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Where To Stay In Chile Wine Country

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Casablanca Valley And Valparaso

Chile Travel Guide | TOP 10 Places to Visit in CHILE !!

Situated about 45 minutes west of Santiago, the Casablanca Valley is Chiles preeminent cool-climate wine region. Its here where you can literally breathe in the smells of Sauvignon Blanc and the Pacific Ocean.

Another 30 minutes westward from Casablanca and youre in Valparaíso, historically Chiles main port city. Its now a magnet for artists, international travelers and anyone with a Bohemian leaning.

As you enter the Casablanca Valley from Santiago, consider stopping at House, Casa del Vino, owned and operated by Grupo Belén. Here, you can tour the facilities where winemaker Sven Bruchfeld crafts the groups signature Tirazi, a cool-climate Syrah that hails from old bush vines. House offers daily tours in English and Spanish, its glass-enclosed restaurant looks out onto vineyards, and its shop sells the groups wines as well as a local Casablanca olive oil called Izaro.

Another tasty stop is Casas del Bosque, one of Chiles best makers of crisp, pungent Sauvignon Blanc. Here, you can tour the vineyards and winery, but the highlight is lunch at Tanino, the winerys on-premise restaurant. The eatery features dishes like seared Pacific salmon with crunchy shrimp and white asparagus paired with Chardonnay, or phyllo pockets stuffed with Wagyu beef and goat cheese that go ideally with the winerys earthy, herbal-leaning Syrah.

Stay At Luxury Chile Wine Country Hotels In Maule Colchagua San Antonio And Casablanca Valleys

There has been a recent surge in the number of luxury hotel accommodations accompanying wine tours in Chile, which now rivals neighbouring Argentina and Peru as the finest high-end tourist destinations in South America.

Over the last 25 years, the countrys wines have been staking a claim on the international stage, especially its award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon blends, bringing an influx of enotourism to Chile.

Many wineries have welcomed this by establishing their own Chile wine country hotels offering boutique and luxury stays within walking distance of vineyards, where guests can enjoy elaborate tastings and often exquisite local cuisine without having to travel too far.

At Wine Paths, our local expert can arrange luxury accommodations at exclusive Chile wine country hotels in any of the main viniculture regions, including the Maipo, San Antonio and Colchagua Valleys.

All of our tours, including vineyard visits, wine tastings, gourmet meals and incredible experiences, can be tailor-made to meet your exact needs while ensuring every detail is taken care of before you arrive.

Although many wine tours can be made from the capital, Santiago, to the surrounding vineyards, spending a few days in any of these regions lets you immerse yourself in an historic way of life while sampling some exceptional wines.

Best Santiago Hostel For Those On A Budget: Hostal Yungay

Situated in Barrio Brasil, Santiagos party district, Hostal Yungay , double $50,000 CLP is popular among travellers on a budget.

Strictly speaking, there are no doubles here, but 5-bed privates, which include a double bed, can be rented out for two.

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The Vines Resort & Spa

In the wine region of Mendoza, Vines Resort & Spa is a truly indulgent retreat where culinary excellence meets luxury accommodation. The onsite winery has tastings, wine-making tours and various activities, in addition to the spa, private patios with each of the 22 villas, and an infinity pool.

Best Santiago Hostel For A Chilled Vibe: Castilla Surfista Hostel

A 3

With its homey communal spaces and bucketloads of buena onda , Castilla Surfista Hostel , double with shared bathroom $20,000 CLP ) is a popular haunt amongst the student, backpacker and surfer crowd.

Tucked away in a sprawling colonial-style house on a backstreet, Castilla Surfistas Californian owner and his friendly dog have imbibed this place with a laid-back atmosphere apt for making new travel buddies over breakfast waffles or impromptu barbecues.

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Faq: Where Should I Stay When I Visit Chile

Almost everyone coming to Chile flies in and out of Santiago, nearly guaranteeing you will spend at least a night or so in Chile’s capital city or the surrounding area. Since we host many guests who are staying in the area, we receive a lot of questions about where to stay and what to do while in Chile. As a result, we’ve decided to start a series of blog posts which answer these questions. Here is the first post which responds to the Frequently Asked Question : Where should I stay when Im in Chile?

This is certainly not an easy answer,but since our team in Chile and the U.S. has had some experience with hotel stays, here are a few recommendations for staying in and around Santiago, Valparaíso/Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley.


The Aubrey*

With a great location at the foot of the Cerro San Cristóbal and just minutes away from Pablo Nerudas house, La Chascona, our friend, Liz Caskey, recommends The Aubrey as the perfect place to stay for a few nights in Santiago. Once home to the nations leading political families it has been transformed into a beautiful boutique hotel with 15 rooms which vary in price and style.

