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Wine Country In Italy

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Italian Wine Labels And Designations

Siena and Tuscany’s Wine Country

As you stare at countless names and labels of wines in the store, its easy to get confused between the many ways that the labels are classified. Honestly, who can blame us for picking whatever cool and clever label strikes our aesthetic? But wine isnt about art, though crafting it is certainly an art .

So, just which wine is premium and which is ordinary? How can you tell how a bottle of Italian wine has been produced? These are natural questions that any curious wine taster may ask.

In Europe, especially, wine-producing regions classify each bottle to reflect the quality of the wine. Similar to the strict food guidelines and designations of DOP and IGP, Italian wine types are similarly classified as DOC , DOCG , IGT, and VdT.

While DOC and DOCG indicate strict rules of production , IGT implies the usage of foreign grapes or non-strict production, and VdT refers to table wines that are assumed to be of the lowest quality.

What Is The Best Italian Wine

Very generally speaking, Piedmont’s and Tuscany’s regions are considered to produce some of Italy’s greatest wines. However, Italy’s wine production is so vast and varied, nominating any one region as the best is a recipe for antagonism. Even within Piedmont, could challenge Barolo, and in Tuscany, and could challenge Chianti.

Some will point to , others the idiosyncratic wines of or . For others, it’s the producers more than the regions.

For others still, the best Italian wine is quite simply the one you’re about to open.

Different Wine Styles Produced In Italy

Sangiovese grapes are used to make Italian wine. There is also Italian wine known as amaretino, which is produced using local Italian grapes.

Italian wines may be produced from international grapes like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, too. These grape types will provide an individual flavor and flair to the Italian wine.

The soil, climate, altitude, and grape varietals in each region produce various Italian wines with distinct characteristics owing to the local conditions. Tuscanys Italian Wine has a fruitier profile than Piedmonts. Vencan Italian Wine is richer than Sicilian wine, while Puglian wine is richer than Sicilys.

Wines from diverse Italian areas are distinctive, yet theyre just as nice and pleasurable on their own.

Chianti is well-known in Tuscany for its Sangiovese-based wines, which highlight the finest qualities of this treasured Italian grape variety. The unique characteristics of these wines come from Puglia keys winemakers being made of Italian grapes, which flourish in the hot Italian sun.

Meanwhile, wines coming from Italys oldest wine regions of Campania feature Italian grape varietals that grow on volcanic soil.

Super Tuscans are blends of local and non-indigenous grapes like as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Some of the most beautiful Super Tuscan wines include Tignanello, Masseto, Solaia, and Sassicaia.

There are 350 varieties recognized in the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forests including many grape varieties.

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Valtellina Home Of The Lombardian Reds

Without a doubt, Lombardys best and most powerful red wines come from Valtellina, in the far north. The Valtellina stretches from west to east along the Adda River near the town of Sondrio and the spa town of Bormio. The main grape cultivated here is the Chiavennasca, the local name for Nebbiolo . The vineyards are unique in that they are located on extremely steep hillsides and terraced. Wineries have to send their staff nearly mountain climbing at harvest time! Famous producers include Nino Negri and Triacca and Conti Sertoli Salis, Rainaldo, Mamete Prevostini, Arpepe, and Sandro Fay. Winemaking here is done on a small artisan scale and is quite high-end and high quality. Wine tourism as a concept is only starting to take off, and the region is a delight for wine-loving tourists looking for undiscovered gems.

Ranked: The Top Ten Countries And Regions For Wine Lovers

Italy Wine country ð?· Photo by @theplanetd

The creak of the corkscrew The pop of the cork The glug-glug-glug of the pour Its a beloved ritual repeated endlessly around the world every day. Indeed, in 2021 global wine consumption across red, white and rose varieties was estimated to be around 236 million hectoliters thats a lot of grapes.

Good friends, better wine. The perfect recipe for any vacation.


Unsurprisingly then, the wine tourism industry is booming. Entire regions have been reinvented as vacation destinations, vineyards have developed into hotels and full-blown experience resorts, and the range and choice of where to visit has become overwhelming. Which is why Compare the Market has selflessly done the hard miles for us, analyzing data across number of grape varieties, vineyard size, wine production and consumption rates alongside critic scores, prices and world rankings of the most popular wine in each country and region to create a comprehensive ranking of the worlds best wine destinations.

Cote de Beaune vineyards in Burgundy, where the views are almost as good as the wine.


Want to try the number one ranked wine region in the world? Then youll need to book tickets to France and head for Burgundy, whose Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, ranks eighth in the world wine list with a critic score of 98 but an eye-watering price of just over $25,000 a bottle.

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The Wine Regions Of Northern Italy

Similarly, Veneto‘s vast output of Prosecco, Soave, Valpolicella and varietal Pinot Grigio does little to boost its reputation as a fine wine region, and yet it produces one of the world’s richest, finest wines: .

In the very northeast, marks not only the blurred boundary between Italy and the countries of and but also hosts both a high-quality, often , wine industry alongside a more cult, minimal intervention wine scene in the likes of on the border with Slovenia.

