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Red Wine Refrigerator Temperature

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Dual Zone Wine Fridge Temperature Settings

Monogram Wine Refrigerator with Two-Zone Upper Compartment

A dual zone wine fridge has two compartments with different temperature settings, so you can store both red and white wines at their optimal temperatures. The upper compartment should generally be between 53.6-57.2°F for white and sparkling wines, while the lower compartment should be set to slightly warmer temperatures between 54-58°F for red wines.

Optimal Wine Storing Temperatures

Wineware has provided this information as a general guide to help you store your wine remember this is not the case for all wines and should only be used as a rough guide.

The perfect temperature depends on various factors, including how much fruit, alcohol, and tannin the wine contains. As a general rule of thumb, wine should be stored around 11-14c . Wine storage temperatures should never go over 24c as otherwise, wines begin to oxidise, which negatively affects the wine.

A wine storage temperature should always be kept as constant as possible as fluctuations can cause severe damage to the wine. A bottle of wine needs a constant temperature all year round to mature correctly.

Wineware has provided the tables below to help you know the optimum storage temperature for your wine .

Best Inexpensive Wine Refrigerator

There are a ton of great wine fridges on the market but for my money, this 15 Bottle refrigerator by NutriChef is in a class all its own. It is a quiet wine refrigerator crafted beautifully with stainless steel for a great classic look. It is ideal for storing red and white wine as well as Champagne and other sparkling drinks long-term.

It has a sleek compact design and fits well in a variety of in-home locations. It has earned tremendous reviews from wine drinkers who now own this fridge. It can also be great for storing beer and some approved food items safely. on Amazon and see how much you can save.

To learn which wine coolers are the best for Champagne and sparkling wines, please check out this helpful guide I crafted. For a guide to the best wine refrigerators that can also be used for aging cheese, check out this great article I wrote. For a complete article on if wine fridges are necessary for proper long-term wine storage, please check out this helpful article.

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How To Chill Your Wine

Much like a wine cellar, a wine refrigerator would be an ideal storage solution. But unless you have a sizable collection of wine bottles or have the budget for a wine refrigerator, there’s no need to buy one.

Also known as a wine fridge, wine chiller, or wine cooler, these appliances cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Instead, you can easily use your kitchen refrigerator as long as you follow some basic guidelines on getting the right temperature. Let’s review some handy tips for how and when to refrigerate wine.

Best Temperature For Sparkling And Sweet White Wines

6 Layers Large capacity 12 red wine cabinets Constant Temperature Wine ...

Temperature range: 41-46

When storing sweet whites and sparkling wines, colder temperatures are best. If your wine cooler isnt cold enough, the bubbles in sparkling varieties become larger and more frothy, making them lose their snappy quality. Higher temperatures can also flatten a sparkling wines delicate aromas. However, be careful to avoid temperatures that are too low they can also dampen aroma and give sparkling wine an unpleasant sharpness.

Sweet white wines like Riesling and White Zinfandel have fruity flavors that are enhanced by cold temperatures. The citrus, peach, pear and apple aromas in many of these wines are also more noticeable and pleasant when served cold.

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Why Do You Need A Wine Cooler

Colored doors that minimize direct exposure to UV rays are constantly a clever option, but if your a glass of wine cooler will certainly lie anywhere that it will be subjected to sunlight, you should make a special indicate obtain one with UV security. Bottle Wine Cooler. An electronic thermostat makes it simple to check that the temperature of your cooler is where you desire it, as well as alter it as needed.

Recognizing the online reputation of the brand you choose prior to getting can assist ensure you opt for a white wine refrigerator thats long lasting as well as functions well. To help provide you a shortcut to acquiring a concept of what to expect from various brand names, we checked out the customer reviews of various wine coolers provided by each to see what the common customer experience with each brand name is.

Their wine fridges get points for being quiet, functional, as well as attractive. Avanti markets a large range of budget friendly free standing wine coolers with mainly favorable reviews. Consumers comment on the fantastic cost, how well the systems feature and a couple of mentioned that they last a very long time prior to needing replacement. Some designs get extra appreciation for having space to fit an open bottle standing upright.

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How To Store Your Wine

No matter what type of wine you have, proper wine storage is the foundation for maintaining its quality. If your wine bottle goes bad before you even pop it open, it makes no difference what temperature you serve it at. From white to red to rosé and beyond, keep your wine bottles in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. This will help preserve the shelf life and slow down the deterioration process.

