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How Does First Leaf Wine Club Work

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Monjitas Blanacas 2018 Torrontes Argentina

Finally a Fabulous Wine Subscription – First Leaf Review & Unboxing


  • Wine Region: Argentina
  • Vintage: 2018

The Monjitas Blanacas Torrontes was the first wine choice that I tried from my Firstleaf wine subscription shipment. As explained on my wine drinker tasting card, Torrontes is a white grape thats known to be a hidden gem in the wine community due to the striking aroma that it produced. When I first popped the cork on this bottle, I was first greeted with the delicious wine notes of orange blossom, hibiscus, and gardenias.;

While I did notice the floral notes in this wine upon my first sip, I was also surprised by sweet citrus . Firstleaf suggested that I pair Monjitas Blanacas Torrontes with complex palate dishes, thanks to the elegant and dry finish of this wine. Firstleaf did state that Monjitas Blanacas Torrontes stood well by itself, but that they also enjoyed pairing it with spicy Asian dishes.

Firstleaf Free 1st Order Of 6 Wines

Firstleaf welcomes new members with your first six bottles of wine for only $40. But if you sign up with a referral link, youll get a $40 welcome credit. Stack the two offers together, and youll end up with your first six bottles of wine for free! Just pay for tax and shipping and youre good to go.

We dont have a personal referral link to share. You can try the one below:

My First Wine Club Experience

My experience with First Leaf has been great! As my first wine club the customer service has been amazing, most companies should take a page from First Leafs customer service model! Ive personally never had any shipping issues. The Wine Concierge services has been a great benefit and I have rarely not enjoyed a bottle Ive received. Its helped me expand my pallet and appreciation of wine. Thanks First Leaf for a great experience. I realize this is a luxury for me and I appreciate being able to enjoy it.

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Firstleaf Wine School Review

Firstleaf even has a wine school. With nearly 30 topics, this online wine resource offers you a comprehensive guide to the worlds most popular grapes, breakdowns of famous wine regions, and the answers to some of your questions on wine.

For instance, where and how large is the Bordeaux region? What are Muscat wines known for, and is Moscato the same? The Firstleaf Wine School tells you all of this and much more.

So if you aspire to be a wine nerd, are naturally curious, or want to impress people with your wine knowledge, this is a resource to take advantage of.

I Subscribed To Firstleafheres What Happened

Read Our Firstleaf Wine Club Review Before Joining

Last Christmas, I knew I wanted to get my best friend Alex a big, celebratory gift, and somewhere along the way, an absurd amount of wine is what I settled on. As we were both recent college graduates trying to become a real adults, I knew she would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about wine and stock up on her favorites.

The only problem? Wine is both expensive and dependent upon personal taste, and I couldnt find a service that was both affordable and customizable enough to be my perfect giftuntil I found Firstleaf. Compared to other services, Firstleaf was the best fit for Alexs lifestyle and my budget.

While Firstleaf offers gift cards, I had enough time and knowledge of Alexs taste to choose a box for her and have it delivered to our house. Was this partially a selfish gift so that I could also have more wine? Absolutely. But it was also one of the most successful gifts Ive given in recent memoryAlex enjoyed trying all the wines, jotting down her favorites, and rating the bottles for future shipments.

Unfortunately, the shipment process for Firstleaf can be a hassle if you dont prepare correctly. Because the boxes require a signature from someone 21 or older, having them delivered to our house during the workday has been challengingtwice, weve had to pick up missed boxes from local drop-off points. Firstleaf recommends that you have your boxes delivered to your place of work if someone isnt usually home.

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Best For Entertaining: Martha Stewart Wine Club

Choose from six bottles every six weeks, or 12 wines shipped every eight weeks. Both memberships include free shipping. The six-bottle option costs around $9 per bottle, while 12 bottles cost about $8 each. Pick red, white, or a combination of both. If youre unhappy with the vino, theyll replace it for free.

New members all receive the same curated collection of wines, as a comprehensive introduction to their cellar: a 2017 La Reference Sauvignon Blanc from France, a 2016 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Rouge from France, and a 2013 El Macho Reserva Red Blend from Spain.

For gift-giving, send a year of wine to someone you love. Choose the number of shipments, and whether youd like to send reds, whites, or a mixed selection. Make a single payment, and Martha Stewarts favorite bottles will be sent, along with serving suggestions, pairing, and entertaining.

For Natural Organic And Biodynamic Wines You Can Rely On Plonk To Take Care Of The Expert Vetting Thoughtful Curation And Spot

  • Subscription frequency: Every month

  • A la carte shop: Yes;

Pros: Only natural wine offerings, pre-curated, easy to skip shipments or cancel your subscription;

Cons: Pricey, cannot be personalized

Plonk, which is British derogatory slang for cheap, low-quality wine, provides wines that are anything but. The online club focuses exclusively on natural wines that are grown with organic, biodynamic, and sustainable vineyard practices, meaning they don’t contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or commercial additives . There’s also an impressive selection of sulfite-free and unfiltered bottles.;

If you’re interested in the specific distinctions among the terms “natural,” “organic,” and “biodynamic,” founder Etty Klein breaks them down here.