A French inspired, boutique hotel in the heart of barrio Providencia, Hotel Orly is located perfectly for close access to some of the city’s best restaurants like the nearby, Aquí Está Coco. The hotel itself also comes highly recommended by another of our tour guide friends, Brian Pearson of Santiago Adventures.

Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine: Best Place For Hiking

Search the internet for images of Patagonia and half of them will be from this one national park in southern Chile, whose iconic granite spires have come to represent the entire region. Most visit to either hike along the five-day W Trek or sleep in one of the parks luxurious all-inclusive adventure lodges, which offer daily guided excursions. With massive glaciers, turquoise lakes and the highest concentration of pumas anywhere on earth, you can spend days here and never run out of places to explore.

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Chiles Geography And Landscaping

Amazing Wine Tour in Chile | Colchagua Valley | Highlight of our trip!

Chile is the worlds narrowest countryit averages at 110 miles in width. However, what it lacks in width, it more than makes up in length its coastline stretches about 2,600 miles, which is farther than the distance from LA to New York. Because of this long length, the climate in the countrys wine regions vary expansively and dramatically, yet all of them benefit from lots of sunshine and mostly dry conditions. The countrys dry climate makes it an excellent place to try out different organic, biodynamic, and sustainable production ideas.

Key fact: About 70% of Chilean wine is exported with a revenue equivalent to 2 billion dollars75% of which is produced sustainably.

Part of what makes Chilean wine so interesting is the topography from which its grown. Its location makes the country something like an islandits bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Andes on the East, the Atacama Desert up north, and the Patagonia toward the south. As its naturally protected on all sides, the vineyards are protected from the elements.

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Pucn: Best Place To Hike And Ski A Volcano

When it comes to adventure-filled outdoor fun, few places can match Chile’s breadth of options this woodsy resort village in Chiles Lake District is one of South Americas most alluring adventure hubs. Those with a head for heights can strap on crampons and climb to the top of an active volcano or strap on boots and ski back down it. Abandon urban stresses and hike until you’re amid ancient araucaria trees on an Andean hilltop or bathe in a hot spring tucked into a temperate rainforest. Hire a kayak and paddle yourself across an emerald lake to a remote cabin or raft down raging whitewater towards a craft brewery. Located in the spiritual heartland of the Mapuche, its also the best place to learn about the culture of Chiles largest Indigenous group.

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Getting There And Around

From Santiago , its a two-and-a-half-hour drive south on Route 5 and Route 90 to Santa Cruz buses depart from Santiagos Alameda Terminal throughout the day, as well. For getting around the town and valley, buses and taxis are available, but renting your own car provides the best ease of access if no one wants to be the designated driver, tours can be arranged by your hotel or with tour operators like Colchagua Wine Tours.

Six Senses Douro Valley Portugal

Casa Columpio in Casablanca Valley Chile  The Ultimate Chilean Wine ...

This stunningly renovated 19th century manor house combines heritage architecture with contemporary design features and modern luxury not to mention fabulous views. Enjoy local seasonal produce, sample the Wine Librarys extensive vintages, and explore the fertile, wine-focused valley surrounding you.

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Our Guide To The Top 5 Wine Regions Of Chile

Home » South America Travel Blog » Our Guide to the Top 5 Wine Regions of Chile

Any vacation to Chile is not complete without exploring the aromas and flavors that flow out of the Chilean wine valleys. The Spanish first established the vineyards in Chile back in the mid-16th century, and since then the wine regions have expanded and flourished serving many international markets such as the United States and Europe.

As well as being one of the largest and best wine producers in the world, the wine regions of Chile are some of the most beautiful with such varied landscapes surrounding them.

With the Pacific coastline to the west, the Andes Mountains to the east, Patagonia to the south and the Atacama Desert to the north Chiles wine regions are truly breath-taking and therefore fit in easily around your Chile travel itinerary. Enjoy discovering and exploring the wonderful varieties of Chilean wine in our guide to the top 5 wine regions in Chile!

After reading this article, make sure to check out our Destination Travel Guides section on Chile.

The diverse range of Chilean wines are waiting for you! /

Known for its full-bodied Carménère, Syrah and Malbec, it is not uncommon to find the Colchagua Valley feature regularly on the worlds leading lists of wines.

The cool Pacific Ocean breezes transformed this formerly quiet valley into the most important new red wine regions with leading wineries such as Casa Lapostolle and Montes producing intense and aroma filled wines.

San Pedro De Atacama: Best Place To Access The Atacama Desert

When the green oasis of San Pedro appears on the otherwise barren horizon of the Atacama Desert it feels, at first, almost like a mirage. Then, as you begin to navigate the narrow streets of this small adobe village, you realize that those spindly chañar trees hide the kind of resort town travelers dream about, catering as much to well-heeled jetsetters as it does to scruffy backpackers.

