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All About Orange Wines!

Anyone who buys wine online has lots of questions, especially when it comes to delivery. How is the wine packed? How will the bottles be shipped? When can I expect delivery? Do you offer express delivery services?

At VINELLO, all of our wines are packed only in certified PTZ boxes, which are approved by DHL and UPS for wine delivery and protect the bottles from breakage. All wine deliveries are assigned a tracking code, which you can use to follow the status of your wine order. Naturally, we also offer you express wine delivery with UPS when your wine order has to reach you as fast as possible.

Buying Wine On Invoice

Buying wine on invoice is likely the simplest was to buy wine online. With Vinello, you can order easily on invoice through our partner Billpay. You pay the invoice for your wine conveniently after it has been delivered. In addition to purchasing wine on invoice, our online wine shop also offers you 14 further payment methods, e.g. Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, credit cards and even Amazon Payments or in cash for pick-up orders. We have made sure that there is a payment method for everyone so that your wine reaches you as fast as possible.

Where can I buy wine near by me?Make a

Holistic Farming & Minimal Pruning

We then head out into the vineyards. Dozens of small blocks are scattered around the region, interspersed with grazing land, orchards, waterways, and wildland this is anything but a monoculture. Between the rows, youll find ancient grains improving soil structure and returning nutrients to the earth. The odd fruit tree can be found between the rows, providing habitat for predatory birds and other beneficial species. One of their vineyards goes completely unpruned, permitted to find balance independently. These unruly vines seem to be the healthiest and least affected by the frost that ravaged the region only a week earlier.

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Meinklang Zev Rovine Selections
    Meinklang is an original, family-run mixed farm, set in the middle of the World Heritage Site of the National Park Neusiedlersee, on the Eastern side of the Neusiedlersee Lake, bordering directly on the Hungarian lowlands, where lifes diversity and complexity are celebrated.

Abbazia San Giorgio Lustro Catarratto 2019

Meinklang Foam White Frizzante 2017  Monarch Wine Merchants

This bottle comes from a biodynamic vineyard on the Italian island of Pantelleria. With no additives of any kind, the fermentation of the grapes comes from yeasts released by the skin of the grapes to create soft tannins. Its unfiltered which gives it a slightly cloudy appearance and makes for a great pairing with a sweet dessert like honey cake.

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Bichi La Gorda Yori White

The team behind Bichi recently revived an abandoned vineyard in Tecate, Mexico, to create their unique blends of natural wines. This one in particular is fermented with 35 days of skin contact prior to pressing. It has a bit of funk to it but makes for an excellent pairing with a variety of different dishes, from fish and meat to a light dessert.

What Is Orange Wine

Ardor Natural Wine

Orange wine is a pretty umbrella term for wines that are made with the skins still on the grapes, leaving them with a hue that appears orange or amber. Owner Molly Ringe of Mollys Bottle Shop defines the style for us a little further:

Rosé is red grapes with small skin contact. White wine is made with no skin contact they crush it and then take the skins away to make the wine. Orange wine is the same as Rosé but with white grapes. You take them and crush them with the skins on and let them stay with the juice, and now you have orange wine.

There is no set amount of time that the grapes must come in to contact with the skins, which is why some bottles that fall into the orange category actually carry more of a pale yellow shade like white wine, or at times a more pink shade similar to a Rosé.

While many people distinguish orange wines due to the skin contact, that shouldnt be the only signifier. I dont like the term skin contact to describe orange wine because orange wines arent the only wines made with skin contact, Martinez says. Any wine with color is a skin contact wine, any wine without color is not a skin contact wine. So, while you might see skin contact on a wine list as its own category, it doesnt mean all of the wines are orange. They also might be Rosé or red wines, depending on how long the skin remained in contact.

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Is Your Orange Wine Natural

With bottles claiming to be natural wines popping up on the market, and organic wine sections appearing in mainstream grocery stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods, how can we weed through the fake and phony and find the real natural stuff?

First, do a little bit of research and chat up your natural wine store employeestrust me, they want to talk about it with you. There are a lot of people out there who are selling wine as natural or are small producers, or working with reputable purveyors, and its just still not natural, Ringe says. The misconception comes as a result of the varying definition of what natural wine is. Some producers allow small amounts of additives like sulfurwhile others value the practice of adding none at all. First, do a little bit of research and chat up your natural wine store employeestrust me, they want to talk about it with you. There are a lot of people out there who are selling wine as natural or are small producers, or working with reputable purveyors, and its just still not natural, Ringe says. The misconception comes as a result of the varying definition of what natural wine is. Some producers allow small amounts of additives like sulfur,while others value the practice of adding none at all.

Mollys Bottle Shop

After chatting with Ringe, I have a running list of trusted natural wine importers in the notes app on my phone to reference when I am in the mood for a glass of orange wine with friends. Here are five to take note of:

Meinklang Pinot Noir 2017 Burgenland Austria

Drinking Pink – Explore the World of Rosé Wine

When it comes to Pinot Noir, Austria is a minor player. The variety accounted for just 1.3 percent of the countrys wine production in 2015, according to the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, which notes that Pinot Noir cultivation is still in its infancy but with increasingly promising results.

Evidence of that promise comes from one of the most exciting Pinot Noirs Ive tasted from anywhere this year: Meinklangs 2017 Pinot Noir from the Neusiedlersee subregion of Burgenland.

