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Where To Buy Crystal Wine Glasses

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Machine Blowing Industry-Crystal Wine Glass Supplier Production Process,

Different types of glass or crystal are more appropriate for various environments, describes Diane Clemenhagen of Geraldines Austin. A busy restaurant or bar will need something a bit more durable while your home collection might get less use and can be more delicate. A good rule is the less you use it, the more delicate you can go and vice versa.

Best Everyday: Riedel Magnum Ouverture

Courtesy of Amazon

While there will always be discourse around what glass is perfect for whites and reds, Riedels everyday-ready glass makes a case for sipping everything out of the same glass. Its got a slender bowl and a thin lip that will showcase tannic reds, effervescent bubbles, fizzy beers, and bright whites equally well. The short stem gives it balance, but is long enough to allow enough room to aerate your wine.

Even though it is crafted from machine-made crystal, the glass feels delicate and elegant enough to upgrade your daily drinking routine .

The concept of buying varietal specific glasses is antiquated and can be quite overwhelming, notes Justin Wilson, the director of outlets at SAAM Lounge. Simply stated, life is simpler with a universal or all-purpose wine glass. A high quality stemmed universal wine glass will accommodate most, if not all, wines across the spectrum.

Its not the ideal glass for say, a Left Bank Bordeaux, but for a nightcap or a glass-with-dinner, Riedels Ouverture series is an excellent score.

Crystal Vs Glass When It Comes To Wine Glasses

Lets dig into the real differences between glass and crystal wine glasses, along with a few essential details about choosing the right glassware based on your needs, and how it can affect your wine tasting.

Crystal contains minerals , which strengthens it.

The primary difference between crystal vs. glass is that crystal glass contains anywhere from 230% minerals . The key feature of crystal wine glasses is that the minerals strengthen the material, making it possible to produce durable but thin wine glasses.

There are many different types of wine glasses to choose from and little level-headed information on what to buy and why. One of the biggest differences in wine glasses is the material that makes the glass. Crystal vs. Glass is the question, and it turns out the right answer depends on your needs. So lets figure this out and get you into glassware that youre going to like and arent terrified to use.

Want to know more about choosing a wine glass by its shape? Check out this

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How To Buy The Best Wine Glasses According To Experts

Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

Shopping for wine glasses can be an intimidating endeavor, especially for those in unfamiliar territory. There are all-purpose glasses, specific silhouettes for every wine under the sun think Cabernet, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Chardonnay, standard Riesling, sweet Riesling, Port, sherry, you name it along with flutes, coupes, stemless glasses and much more. Instead of going in blind and having to rely solely on guidance from wine boxes, store signage and advice from in-house salespeople, we enlisted the help of several wine experts to demystify the process and help you build your glassware collection intuitively and without feeling pressured to stock your cabinets with more styles than are theoretically necessary. We consulted those experts on how to buy the best wine glasses at various price points. In short, we found that the wine glass landscape can be a lot less complicated than one might think.

Most Unique: Mark Thomas Double Bend Glass

Vintage CRYSTAL Optic Wine Glasses, Vintage FOSTORIA ...

Courtesy of Kneen and Co

The two bends on this Bordeaux-style glass mark a perfect tasting pour and the ideal single-glass pour. I stick to a Bordeaux glass as it’s the most malleable of the wine glasses, says Jonathan Key, the beverage and bar manager of The Preacher’s Son and Undercroft. Bordeaux glasses are meant for your main Bordeaux grapes but it’s also a great glass for Chardonnay. Bordeaux glasses also work well for a lot of old-world wines like Tuscans and Tempranillos.

Though they are whisper-thin and special-occasion worthy, pop them in the dishwasher when youre done with them.

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Just One Glass Please

Now, you wouldnt expect a glassware company to co-sign my approach, but Austrian crystal brand Gabriel-Glas is all about the one-for-all method. I spoke with Tempe Reichardt, CEO of Gabriel-Glas North America, who wholeheartedly agreed that the concept of selling varietal-specific glasses is an antiquated one. Life is simpler with a universal glass, she tells me, which is why her brand only offers one style of wine glass, available in two different quality levels . Instead of investing a ton of money in a broad selection of different glass styles, Reichardt recommends spending more on your wine collection. Of course, buying less things is, in general, also better for the environment.

I personally own both versions of the Gabriel-Glas all-purpose glass, and the Gold Edition is quite possibly the most exquisite vessel Ive ever sipped wine from. It is impossibly thin Reichardt says that lead-free crystal can be spun very finely, resulting in a finer lip than what regular glass can yield.

