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How To Ship Wine Glasses

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How To Ship Glass Across The Country

Shipping Drinking Glasses

If you know how to ship glass safely, it doesnt have to be a stressful experience.

As long as you have the right boxes, packing material, and labels, your glass can make it to its destination in one piece. You can also choose;rush or on demand;shipping if you want your glass to spend as little time in the mail as possible.

Still looking for the best shipping option for your glassware?

Take a look at;some of our services;to find what works for you.

Parts Of A Wine Glass

Before we get started, heres a quick reminder of each part of the wine glass. Each part should have its own padding or wrapping as distributes weight differently.

  • Rim: the top opening of the glass
  • Bowl: widest section of the glass, which varies in size based on the type
  • Stem: the long support beneath the bowl
  • Foot: circular base of the stem
  • Now lets dive a bit deeper into prepping everything from wine glasses, champagne flutes, and antique crystal flutes to your favorite wine bottles before moving day. Utilizing this and other moving tips and tricks can make the packing process fast and stress-free.

    Other Tips For Packing And Moving Glassware

    • Make sure you have insurance ;Worried about breaking or losing glassware during the move? Look into your homeowners insurance policy to see whether or not it covers items while they are being moved. If using a professional moving company, consider purchasing comprehensive valuation coverage. If youre planning to move a lot of glassware, you can always purchase additional insurance as well. For more information on moving insurance, check here.
    • Use small or medium size boxes ;Using large moving boxes to carry fragile glassware is never a good idea. The reason? Its easier to over-pack glassware when using a large box, making it harder to carry and the contents more likely to break.
    • Use washcloths and small blankets ;If you run out of packing paper, we recommend filling in the empty space with washcloths and soft blankets. This should provide ample protection for your items.
    • Wash glasses after unpacking ;After moving, we highly recommend washing your wine glasses prior to using them. After all, theyve been sitting on a hot truck in a cardboard box and could probably use a good clean to make them sparkle in your new bar cabinets.

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    Simple Tips On How To Ship Stemware

    Stemware, such as wine glasses, Champagne flutes, martini glasses, and goblets, can be bothersome to ship.; They are fragile and can break easily.; Below are some simple tips on how to pack stemware properly so that these precious crystal and glass arrive safely in its new destination.

    Start by acquiring the proper packing container for stemware. Cell boxes are the best packing container for stemware. They are thick cardboard boxes with dividers in them so that each breakable piece is held individually. Cell boxes are usually available in moving supply stores. You can also use the original packaging or just make the cells yourself using cardboard strips arranged in a criss-cross manner.

    Make sure to use a box that is just the right height for your stemware so that there isnt too much extra space. Usually, small moving boxes will do but you should still check your stemware as wine glasses, goblets, champagne flutes, and other crystal come in various shapes and sizes.

    Pack the stemware in an upright position, placing each piece in its cell divider stem first. Never pack stemware on its side as it is the fastest way to break them. An extra layer of bubble wrap could be used to make each stemware fit tightly enough in its cell and give extra cushion and protection.

    Address the package and take to your local post office of the shipping company.

    Make Sure To Write Fragile All Over The Box

    Etched Wine Glasses Sailing Ship FREE SHIPPING

    It wont do to mark your box as fragile on only one side of the container. Shipping service agents and;movers rarely bat an eye to anything that isnt immediately visible to the naked eye.;And if something does happen, blaming them will only take you so far, so it is best to be safe and write the word in big, bold letters all over the box. This will ensure that heavier boxes arent piled on top of them for long periods of time, potentially ruining all the previous hard work.

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    Wrap Identical Glasses 2 At A Time

    If you have large sheets of paper, you can save packaging materials by wrapping two glasses in one sheet. This works best if the glasses are the same size. Follow the above instructions, and once you’ve used half the paper sheet and the first glass is fully wrapped and protected, add the second glass next to it and continue wrapping, stuffing the paper ends into the second glass’s opening.

    Wrap The Glass In Bubble Wrap

    Wrap your glass item in a layer of packing paper or newspaper and secure it in place with a piece of tape. Then wrap the glass in several layers of bubble wrap and tape it in place. Your glass should be covered in three to four layers of bubble wrap when youre done.

    If youre shipping more than one glass item, make sure you buy a box with partitions. This will keep your glass from hitting each other and damaging themselves during the shipping process.

    You can buy a partitioned box at a shipping supply store, or you can make one yourself by adding pieces of cardboard inside the box. If youre using a partitioned box, you dont have to wrap your glass with as many layers of bubble wrap.

    One layer of paper and one to two layers of bubble wrap should do the trick.

