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What Snacks Go Well With Wine

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Pairing Snacks And Wine

6 Basic Rules For Pairing Food With Wine (Video)

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A good deal of thought and experimentation on the part of sommeliers and wine experts have gone into finding suggestions for pairing food with wineâfrom cheese or steak and chicken to fish and spicy food. But itâs not always a steak-and-potato dinner or celebratory meal that calls for wine. Sometimes you just want to kick back on the couch and watch a movie or have a few friends over and pull out the chips or pretzels and a bottle of your favorite vino. But what goes with savory, crunchy âjunk foodâ?

Whether you prefer red or whiteâor even Champagneâthereâs a bottle to uncork that will play just as nice with your snacks as it might with a steak. Following are a few suggestions to make pleasing pairingsâplus itâs always fun to experiment.

Cheese CurlsCabernet Sauvignon: Cheddar cheese pairs well with the wineâs cherry and black currant flavors so could crunchy or puffy cheese curl snacks.

Hummus DipPinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc for whites and Pinot Noir and Chianti for reds, suggest Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page in their book, What to Drink with What You Eat.

PopcornChardonnayâs buttery qualities go great with buttery popcorn. Also try Champagne and other sparkling wines, especially with plain popcorn. More ideas: Pairing Cheesy Popcorn and Wine

PretzelsWhite Zinfandelâs fruit with a little sweetness is a nice counterpoint to salty pretzels and also complements a tangy mustard dip.

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Syrah Pairs With Spicy Meats

You may not think that there is any type of spicy food that goes with wine, but Syrah opens up a lot of possibilities. This red wine is so bold and decadent that some even describe the taste as meaty. The combination of its fruity tones with a surprising velvety smokiness is divine.

If youre eating any meat that seasoned heavily with spices like cumin, curry, or chilli, youll be blown away once you try it with a glass of Syrah.

Crisps & Tortilla Chips

Were presuming theres a lot of salt and /or flavour going on in this bowl. Off-dry whites or slightly sweeter Prosecco styles are a very easy match for the salt. For jalapeno spice however, dial up the fruitiness and sweetness in the wine to foil it. Try a Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand or a light, bubbly red, slightly chilled such as a . dry Lambrusco. It will provide a really interesting, quirky match too.

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What Food Goes With White Wine

White wine pairing is serious business. For this reason, we wanted to share our recommendations for what pairs best with white wine. An easy way to think about wine pairing is to remember that light wines go well with light dishes and heavy wines fair well with heavier dishes. The less complicated the dish is, the lighter the wine should be. This may seem like an oversimplification but it makes it easier when you have as large a selection of wines as we do. Here are a few tips for white wine pairings that you love:

Sweet And Dessert Wine Pairing

How to Stay Fit and Still Drink Wine

Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Moscato can all produce sweet varieties to be enjoyed after dinner. Check the label for terms like Noble, Late Harvest, Late Pick and Botrytis which all mean the wine inside the bottle is sweet.

Other dessert wine varietals include ice wine, Sauternes and Vin Santo.

Match with: fruity desserts

These sweet white wines pair well with fruity, but not overly sweet desserts. They bring a tropical bouquet of flavours ending your dinner party on a real high note.

For contrasting flavours that bring a whole dish together, try a dessert wine with this gingerbread and pear pudding. Sweet and spicy with cinnamon and walnut, this is a wonderful wintery dessert.

Walnuts and pears not in season? Try this peach and blueberry cobbler. The acidic burst of flavour from the fruit is the perfect counterpoint to a sweet, honeyed dessert wine.

Other notable matches

Blue cheese, pate, stone fruit

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What Cheese For A Cheese Board For Wine Tasting

It might be an unconventional approach, but rather than struggling with cheese decision paralysis, I just did a flight of cheddar cheeses for this board!

Just as there are subtle differences between different varieties of wine, its the same for cheese.

