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What Are Some Good Wine Coolers

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Meet Your Bottles’ Precise Storage Needs

Wine Cooler: Best Wine Cooler (Buying Guide)
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Whether you prefer white wine, red wine, or a dazzling glass of rosé, one thing holds true: wine should be stored well. Otherwise, the entire sipping experience is at risk, as peachy, oaky, or earthy notes can deteriorate right in the bottle. You could build an entire cellar for wine in your home, but a high-quality wine fridge is typically a much easier, cheaper, and even stylish option. You can install it amongst your countertops for a streamlined look, thanks to a built-in design, or in a living room corner, if you opt for a freestanding pick.

The best part? Some wine fridges have multiple zones for storing different types of wine in their most ideal environment. One zone can be set to a cooler temperature than the other, so you can keep white wines chilled without ruining the flavors of your red wines. Any connoisseur will likely applaud the feat of engineering, as well as the capacity range for wine fridges. There are appliances that’ll comfortably store eight Bordeaux bottles at a time, and others that’ll be a temperature-controlled oasis for 200 or more bottles, mimicking an expansive wine cellar.

Bottle Capacity: 57 | Zones: 1 | Width: 23.75 inches | Depth: 25 inches | Installation Type: Freestanding | Defrost Type: Frost free

Aaobosi 24 Inch Dual Zone Beverage And Wine Cooler

  • Chill your wines and drinks for the perfect taste with AAOBOSI 24 Inch Beverage and Wine Cooler Dual Zone 2-IN-1 Drinking Glass! Featuring a temperature range of 35.6-50, you can control the dual zones independently, meaning that you get to enjoy your favorite drinks at exactly what is best for them!
  • This beverage cooler offers two large storage racks that are adjustable which makes it great for storing both wine and beverages together. The safety lock is available on this product so no need to worry about locking your valuable possessions up out of reach when not in use.
  • AAOBOSI 24-inch Dual Zone Beverage and Wine Cooler is being considered one of the best cooling products for self-storage. With an advanced temperature control system, you can easily control two zones independently to provide wines with the right environment so you can get the perfect taste.
  • Built-in or freestanding installation, the sleek stainless steel appearance catches your eye. Quiet and quick cooling with high efficiency each zone is illuminated by blue LEDs to create a modern look.

The Best Wine Fridges And Coolers

This Haier HWS42GDAU1 combines elegance and practicality, with enough space and gorgeous lighting to keep the rosé flowing all summer and the mulled wine at an optimum temperature all winter. With space for 42 bottles across two customisable temperature zones, youll be able to enjoy all your favorite beverages thanks to your sleek new purchase.

The warm LED lighting of this fridge will frame your wine collection perfectly, making this cooler the envy of all of your friends and family. The spotlight effect of the lights means that the whole fridge will be illuminated from top to bottom so that no bottle is left unattended to.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen or basement, the handles can be reserved on this model to suit you, though, like the installation of this cooler, this is likely a two-person job. The freestanding design means that you can place this cooler under your countertops or arrange your room so it catches attention stood alone.

Temperature zones are sure to be a must-have feature for any serious wine connoisseur, and with this fridge, you can alter the temperature between 5°C and 20°C in two custom compartments. The lockable feature on this fridge is also a practical addition for anyone who fears wandering hands near their collection, as well as an alarm that sounds when the door has been open for 60 seconds, in order to maintain the temperature.

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Tips To Choose The Best Under Counter Wine Cooler

An under counter wine cooler is probably the most ideal alternative in your home. Be that as it may, to pick the best under counter wine coolers isnt simple.

Here we will give a few hints to assist you with getting the best under counter wine coolers.


This is likely the main interesting point when you purchase an undercounter wine cooler. Not at all like the freestyle models, coordinated models are accessible with the counter.

Whenever they are underlying, you wont take them out without any problem. So you should have definite estimations of your ideal area prepared when you show up at the store . With the estimations set up, at any rate you can know whether it will fit or not.

The best undercounter wine coolers is the one that finds a way into your home.

Storage Capacity

Make certain the complete limit of the coolers on your waitlist gels with your requirements. In case youre gotten between two sizes, consistently settle on the huge one if conceivable.

We say if conceivable since you additionally need to consider the general size of the cooler and whether you have the space for it in the kitchen.

Discover a harmony among limit and measurements.

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Single-Zone Vs Dual-Zone

On the off chance that you need to store just red or white wine, a solitary zone cooler functions admirably.