There, the Michlits family farms about 170 acres of vineyards, part of a much larger mixed farm where grains, fruit orchards, and vegetables are also grown along Lake Neusiedl on the border with Hungary.


A clue to Meinklangs farming philosophy lies on its labels: The symbol is a cow, which represents the fact that the farm uses biodynamic practices, including fertilizer from the manure of cows, sheep, and horses Meinklang maintains for this purpose. Other techniques from the natural wine playbook include minimal use of sulfites, native-yeast fermentation, and not filtering the wine.

In Meinklangs Pinot Noir, or Blauburgunder in German, the result is a bright, earthy wine with gorgeous mixed-berry fruit tastes that evoke blueberry, strawberry, and cherry with a touch of black licorice, all of it framed by a moderate tannic grip. Fermentation and aging take place in stainless steel and in large, used barrels, so there is only a hint of oak.

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Wine Bundles In Our Online Liquors Store

Buying wine online can be daunting the selection is incredibly large. That is why we have composed wine collections for you based upon topic, region or flavour. Whether its classics or bestsellers, rosés from around the world, wine from South Africa or German Rieslings there is no faster or easier way to get to know wine!

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Do you have a restaurant or a bar? Are you a caterer or a wine seller yourself? Then come over to You can reach our sales representatives directly with our contact form. Register for a business log-in and buy wine at wholesale prices from our new online wine shop.

Oro Di Diamanti Vines Sum 2019

This bottle is made with grapes from Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, and takes advantage of Old World practices with old vines to match. Its made using a technique that seals the wine bottlebeforefermentation is finished to allow for extra fermentation in the bottle, creating more effervescence upon opening. This orange wine is light and perfect for easy drinking whenever you need a big glass of something in your hand.

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What Is Natural Wine

Natural winemaking has become a movement akin to a revolution, a nemesis to the industrialization and homogenization of wine in the past three decades. Natural wine producers are at the forefront of this movement, rejecting industrial winemaking techniques and the excessive use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers in the vineyard. Perhaps even more importantly, natural wine should be seen as an agricultural product where farming is and essential part. Farming conditions, labor rights, sustainability, and ethical practises across the supply chain are now at the center of the discourse on natural wine.

Orange Wine Is A Lot Older Than You Might Think


At most restaurants I frequent in Los Angeles, I notice at least one wine labeled orange or skin contact on the menu, and Oregon, Washington, and other parts of California are all catching on. This is in part due to a growing millennial interest in natural wine.

Millennials arent bound by tradition so theyre super open to trying new things different from what their parents like, Martinez says. Orange is fun, interesting, not stodgy, you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars on a bottleand we dont talk about it like that. We drink this stuff because we like it, not because it has to taste a certain way.

But while orange wine is gaining recent popularity in the West, it actually has a long history. Winemakers in the country of Georgia started making the style 8,000 years ago, Ringe says. They did it as a method of preservation. They didnt have all these preservatives and learned that if you let the juice sit with the skins, you ended up with something that would last longer. In Georgia, they call that amber wine.

So why is orange wine only becoming more popular in the West now? It may be due to a constellation of factors, such as the lack of additives, which in conventional wines can leave consumers with headaches and other side effects, the broad spectrum of flavors and tasting notes that can be imparted by natural fermentation and time, and the pleasant price point that leaves most bottles on the market at under $50.

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So Which Bottles Should We Try

Now that you know all about what orange wine is and is not, its time to taste. Weve selected a handful of bottles to help you explore the range of what orange wine can be. Pick up a few and distinguish what you like about each and what doesnt suit your fancy as well.

We have this educational opportunity in the shop to say Hey, lets just try them, and we can find what people like because so many are very different and thats the value of orange wine.

No matter what, get to know your wine shop, Ringe adds. Be honest with them, tell them what you did and didnt like.

With the openmindedness and eagerness to learn and explore new things in the West, were at an advantage to learn, taste, and explore natural wine at the height of its rise in popularity. So if you sip something and are not a fan, dont write off orange wine altogether. Let your local shop or bartender know what you didnt like about it, and try something at the other end of the spectrum.

Here are a few orange wines to whet your palate:

Ordering Wine From Your Big Favourite Online Wine Shop

Ordering wine online from Vinello is easy. Buying wine online is especially uncomplicated for those who know which wines and which wineries they prefer. But for everyone else, our online wine shop offers you a wide variety of filters and categories to make shopping for wine online a simple and enjoyable experience. Filter according to wine colour, country, grape variety, aromas, notes and/ or foodpairing when you shop for wine or fine spirits at Vinello. We also offer you perfectly compiled sampler packages to give online wine buyers an excellent introduction to the world of wine. We make online wine shopping as easy and fun as it should be.

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Why Should I Try Natural Wine

Natural wine is probably the most fascinating wine on the market. Discovering natural wines is made even more exciting by the fact that each vintage is different and has a different flavor. The non-interventionist, hands-off winemaking approach, along with organic and biodynamic best practices in the vineyards, gives wines of unique character. Make sure you read the cards below and if you’d like to go more in-depth, click on the “Read More” links. We hope you enjoy learning about natural wine!

Popular Varietals In Vinellos Wine Shop

The grape variety is, more than anything else, the most deciding factor in wines. Wine enthusiasts pay even more attention to the variety of grapes than to their country of origin. This is where the wine flavour begins elegant Pinot Noir or bold Cabernet Sauvignon, crisp Riesling or a full-bodied Chardonnay. You decide which when you buy wine online!

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