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    Count And Record All Stemware

    Whether you plan to hire professional movers or move yourself, its important to keep track of all inventory when transporting belongings to a new home. In addition to writing down a list of items, we recommend taking photos to document each glasss condition. Having photos and a written record of all items on-hand makes it easier to file a claim against your moving company in case they break or damage the glassware while moving. It also makes it easier for you to keep up with your belongings throughout the hectic move. After all, if youre moving a truck full of boxes, you may not even notice that something has gone missing when unpacking.

    Pad The Glasses With Bubble Wrap But Only Once It Has Been Wrapped With Tissue Paper

    How to ship glass fragile items, ebay, etsy, Mercari, packing tips

    Using bubble paper to wrap your wine glasses definitely adds another layer of protection for the vessels,;but do remember that if you dont use tissue paper first,;this can lead to an increase in the chance of your glasses breaking. This is because due to certain mysterious physical conditions, the bubble paper does not cushion the glass adequately when used alone.

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    Do Not Use Newspapers For Packing Invest In Packing Or Tissue Paper Instead

    Many rely on the old newspaper to save on the costs for stuffing material while packing, but they;fail to realize that the ink from these newspapers can easily wear off in the time it reaches your home.;These newspapers can also be slightly greasy, and this will rub off on the glasses as well. Thus, it might be worth investing in some packing and tissue paper because, as will be shown in the following tips, you will likely need a lot of it.

    Use White Tissue Papers Not Newspapers

    The ink from newspapers can easily smear on your glasses, leaving you with a lot of clean up to do when youd rather just unpack and enjoy a celebratory glass. Instead, re-use or buy a new stack of white tissue paper for the occasion. You dont need to go crazy with each glass, just one sheet will be enough to protect them from scratches or dings!

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    Use Paper To Wrap Your Wine Glasses

    Crystal wine glasses need to be wrapped in paper, but not newspaper. When you wrap them in newspaper the ink from the paper will transfer to the glass and you will have to scrub them to get them clean. They may survive the move, but end up broken from all the scrubbing.

    Instead of using newspaper, choose white tissue paper for wrapping your wine glasses. You want to use a separate sheet for each glass. Start the glass at an angle on one of the corners and roll it up. Then, you can simply fold the ends and you have a well wrapped wine glass ready to be packed.

    Packing Without Cell Boxes

    Set of four Javit Fine Etched crystal Wine glasses ...

    While cell boxes are the best solution and available from your moving company, if you waited until the last minute, these may not be available. If this is the case, you can try calling your moving company and having them come take over the packing. However, if this isn’t an option, you need a way to pack your wine bottles and glasses without a cell box.

    Start by wrapping your wine glasses in a brown paper bag, if you don’t have any tissue paper handy. Then, you need to create your own “cells” inside a box to keep the bottles and glasses from rattling. Styrofoam plates work great for creating your own cells. Just make sure you cushion the bottom of the box, as well. You can even use a sweatshirt to cushion the box, in a pinch.

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    Choose A Strong Wine Box

    Shipping companies set reinforced cardboard boxes with wine bottle separators as well as sleeves and cases for individual boxes. Base your choice on the value of your collection.

    Less-expensive bottles can be packed similarly to your wine glasses:

  • Secure the bottom of the box with extra cardboard and tape before beginning
  • Wrap each bottle in several sheets of packing paper, tucking in the ends and securing with tape
  • Place wrapped bottles into individual cardboard cells
  • Top off with bubble wrap
  • Secure box with tape
  • Pricier bottles in your collection are best kept in individual wine cases that then stack within reinforced boxes. Wooden crates and boxes that came with the wine are also good alternatives, as they often include space for additional padding and provide a more eco-friendly option than styrofoam.

    Wine Shipping Containers Are The Best

    Transporting wine bottles requires that you have a certain awareness of how each bottle needs to be treated. Most of the time they should be transported at a certain temperature, and without too much shaking a feat that can be difficult to achieve in a traditional moving truck scenario. Wine shipping containers are truly the best way to safely move your collection without disturbing the quality of each wine, but in case you dont have the opportunity to use them, cell boxes or even wine boxes from the liquor store can be an acceptable alternative. If you decide to use a luxury moving company, they will be able to assist you in packing your collection carefully and well.

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    How To Send Wine Bottles Safely To Another Point

    but the lack of time and the expense of travel will put you back. You will see that the most logical solution will be to send bottles by parcel in the best glass carrier. It is due to the fact that glass bottle carriers are a perfect way to secure the fragile nature of glass. Through these carriers, you will be able to deliver glass bottles of wine in the safest manner.