While having a wine cellar would be ideal, it’s not exactly realistic for most people. Fortunately, you can make do with what you have. Consider putting a wine rack in a space that’s removed from heat and light and cooler than room temperature.

It’s especially important to store wine bottles with a natural cork seal on their sides. Doing so helps maintain the cork’s moisture so that it doesn’t dry out and shrink, which lets in bacteria that could result in cork taint.

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White Wine Service Temperature

Opposite of red wine, most people will tell you that white wine needs to be served chilled rather than at room temperature. And while this is true, there is also a sweet spot in terms of the best temperature for white wines.

Serving white wines between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit will give you the best flavor profile possible for these types of wines. This is why its also important not to store your white wines in your traditional refrigerator.

Typical household refrigerators will keep your food at around 35-37 degrees. At this temperature your food is just warm enough to not freeze, but cool enough to keep it preserved for longer periods of time. The downside to this though is that your wine will also end up at those temperatures, which is a touch cooler than youd like to serve it.

We suggest storing your white wine outside of the refrigerator and then placing in the fridge about 30 minutes or so before you intend to serve it. This will allow the temperature of the white wine to cool down without giving it a chance to reach the lowest point.

The exception to this is if you have a wine cooler/fridge. Wine coolers or wine refrigerators are specifically designed to keep your wines at a certain temperature. So you can set your wine cooler to hold at around 45 degrees and it will keep your white wine cool up until you serve it.

If your white wine gets too cold it can cause it to lose some of its flavor, while serving white wine warm will cause it to become dull.

The 411 On Wine Cooler Temperature Settings

2-IN-1 Beverages & Wine Cooler With Quiet Operations Intelligent Temperature Memory Refrigerator

If you have a single-zone model, the ideal temperature for a wine cooler should be 54 to preserve both red and white wines. However, the best wine coolers have dual temperature zones to achieve the ideal settings specific to each wine. Well specify the right wine cooler temperature settings for red, white, and sparkling wines and why theyre so important.

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I Have A Wine Cooler That Has 2 Temperature Zones What Is The Best For Red And White Wine

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Most people don’t realize that there is a big difference between the ideal storage temperatures for red and white wines. If you store your red and white wines at the same temperature, you could ruin your whites and prematurely age your reds.

A dual zone wine refrigerator can help you solve this problem. By storing your red and white wines at different temperatures, you’ll be able to enjoy them both at their best. So, what is the best temperature for red and white wine? Find out!

Temperature And Temperature Stability

Different wines have different temperatures that lead to the optimal wine experience. Ideally, wine storage is between 53 degrees and 57 degrees Fahrenheit because wine does not fare well with high temperatures. Once the temperature of the wine refrigerator is set, it should not be changed.

According to research by C.E Butzle et al., titled Effects of heat exposure on wine quality during transport and storage, high temperatures cause a chemical reaction in the wine bottle. It causes the wine to age quickly, changes how it tastes, and can even cause the wine to change colors.

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White And Rose Wines Serving Temperature

White and rose wines should be served chilled, as the cool temperature will bring out the fresh, fruity flavors of the wine. If your white or rose wine is stored in the fridge, you can take it out and serve it immediately. You must serve your white wine with ice. Make sure you properly chill it before serving and keep it in an ice bucket to keep it at serving temperature.

Room Temperature Is Cooler Than You Think Chilled Doesnt Mean Straight

4 Layers Large capacity 8 red wine cabinets Constant Temperature Wine ...

Lets talk temperature. Not the Arctic death grip choking the country the past week or so, but the temperature of the wine in our glass. Most of us are doing it all wrong.

The standard advice is to serve white wines chilled and reds at room temperature. But this custom developed before every house had a refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or central heating set at 72. So we tend to drink our whites too cold and our reds too warm.

Temperature is important because it affects a wines aroma, and aroma is the most important component of flavor. Try this simple experiment: The next time you pull a bottle of white wine from your refrigerator assuming it has been in there for several hours or days, good and cold pour yourself a glass and give it a sniff and a taste. It will smell and taste cold. Just cold. You may notice the alcohol. As the wine warms up, say in 30 minutes to an hour, you should detect fruity aromas and flavors. Even two hours after removal from the fridge, the bottle may be near room temperature but should feel cool to the touch and the wine cool on your palate. By then, it will be giving you everything it has to give. No need for ice buckets.

You can, of course, adjust the temperature of your wine to suit your preference. Just remember: Cool, not cold.