Hard cheeses like cheddar are generally the easiest types to pair with wine, and cheddar works well with both white and red wines.

In particular, cheddar pairs very well with an oaky Chardonnay, as well as Syrah and Malbec.

So, this one platter can be a cheese board for red wine AND a cheese board for white wine!

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Cheeses That Go With Wine:

Salty, hard cheeses pair well with wine, and so do soft cheeses. Again, an improptu wine and cheese party should be easy to prepare, so dont feel like you need to serve all of these.

  • Gouda the perfect pairing with Cabernet
  • Aged cheddar lovely with Malbec
  • Manchego try this one with a sparkly wine. Also, this is a sheep milk based cheese.
  • Ricotta goes well with Riesling
  • Parmesan delicious with a bubbly Prosecco
  • Gruyere a love fest with Chardonnay
  • Brie goes well with many wines, but my favorite is Merlot
  • Bleu cheese pairs well with a Pinot Noir or a sweet Port
  • Feta a bright red or dry Rose, slightly sweet wine is perfect with salty feta

If youre looking for beautiful round block cheeses to fancy it up, I highly recommend Emmi Cheese!

VEGAN or DAIRY FREE OPTIONS Can we Say YAY for real food based vegan cheese?! Yes we can! These are my favorite vegan cheese to serve on cheese boards.

  • Daiya Block Cheese
  • Or if youre looking for a more cheddar like Vegan/Paleo cheese dip, try my vegan queso. You can definitely fancy it up to make it wine and cheese party worthy. .

Tip for BUILDING A CHARCUTERIE or CHEESE BOARD Focus on colors and combos. Ex: Orange and red . Greens and yellows . Throw it all together now and garnish with a herbs and flowers.

Need to gave this all organized for you?! I gotcha covered. Printable FESTIVE CHEESE BOARD RECIPE and INGREDIENTS BELOW! Yeaaas!

Keywords: cheese boards, appetizers, cheese and wine, healthy, holiday entertaining

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List Of Wine And Food Pairings Sedimentality
    This crisp, lighter white wine is known for having a high level of acidity and a lot of citrus. It is a great wine to pair with dishes that are lighter yet still packed full of flavor, and the herbaceous qualities often found in the wine often bring out the herbs in a dish. Here are some foods/flavors that go exceptionally well with Sauvignon …

Pb& j Sandwich And Fizzy Crisp White

What Wine Goes Well With Indian Food? | Food & Wine Pairings

For those of you who put effort into snack time I commend you a PB& J doesnt have to be left alone, especially when its flavors go AWESOME with our Fizzy Crisp White. The sweetness of this wine goes well with the fruity/sugary-ness of the jelly, while the crispness helps to put a spotlight on that delicious peanut butter. What could be better than this pairing? A PB& J flipflop flavor! Jklolz, April Fools!

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Cheese Platter With Sauvignon Blanc Pinot Noir Or Viognier

When it comes to pairing cheese and wine, it really depends on the type of cheese that you are going to be eating. There are hundreds of different cheese types and they differ a lot from each other. The majority of the cheeses are good to eat with a white wine with high acidity. A classic Sauvignon Blanc snack pairing is goat cheese.

If you are having a cheese platter with different types of cheese, a white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or a light-bodied red like Pinot Noir are good choices. A more full-bodied white wine like Viognier is also a good choice for a cheese platter.

Tips! If you want to know more about wine and cheese pairing, we recommend you to read our wine and cheese pairing guide.

What Is Moscato Wine

Moscato is a sweet, white wine that comes from the Muscat grape. Italy is the top producer of the wine, making their semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Moscato using Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains grapes grown in the Piedmont region.

While the varietal has long been considered one of the best dessert wines, the delicate flavors of Moscato lend themselves well to a variety of foods. Hints of orange blossom and peach combine with flavors of mandarin orange, sweet lemon, pear, and honeysuckle.