    Purchase The Right Moving Supplies And Assemble Boxes Correctly

    How To Wrap A Wine Glass to Safely Ship

    Safely packing and moving wine glasses all starts with the right moving boxes and supplies. Whatever you do, dont just throw wine glasses in a box and hope for the best. Without properly packing your fragile stemware, wine glasses will almost certainly crack or break during the move. Fortunately, there are plenty of supplies available to make packing glassware as easy as 1-2-3. All youll need are sturdy, corrugated cardboard moving boxes, glassware dividers and partition kits to separate glasses, packing paper, packing tape, foam pouches and a sharpie marker. Once you have the right supplies, assemble each box and add an extra layer of cushioning on the bottom. Then, insert cardboard glassware dividers inside. These cellular, cardboard dividers are an excellent way to prevent glasses from hitting one another while in-transit.

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    How To Pack Glasses For Moving: Step

    Find below the best way to pack glasses when moving regardless of whether those glassware items have stems or not. Well pay special attention to packing wine glasses because of their extremely delicate stems the connecting parts of stemware pieces where they usually get broken in two.

    Hopefully, you will have prepared by now the required packing materials and will have also inspected and sorted all the glass breakables in your kitchen. And if that is the case, then lets start packing those glasses.

    Step #1: Reinforce. Use packing tape to reinforce the bottom of each cardboard box you plan to use for storing glassware during the move. Do this even when youre using brand new packing boxes, including specialized dish boxes.

    This is just a precautionary measure, and skipping this step does not necessarily mean that any of the boxes will break, it only means that it might. Nevertheless, why risk it when you can stay comfortably on the safe side of things?

    Bubble wrap should be your best friend when youre packing glasses for a move.

    Step #2: Insulate. Crumple a few sheets of newspaper and place it on the bottom of each dish box to create an insulation layer that should be able to absorb any big shocks or vibrations during transportation. A few sheets of bubble wrap will also do a good job in forming a soft protective layer on the bottom of the box, but its the costlier method of the two because bubble wrap costs money while newspapers are virtually free.

    How To Pack And Ship Glass Items When Moving

    Relocating with our Van Delivery Service is the easiest way to transport small or big glass products together with other belongings. Even though there are no packaging restrictions when booking this service, we still recommend protecting the goods with cushioning when shipping glass items, as follows:

    • Protect your smaller glass items such as glassware, wine glasses, bottles, or jars with cushioning material. If possible, put them into a cardboard box to prevent them from shifting around during transit.
    • When packing bulkier glass products, cover them with moving blankets and secure the cushioning with tape or rope.
    • If you need additional help for loading and unloading the items, please inform us beforehand.


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    Tips For Safely Packing Wine Glasses And Bottles

    Books? Check. Clothes? No problem. Packing the bulkier soft goods is no big feat, but what are you supposed to do when it comes time to move your wine collection and assortment of crystal and champagne flutes? Youre well aware that the crystal glasses from your wedding, or that bottle of wine youve been saving for a special occasion, could be easily damaged by undue bumping around. So unless youre having your movers pack everything, youll need to take special care to be sure your precious collection is moved properly to avoid breakage and to preserve the character of the wine. Here are our tips on how to prepare your collection for moving day.

    Label Fragile On The Boxes

    Nautical Etched Ship on Crystal Bar Glass Decanter & Wine ...

    You want to make sure the movers treat your wine bottles and glasses with care. Label the outside of each box with “Fragile” stickers to ensure they understand it’s necessary to treat those boxes with extra care.

    Use these tips to better pack your wine bottles and glasses for moving. If you’re unsure or you just want to make sure everything arrives safely, hire a professional moving company to pack your items, move them and unpack for you.

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    Gather The Right Packing Supplies

    The best way to pack wine glasses and any fragile items for that matter always begins with the highest-quality packing supplies. If youre having trouble finding specifics, check in with your moving company to rent or purchase the newest and most trusted professional materials on the market. Your local liquor and hardware store may also have the specific separators necessary for packing wine glasses.

    For both packing wine glasses and bottles, youll need:

    • Heavy-duty cardboard packing boxes
    • Materials for inventory list

    What Types Of Wine Shipping Boxes And Supplies Do We Offer

    It might be faster to ask what we dont offer.

    Wine carriers, wooden wine boxes, gift bags, and our signature corrugated shipping boxes are just a few of the products we sell.

    Spirited Shipper has the largest selection of wine and spirit shipping boxes in the shipping industry. So whatever your needs are, youll find what youre looking for here. We manufacture and carry 750ml and liter bottle shippers for anywhere from one to twelve bottles, magnum shippers for 1 to 6 bottles, and 375 ml bottle and beer bottle shippers for 1 to 8 bottles.

    Our patented wine shipping boxes are utilized for olive oil, coffee and other beverages, decorative bottles, and more. In short, anything fragile or glass. What will you ship first?

    And dont forget to have your boxes customized using our in-house screen-printing services. More than just a fun way to spice up a delivery to a friend, this optional feature adds value to whatever youre shipping. Imprint your packaging with a custom logo or company name to impress clients and close deals. The applications for this are virtually endless. Wineries and corporate gifting programs often take advantage of this add-on.

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