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What Is Good Wine For Gift

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The Ultimate Wine System

3 wines that make a great gift for others … or yourself!

The ultimate wine gadget, Coravins groundbreaking system lets you pour a glass of wine without removing the cork.

Just like its predecessor a product that has already revolutionized the wine industry, this one uses a medical-grade needle to pressurize the bottle and pour the desired amount of wine without compromising the preservation process. Additionally, it comes with a new, updated technology, eye-catching metallic accents, and a host of premium accessories for a complete wine experience.

The Timeless Six includes an elegant carry case and all the tools you need to enjoy your favorite vintage, one glass at a time. Ideal as a thoughtful present for that special friend of yours who takes its wine tasting really seriously.

Total Splurge: $50 Or More

Grgich Hills Estate Paris Tasting Commemorative Chardonnay : Save this one as a special gift for the true Napa enthusiast. The limited-edition, 40th-anniversary bottle is a nod to Miljenko Mike Grgich, who crafted the winning bottle at the famous Judgment of Paris in 1976.

Belle Glos Dairyman Pinot Noir : The hand-dipped wax seal says this isnt your average red. A refined balance of savory and sweet , its a sophisticated add to any holiday table.

Moderately Priced: Royal Tokaji 5 Puttanyos Aszu

Tokaji is a golden Hungarian wine known throughout the world for its complexity and sweetness. The 2013 500 mL bottle of Royal Tokaji 5 Puttanyos received 96 points from Wine Enthusiast, and all vintages are highly rated. These are great for drinking now, but because of their residual sugar, they can also age for 10 to 15 years .

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Riedel Veritas Coupe Glasses Set Of 2

For a sparkling wine lover, consider this set of retro stemware. Champagne flutes, the tall narrow glasses sometimes used to serve sparkling wine, are designed to preserve the carbonation in the liquid, but the small opening can limit the perception of aromas for the drinker. These wide-mouthed coupes will expose more of the wine to oxygen, changing both the texture and the flavor of the wine. The bubbles will take on a light and frothy texture, and the full range of aroma and flavor will leap out of the glass. The beautiful design is just a fun bonus. Several people say that it also feels really good to hold, the weight being well-balanced.

Riedel Veritas Cabernet/merlot Wine Glasses Set Of 2

The Best Wines for Wedding Gifts

The majority of what we taste in wine is actually not about taste at all, its about what we can smell. Because of this, the wine glass can actually have a huge impact on the taste of the beverage. Some glasses funnel aromas directly toward your nose, while others allow them to fan out widely.

Reidel has been manufacturing crystal glasses for over 300 years. It’s considered the iconic producer of wine glasses, and its glasses are the only stemware youll find in high-end European restaurants that are serious about wine. Reidel pioneered the production of varietal-specific glasses. The bowl of each glass is designed to complement the aromatic profile of its specific grape.

For those not ready to invest in several different sets of wine glasses, the Riedel Zinfandel/Riesling glasses are well-suited for red and white wines and are sure to enhance the drinking experience.

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Tenuta Col Dorcia Brunello Di Montalcino Docg 2015

Gifting an Italian wine lover a Brunello is always a win-win. Like, always. This wine is aging so damn well and is ready to drink now. It smells like cherries, sweet, aged balsamic vinegar, and a waft of fresh soil. The tannins still have a slight grip, but they dont take away from the impeccably smooth mouthfeel due to this wines great acidity. Even though its drinking well now, it can still age another few years if your giftee likes to lay bottles down.

Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide From A World

Learn from one of the worlds most widely lauded sommeliers in this gorgeously illustrated, easy-to-read guide to wine. While author Aldo Sohm worked as wine director of three-Michelin-starred Le Bernardin for over ten years, this book makes wine casual, approachable, and delightful to learn more about.