Just beyond San Pedro are lunar-like valleys, snow-capped volcanoes, soaring sand dunes, ancient rock art, steamy hot springs and flamingo-filled lagoons. You could spend an entire week here and never run out of activities. Those who like to tick off superlatives cant miss the worlds loftiest geysers and largest ground-based astronomy facility.

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The Colchagua Valley: Best Place For Wine

No wine region in Chile can compete with the star power of the Colchagua Valley. Centered around the small city of Santa Cruz, about three hours south of Santiago, it boasts dozens of high-end resorts, fine dining restaurants and, of course, vineyards all catering to international wine lovers. The wineries themselves are true works of art ranging from grand colonnaded estates to ambitious glassine tasting rooms stuffed with million-dollar paintings. Red wines such as Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon shine in Colchagua, though most places also serve whites from their vineyards near the Pacific Coast.

Colchagua Valley: A Wine Region That Has It All

Chile Tourism Spot: Chile is…Open Nature

Theres one region in Chile wine country that has it all the Colchagua Valley. From mineral-rich soils to a warm, breezy climate, the Colchagua Valley is a perfect environment for growing grapes. However, despite the favorable conditions, the Colchagua Valley is a relatively young region. Although most of these vineyards are fairly new, what they lack in age they make up for in expertise, producing an incredible variety of delicious reds. For some truly exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, visit Casa Lapostolle, which was founded in 1994.

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History Of Chilean Wine Country

To start, its important to note that, overall, Chile is one general, wine region, but deeper examination shows that there are many sub-regions within that have different sub-climates. Many people often call it the Chilean wine country because of that. That said, these different sub-regions more than likely came about because of how steeped the wineries are in history. Most of Chiles vineyards have a strong sense of traditionlets delve into that!

Chilean wine has a long history as a New World wine region. In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors brought Vitis vinifera vines with them when they colonized the region, so we cant exactly call the countrys wine industry young. When European immigrants came along, they brought more varieties with them in the 1800sBordeaux being one of the main vines among them. Most people consider it to be New World, however, because up until the 1990s, most of the wine was consumed by the residents. It wasnt until winemakers started exporting their wine that the world noticed the value of the Chilean wine industrys quality and flavor.

Requisitos Para Entrar A Chile Antes De Viajar

  • Resultado negativo de test PCR, cuya toma de muestra no puede tener una antigüedad mayor a 72 horas. Estas se cuentan hasta la hora de salida del vuelo con destino final Chile. Si una persona presenta un resultado positivo persistente por haber estado contagiado del virus el último mes, podrá adjuntar dos resultados de PCR positivos, donde la toma de muestra de uno deberá haber sido realizada hasta 72 horas antes del embarque y el otro deberá haberse realizado con más de 14 días de diferencia con la fecha de embarque, pero con menos de un mes desde el mismo. Los menores de dos años quedan exceptuados de este requisito.
  • Todo viajero, de toda edad, debe completar el formulario Declaración Jurada de Viajeros de forma electrónica y hasta 48 horas antes del embarque. En este formulario deberá adjuntar el resultado del PCR mencionado en el punto anterior.
  • Estos dos documentos serán requeridos por el operador del medio de transporte al abordarlo, y por la autoridad sanitaria al ingresar al país.

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    The Most Romantic Wine Hotels In South America

    If a romantic & wine-infused getaway is what youre after, these are the hidden gems of the wine regions in South America that NEED to be on your travel bucket list.

    All of these South American wine hotels are also incredible and romantic places to visit even without the wine . But especially if you love wine, you are going to have the best time in these beautiful & romantic wine hotels in South America!

    Navigate to where you want to go:

    1. Where to Stay during your wine trip to South America

    2.1 Romantic Wine hotels in South America – Argentina

    2.2 Argentina Wine Regions Mendoza & Salta

    2.3 Cavas Wine Lodge

    2.4 The Vines Wine Lodge

    2.5 Grace Cafayate

    3.1 Romantic Wine Hotels in South America – Chile

    3.2 Romantic Wine Hotels in South America – Uruguay

    4. Best time to Visit South America Wine Country

    5. Our Suggested 2 weeks in South America trip for Food & Wine Lovers.

    Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo

    Chilean Wine Country: Regional Guide &  Wineries To Visit  Winetraveler

    Each and every nook of the Narbona is Instagram gold Image Credit:

    Theres a farmhouse charm to this boutique Relais & Châteaux lodge nestled between the vineyards of a private 50ha estate. Carmelo offers a peaceful step back in time accentuated by the ring of cow bells and chattering of colourful birds. Rooms in the colonial-style house at Narbona are spacious and airy, with standalone bathtubs and private terraces. The lodges own produce from the dairy farm, winery and distillery graces the restaurant tables. Each and every nook of the property is Instagram gold, whether you are taking tea under the pergola, wine tasting in the historic cellar or licking homemade ice cream by the pool. Book here

    Recommended by Amanda Barnes, is wine writer and editor of South American wine travel site

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