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Where To Stay In Chile Wine Country

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Colchagua Valley: A Wine Region That Has It All

Chile Travel Guide | TOP 10 Places to Visit in CHILE !!

Theres one region in Chile wine country that has it all the Colchagua Valley. From mineral-rich soils to a warm, breezy climate, the Colchagua Valley is a perfect environment for growing grapes. However, despite the favorable conditions, the Colchagua Valley is a relatively young region. Although most of these vineyards are fairly new, what they lack in age they make up for in expertise, producing an incredible variety of delicious reds. For some truly exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, visit Casa Lapostolle, which was founded in 1994.

Best Santiago Hostel For A Friendly Welcome: Hostal Ro Amazonas

) is situated in a pleasantly chaotic mock-Tudor mansion next to Plaza Italia, a central landmark in the city and served by several metro lines.

The exterior of the mock-Tudor building housing .

Cheap and cheerful with a family ambience, Hostal Río Amazonas has been a solid favourite with visitors to Santiago since the late 90s.

Double rooms are spacious and equipped with sturdy wooden furniture, although singles are small and the communal kitchen decidedly undersized for the number of rooms.

Get under the skin of Santiago, Valparaíso or indigenous territory across the country with a Travolution tour.

Theyre experts in community-based tourism, with unique trips designed to introduce you to Chile from a different perspective.

See Valparaíso accompanied by a local guide, visit rural wineries and dine with local families, or learn about the indigenous Mapuche community who now live in Santiago.

Hotel Viura La Rioja Spain

Also in the La Rioja region, Hotel Viura is another design gem with bright, airy interiors, situated in the quaint little village of Villabuena de Alava. Enjoy exquisite tasting menus of Rioja and Basque cuisine, immerse yourself in the local viticulture as you tour local vineyards, and simply enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

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Quines No Pueden Entrar A Chile

Se prohíbe el ingreso de extranjeros no residentes que hayan estado los últimos 14 días en al menos uno de los siguientes países de África, independiente de su estado de vacunación:

  • Sudáfrica
  • Eswatini
  • Mozambique

Se prohíbe el ingreso de cualquier extranjero sin residencia regular mayor de 6 años no vacunado o que no tenga su vacunación validada previamente por el Ministerio de Salud de Chile, y que no cumpla con ninguna de las excepciones contenidas en el Decreto 295 del Ministerio del Interior.

Ready To Go Heres What To Pack

Chilean wine regions

Colchagua Valley enjoys warm temperatures year-round. As with the rest of Chiles central valley, the climate is Mediterranean and travelers should dress in layers.

  • Closed-toed shoes, including boots in colder months, for walking through the vineyards
  • Cycling or workout clothing, if you wish to actively explore
  • Layered clothing
  • Sunblock

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Getting To Chilean Wine Country

We took AndesMar from Mendoza to Santiago costing about USD 55 per person for two cama-suites on the bus. Equally important, be prepared for a very long, frustrating border crossing! It took approximately 3.5 hours to clear customs from Argentina into Chile.

The total time on the road was approximately 9 hours, including the time at the border crossing. Also, we were happy we purchased the suite that came with a light lunch, movies , and comfortable seats. We were however slightly disappointed that there was no bingo for wine :).

Have you visited the area and have some helpful tips or feedback? Please leave a comment below.

Requisitos Para Entrar A Chile Antes De Viajar

  • Resultado negativo de test PCR, cuya toma de muestra no puede tener una antigüedad mayor a 72 horas. Estas se cuentan hasta la hora de salida del vuelo con destino final Chile. Si una persona presenta un resultado positivo persistente por haber estado contagiado del virus el último mes, podrá adjuntar dos resultados de PCR positivos, donde la toma de muestra de uno deberá haber sido realizada hasta 72 horas antes del embarque y el otro deberá haberse realizado con más de 14 días de diferencia con la fecha de embarque, pero con menos de un mes desde el mismo. Los menores de dos años quedan exceptuados de este requisito.
  • www.c19.cl. Todo viajero, de toda edad, debe completar el formulario Declaración Jurada de Viajeros de forma electrónica y hasta 48 horas antes del embarque. En este formulario deberá adjuntar el resultado del PCR mencionado en el punto anterior.
  • Estos dos documentos serán requeridos por el operador del medio de transporte al abordarlo, y por la autoridad sanitaria al ingresar al país.

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    Vina Casa Silva Hotel


    Wines from the Colchagua Valley, Chile’s most-visited wineland, have won more prizes than those from any other region. Vina Casa Silva, the valley’s oldest vineyard, extends across the mountain-fringed Angostura plain near the town of San Fernando, where plots of the Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris varieties date from 1912.

    The Silva family’s rambling ancestral home is now a delightful guesthouse. The seven big bedrooms, washed in pastel shades and decorated with French antiquities, open onto a veranda tiled in the Andalucian style. Salmon ceviche and conger-eel are served at the restaurant in a nearby clubhouse, where you can mingle with a local horsey crowd. Alternatively, you can snack on tapas, pizzas, sandwiches and salads at the hotel’s wine bar and terrace. Guests can sign up for riding classes on a poplar-lined polo field or admire feats of bravura horsemanship, as huasos showcase their saddle skills at monthly rodeo shows.

