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Newair Wine Cooler Reviews

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What Are Some Things To Look For When Buying A Wine Cooler

Newair AWR-290DB Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Unboxing And Tour!

When buying a wine cooler, there are several things you should keep in mind, including:

Capacity: How many bottles of wine do you want to be able to store? Wine coolers come in various sizes, from small countertop models that can hold a few bottles to large freestanding units that can hold hundreds of bottles.

Temperature control: Most wine coolers have adjustable thermostats, so you can set the temperature to match the type of wine you are storing. Red wines should be stored at a slightly warmer temperature than white wines.

Vibration protection: Some wine coolers have special features that protect your wines from vibrations, such as rubber feet or vibration dampeners.

Humidity control: Many wine coolers have built-in humidity controls to keep your wines at the ideal humidity level.

Lighting: Some wine coolers have interior lighting, so you can see your wines without opening the cooler.

Style: Wine coolers come in various styles, from sleek and modern to traditional and rustic. Choose a style that fits your decor.

Now that you know more about wine coolers, you can decide if one is right for you. If you are an avid wine collector or just enjoy drinking wine, a wine cooler is a great way to ensure that your wines are always stored at the perfect temperature. So choose a wine cooler with the features you want, and enjoy the benefits of perfectly chilled wines.

What Are The Advantages Of A Newair Wine Cooler Over Regular Refrigerators

When it comes to outstanding wine storage options available in the market today, NewAir wine fridges are the clear-cut winner not because they are popular but because they are functional. Newair wine coolers are known for excellent designs and high-quality technology. The units are built to make wine collecting hobby and experience more wonderful. The designs of the units are technologically improved, making everyday use even better.

Opting to use a NewAir built-in wine cooler for your wine collecting will not only improve the style and interior decoration of the kitchen but will also provide you with a ton of benefits from its high technology features.

NewAir wine coolers come in compact sizes. You can have it placed in the countertop or under the counter. You can also opt to put it in the kitchen as part of the cabinetry or keep it in your bedroom or entertainment room.

If you are an amateur wine collector or a professional wine connoisseur, you will love having a NewAir thermoelectric wine cooler because it is an environmentally-friendly unit. The eco-friendly features of NewAir wine cellar coolers help preserve energy and the environment. With the simple mechanism for the cooling process, it does not emit chemicals that may cause pollution.

Additionally, you can rest assured that Newair has a very responsive customer service team, ready to handle any questions or issues that may arise.

Efficiency And Noise Level

The NewAir 29-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a good recommendation if you are in the market for a wine cooler that doesnt just do its cooling job but does it quietly.

Being a compressor wine cooler, it is expected that this unit will be noisy. But thankfully, the manufacturer worked on this aspect and ensured that this compressor wine cooler stood out from the rest of the pack.

As someone who already owns the wine cooler pointed out, he had to put an ear so close to the unit to be sure that it hadnt packed up and died. The good news was that his fears were not confirmed.

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With Wine Coolers Its Also Good To Think About Noise Level

With any cooler noise, the usual culprit is the cooling system which can only be a compressor or a thermoelectric.

Compressor systems are the ones used in standard kitchen fridge cooling systems, only these have been refined for wine coolers. In a wine cooler, the compressor can take the temperatures down to a wine-healthy chill with fewer vibrations, since vibrations can ruin a wines flavor. However, it tends to be noisy.

Thermoelectric systems are common too but, with wine coolers, these are known to run silently but are unable to maintain low temperatures. It also has a difficult time cooling down in warmer areas.

NewAir wine coolers are typically run by silent compressors, with their few thermoelectric models currently sold out.

Top 3 Newair Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

NewAir AW

Aside from this models visually interesting looks, this wine refrigerator comes with almost everything you need to preserve more than 20 standard-sized wine bottles.

The NewAir Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator has a built-in fan to guarantee even temperature throughout the unit for optimal storage conditions. The compressor is another reliable system to keep your wines at your preferred temperature to enhance your wines flavour for a good drink.

Like most of the products by this brand, this appliance has a soft LED light that showcases your collection alluringly and makes it convenient to retrieve your wines. We also loved the insulated UV protected glass door to keep your wines from the harmful sun rays.

For peace of mind, the manufacturer included a comfy grip handle and a safety lock feature.


  • Temperature range of 39-64 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The compressor is a bit noisy

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How To Care For Newair Wine Cooler

Your NewAir wine cooler is an investment that will provide you with many years of enjoyment. To keep it running at its best, there are a few things you should do:

Keep it clean: Wipe down the inside and outside of your cooler with a damp cloth. Remove dust from the fan blades and coils monthly.

Check the gaskets: Make sure the door gaskets are clean and in good condition. Replace them if they are damaged or worn.

Check the temperature: Check the temperature of your wine cooler periodically to make sure it is set correctly. Adjust the thermostat if necessary.

