farms and restaurants are becoming increasingly prevalent in the Piedmont region, Sperryvilles Off the Grid is distinct in its commitment to producing climate-friendly food.

Since opening its doors in the summer of 2019, the fully solar-powered café/market has been able to provide a wide array of organic products and locally sourced dishes, all the while striving to remain carbon-neutral and produce no food waste.

Everything we do here we try to be environmentally conscious, said owner Sarah Meservey, as well as turn out tasty food, so its a tall order.

Off the Grid customers can dine outdoors, overlooking the Thornton River.

Maintaining a 30-kilowatt solar array, a composting operation, a no bottled beverages policy, and an electric vehicle charging station, to name just a few features, is not the easiest way to run a restaurant, Meservey acknowledges. But the uncompromising climate-conscious approach, she added, was important to this idea that we can make a difference.

A former high school math teacher and self-described environmentalist, Meservey spent almost ten months planning every aspect of the business with her core staff before opening. A lot of the environmental concerns were at the forefront, she said. I had run a café before teaching, but I always thought I could do it better.

Morning Bay And Saturna Island

The next morning we caught the early ferry so we could tour two more vineyards, on two more islands: Pender and Saturna.

Keith Watt and Barbara Reid were waiting at Morning Bay Vineyards. Morning Bay is one of the newer Gulf Island vineyards and that years release included the first of their estate-bottled wine. The waterfront location does have its challenges-the grapes were less ripe than the ones on Salt Spring-but Watt says he believes the climate can work for him. The long season leads to a low alcohol wine. It tends to be crisp and food friendly. And you can drink it all afternoon.

The 2006 Bianco was their first estate release. A blend of Schonberger, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling, its light and crisp, and gently perfumed. The 2006 estate Gewurztraminer had a bright citrus flavor that would pair nicely with local seafood. Watt said one of their most popular wines is a rose called Chiaretto . The 2006 Chiaretto is made from estate grown Pinot Noir and has a smooth, light, fruity flavor.

After finishing at Morning Bay, we headed to the dock at Poets Cove for a picturesque boat ride to Saturna Island. Saturna Island Family Estate Winery is the oldest in the Gulf Islands. The 60 acres of vines produce a sufficient quantity of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, and Merlot grapes to fill the 12,000 cases the winery bottles annually.

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Napa Custom Winery Bin To Bottle Expands; Onehope Opens Rutherford Winery Bread & Butter Opens Napa Tasting Room

Napa Valley-based custom crush winery and beverage service company Bin To Bottle has expanded services including bulk wine, barrel, and dry goods storage in Sonoma.

The company, with more than 70 clients, stated the expansion includes 4 million gallons of tank storage and temperature-controlled warehouses for the storage of barrels, dry goods, and finished case goods.

We are excited to offer these services to help our current clients grow their businesses and to help new clients respond to the challenges of the dynamic supply chain environment, said John Wilkinson, managing partner of Bin To Bottle.

Bread & Butter Wines has opened a new Napa Valley tasting room.

Located at 3015 Silverado Trail, the tasting room includes mural by local Bay Area artist Maxfield Bala.

The only thing more enjoyable than vineyard views? The vineyard wines, states Bread & Butter winemaker and the 2018 Napa Valley Winemaker of the Year by the North Bay Business Journal, Linda Trotta. I believe a good wine is a wine you like. We bring an unpretentious attitude to every wine, making each to be true to its varietal, the Napa Valley birthplace, and the year in which it was grown. No more, no less. Just good wine thoughtfully-crafted to be simply enjoyed.

OneHope in the Napa Valley announced the opening of its flagship winery in Rutherford.

Applications for Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerces Leadership Santa Rosa Class 38 are being accepted through Sept. 28.

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