Alpine and Valle d’Aosta are similar , with cultural and winemaking influences from across the border in Austria and respectively as well as boasting something of a cult following.

Between the two, Piedmont should need little introduction while has a now well-established reputation for sparkling wines, primarily due to the global fortunes of the -influenced .

Although would appear to have it all a range of interesting grape varieties , a dramatic and highly evocative coastal scenery and small-scale production it remains rarely seen outside of its domestic market. , meanwhile, has yet to relive the fortunes of the once-favored sparkling wines despite producing a range of wines worthy of greater attention.

Dinner At The Top Of Monte Subasio

While in Umbira theres a good chance that you will also visit Assisi, located on the slopes of Monte Subasio, but you dont want to hang out on the mounts slopes, you want to head for the peak. At the top of Monte Subasio is a small campground and in typical Italian fashion this campground has a restaurant, Fontemaggio. It looks like a quaint hunting lodge with the wood fired grill in plain sight right in the middle of the dining room, but you are in for an incredible meal. The menu focuses on traditional Umbrian fare and takes full advantage of the grill, plus the house wine flows.

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Wine Tourism In Italy

Italy wine country is one of the dream destinations for wine lovers. Millions of people every year are making their dream come true by visiting Italy wine regions, where they enjoy unique wine tourism experiences. Wine tourism in Italy is based on long-lasting traditions of winemaking, amazing food, breathtaking landscapes, and historic and innovative wineries. offers a diversity of experiences in different wine regions of Italy. Our local partners in every region guarantee memorable experiences for everybody.

Discover some of the best wine tasting tours in Italy

Guide To The Best Wine Regions In Italy

Discover The Wines of Southern Italy in HD

If Italys rich heritage, dazzling artistry, and glorious scenery are not enough to interest you, then its magnificent food and world-class wine will definitely keep you coming back to this stunning country.

We are huge fans of Italian wine and were eager to share with you the best wine regions in Italy. Wine and Italy are synonymous, and this relationship goes back as far as 4000 years.

It is no surprise, then, that the countrys wine culture is not only sophisticated but also envied and, arguably remains unrivaled, throughout the world.

A visit to this country is wholly incomplete without going on a few wine tasting tours. To guide you in your exploits in finding the best of Italy, we have compiled a list of the countrys top wine tasting destinations.

If youre hitting up Italy as part of a larger trip to Europe, be sure to check out our 2-week Europe Itinerary.

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A Small Group Wine Tour From Venice

Join a small group tour discovering the beautiful vineyards near Venice. You’ll get to try some of the greatest wines from the Veneto region from Prosecco to Pinot Grigio.

Not only is the wine excellent but you’ll also enjoy beautiful scenery and take a tour of the winery and the cellars all in the company of an expert, English speaking guide.

History Of Wine In Italy

Italy has a climate suitable for viticulture and wine history dates back more than 4,000 years. One of the most diverse winemaking countries in the world, Italy is also known as Oenotria, meaning the land of wine.

Grapes are easily cultivated here and this makes wine production easy and convenient. The Greeks began wine cultivation and were followed by Romans who took an interest in the skills.

With a rise in Catholicism and the increasing importance of wine, Italy continues to refine winemaking techniques and has cemented a strong reputation across the world for making excellent quality wines.

Take a look at the Italian wine map and you will realize how prominent wine is in the food and culture of Italy. One cannot think of Italy without thinking about its wine.

This is when the modern era of wine production started. Today, wines are more popular and varied than ever.

You will find a wide range of Italian wines varying from white , sparkling wines, and red wines made in different styles for consumers around the world.

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Top Winery To Visit In Veneto Le Bignele Cantina & Alloggio

Between Lake Garda and splendid Verona, you can meet the Bignele winery for an incredible Valpolicella wine experience. The Aldrighetti family has been cultivating the Valpolicella territory for over 5 generations, and are more than happy to meet you and guide you through their cellars, commented wine tastings and amazing food pairings!

Find plenty of great wine tastings and tours in Veneto vineyards!

What To Visit In Tuscany

Detailed Italian Wine Regions Map

Tuscany, Italy, is more than just a wine region: it is where most talented artist, painters and sculptors were inspired to create masterpiece during the Renaissance. Cities like Florence, Pisa and Siena are where you will experience the complete Renaissance experience , but other less-famous cities like Arezzo have just as much to offer. Discover all the top places to visit in Tuscany for a great Tuscan stay!

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Key Italy Wine Regions

Italys 20 wine regions correspond to the countrys administrational regions, as every region produces some form of wine. However, the varieties are diverse, as Italys geography stretches from Alpine territory in the north, all the way down to the hot and dry southern temperatures, reaching the top of Africa.

Whats more, there are 350 official Italian wine varieties and an estimated 2,000 different Italian grapes so familiarizing yourself with all the different wines to try is no easy task. This list names each wine-producing region of Italy and what that region is known for, the grapes and the wines produced from them, structured roughly from north to south, with Sardinia and Sicily at the end.