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Taittinger 2008 Comtes De Champagne

Comtes de Champagne is Taittingers superlative expression: made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes from the coveted Côtes de Blancs and only in the best years, freeing it from overly tart influences of apple and lemon sometimes seen in Champagnes. It has just the right notes of toasty brioche, without veering into buttery tones, cut by the perfect degree of saline minerality. Its fine bubble is almost imperceptible. The wines delicate nature balances beautifully with powerful aromas of pear and orange blossom, while the hint of honey on the finish calls you to chase it with yet another sip.

Luxury Priced: Dom Prignon

TOP 5 WINE ACCESSORIES Gift Ideas for 2020 | Best Holiday Gifts for Red Wine and White Wine

Dom Pérignon may have more brand name recognition in the United States than any other Champagne. It’s considered the go-to luxury sparkling wine, and with good reason. Dom is a vintage Champagne that is only released during the best years by Moët & Chandon in average years all the grapes go to their other non-vintage Champagnes, which are also quite delicious and well-received. Depending on the vintage, a bottle of Dom Pérignon will set you back anywhere from about $150 to about $250, with especially good years costing more. The 2008 and 2009 vintages were extremely good , although any vintage is going to be a very good bottle of Champagne.

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The Best Wines To Give As A Gift

For the wine lover, a bottle of something interesting is always a welcome gift. However, it can be hard to figure out what will surprise someone with an avid interest in wine. Were helping you out with GAYOTs list of the Best Gift Wines.

Whether the wine lovers on your gift list are just getting into wine or are serious collectors, theres something on this list that will surprise them and impress them with your choice. Prices range from $4.50 to $180.

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Textbook 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Forget an apple for the teacher, give them a bottle of Napa Valley’s Textbook Vineyards cabernet sauvignon. This wine has a lush mouthfeel with lots of dark fruit, plums and a touch of spice and cocoa. The tannins are balanced nicely to create a textbook style Napa cab. Even better, its a great value.

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Justin Wine And Chocolate Truffles

Ideal for chocolate lovers, Justin Vineyards culinary team has created a stunning line of truffles to complement their wines. Both are available for shipping. The rose of syrah is substantial and phenomenal with the strawberry-basil truffle. Try Justification, the winerys Bordeaux-style wine blend, with sea salt caramel, and sip the Isosceles red blend with the dark chocolate or hazelnut praline.

Tangy Guava Chutney Recipe

The California Tantalizing Trio Wine Gift Basket
  • California Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon -some of the most popular red wines in the world, and for good reason. They are very easy to drink. Look to spend over $25-30, and avoid cheaper brands as they are very hit-or-miss below this price point if you are unfamiliar with the producer and vintage.
  • Spanish Rioja, excellent value and delicious wine that over-delivers at any price
  • The most well-known style and/or highly produced varietal from any given region such as Cabernet Franc from Ontario, Pinot Noir from Burgundy, or Shiraz from Australia.
  • French Bordeaux over $50 -a classic region that demands higher prices for its highly sought-after collectible wines, but as gifts these bottles are sure to impress
  • Chilean reds from small producers: These tend to offer very drinkable wines of reliable quality at a competitive price compared to mass-produced Chilean discount wine brands

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The Essential Guide To Wine

Packed with nifty infographics and practical tips, Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine makes one of the best gifts for wine lovers. From amateurs to connoisseurs, everyone will be seduced by this colorful coffee table book that introduces readers to the wonderful world of wine. Designed for the new generation of wine drinkers, it contains everything from detailed flavor profiles to food and wine pairings.

Sterling Vineyards 2016 Sleeping Lady Vineyard Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Yountville Napa Valley

This small-production reserve Cab from Sterling Vineyards comes from a Napa Valley site thats getting more and more attention these days. The nose on Sterlings 2016 walks a fine line between sweet and savory, with aromas of leather and tobacco underlying blackberry, cassis, and Asian spices. Generous berry liqueur, dark plum, and blueberry flavors on the palate are balanced by hints of minerals, mushrooms, and crushed herbs against a firm but fine tannin structure.

