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How To Print On Wine Glasses

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Trace Your Design With Paint

DIY Wine Glasses With Your Cricut – Easy Cricut Wedding Gift

Using a small paint brush, carefully trace over your design on the outside of the glass. The design is taped to the inside so youre not directly painting on it. Youll see in the photo Im using a teal or turquoise colored paint, but only listed red, yellow and blue gloss enamel craft paints for this project. With these three primary colors, you can create any color you want. Use white or black to lighten or darken your colors as desired. Gloss enamel craft paint is the best paint to use on glass.

Painted Wine Glass Designs

by Courtney Constable

When it comes to enjoying a nice glass of wine, a simple glass will usually do. One special occasions and holidays, however, sometimes its nice to use glasses that are a little bit fancier or have more of a personal touch. The best way to customized things and make them more personal, however, is to make them yourself! One of our favourite ways to put our own spin on glasses and other dishware is simply to hand paint them in pretty, careful designs.

Check out these beautifully hand-painted wine glass designs that we hope will inspire you to try painting some of your very own!

Always Dry Your Brush

After rinsing the paintbrush off between colors make sure the brush is dried off before dipping it into a different paint color. Glass paint has a thinner consistency so if the brush still has water in it, the paint will become thinner, translucent and/or runny when applied to the glass. In other words, the paint might not stick properly. So dry that brush down!

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How To Paint Wine Glasses

Assemble your supplies.

Clean the glass with an alcohol wipe to get any oils off the glass. Having a clean surface helps the paint adhere better.

Choose your peel and stick stencils and stick them where you want them on the glass.

Choose your paint and size spouncer you want to use. Put the paint on the spouncer.

Start spouncing the paint onto your glass making sure the stencil is filled in where you want it.

Let dry just enough so the paint doesn’t smudge when you quickly remove the stickers.

Remove stickers and let paint dry for 48 hours

Place glasses on a cookie sheet in a cool oven. Heat oven to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn off oven after the 30 minutes and let cool in oven.

Do not put on glass in an area that will come in direct contact with food. Hand wash only after cured in oven.

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Diy Wine Glasses Using Sharpies

Pin by Tina Chunn on decals RTIC YETI CUPS WINE GLASSES ...

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #StaplesSharpie.

Do you ever do Christmas crafts of DIY gifts? When I was younger, a lot younger, I used to get together with my mom and her best friend, who was an artist, and wed make gifts every year for everyone! She was so creative, and every year it was so different and so incredible! When my mom pulls them out every season, it makes me smile.

Gifts, favors, trinkets, anything made at home, is so magical! Knowing that someone spent time on it is so special. Dont get me wrong, I am incredibbbbly grateful for ALL of my gifts all year long, very, but there is just something different about homemade.

Every year I try to make at least 1-2 items myself. We always make huge cookie platters for everyone with a large variety of cookies and sweets, and that is always well received. Last year I made DIY coasters..bought the tiles from Lowes, printed black and white photos out on white tissue paper, and mod podged it together, with felt on the bottom. They came out so amazing that my mom wont even use them for anything other than decoration!

First, wash your glasses really well, and make sure they are completely dry and free of any film before starting to draw on them,

Once I removed the stencil I smoothed out the edges with the gold marker and let it dry..which only takes seconds!

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What Materials Can Be Etched

Almost any metal and metal alloy can undergo chemical etching. This includes steel and stainless steels, nickel, copper and aluminium. What makes photochemical etching so effective is that it works well on hard-to-machine metals, including highly corrosive-resistant metals such as titanium and its alloys.

How To: Hand Paint Your Own Wine Glasses

Youll be so pleasantly surprised when you realize how easy it is to paint your own wine glasses. They make the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Whether its for the bride and groom, the bridesmaids, your best friend, your mother, your sister or a neighbor. Youll need at least a solid day or you can spread it out over a weekend or just work on it when you have the time!

What youll need:

Wine glasses

Glass paint


Paint brushes



Please take the time to clean the wine glasses before you start!

Always start by sketching or having an idea of what you want your wine glass to look like. I like to add dates and names and usually a personal message on the bottom of the glass to really personalize it.

You may need to print off several images to make sure you get the perfect size for your glass. Tape the image inside of the glass at the top and bottom to secure it in place. This way all you have to do is trace the image onto the glass! So simple!

You may be surprised to hear that I do a lot of my painting with toothpicks. You get minimal paint at the precise location you want it! I sometimes snip the end of the toothpick off to make it a little easier to cover larger area that may be too small for a paint brush. Play around with it when you are just getting started either on scrap paper or on a large section of the glass.