Best For Red Wine: Williams Sonoma Angle Red Wine Glasses

  • Very large bowl – not ideal for acidic whites or bubbles

  • Stem is rather thick

This all-purpose set of Williams Sonoma red wine glasses is an absolute steal. Combining graceful structural lines with strong curvature, the German-made stemware is lead-free, break-resistant, and dishwasher safe. The angular silhouette of these striking 22-ounce glasses is more aesthetically pleasing than technically designedthe functionality of the bowls lies in their middle-of-the-road width and shape, making them versatile enough to accommodate any red wine style. The Angle glass can hold its own atop any tablescape, elaborate or not.

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The Lifestyle Division Of Riedel Glassworks

Nachtmann has been defining affordable luxury for nearly two centuries. Today, Nachtmann independently operates all of its factories, with a commitment to quality, reliability, and certified Environmental and Energy Management Systems.

With a vast range of decorated and cut crystal glass products to suit every style, the Nachtmann portfolio is the perfect place to find a gift for absolutely anyone in your life. Modern to traditional, coloured to clear, barware to vases: Nachtmann has it all.

Best Wine Glasses: Myths And Misconceptions

Do Wine Glasses Really Make a Difference?

Some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to wine glasses, experts told us, involve just how many you need to have if you want to enjoy different types of wine. As a longtime wine writer and a sommelier-in-training, Ive always found that having a solid all-purpose glass will take you far. While many big glassware companies, such as Riedel, tend to adhere to a the more, the merrier philosophy , a high-quality stemmed glass built to accommodate a multitude of wines will save you both money and physical space in the long run.

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Best For Champagne: Riedel Performance Champagne Glass

“The traditional ‘flute’ glasses you think of for champagne actually aren’t the best options,” says Ian Cauble, master sommelier and founder of SommSelect. He notes that flutes are “too thin to get the full aromatic experience,” which can affect the overall taste. “For a very good stem that still reserves the nostalgia of the Champagne flute and is very durable, the evolved Riedel Champagne stem is an excellent choice,” says Cauble. The glasses have more of an egg-shaped design compared to flutes, and customers describe them as “elegant, striking, and beautiful.”

To buy: $45 for two at

Schott Zwiesel Pure Mixed Cabernet & Sauvignon Blanc Set Of 8

When in doubt, experiment. Winemaker Gérard Bertrand, a leader in Frances biodynamic wine scene, recommends taking a personal approach to determining what kind of stemware works best for you and your preferred wines you can easily achieve this by purchasing a quality variety pack of glasses, as long as theyre fine-lipped and durable. Then, the fun begins.

For each of our wines that we hold dear, we choose the perfect glass according to the style and the color of the wine, and the moment of consumption for which it is intended, says Bertrand, who explains:

We identify the ideal glass, taking into account the depth, the fineness, the height, et cetera to do so, we organize comparative tastings in groups, during which we all taste the same wine in several glasses. Each one gives an opinion and we eliminate successively the glasses to end up with the one ultimate glass for the wine. It is a very interesting and fun experience that awakens all the senses. A very nice idea of an activity for an evening between friends or for future spouses that want to have fun while choosing the perfect wine and glass match.

Schott Zweisel is a trusted name in glassware, and a set like this should do the trick you can pad the experience with a handful of other glasses you already own.

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Here Is A List Of Things To Consider:

As many crystal wine glassess as possible should be used.

A crystal wine glasses that is inexpensive is not as important as one that is quality. Ceramic and stainless steel are commonly used in key words.

A ceramic mechanism, on the other hand, is more prone to losing its taste easily and breaking.

A ceramic bowl tends to hold its flavor better than stainless steel or carbon steel due to its consistency and durability. A high risk of rust is also present.

The strength and weakness of a material can be taken into consideration when selecting it.

On Average How Many Ounces In A Wine Glass

Vintage Wine Glasses, Set of 4, Cristal D

Typically white wine glasses have a smaller bowl holding around 8 to 10 ounces and the universal glass, which is meant to be your go-to glass for both red and white wine holds a bit closer to 12 to 16 ounces, describes Rudzinski.

When it comes to serves, Wilson notes that Traditionally wine by the glass is served as a 6 ounce pour across the industry. Tasting pours or ½ glasses have been popular and may be served as a 2 ounce or 3 ounce pour.

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Best For Whites: Riedel Veritas Collection Wine Glasses

Universal wine glasses work perfectly fine for most white wines, but if you always lean toward a specific type, opt for one of Riedel’s varietal-specific wine glasses. The collection is complete with high-quality glasses designed to accentuate the flavors ofoaked Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and morethere are even options for Champagne, beer, and a variety of reds. Each glass is so well-made and lightweight, one shopper says they feel “like a feather in the hand.” Just keep in mind that the average person probably doesn’t need to invest in so many types in order to enjoy their wineIsle notes that there’s no major need to have a different wine glass for every type of grape.