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Booker Vineyard My Favorite Neighbor

Origin: Paso Robles, CaliforniaPrice: $80 for 750 ml.ABV: 14.8%

This wine is an homage to the growers of the Westside Hills of Paso Robles whose grapes go into the making of this unique proprietary blend. Its a wine with a sense of place that makes a statement about old-fashioned values.

For your wine loving neighbor, nothing shows your appreciation more than a bottle of wine with your declaration of adoration right on the label. This is a burly and well-structured Paso red blend. It comes on strong with aromas and flavors of black currant, tobacco, black cherry, licorice and smoke.

> For more information, visit the My Favorite Neighbor official website.

Harlan Estate 2017 Napa Valley

Best Wines to Give as Gifts

When Bill Harlan acquired his first acres of raw land in the western hills of Oakville, with the vision of producing a wine that in time would be recognized among the first growths of the world, he didnt rush. Along the way, Harlan might have inspired competition among Napa Valley reds that at its peak pushed past nuance for the sake of lushness and power. But for this vintner, it was never about explosive style. It was about the land, about slowly learning its requirements and expressions. Much of the character of the wine comes from the fact that the vineyards are next to these wildlands, this forest, says Harlan.

The Harlan Estate 2017 seems a vivid reflection of place, benefiting from those years of study and the age of the vines. Floral notes mingle with forest, tobacco, mint, spice and crushed rock, while mountain herbs season rich layers of cassis and dark mocha through an endless, elegant finish. Its bold and structured , but also seamless, fresh and graceful.

Winemaker Cory Empting describes the challenges of the 2017 season in three words: heat and fire. During the final, brutal heat of the summer, the vines shut down, and when the fog returned, sugars actually retreated as tannins ripened. He was given a second chance, harvesting most of the fruit at pinpoint ripeness before the devastating fires of October. His luck has become ours.

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Don David Reserve Malbec

If you’re looking for a versatile red that pairs well with a variety of dishes and appetizers, consider an Argentine Malbec. The Don David Malbec is easily sourced and exhibits some of the best characteristics of the Malbec grape. It’s consistent with every vintage and has won a number of awards, including 91 points in 2012 from Wine Enthusiast.

On the nose, you’ll find the Don David Reserve Malbec exhibits notes of blueberry, boysenberry, charcoal, oak, cardamom, and star anise. On the palate, it starts off with notes of blackberry, licorice, and spice, while the finish is peppery and minty.

It’s full-bodied with higher alcohol, acidity, and tannins, but it is a very food-friendly wine. Typically, charcuterie, smoked meats, spaghetti, burgers, and more go well with a younger Malbec. Roasted and stewed beef, braised lamb, sausages, and spice-heavy sauces work well with most Malbecs.

Red Wine Vs White Wine

In the winemaking process, red wine is fermented from darker grapes and their skins, while white wine is made from white grapes separated from their skins. Whats more, red wine is typically aged in oak barrels, while whites are not. Barrel aging creates the numerous aromas and flavors that you taste in red wine.

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Brilliant Gifts For Wine Lovers Who Have Everything

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase through these links. See our full disclosure here.

Dont know what to buy the oenophile in your life this holiday season? Whether its an interesting bottle accessory, a reference book, or a state-of-the-art cooling gadget, these brilliant gifts for wine lovers will make them feel special while also enhancing their imbibing experience.

Noble Rot: Wine From Another Galaxy

Wine Duo in Wooden Gift Box (From $59.00) Gift Basket Hamper

Quadrille Publishing

This isnt just a book for wine lovers, its a book for people who love to geek out on it. The founders of the magazine and London wine bar of the same name, Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew, go far and wide on all aspects of wine in their joyful, engaging tome. One section theyll be sharing guidelines for appreciating and serving wine , in another theyll celebrate idiosyncratic bottles , and then the book turns into a collection of essays chronicling travels through the pairs favorite wine regions. Its the cook kids wine companion, but it still feels welcoming to drinkers of all stripes.