From our Wine archives:

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Common Questions About Wine Refrigerators

Choosing the right wine refrigerator for your home can be overwhelming due to the many types, options and features available to you. Despite this, we have all the information you need to help pick out the best wine fridge for you and your family.

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to wine coolers.

Have a question we didnt answer? Let us know in the comments below or give us a call at 1.800.297.6076.

Refrigerated Bottles Will Save Longer

If you dont plan on drinking the entire bottle in one night, make sure youve refrigerated it before you open it for the first time. Cooling your wine will reduce the speed of chemical reactions and slow the rate of oxidation. Likewise, sticking your opened bottle back in the fridge will preserve it much longer than leaving it out on the counter. If you do plan on saving your wine for a day or two, ensure you have a quality wine stopper ideally one with a vacuum mechanism, which will prevent further oxidation.

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Single Zone Vs Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Whats the difference between single and dual zone wine coolers?

Single zone wine coolers have one temperature control and the storage space is undivided, so the whole cooler is set to the same temperature. This style is best if you tend to keep only white or only red wines, since they dont have the same optimal temperatures. Dual zone wine coolers have two temperature controls and the storage space is divided into sections which may be set to their own temperatures. This style is ideal for keeping both reds and whites without resorting to two wine coolers.

What is the best way to store white and red wines in the same cooler?

Typically, white wines should be stored in the temperature range of 46°F to 56°F and red wines will be stored between 58°F to 68°F. The best way to accommodate both wines within the same unit is to purchase a dual zone wine cooler.

A dual zone cooler will allow you to maintain two distinct and separate temperature zones within the same cooler. Many times a dual zone unit will offer a larger storage capacity for one style of wine over the other so be sure to purchase the unit that best suits your individual drinking preference. You may of course store both red and white wines together in a single zone unit.

May I use a wine cooler to store my other beverages?

What Is A Wine Fridge And How Does It Benefit My Wine

How to store wine at home- What temperature should you store red wine at?

Wine fridges, also called wine coolers or wine cellars, are used to chill your wine to the optimal serving temperature. Wine fridges are the modern way to store your wines within your home.

However, wine fridges have also become a fantastic way to spice up your kitchen with their elegant appearance there admitted blue display lights.

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Mini Fridges Are Colder Than Wine Coolers

The table shows that both appliances serve different purposes.

A fridge is responsible for keeping perishables at a minimum temperature of 40 degrees. A fridge at 40 degrees is too cold to store a wine cooler.

According to Wines Spectator, wine can be stored in the fridge for up to a couple of months. However, if you are looking for more long-term storage, you need to look into a wine cellar or cooler. For those who are very serious about white wine and want to age it, it is advisable to invest in a full-fledged wine cellar with temperature and humidity control.

The benefits of Mini Fridges:

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The Original United Wine Saver

If you do plan on saving your opened bottle of wine, whether you keep it in the fridge or not, youll want to invest in a vacuum wine stopper. This handy device sucks out all the oxygen from your bottle, thus slowing the rate of oxidation significantly and ensuring your wine tastes just as great the next day.

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Ideal Temperature Range For Red Wine Storage

The ideal temperature range for storing red wine is between 45°F and 65°F with the sweet spot of 55°F .

  • For long-term storage , you’ll want to pay strict attention to maintaining that ideal temperature of 55°F.
  • For shorter-term storage , it is safe for the temperature to swing closer to the upper or lower ends of the safe spectrum as long as they don’t wildly fluctuate between the two.

Different Zones Of A Wine Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator Sma

For those who enjoy a variety of different wines, a dual-zone wine refrigerator is ideal. A dual-zone wine refrigerator allows users to have two areas with separate temperature settings, which is a perfect setup for red and white wines.

If it is necessary to store wines all together in the same wine refrigerator, store the red wines on the top shelves. It may only be a few degrees warmer compared to the bottom, but it will help.

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Sparkling Wine Serving Temperature

Champagne if one of the noblest wines, fine and elegant. Besides bubbles, it expresses subtle hints of fruits and herbs, a crisp taste and mesmerizing aromas.

The serving temperature of most sparkling wines coincide with the serving temperature of Champagne.

Champagne should be served at temperatures between 46.4°F and 50°F, the chilliest of all.

If you dont have a wine fridge, never chill it in the freezer, as the bubbles can cause the bottle to shatter.

You can either chill the bottle in a wine bucket for half an hour, or on the bottom drawer of your fridge for four hours.

Also, avoid serving champagne in pre-chilled glasses, as the cold glass will alter the aromas and flavors of the wine, making you lose some bubbles.

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