At the point when you regularly drink red and white wines and you need them chilled for momentary utilization, a double zone cooler is fundamental.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Popular Wine Coolers

Best Wine Cooler Refrigerator 24 Inch Wide

Browse the top-ranked list of popular wine coolers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Product Description

    The Wine-Mate 6500HZD-DE is a partially ductable version of our popular HZD stand alone cooling system. This cooling unit is designed to provide a stable temperature up to 50~65°F – perfect for long term wine storage. By upgrading the fan and ducting this unit, the main cooling system and control panel remain in your wine room, but your hot condenser exhaust air can be exhausted up to 25′ feet away to another room or to the outside. The humidity range of the refrigerated space can be maintained within 50~75%.See all Wine Coolers

    Product Description

    The Wine-Mate 6500HZD-DE is a partially ductable version of our popular HZD stand alone cooling system. This cooling unit is designed to provide a stable temperature up to 50~65°F – perfect for long term wine storage. By upgrading the fan and ducting this unit, the main cooling system and control panel remain in your wine room, but your hot condenser exhaust air can be exhausted up to 25′ feet away to another room or to the outside. The humidity range of the refrigerated space can be maintained within 50~75%.$4,499.99Your price for this item is $4,499.99Add to Cart

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    Koolatron Wc24mg Urban Series 24 Bottle Dual Zone Cooler

    • The Koolatron WC24MG is a freestanding thermoelectric wine cooler with a dual zone temperature control system to keep your favorite wines perfectly chilled. Tap the digital display to adjust the temperature settings or turn on the interior LED light, and place it anywhere there is power using its cord. Recommend for placement in full-service restaurants, shops, wine collectors homes, or entertainment venues where space permits.
    • A petite cooler can never stock too many bottles of wine at one time youll be able to hold up to 24 plus with this impressive piece! Built-in thermostats mean that you only need one unit for every room no more huddling over fridges that are taking up precious storage space.
    • The separate upper and lower cooling zones each hold 12 bottles of wine at an optimal storage temperature . With its beautiful, compact design, it will suit your décor easily-so you can place the cooler anywhere theres power! Check out our range today.
    • The MKWC24MG Urban Series 24 Bottle Dual Zone Cooler gives the best cooling technology with UV protection on the front door. If youre looking for a cooler that will keep your wine at an optimal temperature of 46-66°F , then look no further!

    Frigidaire 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

    If storing more than 30 bottles is a little much for you, we recommend going with the Frigidaire 18 bottle wine cooler, which is a narrower unit that is great for tight spaces. The Frigidaire was our second best pick for overall wine fridge unit thanks to its convenient design, ability to regulate the overall temperature and solid insulated door with protective tempered glass displaying only the red wines.

    A feature unique only of the Frigidaire is the door. While the top half has display glass to be able to see your red wines, the bottom half is a solid insulated door to add another layer of protection for your white wines from UV rays.

    Runner-up: Frigidaire – 18 Bottle

    Once plugged in, this cooler only needs one hour to cool down to storage temp in both zones. Now ready to store wine, we used bottles that were at room temperature of 70 degrees to test the cooldown times, we found that the Frigidaire chills red wines to storage temp in an impressive 45 minutes. The white wines dropped about 10 degrees in one hour and ultimately took nearly two hours to reach final proper storage temperature.

    During testing, we found that the Frigidaire 18 bottle fridge fluctuates about two degrees from what the display temperature says. The cooler was tested in different rooms with different amounts of light and was consistently two degrees colder when storing red wine and two degrees warmer when chilling white wines.

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    What To Look For In A Wine Fridge

    Your wine collection is the main factor that will dictate the type of wine fridge youll want to shop for, followed closely by your spaces parameters and personal design preferences. For example, if you have a small kitchen and keep just a few special bottles youd like to cellar, youll want to look at some compact options while also deciding whether your wine fridge should live on its own or be built into your cabinetry. For those with large, expensive collections, factors to consider include bottle capacity, locks and alarm systems, multiple temperature zones, and more. More and more models with energy efficient systems are becoming available, which is also something to think about, as well as noise outputgenerally speaking, going for a quieter option is always a safe bet, no matter where your wine fridge will live.

    Benefits Of A Wine Fridge Vs Regular Fridge

    Top 5 Best Wine Coolers | Large | Small | Mini Cooler for Your Wines & Drinks

    Some may ask why they cant store wine in their normal refrigerator. In doing our research, we were surprised to find the lengthy list of reasons why other than simply lack of storage space. We found that fridges dont have the humidity control thats best for wine storage. Additionally, they vibrate when running, have a quick drop of temperature and lower internal temperatures. The biggest shocker was that it could affect the taste of the wine.

    The average temperature of your home refrigerator is 40 °F which is too cold for your wines, plus it will also dry out the cork. If the cork of your bottle dries up, the wine will absorb smells in your fridge such as onions, garlic and your favorite takeout, resulting in the altered flavor of your wine. Think Pinot with a hint of garlic chicken.

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    Best Wine Coolers Under $100

    In this budget-price range, most standard wine coolers hold about 12 bottles and are available as counter-top models.

    Although usually single-zone wine coolers, they have the advantage of thermoelectric cooling technology resulting in less energy use and less noise output than traditional compressor models.