    Vina Casa Silva Hotel, Hijuela Norte s/n, San Fernando, Valle de Colchagua, Chile. Doubles from US$275

    • Do Not Sell My Personal Info

    Meet A Land Of Extremes

    Exploring Chilean Wine Country

    Preposterously thin and unreasonably long, Chile stretches from the belly of South America to its foot, reaching from the driest desert on earth to vast southern glacial fields. Diverse landscapes unfurl over a 4300km stretch: parched dunes, fertile valleys, volcanoes, ancient forests, massive glaciers and fjords. There’s wonder in every detail and nature on a symphonic scale. For the traveler, it’s mind-boggling to find this great wilderness so intact. The human quest for development could imperil these treasures sooner than we think. Yet for now, Chile guards some of the most pristine parts of our planet, and they shouldn’t be missed.

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    The Top Five Hotels In The Wine Valleys

    Please see our top five recommended hotels for The Wine valleys below but do call The South America Specialists’ experts in the UK on for personal recommendations and/or to check availability around your travel plans. And don’t forget that our travel experts have travelled extensively in and around The Wine valleys as well across the whole of South America. We would love to help and have price-match guarantees across all our The Wine valleys hotels:

    Best Santiago Hostel For Those On A Budget: Hostal Yungay

    Situated in Barrio Brasil, Santiagos party district, Hostal Yungay , double $50,000 CLP is popular among travellers on a budget.

    The hostels 15 rooms, including cosier-than-average dorms of 3 to 6 beds, are gathered around an indoor kitchen-cum-dining area , which is good for socialising but bad for light sleepers. Quieter rooms are available upstairs.

    Strictly speaking, there are no doubles here, but 5-bed privates, which include a double bed, can be rented out for two.

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    More Great Small Chilean Wineries In The Casablanca Valley

    Visit the Casablanca Valley, an area characterized by the cool coastal breezes that create an ideal climate for growing Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Pinot Noir. Start with a tour and tasting at renowned Matetic Vineyards, particularly known for their Syrah. Travel by bike or car to Kingston Vineyards, a winery pioneering the production of cool climate, artisan-style reds. Wines from the 300-acre family ranch are handcrafted and bottled on site. You will enjoy a tour and private tasting of Kingstons distinctive wines followed by a picnic lunch. Return in the afternoon to La Casona boutique hotel, located on the property of Matetic Vineyards a beautiful small hotel with one of the regions best restaurants.

    What We Love About Hotel Santa Cruz

    Chile: Wine Country &  the Coast
    • Enjoy quinoa from Paredones, olive oil from Lolol, salt from Cahuil, cheeses from Peralillo, and wines and spirits from the famous Colchagua Valley at the hotels celebrated Los Varietales Restaurant.
    • Choose from a wide selection of the countrys finest handicrafts, as well as choice wines, liqueurs and gourmet products at the Almacruz gift shop.
    • Take a walk to the remarkable Colchagua Museum, located just a few steps away from the hotel.


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    Chilean Wine Country: The Next Best Vineyard Destination

    The word is getting out about Chilean wine country, from established valleys like Aconcagua and Colchagua to up-and-comers like San Antonio. Chile is now challenging the best-liked wineries in California and France. With vineyards tucked into valleys between the jagged Pacific Coast and the foothills of the Andes, many within a short drive from Santiago, it is obvious to see why this wine region has been growing in popularity. For lovers of wine, food and culture, new wine routes are creating the perfect wine touring experience.

    Ways To Immerse Yourself In Chilean Wine Country

    Wine is a word that is becoming synonymous with Chile these days. Personally, the first wine I remember buying fresh out of college was Chilean Chianti in straw-wrapped bottles, and it was really cheap. It went very well with pasta, coq au vin and for making candleholders of the empty bottles afterwards. Chile now has excellent wines, as most oenophiles know, with many awards at international competitions. I would venture to say following one or more of the wine routes described below is good enough reason to visit the country, in any case. And all that marvelous scenery can be thrown in for extra effect. Appellation laws have been in effect since 1966 that divide the growing regions into with five main areas: Atacama , Coquinto, Aconagua, Central Valley and Southern.


    In March every year, consider the Fiesta de la Vendima in Santa Cruz, Central Valley . In the third week of March, there’s a nice Harvest Festival in the Curico Valley and the annual Carmenere Festival in the Maule Valley. Finally, on October 4 each year is the Fiesta de San Francisco de Assisi, taking place in Huerta de Maule, also in the Maule Valley, featuring a gathering of huasos for horse-related events, including a race around the town square.

    Concha y Toro

    Wine Routes

    Also easily accessible from Santiago is the San Antonio-Leyda Valley , about 25 miles from Casablanca, one of the newest and smallest wine areas in Chile. Two vineyards allow visits. Contact www.winesofchile.org.