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Fruit Snacks And Fizzy Sangria

Bursting with delicious fruit flavors and notorious for disappearing as soon as you open them , fruit snacks pair perfectly with our Fizzy Sangria. Sangria is known for its variety of flavors, and you best believe it washes down your handfuls of blackberry, raspberry, cherry, pineapple, orange, apple, grape, lemon, ETC. fruit snacks.

What Else Should I Include On A Cheese Board For Wine Tasting

Short and sweet: our list of luscious (and local) dessert ...

Well, youre in luck, because I took a wine class in culinary school, and I still have my GIANT textbook.

It gave me lots of great ideas for snack and wine pairings for my wine and cheese board, including:

  • strawberries pair with pinot noir
  • chocolate chip cookies pair with syrah or cabernet sauvignon
  • candied pecans or walnuts pair with riesling
  • pepperoni pair with syrah
  • sweet potato chips pair with moscato
  • white chocolate pair with champagne
  • prosciutto pair with pinot noir
  • castelvetrano olives pair with sauvignon blanc

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Bruschetta With Basil And Tomato Sauce

Bruschetta makes an easy base for countless finger foods and appetizers. Of course, its the toppings that you use on the bruschetta that determine the best wines to match with the finger food.

When you use basil and tomato sauce, you end up with similar flavors to a margherita pizza, with much less effort. Because the finger food is Italian themed anyway, you could easily pair it with an Italian red wine blend. Or, if you want something different, how about a cabernet sauvignon or merlot?

Malbec Pairs With Barbecue Dishes

Whether youre being adventurous and trying Korean barbecue or youre sticking with classic American barbecue flavours, you wont be disappointed if you drink some Malbec with your meal. Since barbecued foods boast a diverse, smokey flavour profile, youll need a wine that also has a big personality. Since Malbec is fruity and smokey, it can enhance the sweet and tangy notes in your barbecue sauce.

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Snacks That Go Well With Wine Ehow
    Dips and spreads can also work well with wine, especially if your finger-friendly snacks are intended to serve as a meal substitute. Your favorite cheese dip, bean dip, spinach dip or crab dip all complement wines and so can rich, meaty pate or rilletttes.

What Wine Goes Well With Certain Appetisers

What Wine Goes Well With Chinese Food? | Food & Wine Pairings

This is a general guide on serving wines with appetisers. This does not apply to all wines:

  • White wine pairs well with light appetisers such as sushi or vegetable kebabs.
  • Red wines pair well with meat appetisers typically found in some of the tapas dishes.
  • Dessert wines are generally served with appetisers with a strong flavour. The sweet taste is thus neutralised.
  • Fresh fruit, bread and cheese pairs well with most wines.

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Wine Pairing: Xinomavro / Sangiovese

Moussaka is like lasagna. A juicier, more vegetal version of lasagna, with cinnamon, cloves and thyme. Greeklasagna.

A true Moussaka recipe is loaded with beef or lamb mince, potatoes, eggplants and spices, creating a juicy, softly-textured melange that goes perfectly with a ripe red wine like a Sangiovese or aged Montepulciano. You could also opt for an orange wine from Georgia the exotic, tannic fruit flavors pair really well with eggplant.

If possible though, you would be better off sticking with the Greek options. In this case, I recommend Xinomavro. Its a red wine grape grown in the mountainous areas towards the North Macedonian border, and it pairs incredibly with Moussaka.

Sometimes called the bastard son of Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir, Xinomavro has eclectic tasting notes like sundried tomato, red berry and prunes. Pair it with the thick, meat-and-veg texture of a good Moussaka, and this combo really is a winner.

Farturas And Vinho De Carcavelos

Here in Portugal, nothing says street party like fried dough. In Lisbon, for example, you know the St. Anthony summer festivities are approaching when you start seeing churros and farturas food trucks parked in popular areas. If churros are well known in many parts of the world thanks to Latin people, farturas are the bigger, fatter, chunkier cousin you must try when you come to Portugal. These are either fried and served with a sprinkle of sugar, or can also be stuffed with jams and chocolate.