I also like to paint the bottom of the glasses, this allows you to write a message below or just to add extra color to the glass.

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Printed Stemless Wine Glasses

Our digital technology allows you to create personalized printed wine glasses with full color designs! Stemless wine glasses are increasing in popularity, and our 15 oz versions can be printed with any combination of art and text. There are no setup fees and we can accommodate any size order, from one glass to many.

If you would like to create your own stemless wine glass design from scratch, please use the Design Your Own product below. Full-color text and art can be added as you like, including art that you upload! Or scroll further down for some of our Pre-Designed ideas that can be easily customized with just a few clicks.

Design Your Own Printed Stemless Wine Glass

Making Screen Printed Mugs/Wine Glasses | Make It Monday

Create a completely unique full color Personalized Stemless Wine Glass from scratch with any combination of text and artwork that you desire!

This digitally printed, full-color product is created using UV-cured ink, making them machine washable. While the design is durable it is not truly permanent and may eventually degrade after time . For truly permanent designs please consider our engraved glass products.If you are interested in a large number of printed glasses, then you may want to consider our screen printed products. While they only allow a 1 or 2 color design, the pricing is superior for larger production runs.


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Paint On Your Wine Glasses

Now that you have all our supplies ready, you are ready to paint! Here are some tips & tricks that will help you in the process of creating your own glassware masterpieces.

*Please note: When you start adding paint to the glassware always paint on the outside of the glass, not the inside where liquids will be.

Begin Painting Your Flower Petals

Start with the first petal that is at the top of your flower. Start on the chisel edge of your brush. Push and come around ending up on the chisel edge. Proceed in this same manner around the flower, until five petals have been painted. You may add more paint as needed. It is not necessary to move your paint brush back and forth on your palette or plate after adding more paint. When you begin your first stroke, do three blending strokes before creating the first petal. I would recommend this each time you add more paint and begin a new step.

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What Are The Best Inks For Printing On Glass

Digital Inks:

Inkcups DL Series UV Ink for Glass is a great solution for printing on glass and other substrates. The ink can be paired with primers, including MagiCoat glass primer, for longer lasting adhesion and increased durability and resistance to wash cycles. The DL Series can be utilized to decorate both flat and cylindrical glass objects, either in a UV flatbed printer or in a rotary inkjet printer.

Our S1 UV Inkjet Ink adheres to a number of rigid substrates including glass, plastics, stainless steel, and more. Create full-color graphics on a wide variety of flat and cylindrical objects.

Pad and Screen-Printing Inks:

Inkcups CG Series Ink was specially formulated for pad printing glass and ceramic substrates. The printed result appears highly opaque with a satin gloss finish. The CG series offers strong adhesion, improved abrasion resistance, and is dishwasher safe once heat cured.

Its Time To Use And Show Your Wine Glasses Off

How to make chalkboard wine glasses  Recycled Crafts

After the glasses have been cured theyre ready for use. Show them off at your next party or maybe its your new favorite wine glass, vase, mug, etc and you plan on using it daily. Either way, you should be proud of yourself trying something new and getting creative!

Let us know how our Painting on Glassware Tips and Tricks helped you. You can even tag us with your project by using our hashtag #ThePaintSesh. Is there a helpful painting tip we forgot? Please let us know in the comments below.

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What Methods Can Be Used To Print On Glass

Choosing a printing method for decorating glass requires knowledge of the different processes, equipment, and other supplies youll be working with. Its important to understand the capabilities and limitations of each method, especially if youre looking to buy a new machine for your company. In order to determine the best printing method for your application, you need to take into consideration the type of vessel youll be printing on, your design objectives and any production requirements.

1. Screen Printing:

This is a great method for printing 1-or 2-color designs. Multi-colored designs are possible, but involve more labor, which can get pricey. Due to the amount of set up time required, one-off printing is physically and financially impractical. In addition to the increased setup time, screen printing produces a seam when printing 360-degrees. Any glass item, whether flat, slightly curved, or cylindrical, can be screen printed. This method results in a unique visual result with bold, extremely vivid colors.

2. Pad Printing:

3. Digital Printing:

Bottom Painted Stemless Glasses

Something Turquoise reminds you that, even though they dont look quite the same as classic wine glasses, stemless glasses are actually a good DIY opportunity when it comes to painting your own designs! Instead of painting on the outside surface of the glass, paint a little shape or message on the bottom and then layer a background colour over top so the person drinking from the glass will see it each time they tilt it towards their face.