Plonk prides itself on selecting and importing wines from small, boutique winemakers and lesser-known wine regions, flouting big industry names to give you a carefully vetted selection. While other online wine subscriptions may offer natural and sustainable options, few can boast both the convenience and range of Plonk’s one-stop natural shop.;

Plonk has seasonal offerings throughout the year, including a Thanksgiving bundle and a sparkling wine sampler around the holidays.;

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Firstleaf Wine Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Youre probably wondering what other customers think of Firstleaf wines. Firstleaf is very positively reviewed from various sources, some of which are noted here in our Firstleaf Wine Club review.

First up, WineClubReviews gave this brand a 4.5/5 star rating with particular mention of ease-of-use, presentation, and reasonably-interesting wines.

This review site also rated the brand on a few other criteria:

  • #2;Best Affordable Wine Subscription
  • #3;Best White Wine Club
  • #4;Best 12-Bottle Wine Club
  • #4;Best International Wine Club
  • #5;Best Wine Club

Next, this subscriptions Sparkling Wine Club was also featured on Best Wine Club with a 4/5 star rating overall. Plus, Firstleaf was rated this sites top pick for wine subscriptions.

Of all the great things that this wine club offers, the top mentions from Best Wine Club were the brands:

  • Amazing discount
  • Insight into the wines taste and regions
  • Reliable and fair shipping and returns policies

Overall, Firstleaf tends to receive a favorable rating amongst many customers and reviewers.

Tried To Signup For Firstleafclub

Wine Subscription Box Compare First Leaf Wine Box vs Bright Cellars Wine Box | The Kitchen Witch

I tried to signup for Firstleaf.club after receiving their $29.95 offer for an initial order of 6 bottles of “award winning wine” plus free shipping. Long story short, I followed their signup directions, took their quiz, then tailored their 6 recommended bottles a bit to get 6 bottles that I thought I wouldn’t hate, at least. By the time I got to the checkout page the price had jumped from $29.95 to $39.95. I refused to buy based on this clear bait-and-switch tactic. I emailed their customer service department at firstleaf.club . Four days later still no response. Not a good sign when no one one answers the customer service email account. After that I found these reviews. Now I’m glad they didn’t answer as that likely saved me from getting ripped off royally! LOL

Reply from FirstleafReply from Firstleaf

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Wine Selection And Brands

Firstleaf prides itself in a winemaking team that travels the whole world to test high-quality wines. They work closely with both domestic and international wineries and winemakers, sampling over 10,000 wines annually. As a result, only about 2% of the wines reach members, while most are award-winning wines. Their wines have won over 2000 awards.

Nevertheless, Firstleaf is designed with the customer in mind.; Through their algorithm, they narrow down the customer preferences to match their palate. The wines sent to you match your tastes and likes, not those selected by the winemakers. The personalized selections allow the customer to swap wines they do not like. This aspect stands out.

Since the wines are sourced directly from the vineyards, customers enjoy top-notch wines at affordable pricing. In addition, Firstleaf finishing and bottling are done in California.

Firstleaf Wine Quiz Review

We went through the quiz to get an idea of how it works for this Firstleaf Wine Club Review.

The quiz consist of 9 questions, once complete Firstleaf analyzes over 100 different wines and 1 billion data points in order to select the perfect wine profile for you.

The first question is rather easy, and simply asks what type of wine you like to consume. Once you move on to the next question you will be confronted with how sweet you enjoy your wine.

The following questions in the Firstleaf Wine quiz will ask you about your regional preferences, expertise, likes & dislikes, along with how many bottles you consume on a monthly basis.

Once complete you will be asked for your email address so that the results can be sent your way.

Your curated wines will appear on the website, along with a large discount for your first order.

You can rest assured that Firstleaf has crunched the numbers and scoured the data in order to provide you with a selection of wines that you are sure to enjoy.

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Thoughts On Getting Started From A Wino:

Yay! A quiz! exact words that left my mouth.

An incredibly comprehensive quiz that made me think all my possible wine preferences had been explored before the recommendations were presented. Im glad I did it with someone, otherwise, Id probably still be taking it.

Its definitely a fun way to start a subscription box! Certainly feels tailored to their customers.

Specialty Wine Clubs Worth Exploring

Firstleaf Wine Club Review

Not every wine club that we think is great belongs on this list. Usually these are specialty clubs that we think are excellent, but not suitable for everyone. Here are our top 3 wine clubs that dont make this list but are absolutely worth joining.

SomMailier French Wine Club

French wine clubs in the US are rare. Great French clubs offering good value are like unicorns, and SomMailier is one of them. If youre wondering about their name, its a play on the words sommelier and mail, but pronounced like sommelier.