As farturas are something you normally eat out and on the go, drinks arent usually involved. But if you can gorge on these deep-fried sugary treats along with a glass of Carcavelos wine, why wouldnt you?

This Portuguese fortified wine region that is so close to Lisbon is often overlooked by those fond of sweet fortified wines. But we can guarantee you wont regret that in your next trip to Lisbon to grab yourself a cone of freshly fried farturas, open a bottle of vinho de Carcavelos and start changing that!

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What Food Pairs Best With Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

Wine and food pairing is a great way to experience all that a wine has to offer. Certain foods have a way of bringing out the flavor in different types of wine that you may not experience if you sip on a glass by itself.

The acidity and flavors of the wine interact with the food to change the way your taste buds react, thus creating new and exciting flavor profiles you may not have experienced in one without the other.

The problem that most people run into though, is determining which foods will pair well with which wines, and vice versa. And thats what we want to look at today.

At Hope Family Wines, we are known for our Cabernet Sauvignon wine, which is a great wine to sip on with a meal. But what foods pair best with Cabernet Sauvignon? Lets find out!

What Are The Best Appetisers To Serve At A Wine Tasting Party

  • Appetisers and nibbles are a great way to accompany the wine.
  • You don’t want anything too spicy or overpowering as you want to keep the palate fresh or in line with the wine you’re serving.

If you are hosting a wine tasting party or attending a wine evening with close friends, it is important to know what appetisers to serve alongside wine. Knowing which food to serve at a wine tasting can be difficult as you want to offer flavours and tastes which complement one another, not overpower.

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Salmon And Pinot Noir

Why they’re a perfect pair: While fish typically pairs better with white wine, salmon’s flavor will stand up to the bold but not too tannic flavor of Pinot Noir. Consider regional pairings salmon harvested in the Pacific Northwest pairs well with the Pinots from that area.Similar pairings to try: Pinot Noir also pairs well with other fatty fishes like tuna, especially when they are served rare or raw.

What Snacks Pair Well With Cabernet Sauvignon


You love cabernet? We do too! The making of cabernet sauvignon wines was the result of a chance crossing between cabernet franc with sauvignon blanc grape varieties .

This happened in the 17th Century.

The supple flavours and aroma of cabernet sauvignon range from heavy fruits such as cherry, blackberry and raspberry, to complex woody and peppery undertones.

At present, this red grape variety is one of the most widely grown grape varieties of the world. So we thought we would pair the the most popular grape with the best snacks.

You’re welcome.

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Best Snacks To Serve With White Wine

White wine is a favorite of many for its refreshing and light taste. White wine also pairs beautifully with a number of dishes which makes it the perfect choice for hosts to serve at gatherings. The below blog post outlines the best snacks to serve with white wine at an event to complement its flavor and prevent an unbalanced taste.

1. Popcorn

A great casual snack to serve at your next gathering with white wine is popcorn. Popcorn is perfect for parties given how easy it is to find, make and share with multiple people. The taste of standard popcorn tends to pair well with whites like Chardonnay because of the buttery taste that both have.

This creamy flavour complements the richness of popcorn without being too overpowering and hiding its tastes. Ultimately, making it the perfect snack to serve at movie nights or social gatherings without running the flavors of both.

2. Dark Chocolate

Another snack that pairs well with white wine is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can be easily incorporated on a platter, charcuterie board or served on its own to guests at an event. When serving dark chocolate its recommended to select a Cabernet Sauvignon because it will complement the taste of it.

Just like dark chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon is filled with rich and powerful flavors that help to balance the bitterness of the chocolate without overpowering its flavor. Plus, most Cabernet Sauvignon have hints of berries, cherries and plums that work well to enhance the taste of both.

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