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Barware Printer And Uv Inkjet Printing On Pint Glasses

Are you looking to add a barware printer or need to print on pint glasses for your business? Check out the options below for UV printing directly on barware and other drinkware.

Cool pint glasses. A commemorative wine glass. We have all seen them and chances are that most of us own more than a few. However, the unique shape of many barware items has made them a challenge to decorate.

The complete line of IDS rotary printers provide operators with the ability to add full-color, photo-quality images, logos, and graphics to barware products. Plus, each system is capable of producing prints with the adhesion and washability needed for a long-lasting product.

Simple and easy-to-adjust tooling designed and manufactured by IDS, allow operators to move from pint glasses to wine glasses with ease. That equals more time printing and less time spent on timely setups.

What will you decorate? Pint glasses? Stemless wine glass? Whiskey glass? Use the form on this page to connect with our printing experts. We would love to provide you with a printed sample.

Customisable Wedding Printed Wine Glasses

How to make glitter wine glasses

Our branded wine glasses are ideal for weddings. These cups have high quality wrap around digital printing using the latest technology. Ideal for smaller orders starting at as little as 50 units, we can print your photo, logo, text or be-spoke design on the cups.

The perfect wedding favour for your big day, making moments into memories.

Dishwasher safe, Re-usable and elegant for your special day with friends and family gathered to celebrate your matrimony.

Happy Cups also offer very affordable pints and half pint beaker cups for a more wedding.

5 Star rated on Trust Pilot, the cup supplier who wont let you down on your magical day!

With years of experience and a friendly customer care team happy to help with your wedding order, should you require any assistance of have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us.

All our prices include Technical fees, Printing and FREE delivery*.

Cup Specification

Capacity: Pint to Line / 600 ml

Useful Capactiy: 370 ml

Printing: Digital Printing

Lead Time: 7-15 working days from Print Proof Approval until Delivery.

Artwork: Please send us high-resolution or vector format files or we can create your design for a fixed fee of £25.00

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Best Vinyl For Wine Glasses

Use the right vinylOracle 651Swing Designfill the wine glass with waterclear transfer tapePlace the middle of the design downuse scissors to clip up into the transfer tapeSilhouette scraper.pour all of the water into the next wine glassstickersRead the Silhouette Sticker 101 tutorialfree Stop Whinin’ Silhouette designNote: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That’s what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

Make The Right Choice For Your Screen Printing Business

Systematic Automation is your choice for professional custom screen-printing machines made here in the U.S.A. We offer an array of custom screen-printing machine models to handle all your printing needs. We also offer UV curing machines, vacuum tables, and heat treatment machines to ensure your printing shop can fill every order. We have experienced technicians that offer support to help set up your machine and any technical questions you have once you start printing. Call or contact us today to speak with one of our expert technicians and choose the right machines for your business.

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Peacock Feather Hand Painted Wine Glass

Perhaps youre looking for a design thats simply whimsical and pretty, with colours that complement each other well? We suggest a design like these gorgeously simple peacock feathers by Lucy Designs! If you prefer purples and blues instead of greens, you might alter the colour scheme however you please.

Importing And Cleaning The 3d File

Bling Rhinestone Embellished Wine Glass

If you are working with a downloaded 3d file, much of this wont apply to you, but may come in handy to know.

Since I am working from a 3d scan, I have to start by importing my 3D scan and rotating it so that is in the right orientation. You can trim off the excess mesh around your lens by drawing a closed curve around it and using a mesh split.

Next scale your lens to the right dimensions. You can either measure it with calipers, or look at the inside of your glasses to find the sizes. The first number is the width of your lens, the second is the distance between lenses, and the third is the length of the arms.

Move your scan so that it is offset from the origin the correct amount. Since glasses are symmetrical, you only need to model half of them.

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Create Smaller Trailing Petals

Using the same paint colors, create smaller petals that will come off of the main flower. Then finish it with trailing flowers where you touch and pull the brush. Have these petal spray out and down from the main flower with a nice flow. You can do this on both sides of the main flower. You don’t have to have both sides identical or starting at the same place on each side. Doing them differently addes more interest. Often you will find doing an odd number of petals and leaves is more pleasing to he eye.

What To Look For In A Barware Printer

Adhesion is the key. There is printing to glass, and then there is printing to glass with the proper adhesion. The last thing youll want in your inkjet UV printer is to have the beautiful decoration sitting at the bottom of the dishwasher. Using the proper flame and Pyrosil treatment with the PYROBOND 4 GL System, barware glasses can be decorated with a durable and long-lasting print.

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