An eclectic but well-curated selection from Frances many regions including, but not limited to: Alsace, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Jura, Provence, Roussillon, and the Rhone Valley. Its a great way to sample better-quality French wine. Some clubs offer inexpensive French fare that doesnt accurately represent the quality and style of Frances great regions this isnt one of them.

Its not about Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne its about the unique family chateaux and vineyards throughout all of France. Easy-to-read cards include tasting notes, relevant winery history, and a primer on the region the bottle hails from .

We enthusiastically recommend this wine delivery service as a gift to anyone who loves French wine or wants to learn more about it. The packaging is lovely and carefully assembled, making a great presentation. A personalized note is included in the first shipment.

Read our SomMailier Review or join this wine club.

Roscioli Italian Wine Club

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Thoughts On Wine Suggestions From A Wino:

They listened to our preference for whites, so the quiz was useful there. Some of the flavor notes seem a little off. They included a Chardonnay, but maybe it will be unoaked.

Im impressed they picked out a Syrah since that is my favorite red. I hope thats a sign of a great algorithm and not just a fluke!

The Modern Wine Club Model Is Nearly Perfect In Winc’s Hands From Its Large And On

  • Subscription frequency: Every month

  • Shipping fee: $9 for orders of three bottles or fewer; free for orders of four bottles or more

  • A la carte shop: Yes

Pros: Wines are all based on consumer interests and trends, easy-to-navigate interface, many varietals

Cons: Wine info and notes are only online, a la carte stock goes quickly

As a new member at Winc, you start by taking a quick quiz that asks about your tastes and preferences. Then you’re matched up with wines that align with your “Palate Profile,” and from there you can create your own cart of wine selections. In addition to the suggestions presented to you, you can browse by category. The shop features clear ratings from other members and easy-to-digest descriptions of each wine.

This design provides a good balance of guidance and personalization you get suggestions but you also have the freedom to pick out other wines that catch your eye.;

Winc works directly with vineyards and makes all the wines it sells, producing over 664 wines from 78 grape varieties and 97 regions across 12 different countries since launch. You may see some of these wines also sold at Whole Foods, Vons, and Kroger stores. Since Winc uses subscriber data and ratings to inform new wine production, the wine you see will line right up with emerging trends.;

On the downside, this rapid production model means it can be hard to re-purchase some of your favorites, so it’s best not to get too attached to a particular bottle.;

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What’s The Difference Between Champagne And Sparkling Wine

All Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. Champagne refers specifically to sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France. Because of this geographic distinction, that means there are only certain grapes ;like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir ;that can be used to make Champagne.

Thing Not To Love About Firstleaf


via: Pexels / Josie Stephens

Even though there were several things we loved about Firstleaf, no subscription service is perfect.

Here’s 1 thing not to love about Firstleaf:

1. Nichelessness

via: Pexels / Kaboompics .com

Customizable wine subscriptions are a dime a dozen, but each offers something that the others dont except for Firstleaf. Some focus on rare wines, some on wines with remarkable origins, and some make their own wines. Firstleaf makes buying great wine easy like other companies that offer a unique approach to wine curation.

This can, of course, be a plus point too if you are always on for an adventure.

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The History Of Firstleaf Wine Club

The founder of the Firstleaf Wine Club is Philip James. His objective was to develop a business that partnered with winemakers and wineries to procure fine wines for a customer base and keeping the costs low by avoiding a middleman and becoming the company which finds the wines then offers them to the consumers at a reasonable price. This is how the company was formed. While the subscription based service has cut out the middlemen, they in essence have taken that position, however, some wines change hands multiple times so even though they are a middle layer, their procurement of the products do cut out some of the handlers.

What Subscription Plans Are Available For Firstleaf Vs Winc

Subscription plans can make or break joining a wine club, and one of the most important aspects compared between clubs:

  • Winc has a Monthly Plan and an Insider Plan. The basic monthly plan costs around $39 per month for three full-size bottles, with the option to add on additional bottles for $13 and up each, depending on the wine. The Insider Membership costs $59 per month and gives you membership credits, which can be used towards purchasing add on or individual wines.
  • Firstleaf has one membership level after an introductory box. After taking your first quiz, youll be shipped what is classified as an introductory box, at a fee of ten dollars. After that first box, membership costs around $90 per shipment, which works out to about fifteen dollars per wine. In addition, you can do an a la carte option, which costs fifteen dollars per bottle with a six-bottle wine package.

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Bad Reviews & Complaints:

No monthly wine club has a 100% rating. Heres what people dont like about Winc:

You can probably do just as well or frankly better at Trader Joes for the money in addition to the high shipping expense. Ryan C via Yelp

  • Their $13+ bottles of wine arent mind-blowing, some reviews describe them as mediocre overpriced, or at worst undrinkable
  • Its inconvenient to cancel your subscription
  • You may have to sign for the package in some states

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