Store properly: Store your wine cooler in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

NewAir Wine Cooler: Pros & Cons


Consistent temperature: Wine coolers keep your wines at a consistent temperature, so you can be sure that they will always taste their best.

Protection from light and vibration: Wine coolers protect your wines from both light and vibration, which can damage the flavor of your wines.

Energy efficiency: Wine coolers are very energy efficient, so you can save money on your electric bill.

Quiet operation: Wine coolers operate very quietly, so you dont have to worry about disturbing your peace.


Limited capacity: Wine coolers typically have a limited capacity, so they may not be suitable for large collections.

Temperature fluctuations: If the temperature in your wine cooler fluctuates, it can damage your wines.

Newair Wine Cooler Review: Bring Home The Best Newair Wine Cooler Today

Started in a garage, this company is booming today with the manufacturing of some amazing products and wine coolers is one of them. Newair is a new-age electronic products manufacturing company that is reaching the skies with its excellent work and products that are bestowed with some great features. It is a trustable and reputable company that manufactures some finest quality wine coolers for its users. You can blindly trust the durability and the quality of the coolers manufactured by this brand. There are several amazing products for you to rest your eyes upon and choose the one that fits your requirements perfectly!

This company is extremely particular about its customer service and it strives to deliver nothing but the best of all to its valuable customers. The Newair wine coolers come power-packed with certain excellent features making this a perfect choice for your precious wine collection.

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Newair Freestanding 33 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge Review

August 27, 2021 by Gina Cannary

For years we talked about getting a wine fridge for our wine club selections from Central Texas wineries. We were using inexpensive wine racks on the floor of our pantry but knew that wouldnt work for any kind of long-term storage, especially in the summer. So, I was excited to review the NewAir Freestanding 33 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge, model NWC033SS0. Now Ill be the first to tell you that since I have never owned a wine fridge, I had quite the learning curve, not to mention we were in possession of less than the number of bottles the fridge holds. But that only adds to the anticipation!

The next morning, I read the instructions carefully before leveling the unit with the adjustable front feet and plugging the unit in. You shouldnt notice the fridge vibrating unless it isnt level a little bit of noise from the flow of the coolant circulating is normal. Setting it up was easily done, but the most important thing to know about the LED touch control display panel is that you must press the up and down temperature buttons together to unlock the display panel. This allows you to set the temperature and operate the interior light. After 20 seconds, the display panel automatically locks. Since we are red wine lovers, I set the temperature to 55°F and it reached that within an hour or two.

How To Store Wine

NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review

Despite its deceptively simple appearance, wine is a complex, dynamic drink. Many of the experts we spoke with compared it to a living being. How we taste, smell, and experience wine depends not only on the biological and chemical reactions between its compounds and our sensory organs, but also on the chemical reactions that are continually taking place within the wine itself.

Just like us, wine ages. When people talk about the process, theyre referring to the inevitable chemical reactions that affect the flavors, aromas, and texture of a wine. Sometimes aging will dull a wines fruity or floral characteristics, making it taste off or just bad. But on the rare occasion, wine can transcend into something magical, if you provide it with enough time and the right conditions.

Storage will affect the aging process. Many of these chemical reactionsparticularly the oxidation and reduction reactions prevalent in wineare significantly sped up by heat, light, humidity, and motion. No matter whether youre planning to age wine for decades or keep it on hand for a few years, its best to treat your wine like a delicate sculpture: with care.

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Number Of Cooling Zones

If you want to store varietals, you need an appliance with two or more cooling zones. Thus, you can easily store your reds, whites, sparkling wines, and other types of wines separately and in optimal conditions.

However, this feature might be useless if you intend to store one type of wine, then a single zone wine refrigerator should suffice.

Newair Newair Countertop Clear Ice Maker Review

Newair Newair Countertop Clear Ice Maker

Its time to crack a cold one with the boys. The Newair Countertop Clear Ice Maker creates crystal clear cubes perfect for beers, soda, or scotch.

Users can drink their iced beverages in peace without worrying about watering them down. Made to sit perfectly on the countertop, this nifty model will readily complement your mini-fridge.

This machine dispenses 40 pounds of ice per day and can generate new cubes in only a couple of minutes.

Packed with an insulated cooler to engineer the optimal temperature, you can sip that sangria in peak July heat with theNewair Countertop Clear Ice Maker. Customers can get their hands on this model for only $250.

Newair Newair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker in Stainless Steel

Homemade slushies are a great way to liven up those sluggish, humid afternoons. Instead of opting for giant frozen cubes that could take minutes to crush, shave some time off using the Countertop Nugget Ice Maker in Stainless Steel.

The tiny portions of frost it dispenses makes them easier to pulverize swiftly in the blender. Fit for the kitchen, this model makes high-quality ice in under 5 minutes.

If youre hosting a big backyard get-together, theres no need to run to the convenience storethis machine works to make 40 lbs of cubes per day. For recipe ideas, we recommend making strawberry syrup or lemon extract and using the handy machine for ice.