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Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes Dor Brut Ros

Origin: Chouilly, Champagne, FrancePrice: $180 for 750 ml.ABV: 12%

This tête de cuvée from Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte makes a perfect gift Champagne. Feuillatte is known for expert packaging and marketing and with this bottle they do not disappoint. Its curvaceous black bottle is dimpled to mimic strands of black pearls.

This is the wine for the hedonists in your life. They will delight not only in this pink fizz but the package in which its delivered. A big, ripe Brut Rosé Champagne, it offers powerful berry notes with an underlying gaminess. It is a Champagne fit for a meal but is almost as satisfying as a meal all on its own.

> For more information, visit the Nicolas Feuillatte official website.

Worlds First Oak Bottle

An ideal present for wine collectors, The Oak Bottle promises to transform any average red into a glorious vintage in just 2 hours. This means that you dont just buy them an interesting wine accessory, you buy them time.

Handcrafted from high-quality American white oak, this revolutionary aging vessel adds a sophisticated flavor to any drink, be it wine, beer, or whiskey.

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Williams Selyem 2019 Westside Road Neighbors Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

When Burt Williams and Ed Selyem launched their wine brand in the early 1980s, they arguably created the first cult, waiting-list Pinot Noirs in California and put Russian River Valley on the map. Now, in the hands of winemaker Jeff Mangahas, Williams Selyems wide-ranging single-vineyard, blends, and appellation-specific Pinots are, if anything, more elegant and expressive of their sites than ever. The 2019 Westside Road Neighbors blend opens with rose petals and red berries over complex layers of fresh-tilled loam, cedar, and hints of mushrooms, black tea, and exotic spices. Absolutely vibrant red fruit flows across the palateraspberry, cranberry, cherrywith an edge of savory herbs and appealing minerality delivered with the silkiest of textures.

Budget: Yalumba Museum Muscat

What Wine Makes The Best Gift?

The Yalumba Museum Muscat is an amber-colored sweet wine from Australia, referred to as a “sticky” for its sweet flavor and viscous texture. Like many dessert wines, the Yalumba Museum Muscat comes in 375 mL bottles. It’s a non-vintage sticky that is consistently good, garnering around 91 or 92 point ratings from most wine experts. In 1998, Wine Spectator ranked it #7 of its top 100 wines. It’s a lightly spicy wine with toffee and raisin flavors that’s delicious alone as a dessert or with something like sticky toffee pudding or a chocolate lava cake.

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Budget: Rancho Zabaco Heritage Vines Sonoma County Zinfandel

Food & Wine notes the Rancho Zabaco Heritage Vines Sonoma County Zinfandel is a consistently good bottle of wine in any vintage, so give it as a gift with confidence. Zinfandel pairs well especially with party meals like barbecue, pizza, and Mexican food, so it’s a great gift for a casual get-together. You can find it at most grocery stores and wine shops, so it’s also easy to pick up and you’ll know you’re giving a user-friendly bottle your host can open at the gathering or save to enjoy later.

How Does Wine Access Decide Which Wines Are Worthy

The team at Wine Access tastes over 20,000 wines a year! Only about 1 out of every 18 wines make the cut. These bottles are the best of the best based on taste of course, but also their value.

How Does Wine Access Work?

Anyone can order amazing bottles of wine from the Wine Access online wine shop. Order them straight to your own door or send them as a great gift.

But if youre looking for a more immersive wine experience the Wine Access Wine Club subscriptions are the way to go.

Most wine clubs tend to send wines from the same brands over and over. But Wine Access hand-selects their wines from all the globe so they can deliver those hard to find gems. With each shipment youll get a perfectly curated collection of bottles from around the world that you wont find anywhere else.

And if youre looking for an impressive gift for a wine lover, selections from Wine Access will have your gift recipient drinking like a wine expert everyday.

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