Chianti Siena Florence And In Between

This region, which comes under the umbrella designation of Chianti, was one of the first Italian wines to go global, and encompasses a whole host of types of vino, from straw-wrapped carafe-worthy inexpensive productions, to some of the worlds best at legendary vineyards like Mazzei and Fontodi. At spots like Castello di Ama, the vintages come alongside a museum-worthy art collection, while around medieval villages like Panzano, newcomers include Tenuta degli Dei, helmed by a Cavalli family member and with increasingly sought-after organic blends.

Eat: Butcher Dario Cecchini has become a legend for good reason: he is the king of the bistecca alla Fiorentinaa Tuscan mustand has the kind of personality that can only be described as worthy of Italian theater.

Stay:Vitigliano Relais and Spa debuted in 2015, and gets top marks for mixing details like huge rain showers and standalone tubs with original Tuscan architecture its impressive wine cantina, housed in the foundations of the main building, makes evenings spent on site that much better.

P.S.Picturesque small villages in the Maremma, like Scansano and Pitigliano, are less well known than their Chianti counterparts, but produce some interesting vintages, like Morellino di Scansano, all their own.

Vitigliano Relais and Spa has rain showers, standalone tubs, and much, much more.

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Glossary For Italian Wine

Lets begin with some basic terminology for understanding the different wines and wines regions in Italy. Theres more below on understanding Italian wine labels but here are some basic terms to help you in ordering wine in a restaurant or DIY your own wine tour. To go a little deeper, here is a good guide we found on wine terms.

  • Vino bianco: white wine

  • Vino rosato: rosé wine

  • Vino rosso: red wine

  • Classico classic, often used in reference to a historic wine region or a traditional style. Sometimes a geographic territory designation.

  • Superiore superior a wine of a somewhat higher standardmost commonly slightly riper grapes

  • Riserva reserve a wine of longer aging and usually higher quality

Visit The Famed Wine Region Of Vittoria Sicily

Better Than Tuscany? Check Out Our Piedmont and Barolo Wine Adventure!

Sicilian wine is having a moment right now. The wines of Mt. Etna seem to be everywhere and people are beginning to rediscover how special this unique islands food and drink really are. But the only wine region on the entire island to receive DOCG status which is the governments strictest regulation reserved for its most celebrated wines is Vittoria. The wine is a blend of Nero dAvola and Frappato and it is known for its finesse if you like light wines like Pinot Noir and Gamay, this is your jam. The wine does well with a slight chill, and is perfect for sipping while sitting under the warm Mediterranean sun.

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Map Of Italian Wine Regions

Explore the map of Italian wine regions and major wine varieties. Learn about the 20 Italian wine regions and which ones to try first when delving into Italian wines.

New Guide: Discover delicious Italian wines and beautiful regions in the newly released Alto Adige Region Guide.

Italian wine is one of the most difficult regions to get to know. Why? Well for one, the Italians use an esoteric .

But thats not even the biggest problem in terms of familiarizing yourself with Italian wines. The hardest part is learning all the different grape varieties. At the moment, there are about 350 official Italian wine varieties. There have been rumors that over 2,000 different Italian grapes exist, but this might be a bit of an exaggeration something Italians do well.

Vino Cotto And Vincotto

Vino cotto is a form of wine from the and Abruzzo regions in Central Italy. It is typically made by individuals for their own use as it cannot legally be sold as wine. The must, from any of several local varieties of grapes, is heated in a copper vessel where it is reduced in volume by up to a third before fermenting in old wooden barrels. It can be aged for years, barrels being topped up with each harvest. It is a strong ruby-coloured wine, somewhat similar to Madeira, usually drunk with sweet puddings.

Vincotto, typically from Basilicata and Apulia, also starts as a cooked must but is not fermented, resulting in a sweet syrup suitable for the preparation of sweets and soft drinks. Once reduced and allowed to cool it is aged in storage for a few years.

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Cantini Zeni E Museum Del Vino

The highest-rated winery in the Veneto region on TripAdvisor, Cantini Zeni has both a small, history-of-wine-making museum room and a variety of options for wine tasting. Located in Bardolino, Cantini Zeni is a great option for budget-friendly travelers since they have a limited selection of free tastings. If you want to try the more premium wines, then each taste ranges from 3 to 4. Cantini Zeni is most famous for veronese classics like Bardolino, Custoza, Lugana, Soave and Valpolicella.

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Classifications In Various Italian Wine Regions

Wine country

Some Italian wines have elaborate official marks in their necks of them. Described in Italian as fascetta, this Italian seal also contains either the following letters: DOC or DOCG .

Why does each of those letters mean something? Who is reading this?

We need to learn about Italian wines 101 to understand the Italian wines on the labels. Lets see what italic wine can be for you.

An Italian appellation system was officially launched in 1963 and modified according to EU Regulations in 2010 to categorize Italian wines. The terminology may help you in the read if you know an Italian wine label or menu.

  • The GC-An abbreviation of the Distribution of Controlling Origin: There are 74 DOCGs available in Italy, with the most recent debuting in 2011.
  • Riserva: Describes a long-aged or unusual wine, although rules differ depending on denominational divisions.
  • Superiore: A higher quality designation that is generally accompanied by a local.

Knowing each of these is essential before you sample and tour any of the Italian wine regions mentioned herein.

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