    Wine Enthusiast Vinotheque Caf

    Wine Enthusiast

    This is quite possibly the best investment youll ever make when it comes to your wine collection other than the bottles themselves.

    The wine cooler from Vinotheque is one of the most practical refrigerators on the market because it is a built-in wine fridge. This is the perfect choice for those that wish to build their own wine cellar and they are all out of space to put their coolers in. Simply place this wine cooler in the cabinetry and voila, youre already done for the day.

    The product also has a fan at the front and a dual-zone feature which can be adjusted to fit your needs. You can get it from Wine Enthusiast for $1,499.

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    New Wine Coolers That Kick It Old

    What is it?: New to the US and to the individually-packaged marketthis Spanish brand offers a Cabernet and Merlotbased wine cooler and a Muscat and Airénbased white one.

    ABV: 7%

    Hows it taste?: Excessively sweet. The red was called syrupy by more than one taster. However, the red did have nice cherry notes, while the white had a good citrusy backbone so they could be used as a base for punches if thinned out with dry sparkling wine or a neutral spirit.

    What is it?: Austin, Texas-based Mighty Swell is the one wine cooler on the list that doesnt start with grape wine. Instead, entrepreneur Sean Cusack, Clayton Christopher formerly of Deep Eddy Vodka and distiller Daniel Barnes start their drink with Floridian orange wine. They currently offer three flavors: Grapefruit, Lemon, and Peach.

    ABV: 5%

    Hows it taste?: Like the faux-fruitflavored wine coolers you remember. The brand advertises all natural status, but most of our tasters thought they tasted more like a candy stores idea of what those fruits tastes like, rather than an orchard farmers. Then again, more than one taster for that very same reason liked them the best of the bunch.

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    Cost Of Purchase And Operation

    Best Wine Cooler Refrigerator 24 Inch Wide

    Purchasing a quiet wine cooler would cost little more to you. Be that as it may, the underlying price tag shouldnt be an underlying component to place at the top of the priority list. Cost of activity is whats progressively basic when picking and purchasing quiet wine coolers.

    Consider the energy utilization for operation. Consider different costs like maintenance and repair. Pick a cooler that would give you ideal administrations at least expense.

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    Buying Guide For Best Wine Coolers

    Acting as your own wine sommelier and presenting the perfectly chilled bottle to guests in the comfort of your own home is extremely satisfying. Indeed, the right wine served at the right temperature can make the difference between a good dining experience and a great one.

    Serving the perfect glass is a rewarding experience whether youre sharing a simple romantic dinner for two or hosting a large holiday party for friends and family. Put aside the old image of wine stewards winding their way through cavernous restaurant cellars to select the appropriate Bordeaux or cabernet sauvignon.

    You can now easily store and serve your wine at its ideal temperature by taking advantage of a wide variety of affordable wine coolers that either fit under your kitchen counter or stand alone as the stylish focal point for your home bar set.

    If youd like to know more about wine coolers, learn about the criteria that can help you make your decision, as well as some expert advice for storing and serving your wine once youre ready to host a party that guests will remember for years, in our shopping guide. Or buy now by selecting from our top picks.

    Homelabs 25 Bottles High

    • The hOmeLabs 25 Bottles High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler is the perfect way to transition your home into a functional and stylish wine cellar. It offers plenty of space for you to store up to twenty-five standard bottles of red, white, or rose wine as well as other beverages such as beer and champagne.
    • This dual zone mini fridge will maintain two temperature zones so that you can keep all of your favorite wines at their optimal temperature without switching back and forth between racks over time! Fit with adjustable shelves, trays for displaying your garnishes, LED light indicators revealing what zone is set at any given moment in either Celsius or Fahrenheit units, this unit also includes two 120V.
    • This product is equipped with a stainless steel exterior, UV blocking clear glass, removable beech wood rack. It also has an easy-to-read minimalistic LCD screen that displays the single zone or dual zone temperatures. The hOmeLABS wine cooler is the perfect size for any cabinet design and can be mounted on its rear wall bracket or used as a standalone unit.
    • High end cooling tool! This dual-zone thermoelectric wine cooler has it all! You can control all of your display functions easily from its wireless remote controller.

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    Wine Enthusiast 28 Bottle Quiet Wine Refrigerator

    Wine Enthusiast wine cooler offers all features that could possibly be needed to cool and age your preferred champagne or wine.

    Its enormous enough to suit 28 bottles dependent on the standard Bordeaux size container and the removable racking can oblige huge 750ml wine jugs.

    As far as structure, this quiet wine refrigerator is smooth in configuration giving a cutting edge execution guarantying to bring your room or home bar to an unheard of level.

    The computerized touchscreen indoor regulator board will empower you to keep your wine at suggested temperatures without the dread of them blasting or freezing.

    Moreover, this quiet touch screen wine cooler estimates 29.5 H x 17.75 W x 21 D and wont consume a lot of room as customary home fridges.

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