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    Pasos Fronterizos Habilitados Para La Salida Del Pas

    Chilean Wine – Aconcagua Valley | Wine Training School


    • Paso Los Libertadores, región de Valparaíso, desde 4 de enero de 2022
    • Paso Futaleufú, región de Los Lagos.
    • Paso Huemules, región de Aysén.
    • Paso Jeinimeni, región de Aysén.
    • Paso Monte Aymond, región de Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena.

    Se postergan hasta nuevo aviso:

    • Paso Chacalluta, región de Arica y Parinacota.
    • Paso Aguas Negras, región de Coquimbo.
    • Paso Pino Hachado, región de La Araucanía.
    • Paso Cardenal Samoré, región de Los Lagos.
    • Paso Dorotea, región de Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena.

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    San Antonio Valley & The Pacific Coast

    Drive along Chiles lovely Ruta de Fruta, heading to the coastal San Antonio Valley. Your first stop is in the small town of Lo Abarca, where you enjoy a leisurely stroll to see the colorful mosaics spread throughout the village. At the end of your walk you arrive to Casa Marín Winery. Founded in 2000 by Chiles first female vineyard owner, Maria Luz Marín, Casa Marín has been described as one of the most daring and innovative vineyards in the country. Its outstanding wines have received many awards, including Best Sauvignon Blanc in the World and Winery of the Year 2010 by industry association Wines of Chile. Most recently, it was named among the Top 100 Wineries in the World by Wine & Spirits magazine. Two of its top wines Miramar Vineyard Syrah 2010 and Cipreses Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2011 were named best in Chile by the countrys most prestigious wine publication, Descorchados .

    Drive the remaining few miles to the coast and the town of Isla Negra. Visit the extraordinary former home of Nobel Prize-winner Pablo Neruda, now a fascinating museum that looks out to the sea and provides a snapshot into the life and mind of Chiles most beloved poet. Continue to the white sand beaches of Tunquén to enjoy a sunset picnic with spectacular views of the rolling waves and breathtaking landscape.

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    The Essential Chilean Wine Country Guide

    If you venture just outside of city limits in Santiago, Chiles bustling capital, the scenery quickly shifts from urban to agrarian. Rolling valleys extend in all directions, lined with neat rows of curled grape vines.

    This is Chilean wine country, a long and skinny stretch of countryside that spans more than 2,600 miles from top to bottom. Traversing the entire distance by car would take weeks when you account for all the required stops wineries, restaurants, breathtaking vistas but its a trip well rewarded with world-class vintages and delicious meals. For those looking for just a taste, the country still has so much diversity to experience on even the shorter trips.

    Chilean wine country at large is not a single region at all, but a series of valleys differing in size and elevation, all noted for their microclimates and transversal rivers that guide cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean, which provide ideal temperatures for ripening grapes.

    To take in as much of Chiles wine-soaked charm as possible, one smart plan is to start in the north and make your way south. Admittedly, you could drink your way up and down the countryside for a year and still not sample everything but theres no harm in trying! Weve crafted a four-day excursion to give you a taste of all things Chile wine.

    Best Santiago Hostel For A Chilled Vibe: Castilla Surfista Hostel

    Wine Travel in Chile

    With its homey communal spaces and bucketloads of buena onda , Castilla Surfista Hostel , double with shared bathroom $20,000 CLP ) is a popular haunt amongst the student, backpacker and surfer crowd.

    Tucked away in a sprawling colonial-style house on a backstreet, Castilla Surfistas Californian owner and his friendly dog have imbibed this place with a laid-back atmosphere apt for making new travel buddies over breakfast waffles or impromptu barbecues.

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    Casa Columpio Valle De Casablanca

    On our search for the perfect wine country getaway, we found Casa Columpio. The house with the swing! Part of Hotel Casavino, Casa Columpio is nestled in the vineyards of Casablanca Valley and offers the ultimative wine country experience!

    As the name Casa Columpio already gives away, there is a swing on your private sun deck overlooking the vineyards of Casablanca Valley. How cool is this!

    The casa is a little studio with amazing views directly from your bed. Theres nothing better than watching the sun slowly rise over the vineyards while staying in bed with a cup of coffee.

    Recently constructed, Casa Columpio is very stylish and thought-out to the last tiny detail. We made use of the small kitchen and BBQ grill. With a bottle of wine from a nearby winery we enjoyed our dinner on the deck while watching the sun set over the beautiful wine country scenery.

    Best Boutique Hotel In Santiago: The Aubrey

    With its picturesque patios overlooked by exotic landscaped gardens and an idyllic swimming pool , The Aubrey ) is both one of Santiagos most stylish boutique hotels and a tranquil oasis in the heart of Santiagos dynamic Bellavista neighbourhood.

    One of the elegant bedrooms in The Aubrey, one of the best hotels in Santiago, Chile.

    If youve spent an afternoon exploring the zones plethora of cafes, bars, art shops and theatres, the restored 1930s mock-Tutor mansion, with its piano lounge and airy, individually decorated chic bedrooms is a welcoming retreat.

    The building also has a fascinating history having played an important role as a meeting place for politicians and other notably Chilean figures throughout the 20th century.

    Any stay here allows you to recharge your batteries and escape the baking heat of Santiagos streets in the summer months.

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