To buy: from $59 for two at

Best Specialized Red: Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass


  • May be too large for the dishwasher

High tech meets luxury and affordability in Luigi Bormiolis Atelier collection. Using SON.hyx, the brands own patented process, the Italian glassware company has created an impressively shock-resistant, highly brilliant, and crystal-clear dishwasher safe glass thatthanks to laser-cut rims, titanium reinforcement, and seam-free stemsis comparable as many of the more top-shelf options on the market. When stocking Pinot Noir glasses , this is an excellent place to start. These glasses offer a 21-ounce capacity.

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Understand That Red Wine Glass Is Different From Others

While the shape and contour of your glass would determine whether it is suitable for a certain variety of wine, your choice to go stem-less or have a stem depends on a variety of factors. Keeping the temperature of the wine stable is one of the main reasons why one could invest in a stem glass, while some argue that maintaining their pristine demeanor free from fingerprints should also be on their checklist.

Best Value: Libbey Vineyard Reserve Wine Glass Set

6 Reasons To Buy Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option, order this set of 12 wine glasses from Libbey, a brand that Isle describes as a “major producer of restaurant glassware.” It comes with six glasses that work for various white wines and six glasses designed for various reds. At less than $4 each, this affordable wine glass set is an incredibly great value, whether for stocking your first apartment or hosting a wine-tasting party. “They are inexpensive, but don’t have a cheap appearance,” said a shopper.

To buy: $40 for 12 at

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Where To Buy Red Wine Glasses

Red wine, being the chief of all wines, demands to be treated regally. This include where you order your full-bodied nature of red wine. offers a selection of red wine glasses that cannot leave you wanting more, and are available at pocket-friendly prices. also provides free delivery of products over $99 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 7-day easy return.

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How To Buy The Best Wine Glasses For You

Wine Enthusiast Contributing Travel Editor Lauren Mowery, a self-proclaimed glassware nerd, is actually a fan of stocking different glassware styles, but not in order to formulaically pair each style with its intended wine. Many varietal-specific glasses are much more versatile than they might let on, she says. I simply enjoy swapping out different glasses as a fun, affordable luxury cheaper than flying to France, Mowery says, sharing advice to anyone new to the glassware shopping game.

Don’t get bogged down in the crisp whites, bold reds, full-bodied whites, light-bodied reds glass distinctions that some lines like Riedel and NUDE have. Like a set of knives, you can get away with a few basics, she says.

Glass quality namely, the thinness of the lip and lightness of the wine glass is the most important factor to consider about your new wine glasses, says Mowery. Don’t mistake this trait for fragility, she advised. Many of the best glasses these days can bounce off the ground when dropped, like NUDE. But a razor-thin lip will change your mind forever on drinking out of clunky glasses.

With that in mind, Mowery and other experts recommended some of their favorite glasses to look out for while glassware shopping.

For each of our wines that we hold dear, we choose the perfect glass according to the style and the color of the wine, and the moment of consumption for which it is intended.

Gérard Bertrand, Winemaker

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Best Stemless: Viski Stemless Wine Glass

Courtesy of Amazon

For parties or rowdier hangs, stemless glasses are less likely to get knocked over. Viskis options are a little more elegant than most stemless options on the market, with organic lines and curves inspired by cacti. These affordable options are made with lead-free, super-thin crystal.

Drinking from stemless has its place, explains Key. Typically, in outdoor or just very casual settings, a stemless is acceptable when drinking lower-priced wines. Trust me, I’ve drunk wine out of coffee mugs, cereal bowls, etc. many times. The glassware does not stop me from having my wine, but there is nothing like having a glass that perfectly fits you and your tastes in wine. They can also be cleaned and stored more easily than stemware.

The Wine Glass Company

Lead Crystal Wine Glasses for sale in UK

With a history of innovation dating back to 1756, the RIEDEL brand is a world leader for a reason. Purchasing a RIEDEL product means an investment into a product explicitly designed to bring greater enjoyment to wine, champagne, spirits and cocktails, backed by decades of research and development.

Regardless of your budget and personal style, RIEDEL has a collection of glassware that will suit your home, with ongoing investment into high-quality machinery and centuries’ old skill in artisan hand production. RIEDEL also designs a stunning collection of wine decanters to elevate your wine experience and bring theatre to your table.

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How To Buy Red Wine Glasses Online

Red wines are made from black or red grapes fermented with the skin. The skin gives the wine the characteristic red color. Usually, red wines have a stronger taste and blend well with equally robust foods such as red meats like beef and lamb, savory pasta dishes and more. Red wines are usually served at room temperature or just below.

Although the infinite variety of wines requires exploration, asking a connoisseur about the importance of a good glass of wine and would feed you with its as important as the breath of life. Whether you are looking for a tasting glass to get a perfect impression of the temptation that follows, or a chalice that accompanies you on those pleasant nights, you have to distinctly determine your treatment. For this reason, when you log on to a store to buy red wine glasses online, make sure you know the exact type of wine glass you need to buy. Here is a detailed guide on how to purchase your red wine glasses from online stores.

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