Newair Remanufactured Newair Countertop Clear Ice Maker

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Humidity Control: Is It Important

Similarly to other wine fridges in the not overly pricey category this NewAir model has passive humidity control.

A plastic water container is included that you fill with water and place it on a shelf.

The evaporating water will help to get the airs relative humidity level up to 60 70% inside the cabinet. This prevents drying out of the corks that could happen in too dry air if you would store the wines for several months.

Most wine coolers that are aimed to be used for short term storage and/or as serving cooler maintain humidity in a passive way: putting water in a container or collecting the condensation in a drip tray that will then evaporate.

In other words, if you will keep your wines in the fridge for only a short period of time then humidity is not that important.

Frigidaire 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

NewAir AW

If storing more than 30 bottles is a little much for you, we recommend going with the Frigidaire 18 bottle wine cooler, which is a narrower unit that is great for tight spaces. The Frigidaire was our second best pick for overall wine fridge unit thanks to its convenient design, ability to regulate the overall temperature and solid insulated door with protective tempered glass displaying only the red wines.

A feature unique only of the Frigidaire is the door. While the top half has display glass to be able to see your red wines, the bottom half is a solid insulated door to add another layer of protection for your white wines from UV rays.

Runner-up: Frigidaire – 18 Bottle

Once plugged in, this cooler only needs one hour to cool down to storage temp in both zones. Now ready to store wine, we used bottles that were at room temperature of 70 degrees to test the cooldown times, we found that the Frigidaire chills red wines to storage temp in an impressive 45 minutes. The white wines dropped about 10 degrees in one hour and ultimately took nearly two hours to reach final proper storage temperature.

During testing, we found that the Frigidaire 18 bottle fridge fluctuates about two degrees from what the display temperature says. The cooler was tested in different rooms with different amounts of light and was consistently two degrees colder when storing red wine and two degrees warmer when chilling white wines.

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Newair 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built

The 46 bottle dual zone wine cooler is a freestanding cooler with space for 46 bottles, so this is the ideal choice if small, compact coolers are not enough to meet your needs. The stainless steel design is contemporary, and the wood shelves are very spacious. Because it is dual zone you can keep red and white wines at the appropriate temperatures, and the indirect cooling system has a range of 40 to 64 F.

The door is reversible, something you dont see with other wine coolers, and its a nice feature as it gives you additional options for installation. Theres also an LCD display so you can view the temperature readouts clearly, very nice.

Like the other wine coolers reviewed here, this one is very quiet, and even when it goes into cycles and the motor is running, the sound never becomes irritating. Even if you put this in the dining room or kitchen, it isnt going to create a ruckus. Thanks to its design, the wine cooler looks great anywhere you put it be in the kitchen, wet bar or just place it beside your fridge. Bottom line: if your needs go beyond that of the casual wine drinker, then the storage space provided by this cooler will suffice.

Newair Nwc023ss00 Wine Refrigerator


  • No-door lock
  • Can not be a built-in

The NewAir NCW023SS00 Wine Refrigerator is a single-zone compact countertop cooler with a 23 bottle capacity and an unnoticeable cooling system.

This cooler has a temperature range of 41ºF 56ºF, which allows for a lot of variety in the kinds of wine it can store. With its compressor, this unit can run at a constant temperature without making any noise. Along with its compact size, this would be easy to place on kitchen counters, in an office, or by a living room table.

Unlike most other units, the control panel and thermostat for this is outside the cooler rather than within the door. To avoid any unnecessary fiddling by little ones, the temperature automatically locks into that temperature.

This has four contoured wire racks, with a bigger allowance space on the bottom row for wider-based bottles that need to be stored. These racks can also be adjusted and removed to make more space but this will greatly decrease its available capacity.

It comes in a stainless steel frame door with a double pane glass window for UV protection and temperature regulation. To see inside the cooler, theres a built-in LED light as well, which adds to its chic feel.

The way this whole unit is designed optimizes wine storage conditions for long-term and short-term storage since this cooler has fewer vibrations, consistently cool temperatures, and UV light protection. All this is in one compact wine cooler that can sit comfortably anywhere indoors.

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Other Important Features To Consider

According to reviews and usability, we found the following features are most important when choosing the best wine cooler for your home:

Built-in lock: This may be an important safety feature to consider if you have children in the house.

Insulated door and/or tempered glass: Wine and sun do not mix. To safeguard your wine, it is best to choose a unit with tempered glass.

Adjustable feet: Not all floors are created equal. If your wine fridge does not sit flat, it could increase the vibration of the unit .

Storage shelving size: All wine fridges will store your standard sized bottle. If you enjoy larger bottles of wines or your favorite bottle has a longer neck, it may not fit on most shelves. Consider a fridge with a basket or larger top shelf.

Bottle capacity: Our research found that once the owner was able to store wine correctly, their collection grew quickly. We recommend going with one size up from what you think you would need as chances are you will fill your fridge quickly.

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